Game Night

Just a little tease.

Roughly once a month, Harry’s brother Keith comes over for a game of cards. He’s five years younger than Harry and quite the looker. He plays a lot of sport and loves to swim. I’m not sure if every couple do this, but now and then if there is a famous man or woman on the TV, we would ask each other if we would like to have sex with that person or not. He knows I have a thing for one of the TV detectives; he has a thing for one of the weather girls with big bosoms. It’s just harmless banter, nothing more.


Once we asked each other if there was someone closer to hand. He confessed that he quite liked the girl on the cheese counter of the local supermarket. I wasn’t sure if I should have told him I quite fancied his younger brother, but I did. He took it in good spirits and just laughed. I think it’s a good thing to have these sorts of conversations with your partner. We do talk about most things.

Anyway, it was poker night and Harry was losing. It was all good fun though. They had a few beers and I had a few glasses of wine. It was just a normal sort of night, or at least that’s what I thought. Hubby was down to his last few chips. He hated losing, it doesn’t happen often, but he hates it. Keith said. “It looks like it’s all over for you brother dear.”

Then something quite unexpected happened. Harry looked over at me while talking to Keith and said. “Okay, I’ll tell you what. Finish this hand and I’ll bet you one hour with Verity, now, tonight.” I looked over at Keith, he was visibly shocked by the suggestion, as was I. Obviously, I thought he was joking. After all, we were a bit squiffy. Keith just laughed and said okay, that it sounded fair. Keeping up with the joke, I said that it was okay with me.

Keith had a really cheeky smile on his face as he asked what would happen if he lost. Easy said Harry, he would get all his chips back, plus Keith’s. Keith asked him to explain it all once again. Harry said that an hour with me was worth more than the chips on the table. It was only fair that if he won he would take all the chips. But, if Keith won, he would get an hour with me, and Harry would get all his lost chips back.

Once again, Harry looked over to me and asked if that was okay. Still thinking he was just teasing, I agreed. I knew it was just a tease, but for a brief moment I allowed myself to think the unthinkable. My nipples began to harden and I could feel the juices flowing. To be honest, at that moment I wanted it to be true. I was feeling a little horny; I usually do after a few glasses of wine. Keith looked over and said. ”Really?” I didn’t say anything, I just smiled and nodded.

Great, said Harry, I just want two cards. Keith took three. His hand was shaking as he thumbed through his cards. As he did, the smile on his face was hard to conceal, he obviously had a good hand. Harry though, let out a little sigh before saying. “What do you have?” With his hand still shaking, Keith laid down three sevens. I stood up and walked toward the table. Harry slammed his cards down and said. “You win.”

Keith said something like he was lucky to have won me for an hour. Then he asked me to make him a cup of tea and a sandwich. I want you to imagine my surprise when Harry said that we all knew what the bet was, and that a deal was a deal. With that, Harry started to lift his chips off the table as he told Keith he should go up to the bedroom. I just looked at Keith and gestured that he should do just that. I still wasn’t sure what exactly was going on.

As Keith stood up to leave the room, I noticed his obvious state of arousal and a wet patch on his pants. Just as he left, Harry looked at me, picked up his hand to show his cards. He had four tens. Still smiling, he said. “Go on darling, enjoy yourself. We both won tonight.”

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