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Busty Indian Mom Fucked Wild

Hi, my name is Vikram and I live in Jodhpur, Rajasthan. The story is about how a challenge changed my life. My family consists of 4 members – me, my father, my mother and my younger brother. My father is a government servant and that’s why we use to move from one city to another in every few years. When he was transferred to Jodhpur, I joined a college there. After some weeks, I made some very close friends. At that time, we used to fantasize a lot about sex and over time, some of my close friends and me had developed a heavy desire for mature women.

Now, coming to the main story. As usual, our gang was sitting near the ground. Suddenly while talking about a sensitive topic, I started arguing with my friend Yusuf and this fight turned personal and in anger, I shouted to him in Hindi, “Sale namard chup kar ja warna tere maa chod tunga”.

Hearing this, he got angry and replied to me, “Oh namard tu bol to abhi tere maa ko apni randi bana du”.

Then I got hyper and challenged him saying that if he has any guts, then he can go and try his chance with my mom.

On this, he replied, “Ok, I just need 100 days and your mother will be on my bed”.

I replied, “If you do not succeed, then you will pay me 1 lakh rupees and you will admit that you are a gay”

He agreed and said, “I will give you 2 lakhs but in these 100 days, you will help me any possible way I ask for.”

We both agreed to the terms and a new chapter just got started in my life.

Now I will tell you about my mom. Her name is Susheela, she is also from Rajasthan and got married to my father at the age of 19. Then she gave birth to me at the age of 20. She delivered my younger brother when she was 24. At the time of this incident, she was 41.

Even at the age of 41, she didn’t look more than 35. She is basically from a farming family and she used to have a lot of physical labor that helped her in maintaining a nice body with amazing sexual assets. The most attractive part of her body was her 36 sized boobs which she inherited from her mother. Her mother even at her 60s still have those boobs which make any man die for.

Susheela was very fair skinned with black eyes and hairs up to mid back. With age, she had gained some amount of flesh which made her ass a pure piece of meat to bang.

I generally notice men looking at her in full lust. But no one other than my father could even touch her as she was a very traditional and conservative woman. Her conservative nature is one of the most important things which made me sure that Yusuf is not going to get even close to her and I was going to get 2 lakhs.

Next day when we are leaving from the college Yusuf come running to me and asked that he want to meet my mom in absence of my dad.I said him that my dad is not in the city for next 6 months as he was transferred to Nagaland for a temporary duty. On listening to this, he became extremely happy and gave me a smile.

Then both of us went to my home. Mom asked me the reason why I brought Yusuf. I replied that we both were working on some project given by college and he is going to come here for next some days.

Mom welcomed Yusuf with some cold drinks and then Yusuf started to come regularly to my home. After some time, he started to visit my home even in my absence.

As time passed, his lust for my mom started to grow more and more. Now he was not thinking about any money, his only target was my mom and how to bang her.

Time went by and 96 days as well. Still, there was no sexual connection between them. But Yusuf had succeeded in building a great personal relationship with my mom and my mom who never used to talk to anybody much started to discuss everything with Yusuf including her personal and emotional feelings.This thing has made me worried a little but as only 4 days were left in the deadline, I still had some relief.

On the next day, during a general conversation, I told Yusuf to accept his defeat and if he did so, then I will not ask for 2 lakh rupees from him. Yusuf replied with full confidence, “Just gave me 10 extra days and I will make your mom my personal whore or otherwise I will pay you 10 lakh instead of 2 lakh”

On hearing this, I got shocked but for 10 lakh I agreed. But I put a condition that I need a proper proof that he has fucked my mom.

He agreed and said, “Today, I will fix at least 10 cameras in your home for recording the action.” then he fixed the cameras in my house and all these cameras were hidden very well so that mom wouldn’t notice.

Days passed. When there were only 5 days left, Yusuf’s lust for my mom had reached its peak. He started to get frustrated and it was clearly visible on his face. In his desperation, he tried some half-hearted attempts but failed. This was making me extremely happy.

On the next day, he didn’t come to my home and that’s why I thought he had given up. But around 12:30 in the night, the doorbell rang and mom opened the gate. Mom was surprised to see Yusuf there at that time. He was looking a little upset and then mom called him inside and asked him what’s the matter. Yusuf replied saying that he needs my mom’s help.

Mom said ok, “Tell me. You are very close to me, you can share anything with me.”

Yusuf replied that he was very stressed and wanted some relief. Then mom said, “Ok, let’s see some movies and you will feel good then”

She turned on the tv and started to watch a movie. Around 1:10 am, an intimate scene came in the movie and Yusuf taking advantage of that, placed his hand on mom’s legs. Mom didn’t respond. This made Yusuf bolder and he put his other hand on mom’s back.

