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Fucked my 9 year old brother at 11

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This was my second time having sex and it was great.

This follows on from my last story (when i fucked my friend’s brother) and is about 2 or 3 weeks after.

I was home alone one day with my little brother, Sam (he’s 9).
I was horny and decided to masturbate in my room. He was being so quiet i forgot he was in the house…

I moaned rlly loudly and he came in to see if i was okay.
I was startled. He asked me what i was doing and I asked him to come help me.

When he got close i pulled down his trousers and told him to put his penis in me.
He was having an errection which was cute.

He reluctantly put it in me and i told him to thrust it in and out.
He started fucking me, having no idea what he was doing.
But he liked it.

He licked my pussy and i sucked his tiny uncut cock.
I squirted all over him and he thought i was peeing, so he put his dick back in me and pissed inside me!
Afterwards i told him not to tell mommy. He said okay.

That was the last time i had sex (about a week ago)

If anyone wants to chat this it my insta:


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