I am just 30 years old, married, and have a hot and perfect figure which every man craves for. I love wearing Indian outfits and am quite fond of a saree. This showcases my natural beauty and busty boobs, and so I prefer draping a net saree with a deep neck blouse. This my story of how I got close and had horny fuck with servant in my bedroom.


When I walk around in my house, my ass goes up and down. My husband is mostly out of the station on his business trips. For most of the time, I am alone. I have one household servant who is tall, dark, and sexy. I have seen his long cock when he thinks I am not looking.

He always appreciates my beauty and mostly talks about my lips. One day, I was very tired, and was craving sex. I was lying down on my bed and was thinking of sex positions I would enjoy. The thoughts of getting fucked only made me wet because I hardly get a chance to have sex with my husband.

My servant’s name is Chunky, and I think it is because he has a thick cock. I have been spying on him and caught him several times looking at my big boobs. While lying on my bed, suddenly there were thoughts of Chunky’s dick in my mouth. These naughty thoughts were making me crazy, so I planned to call Chunky in my room to fold my clothes, giving me a chance to watch him and seduce him. I took off my panty which was wet and covered with cum and secretly kept it on the bed with other clothes.

He entered my room, and I told him that I was going to take a shower. And until then he should fold all my clothes. I went inside my washroom and started peeping from inside. I saw him holding my panty in his hands, smelling it.It was visible how much he was enjoying it and wanted to slip his hard dick inside my pussy. He started rubbing it on his cock and I kept silent and enjoyed watching the scene secretly from my washroom. I saw his erect cock in his jeans. I was dying to take his huge dick in my mouth.

I was thirsty for sex, so I opened my bathroom door a bit. I took off all my clothes and started taking a shower. I could feel his eyes on me from the bathroom door. Chunky was also enjoying my bareback from afar, the water dripping on my huge ass.

I threw the soap to the door and asked him to please pass it back to me. He was sweating, but still, he came nearer. I turned around to take the soap from him, and saw that his eyes were stuck on my watery boobs. His cock was erect and hard. I could see it in his eyes,how badly he wanted to fuck me and suck my juicy boobs.

I couldn’t resist anymore, so I pulled him in by his hand and started kissing him. We both were in such a state that we didn’t want to utter a single word, and only wanted to fuck each other like porn stars do.

He pushed me against the wall and spread my legs wide. He started licking my pussy with his tongue. I started moaning, “Oh! Chunky, it’s so pleasing, go deeper inside”.

I started ripping off all his clothes and took off his underwear. Suddenly a 9-inch cock was standing erect in front of me. I smiled at him and held his dick in my hands. I was breathing fast and never felt so horny and wild before, even with my husband.

I sat on my knees and I started rubbing his cock all over my juicy boobs. His dick fit well in between my boobs and he began moving it up and down. Then I took his big cock in my mouth and he grabbed me by my hair and thrust his hard cock in my mouth.

In a few moments, he released all his cum. He lifted me in his arms and we both went to my bedroom. He made me sit on a chair and again spread my legs. He said in his horny voice, “What a cunt, I will make it ready for my cock”. I could felt his tongue which was going round my pussy.

I was turning mad with sexual desire. I started pushing my pussy in Chunky’s face. I could sense my clit was enlarged and popped out by now. My ass started moving faster and then I just released cum in his mouth. The horny fuck with servant was damn arousing.

He then pushed me on my bed. He positioned his dick in my pussy and started pumping, hitting harder strokes. I was moaning in pleasure. He then turned me and lifted my ass. His hard and long cock slipped in my ass gently like butter. I raised my head and he began thrusting in and out.

I was turning horny as I could see Chunky in the mirror as to how he was fucking my ass. He was also playing with my nipples. He fucked my ass for a long 30 minutes with deep and fast strokes and then he said he was about to cum. As he made his final thrust, I ground my ass to get his dick as deep as possible.

Chunky dumped his cock loaded with cum in my ass and fell over me. Then he suddenly realised that he fucked his mistress. He wore his clothes quickly and left the room. I was tired so I remained on the bed.

Now whenever my husband is out of the town, I use Chunky as my sex toy and fulfil all my lusty desires with him. I enjoy horny fuck with servant and we have left no corner of my house to have sex!

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