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FREESEX – So Simple Even You Can Get It Now

Gary’s words made me spring into action. FREESEX  Time was going to be at a premium, so I first contacted Ufuk and confirmed another gangbang at his place that evening -Tuesday.

Nihan’s extraordinary cock was the next thing on my mind, so I sent him a message telling him I wanted to meet him wherever he was. I was that keen that I would have driven the six hours to his hometown if I needed to.

He replied, telling me that he was in Antalya on Thursday. That’s just three hours away, so a date was fixed up quickly.

Hubby always contacted Emre the logman, but I took the bull by the horns and messaged him myself, asking him if he had any more friends who would like some fun.

My previous experience in secretarial work was coming in handy now. By lunchtime, I had arranged a gang bang for seven on the next evening – Wednesday.

I hadn’t forgotten my bi side, so FREESEX  I phoned Ugras to suggest that I arrived a couple of hours early for my gang bang at her place. She told me to make it three hours,

That meant that I had just forty minutes to get myself ready, pack my stuff, and set off. But I managed it okay.

Gary was at home, but he never said a word to me as he watched me write everything down and dashed about the house.

There were no Covid restrictions in place yet, but there was going to be a government meeting on Thursday and it was widely expected that something would be announced then.

Gary and I had hardly exchanged any words at all, but he did wish me a safe journey as I left.

“Thank you,” I said rather blandly, “What I am doing, I am doing just for me now. I hope you still get a kick out of it, but it doesn’t matter to me if you don’t,” I told him, closing the front door behind me.

It was a strange feeling. All along, the driving force behind all the sexy fun I had been having was because of hubby’s insistence and encouragement. Now, I was intent on being unfaithful to him in a big, big way.

There was a little bit of guilt building up inside me, but that came to a halt during my journey over to see Ugras.

My phone rang, and I pulled over to answer it. FREESEX  It was Bulent. He wanted to see me, and he hoped it would be soon because of what was happening globally.

Checking my diary carefully, I realised that I could get to Golhisar easily on my way back from Antalya, so we fixed up a meeting at the usual hotel for Friday morning.

Things were picking up speed but got even more complicated with another phone call from Adil about 10 minutes later. He had phoned Gary first but had got no sense out of him. Anyway, he wanted to come round with my “modelling portfolio” to see what I thought of it.

I asked him to come around to our villa the next morning. I was still free then, but of course, had a gang bang with Emre and his friends to get ready for in the evening.

I had driven to Ufuk’s place much faster than normal without realising it, and I was a little earlier than we had arranged. 

Ugras was on the driveway, waving goodbye to her kids and Ufuk. Apparently, she had hurriedly arranged for them to go to their grandparents much earlier than originally planned.

The good thing was that we were alone and had plenty of time to enjoy each other. She asked me to wait while she nipped inside to fetch a blanket. FREESEX  I immediately knew that we would get it together in that special place by her water feature in her garden.

We were both wearing blouses and slacks, but we got them off each other very quickly. I was braless, but Ugras had a padded one on which I hurriedly unclipped.

That padded bra had hidden the fact that her gorgeous nipples were already erect, and my mouth went straight for them as we stood there admiring each other. Ugras responded by putting her hand inside my panties, and, desperate for each other, we lay down on the blanket.

We pulled each other’s panties off and went straight into a sixty-nine. We had plenty of time, but we were losing control very quickly. She continued to finger fuck me and found the backs of my knees with her tongue. I was completely gone, and my tongue went wild on her clit, bringing her to a very quick and noisy cum.

There is something extra special about making love with just the sounds of nature around together with the smells of flowers and freshly mown grass.

And this was making love. Not just sexy fun. FREESEX  We had fallen head over heels for each other, and In between the noisy orgasms that we both enjoyed, we talked incessantly. My Turkish was getting better and better.

Even after the many orgasms that we shared on that blanket, we just lay there getting our breaths back, touching each other and smiling and laughing as we found out more about each other.

I hadn’t really noticed before how lovely and sensual her eyes were. They were a really dark brown, almost black in fact. They were very expressive eyes, changing from a demure look to an inviting sexy smile easily. I just really wanted to be with this lady more and more.

