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Gang raped my sister on the kitchen table

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My sister disobeyed my dad, which was her biggest mistake, plus she was caught upstairs with one of my mates about to have sex. Dad exploded with rage

I’m not proud, but when I was 16 I willingly took part in the gang rape of my 13 year old sister, Emma.

We lived with our dad, he was an old skool type of dad, he loved us and kept us fed and clothed, but if we ever stepped out of line or did something to bring shame on him or our family, he’d make sure you fucking knew about it, and he would punish us, that’s why I always did whatever he asked me to do, and in exchange he’d let me have mates over at weekends and stuff.

One weekend I had loads of my mates over, must have been at least 20 of us, it was my 16th birthday and dad let me have a party in the house and he even bought us alcohol, which was so cool, everything went great and I was having a great time.

My sister joined the party, but dad wasn’t happy with the revealing short skirt and tube top she was wearing, I asked him to just leave it, let her alone, it was my party and I didn’t want a big shouting contest, he agreed and ignored her outfit for most of the night, on the condition that she didn’t drink and went to bed at 10pm.

As the night progressed most people’s energy had faded out from all the dancing and drinking and we were all sitting around the kitchen and on top of the counters or the floor, then we heard shouting and screaming and we ran in to the hallway to see my dad dragging my sister down the stairs by her hair.

We started laughing as her ass thumped on the steps as she was dragged down and across the halls, she was topless and only wearing her panties, “Dad, what are you doing?” I asked him.

Dad lifted her up and threw her over his shoulder and stopped in front of us, “Your sisters a fucking little whore.” He growled, one of my mates came running down the stairs with his shirt off.

“I’m sorry, man, sorry.” He shouted.

“She was in her bedroom with him, on her bed, need I say anymore.” Dad said, then he carried her in to the kitchen and pulled her off his shoulder, slamming her on to the top of the kitchen table on her back, so hard she banged her head on the table top.

“Ouch, dad, that fucking hurt!” she shouted, holding her hurt head.

“How dare you disrespect me and my fucking house by doing stuff like that? Under my fucking roof.” He yelled at her.

“Fuck you. I can do what I want.” She swore back at him, that was her biggest mistake.

“So, you want to be a little fucking slut, do you? – fine. If that’s the way you want it.” He replied, then he forcibly pulled off her panties, slapped her across the face, almost knocking her out cold, then he put her feet up on the edge of the table and spread her legs apart.

“Dad, don’t you think this is a bit extreme?” I asked him.

“If she wants to be a slut then we’ll treat her like one.” He replied, then he pulled his pants down, banged his cock on her pussy a few times until it hardened, then he just forced it between her legs and penetrated her.

“Nah – No – Dad – Ungh – Ooh – Nah – Dad.” Emma moaned and cried out in pain as my dad forced her virgin pussy open.

After maybe 2 minutes, dad was finished, he’d fucked her brains out and filled her with his semen, he pulled his cock out of her pussy and slapped her bright red pussy like he was slapping a little kid’s ass, “Now it’s a fucking party. How about it lads, want to have some fun with the slut?” he asked, smiling and serious in his tone, he looked at me and took my beer out of my hand, “Go on, Son. It’s your birthday, get yourself some pussy, lad.” He said.

All my mates started to egg me on, telling me to do it, I and I suspect most of my mates at that time were virgins, even though Emma was my sister, she was a girl and she was laying on the table naked with her legs wide open, and I was super horny, “Alright.” I replied, pulling my shirt off, dropping my shorts and stepping up to the table between her legs.

“Get in there, Son.” Said Dad.

Just watching my dad fuck her had given me an erection, so all I had to do was position it between her flaps and slide it inside, which I did, it was the first time my cock had felt a pussy and it was so good, slippery and wet, cosy and warm, very tight but still felt soft inside, I’d barely started thrusting my cock in and out of her when I felt myself ready to explode.

I didn’t last as long as dad, it was pathetic really, but I guess I just got too excited, I ejaculated inside her and pulled my cock out.

One by one all my mates took their turn to rape my sister on the table, and we used her as our cum dump all night long, I fucked her tight pussy 5 times that night, Emma had fallen unconscious from the never ending gang rape after the first hour, and we just continued to abuse her body.

By the time the sun came up and we were all done with her, she was left laying naked on the table, her legs bruised legs handing over the side, her ass on the edge, and an what seemed like an endless flow of semen dripping from her pussy hole on to a puddle of semen on the floor.

Dad forced birth control pills down her throat when she woke up, he took her upstairs, washed and dressed her, and made her apologise for being a slut, and she never disobeyed him again.

I’m not proud of raping my sister, but I did enjoy her little pussy, as did all the other lads.

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