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Glen was this guy who always hung around on the sidewalk, and made comments on the women walking bye.

So, pretty much everyone knew he liked big boobs, and stuff like that. At least my big sister got the same comments as my mom, and pretty much every other woman who wasn’t flat chested.

I wasn’t completely flat chested, but it’s not like they really showed. I didn’t have my sister’s 32Bs, which I know doesn’t sound huge, but they were pretty big to me.

She knew how to show them off, but I had my period for a couple years before I really started getting horny. Not all the time, I guess I was fertile, because I wasn’t really regular yet, but I always got “The Fever” a couple days before the cramps, bloating, and then finally bleeding.

So, I started masturbating, and when I got a hold of a vibrator (Somewhere I can’t say) I started experiencing double orgasms. Multiple orgasms, and even cumming over and over on the days where I had hours, and hours to enjoy it.

The thing about the “Massager” is that I don’t have to do anything. I can just hold it between my legs, and let my imagination run wild. The orgasms would cum when they came, while my fingers, or whatever else I found to stick in my hungry hole was more distracting?

I guess, I had to think about what I was doing with my clit (Which was too tiny to feel, so I had to go by the sensations of the rubbing to find it.) With the Hitachi, I could just think about boys, and maybe imagine myself when I’m older. Of course, most of the things people told me about sex, to my face included that. “When you’re older.”

Too bad I was already a teenager, but I still looked like I was in elementary school. Maybe a 6th grader, I could hang out with the 6th grade girls, and fit in. I sure wasn’t standing out amongst the training bras. I heard them talking though, the other girls my age, and the grownups, but Glen was the worst of all.

No, sorry but Church was the absolute worst. When I couldn’t sit still, and I knew that I wasn’t supposed to even think about it. I’d pretty much given up trying to believe in that superstitious nonsense, Christmas was about presents, and IDK. Lights, and stuff. Halloween was about dressing up, and candy, and Thanksgiving a 4 day weekend with a big meal, and your whole family getting together. Nobody cared about Easter any more, I didn’t get any Valentines again (Except for the same shitty cards everyone got, because they made us hand them out to everyone in class.) I wasn’t old enough to drink for Saint Patrick’s…

It wasn’t a special occasion, it was just a Sunday morning, when I was horny. Hungry, tuning out the sermon, and not singing when everyone else got up with their hymnals. I was just sitting there with my legs crossed, scissoring, and planning what to fantasize about once I got home to the Hitachi. I got into a bit of a schedule, since Sunday afternoons were the best time to be alone, with the house to myself.

Mom, and dad stayed behind, to plan some church thingy, and Sharon got the car keys to take me home. Then, I saw Glen just standing on the corner, smoking. “Uh, you ever take Glen up on his offer?” We turned the corner, so I turned around in the seat, and crossed my legs again.

“What offer?” She shook her head.

“You know, just about anyone with a decent sized bra.”

She scoffed, “You can’t be serious, that wannabe fuckboy? Why doesn’t he harass women on the internet like a normal incel, he’s just a troll.”

“Oh,” I was going to ask her what he’s like, but of course not. She has a boyfriend, who wouldn’t look at me twice either, except to push me out of the way if I’m standing in front of her chest. She’s not much taller than me, all the women in my family are short, and petite. At least going from our grandmothers, aunts, and Mom of course. Even on our father’s side, though his brothers are tall, and lanky like him.

“Huh!” I just sighed, silently, and got out when we pulled into the driveway.

“You don’t really have the hots for him, of all people?”

“Glen? No, not really. I’m just horny, but as much as he talks about sex, you know he’d do it in a heartbeat.”

She bit her lip, and nodded. Looked around on the stoop, as if anybody’s watching, or listening in, but she didn’t say anything until we got up to our apartment.

“Huh, here.” She got a rubber out of my purse, and patted me on the head. “You might as well get it out of your system, but make sure you’re safe, okay?”

“Oh!” I hugged her, and ran back to take off my underwear, before I went back out. Of course, she knows damned well what I’m going through, she went through it too, and only a couplefew years ago, so she remembers. Not like mom, and the aunts, who pretend that they were never horny hormonal teenagers, or ever had sex. Obviously, if they had kids, they had sex, but they don’t want to talk about it.