The sound of Ufuk’s car coming back down the driveway brought us back to reality though. He saw where we were, and strolled over to talk to us. He stared at us lying naked and entwined together on the blanket and calmly told us that we had about fifteen more minutes before I would have to go and get ready.

We made the most of that.

I got dressed, retrieved my suitcase from the boot of my car, FREESEX  and walked over to where I would be performing. Ufuk came rushing out to help me with the suitcase, showed me upstairs to my changing room, and put my case down.

“Just twelve tonight Jill, is that OK?” he told me

“Sounds perfect,” I replied, ” so just three rows of chairs this evening then,” I continued, smiling at him.

He told me that they were already in place.

For my striptease, I planned something a little quicker this time and had brought a pristine white button through overall so that I looked like a doctor or masseuse. In fact, my memories of Yvonne in the UK prompted the idea.

My undies were a bright scarlet set of front fastening bra, brief panties and a suspender belt. My stockings were fishnet, and my shoes matched the underwear and were very high-heeled.

I was pleased with a very quick job on my hair and makeup, and the finished article looked pretty good in the mirror even if I do say so myself.

This was going to be the first time that I had been completely unfaithful to Gary, and thinking about it all while I smoked a couple of cigarettes was making me even hornier than when I was doing it all for him.

My phone pinged, and yes, it was time to go and entertain. Ufuk had told me that he was doing the music again, and I had given him a USB with some tracks on which I knew I could dance along with and would at least know when they were finishing.

Ufuk had pushed the boat out a little. FREESEX  There were more mirrors all over the place and he had set up some lighting with spotlights. I was impressed and the performer in me was ignited immediately.

I looked at my audience. Three rows of four guys. And they looked a lot younger than usual. At least half of them looked as if they were in their twenties or thirties. Well done Ufuk.

The music started. It was Hey Big Spender, so it was nice and easy to move around to. I undid the top button of my overalls almost immediately to give them a glimpse of my cleavage and moved very close to them all, maintaining eye contact with many of them. They were a really good-looking bunch of guys.

The second track was a little faster, Happy by Pharrell Williams. I undid one more button and jigged around even closer to them before lying down across the front row. One guy started unbuttoning from the bottom, while two got in each other’s way unbuttoning from the top.

I lay there with the overalls wide open, and in no time I felt my legs being stroked and my tits being squeezed. Before it went any further, I got up, took the white overalls right off, and put them out of reach of my audience.

The next track was Perfect by Ed Sheeran. Not the easiest music to dance to, but I was getting into it and feeling good being ogled in just my undies.

I wanted to feel some more hands touching me, but I was patient and waited until the track was coming to an end before I lay down on the second row of four guys.

The other rows stood up and watched as first my bra and then my fishnet stockings and suspenders were taken off clumsily. Now and I was just in my skimpy panties, and I had to stand up quickly to stop them from coming off too early.

That was a shame because I was tingling all over from the touches I was feeling, particularly from one very handsome guy who concentrated on my belly button down to the elastic top of my panties.

All of me by John Legend came on as I moved about slowly and as sensually as I could right in front of them. The front row stood up again, so they all had to so that they could watch.

They were a rowdy bunch, cheering and shouting out things that I (thankfully) couldn’t understand.

But I needed them to sit down again, so I looked towards Ufuk and gestured what I wanted. He came over quickly and got the message across, and they all returned to their seats.

I lay down across the back row of guys and eased my buttocks up so that they could pull my panties down, then raised one leg in the air as they slid them down. The other leg hardly had to move as they pulled them right over my stilettos.

Hands, fingers, and tongues started exploring me. It was all making me very randy, but I had more planned, so I got off them and walked around to the front of them all.

I went to the overalls that I had left nearby, I speedily found the tiny clit stimulator that I had left in one of the pockets, lay down on the floor right in front of them, and started playing with myself under the spotlights.

I looked at the guys and also at myself in one of the mirrors. I was loving the whole situation, and the noises that I started to make as I felt my cum on the way made them all stand up. In no time at all. I was surrounded by all of them.

That was when things started to go very wrong. I noticed two or three of the guys getting their cocks out of their pants, and another two guys held me down with their hands on my shoulders.