After few seconds, he started to rub both hands. On this, Susheela stood up shouting at him, “What you are doing?!”

He said, “I love you, Susheela and I want to express my love to you.”

Mom replied that she also like him but this was not possible. But Yusuf tried to kiss Susheela. Then mom slapped him very hard and said in anger, “You son of a bitch, I misunderstood you as a nice guy but you are just a street dog. Go out of my house and fuck your mom” and she slapped him again.

This made Yusuf very angry and he grabbed and started to kiss her forcefully. Mom was resisting him but Yusuf who was a mix of martial arts expert and athlete with the height of 6 feet 2 inches clearly dominated her. He started to kiss her neck and squeeze mom’s massive boobs with one hand and with the other hand, he grabbed mom by shoulders.

After around 5 minutes, he tore the nighty that mom was wearing into pieces with one jerk. Susheela was now in just a black bra and black panty. Mom was in total shock and then he lifted her up and took her up to the master bedroom and threw her on the bed.

Mom understood that she had made a mistake by slapping this monster. She pleaded in front of Yusuf, “Sorry Yusuf, please just leave me. I am a married woman”

But Yusuf didn’t stop. He started to lick mom’s whole body. He started to bite mom’s boobs from above the bra. After sucking and kissing her full body, he suddenly pulled the bra with his teeth and by one massive jerk, her bra was flying in pieces and one of the wonders of the world came out.

Yusuf was stunned by seeing mom’s gorgeous boobs and said, “You bitch, how dare you that you have hidden these from me for such a long time”

Then he jumped on them like a hungry lion. He continued to bite her, kiss her for the next 20 minutes. It was clearly visible that mom was also enjoying it now.

Then after giving several love bites to mom, he started to take the panty out. But suddenly mom held his hand saying, “Please Yusuf, I love you but leave me. Not now.”

But Yusuf said, “You will only beg for my cock now onward”.

He torn her panties into two and then started to move his face towards mom’s pussy which was having small hairs. It must have been shaved 20-30 days before.

As my mom expected Yusuf to go for her pussy, she just closed her eyes. But Yusuf grabbed her ass cheek with both hands, lifted her up and then he started to lick her asshole. She was both surprised and in pleasure at the same time because it was her first experience of such kind. Then he started to lick both asshole and pussy at the same time.

Now, mom was moaning loudly, “Aaa oohh hhhhh ohhh ohhh”.

He continued to do this for the next 15 minutes and finally she reached her climax. She started to hold the bed sheet tightly and finally, she released her love juice. Yusuf continued to drink them and clean her for the next 5 minutes.

Then he stood up and got fully naked. He was dark in complexion with ripped muscles on his body. He was having a cock of around 8.5 to 9 inches.

Mom was looking at him with her eyes wide open. Mom was scared but before she can do anything, Yusuf put his huge cock’s head at the opening of her hole. Then he gave a hard push and the head of that massive rod was in. Mom was breathing very heavily. Then, in another push, around 60% of his cock was inside and mom started to cry in pain.

“Please Yusuf, you will break my pussy!”

Yusuf smiled and replied, “At this age, you are saying I will break you. Have you never got fucked in your life, bitch? You must have been fucked by at least 100 men till now”

“No, only one man has fucked me and that is Vikram’s dad”

Then Yusuf said, “So now I will make you realise that what a real man is”

By saying this, he pulled out some portion of his cock out and then applied his full force. This time, the whole thing was in and mom was shouting like there was no tomorrow.

Then Yusuf started with gentle strokes and when mom started to get the pleasure, he increased his speed and the whole room was full “Puch puch puch” sounds.

Mom was in heaven of pleasure and she was moaning loudly, “Aaaaah eeeehh oooohhh such yuuusssuuuuff iii love yyyooouu, I llloooove uuuu aaaaah eeeehh oooohhh”

After10 minutes, he made mom to change position and made her pose in doggy position and mom obeyed him jumping to which yusuf said,

“Now you are in your real position, the position of a bitch” and then he again started to drill her. Soon she was going to orgasm and Yusuf told her, “Say you are Yusuf’s personal slut, say it loud and clear ”

Mom replied, “ooohhh yes I am.. Aaaaah.. Your personal slut..Your personal slut”.

Then Yusuf increased his speed further. He continued to bang my mom hard. He banged and spanked her so much that her ass had become red after 40 minutes of this wild sex session. Finally, he discharged inside my mom. Then he just grabbed his dress and left my home.

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