Sharon neither, but she doesn’t have to. We share a room, so as soon as she started playing with herself, I heard her in bed. At night, with the lights off, and the covers pulled up over her knees, but I could hear her breathing. She didn’t moan, but she sure shook the bed when she finished, and when she got her own vibrator, I had the buzz of that to hear through the door, so I wouldn’t come in.

She gave me the same privacy when I was busy, even letting me have the room to myself for hours, and hours, but she’s no virgin. Even if she isn’t going to kiss and tell, I knew the next morning when she couldn’t keep her face straight that she got lucky with her boyfriend. She had rubbers in her purse, so obviously she used them.

Too bad Glen got bored, and wandered off before I finished changing, and ran around the block to the store. Where he bought his cigarettes, which means he’s 18, which also means he’s old enough for porn. I think it’s just a turnon for him, hitting on girls to their face, when he can look up from their chests, and checking out their asses on the street for real.

I don’t know if that means he’s not a coward, if he’s willing to say that to you, maybe it’s because it’s the girls he knows, and sees every day. I know when I’ve got something more to show, he’ll probably start harassing me too, but I can’t wait that long. “Huh!” Finally, I heard him kick a bottle, so I looked down the alley to see him checking out a dumpster.

Don’t ask me what for, I don’t care honestly, I just ran up waving the rubber excitedly, delighting in the cool air puffing up under my dress, and drying the dampness still clinging to my bare pubes. The hairs standing up on my arms, because I didn’t put my blouse back on either. “Hey Glen, put this on.”

“What for?” He frowned, and looked around for anybody, using me as bait. He told me later, that’s what he was afraid of, because girls don’t just run up to boys waving a condom like that, in a Sunday Best Dress unless it’s some kind of trap.

I giggled, “You know, sex? Don’t play dumb, I know you’re horny all the time, and it’s okay because you’re a teenager, and now I’m a teenager too, but I know I don’t look it.”

I just motormouthed, until he “Shush”ed me, and pulled me back around the corner. Deeper in the alley, away from the street where people could see us together, and hear me talking loudly about sex, but I couldn’t help it! After it seems like all day at church, even though it was only a couple hours, and 2 whole years. I was way past ready, but he pulled his zipper down, and flopped it out soft.

“Huh!” I’d seen a dick before, but I’d never seen his dick before, and of course I imagined it much bigger, but I didn’t say anything. I just pulled my dress up, and over my head. So, I was naked underneath besides my socks and shoes.

“Holy shit, you really are turning into a little slut!”

“I’m just horny, so get it up, uhn!” He touched me, but then he sank his fingers in, and picked me up. One arm under my arms so I didn’t fall down, but my weight on his fingers made my wet pussy squelch before he set me down in a window.

“Fuck, you’re hot, and wet.”

“Yeah, hand me my dress, to sit on?” It turned out to be behind Ramsey’s, which is open Monday through Friday, but closed on Sundays, so there wasn’t anyone in there. For some reason, the window was deep inside the wall, so there was a foot or 2 of cold concrete to sit on, while he held my legs up to look between my legs. Touch me, and stick his fingers in, while the security bars warmed up against my back.

“Oh, oh fuck. Yeah, fuck me yeah. Fuck me now?”

“Okay,” he had to stop, and pull his finger out, but he sniffed it with that dirty grin. He gets when he’s thinking up some rude crude comment to say about some girl’s tits, or ass, or whatever. Before he tore open the rubber, and rolled it on, so I jumped down, and bounced excitedly.

“It’s so big! Gimme it, gimme your big hard dick now!” He picked me up again, and held me pinned to the wall. The bricks were gritty, scratchy, and cold, but they warmed up pretty quickly, and I was so hot with the fever, I felt like my hair would catch fire, and burn right off. “Uhn!” As soon as he fond the hole, and sank in. He let go, and pulled his hand out from between my legs, so I could sink down deeper. “Huh! Uhn! FGH!”

“Yrh, nice tight pussy, yeah!”

“Uh huh!” Finally, now that I had a dick in me, I didn’t have to say anything. Like deeper, harder faster, he knew what to do, and he gave it to me as fast as he could push me up on the bricks. I scraped up my back, especially my shoulder blades until I put my arms around him. My legs locked behind his butt, he let go of my knees, and finally grabbed my tits.