By the time Ufuk got across to stop it, I had been fucked by at least two guys, maybe more. I suppose you could have called it rape. But I had both encouraged it, and also enjoyed it too.

Ufuk shouted angrily, and it stopped immediately. He pulled me up while they all stood and watched, then led me away and asked if I was okay.

I told him that I was fine, apart from the pain that zippers and belt buckles had caused. There were no marks as far as I could see.

Ufuk asked if I wanted to go home, but I told him that I was ready to carry on as long as they got all their clothes off, and I didn’t want to be held down again.

He walked me over to the bed, then returned to the guys who had all quietened down now. He even retrieved my clit stimulator from one of them.

I watched as they all got their kit off. Ufuk came back to tell me he had organised three at a time, and that he would show them all what I wanted first. He went down on me, his lovely tongue finding my clit. For a while, he had me to himself as they all watched from a few yards away.

But Ufuk is very good, and as his fingers and tongue worked on me expertly, I began moaning and trembling uncontrollably as I neared a cum.

The first three guys appeared together, two of them wanting a blow job and the third trying to muscle in on Ufuk’s wonderful assault on my pussy.

Naturally, I obliged with the blow jobs, but the sensations around my pussy lips and clitoris were sending me wild, and I was brought to a wonderfully long and noisy cum. I couldn’t stop myself from shaking, and at the same time, one of the two guys at the other end shot his load all over my face.

Suddenly, the rest of the guys went FREESEX  out of control too. There was nothing I, Ufuk, or anybody else could do.

Nobody held me down this time. I was up for anything they wanted to do to me, and I think they all realised that. If I wanted to change to another position, they just let me and then carried on.

I can’t be sure that every one of them fucked me, but I wasn’t doing it for hubby’s sake anymore, I was doing it all for my own benefit.

That may have been the reason why I was having the time of my life. The sensations seemed even better than normal, and I was completely lost to orgasm after orgasm.

I had to plead with them to stop in the end because I was utterly shagged out and spent. Luckily for me, I think most of them had cum as well because I was covered in semen. It was everywhere. In my hair, on my nose, all around my mouth, over my tits, on my tummy and my bum cheeks. But mostly it was oozing out of my pussy.

Everything was quiet and still for a little while. Three guys were still on the bed with me. The rest were either standing nearby or kneeling on the floor near the bed.

Then I felt two hands cup my face. It was Ufuk asking quietly and calmly if I was OK. He suggested that I went up to my changing room for a shower.

The warm water brought me round. I was tired, but I felt exhilarated. I let the water rinse me completely as I thought about what had just happened.

I had just enjoyed wonderful sex with strangers. Mostly good-looking and young strangers at that. And I had done it all without my hubby’s consent. I had done it because I wanted to do it, not to satisfy his perverse feelings.

Eventually, I stepped out of the shower, dried myself, put on a thin wrap, and went to the little window to enjoy a cigarette.

Ufuk came in. He put his shorts on and told me that the guys were still downstairs and wanted to say goodbye.

That hadn’t happened before, but I went downstairs. They were all dressed and ready to go. I just gave them all a cuddle and a kiss. Some of them touched me in places where they shouldn’t have and at least three wanted a tonguey kiss. But nothing more happened.

I watched them leave. I waved and smiled at them as they left. They were a really good-looking group of lads. I felt both lucky and proud.

As the door closed, Ufuk was stripping the bed of the very wet sheets. He rolled them all up together and threw them to the floor and told me that he hadn’t fucked me yet.

It wasn’t difficult to summon up the energy for some more. Ufuk’s oral technique is fabulous and that’s how he started, opening up the little wrap I was wearing and going down on me. He stopped to remove his shorts and then continued.

We changed positions so that I could give him a FREESEX  at the same time

He was just fantastic and seemed to know as many of the spots that really get me going as my hubby did. He was slow and patient too. His tongue was bringing me to a crescendo and I told him that I wanted him to fuck me.

And he did, in four different positions. We both lasted ages. My hair was still damp from the shower, but he loved running his hands through it as he thrust into me slowly and powerfully.

Once again, my cum, when it came, was utterly fantastic, going on for ages as my body went into spasms. I couldn’t stop shaking. I had reached a new level of pleasure, and all because I was acting on my own initiative.

