Old man next store waited patiently

Since I moved here 2 years ago, I was 16 and my parents would always be at work. So as they are at work I stay at my neighbors house. He 56 years old with light chocolate skin.

He is tall about 6’2 muscular built, very handsome. I help take care of his house and errands.
             My name is Jamie, I am light skin with a cute petite body. I am 4’11 and weigh 98lbs.  I’ve always been attracted to older men.


When I started helping old man Marcus I noticed him always looking at me. So I would purposely drop things to bend over in front of him.
             When I clean his house he would take a nap. He always slept naked he told me this. I would peek on him all the time.

One day I think he knew I was speaking on him, when I went in to peak he was rock hard. I gasped and stood there as he played with it. It mad me soaking wet.
             Later that week was my birthday. Yay I finally 18. I go over to Marcus house and cock dinner, he has some music playing and dancing. I go to walk by him as he bumps me, grabs me to dance with him. I though I was in heaven.







His hands on me as I feel him start to grow as he is grinding on me. I back off and laugh and he did the same.
              After we eat he surprised me with cake. Then he made me dance with him again. This time I got into the dancing, I was grinding on him hard, his hands began wondering my body from my small tits to my butt. Before I knew it he had turned me around and kissed me roughly.
             He stops looks at me and Marcus said, ” I waited 2 years to have you”. I smiled and said I know. I dropped to my knees as his huge fat cock was in my face. I took it as deep as I could in my throat, as I gagged he forced my head back down. I continued until he busted in my mouth. 
              He put me in dog Doctor mom fucked hard by hospital workers position and slowing slide inside my tight hole. He took his time as I moan loudly screaming his name.

Once he was all the way in he said to me ” yes you little slut you been waiting for this dick”. I moan loudly “yes daddy yes give it to me”. He began stroking so hard my cheeks were clapping on his balls.
              Marcus plowed me for hours. I feel asleep and he woke me up with him hard Inside me. I told him I wanted him for a while as he put his cock in me for one more time. He went so hard I almost passed out as he busted Inside of me. He lays next to me and we cuddle to wake up in the morning still with him. 
             I wake up make him breakfast and sucked his dick again. He tells me I am now his personal sex toy. I look at him and I agree.

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