“Uh, huh!” He stopped, barely pulled out an inch, then bottomed out. Gasping, and panting breathlessly, until he finished blowing his wad in the rubber. “Huh, fuck. Uh!” He let me down slowly, so I could get my knees to hold me up, while he swayed, and almost fell over some trash cans.

Like a drunk, he pulled his pants up, and one of the trash cans fell over, but thank god they were empty. They were office cans anyways, so they were usually full of paper, but I’m just glad there wasn’t any nasty garbage to ruin the stink of sex that still filled the alley.

“Hhuh!” I shivered, pulling my dress down, and over my head, to get my arms through the sleeves. Short sleeves, but still better than nothing.

“You done?” He asked, when he got his pants up, and threw the rubber away. In one of the trash cans. “Huh, you’re not in any hurry to run off, without an orgasm?”

“No, you think you can finger me off?” I turned around, and flipped the back of my dress up, so he could see my bare buns, and shake them for him.

“I’ve got a better idea.” He picked me up, and this time set my feet in the window. Backwards, so I could hold onto the security bars, and squat down. Hump his face, and fingers while he licked me, and fingerbanged me to at least one orgasm, but I wound up sitting on his shoulders. Holding onto his head, and humping his neck, because I was afraid I’d let go, and fall.

“Huh, huhn! Uhn!” I just shivered, and held on, with his ears clamped tight, and the hot hair on the back of his head mixed in with my pubes, so it wasn’t too scratchy like one of those hipsters with the beard, or even worse those stubbly ones that just trim it short, but don’t shave it.

I’m not sure how that would feel, eating you out, but I don’t have to worry about him even growing a decent mustache for a while. Finally, when I felt steady enough to let go, he set me down, and asked me if I had another rubber?

I shook my head, “No, but if you can get it up again, you gave me such good oral sex, I’d love to try sucking you off.” So, I got my first blow job, and it took a really long time. Compared with my first fuck, which seemed like only a couplefew minutes, but I guess time might’ve flown, I don’t know.

He finally pulled out an inch, and stuck it in deep with a grunt, but I held onto the bottom so he didn’t deep throat me, and pulled out with the first gush of hot sperm on my tongue. “Nym!” I smacked my lips, but I also closed my eyes, turned my face, and aimed his twitching member by feel to paint it all over my bangs, nose, cheeks, and mouth.

“Lmn!” Licking my lips, and blinking to watch it go soft. Shrivel up in my fingers, and the last dribbles come out to lick up, and suck out until he hunched with a gasp. “Smooch!” I licked my thumb, and wiped most of it off my face to suck off my fingers while he fixed his pants up, and he got steady enough to stand up.

“Huh! Now, I don’t want you bragging to all your friends so they know what a cock hungry cum bucket you made me, so if you do, leave my name out of it.”

“Huh, okay.” He hugged my head, so I could hear him breathe, and his heart still beating out of control. “But you want to go out somewhere, or something? Some time?”

“With you?” I shook my head, “No, I told you. I don’t want the whole neighborhood to know I’m not a virgin, and going out with the neighborhood fuckboy is kinda obvious, but you really want to be seen with me? A middle school girl?”

“You’re really in middle school?”

“Yeah, I’m really in 8th grade, but you know my sister, Sharon.”

“Not really.”

“No, but you knew her before you dropped out of high school, and you remember how young she looked like as a freshman.”

“Yeah,” he shrugged, “I guess.”

“So, you know how people still treat us like stupid little girls, without a brain in our pretty little heads, let alone a libido.”

“What’s a libido?” he shook his stupid head.

“Uh, a sex drive?” I finally rolled my eyes, and he let me go. He’s not even that good looking, he sure as hell isn’t charming. He’s not big and strong, and he’s kinda got a little dick. “Huh, see you later, fuckboy.”

But he’s got a dick, and he’s not afraid to use it. So, he’ll do, whenever I get horny, until I meet a boy with a future. Until then, at least I’ve got a fuckboy to take care of my libido, when I need it.

As soon as I got in, Sharon saw the white streak in my hair, and asked me all about it. So, finally we got to talk, and laugh, and joke about sex. Finally, “When you’re older” got here, so everyone would stop treating me like a child.

I finally felt like a teenager…

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