Ufuk stayed inside me after we had both cum and hugged me tight as we got our breaths back. It was a special moment, and we both knew it.

Alas, we both had things to do, so I showered again and got ready to go home as he got dressed. It was past 10 pm, and I had a ninety-minute drive home.

Gary was asleep when I got home. I didn’t really want to talk to him anyway. I was in my own little world now, and Adil was coming to see me in the morning.

Without a single word, Gary got up early and went out for a game of tennis, probably followed by a fuck with Yasemin, but I couldn’t care less.

Waiting for Adil to turn up, I put the TV on and watched the news. Turkey was going into lockdown starting on Friday evening, and people of my age were not to leave their homes. Not for anything. I was distraught.

But I had several things arranged before our house arrest, so I was determined to make the best of it.

Adil turned up nice and early, and after a brief look at his photos of me, he told me that he wanted to take some more. I was in the mood, so he clicked away while I pleasured myself in the bedroom. Then he left the camera running while we fucked and sucked each other.

I was performing again, so when I could, I looked at the camera, sometimes smiling, sometimes panting and often running my tongue around my lips.

All I was wearing was a red and black pair of crotchless panties. Adil told me that he wanted me to keep them on.

After he had shot his load up me, he wanted pics of his cum oozing out of me, which of course I was happy to pose for.

We cuddled together on the bed for a while and then he told me he wanted pics of me with his cum coming out of my mouth. I didn’t know if we would have time because I still had to get myself ready for the gang bang later.

But he sprang to life very quickly as I wanked him. He fingered me beautifully while I sucked him and I very nearly had another cum myself.

I knew what was coming, and I really wanted it. It was a big cum too, considering it was the second time in less than half an hour.

 yes, he got the pics he wanted for FREESEX 

It was great sex again. I seemed to be getting so much more out of slutty behaviour all of a sudden. 

Adil had to go and I did a quick bit of housework. There was still no sign of Gary, so I made myself a sandwich. I was really hungry, and I needed some energy for later on.

I fell asleep after my lunch, but I still had plenty of time to get myself ready for Emre and his friends when I woke up. They were due to arrive at 6.30 pm

There didn’t seem any point in putting too many clothes on so I wore a black bra and pantie set, hold-ups, and a flimsy beige see-through wrap with a tie-up belt.

I didn’t go too mad with my make-up either, but I was pleased with the look.

Time seemed to drag, but at last, I heard two vehicles pull up outside.

Emre led all the guys in. Some of them I had seen before, and others were new to me. But none of that mattered. I wasn’t doing it for Gary’s bloody journal, I was doing it because I loved the feeling I get from being admired by so many men.

We all went straight upstairs and I led them into the spare double bedroom. I just fancied being licked and fucked somewhere different.

Not many words were spoken. As soon as the door closed, two guys pushed me against the wall and started running their hands all over me while all the others got undressed.

My wrap had been untied, but nothing else had gone. The two guys left me so that they could get their kit off too, so I just walked over to the bed and lay down on my back after discarding the wrap altogether.

Including Emre, there were eight guys in total, and they all got to work more or less at the same time. My underwear quickly ended up on the floor.

I was being licked, sucked, and fingered all at the same time. They quickly got me panting and moaning. My hold-ups stayed on, but they were getting quite wet because a lot of them seemed to want to lick me all the way up my legs. Heaven.

They turned me onto my side and three guys took it in turns to fuck my mouth, and at the same time, I felt the first cock taking me from behind.

At least one guy must have had a fetish about licking stockings because that never seemed to stop, and my toes were being sucked through the material too.

One more cock took me from behind before they repositioned me. I straddled a guy with my back towards him. He thrust away at a furious speed making a slapping noise with my buttocks.

Now, both nipples were being licked, FREESEX  and my sopping wet stockinged legs were still being licked at every opportunity.

Next Emre squatted above me and lowered himself towards me. The guy beneath me withdrew and then went for my bumhole. It took me a little by surprise, but he was gentle and careful, and he pushed it home, Emre entered my pussy.

The position was awkward and he kept slipping out but the sensations were wonderful.

I was heading towards a big cum, but it was very much like edging because Emre kept slipping out.

A cock shot its load all over my face, and one of my nipples was getting sore from too much tweaking, but I was so close to an orgasm that nothing else seemed to matter.

Emre managed to keep going without slipping out anymore and I squealed in delight as I had a very powerful cum.

Emre climbed off, and with the guy fucking my bum from underneath, three more cocks took their turn on me. The last one of the three was very long, and he didn’t have trouble slipping out as the others had.

In fact, it brought me to a multi cum that went on for ages even after he had pulled out and cum over my tits. I was swearing and screaming and started to twitch uncontrollably again.

All the moving had meant that the guy underneath had come out of me too, and I just lay next to him, completely spent. He pulled my head towards him, gave me a lovely tonguey kiss, then took hold of my hand and placed it on his prick.

I wanked him off as he continued to explore my mouth with his tongue. He came very quickly.

Most of the guys were still now, but two of them were still playing with their cocks while they looked at me. I didn’t know whether they had fucked me or not.

I was exhausted, but one of them had a really gorgeous looking stiffy, so I got on my hands and knees while he walked round to the edge of the bed and summoned up enough energy for him to take me from behind. He shot his load quickly all over my bum cheeks.

The other guy was having difficulty keeping his cock hard even though he was wanking himself furiously. I tried to suck him to a good hard-on, but it wasn’t going to happen, and in the end, he started to get dressed again, which was a cue for them all to do the same.

I lay on the bed happy but exhausted as they made their way downstairs and out of my front door. I looked at the clock. It was 10.30 pm.

The shower I had was absolutely lovely. My body still tingled a little as I tried to recall everything, and it was probably the longest shower I had ever had.

As reality returned, I died myself and found a dressing gown to put on. Gary was still nowhere to be seen and I resigned myself to a night without him, assuming he was going to spend the night with Yasemin.

How wrong I was. He arrived home a few minutes later.

Bless him, he had been busy doing all the things that really needed to be done because we were going to be housebound shortly due to covid.

Our freezers and fridges were crammed full, our kitchen cupboards were the same, and he explained that he had been to the bank and drawn as much cash out as he could to keep us going.

It hadn’t really occurred to me, but as I helped him put the last few things away, I thanked him and gave him a big kiss.

But that was it. No questions about what I had been up to, and no sexual activity. We retired to our much-used bed. I should really have changed the sheets after Adil had gone but I couldn’t be bothered and we both drifted off to sleep immediately.

Gary and I were pleasant enough with each other the next morning. It was Thursday, and we both knew that after 8 pm the next day we were going to be imprisoned in our home for a while.

I checked that we had everything that we needed, and he had been very thorough.

“Any plans for today, Gary?” I asked as we sat down to enjoy a cup of coffee together.

“Just a game of FREESEX  this evening,” he replied. 

We both knew that it implied that he would be having a last fucking session with Yasemin before lockdown, and I have to admit that I did feel pretty jealous.

“Well, I have to go out this evening too, and I won’t be back until sometime tomorrow,” I told him. I didn’t smile like I normally would have when saying that.

But it was at least amicable, and I assured him that I would be home before the curfew started.

The few hours before we went our separate ways went pleasantly by. I had an overnight bag to get ready, we swam together in our pool for a while even though the water was getting quite cool. Although we chatted, there was no mention of anything sexual at all.

I’d had two gang bangs, a session of bi fun and posed for some very naughty pics for one of his friends since I’d last spoken to him, but he didn’t want to know about any of it.

As I packed my bag, I was already feeling very fruity, thinking about Nihan’s cock and Bulent’s wonderful muscular body.

I left before Gary, leaving him getting his tennis stuff together. I didn’t know whether he was actually going to have a game or if it was all show for me.

Nihan was waiting for me in the reception of the hotel where we had arranged to meet. Again, I had great difficulty understanding him. His Turkish was so different to anything I had heard before.

But with the help of Google translate we got by. We went to the bar where we had a drink together, and he was going to buy me another, but I let him know that it was time to go to his room.

Disappointingly, he told me that there was no room booked! I asked myself if he normally slept in his car when he was away on business?

Anyway, credit card in hand, I went to reception. The hotel was full. I returned to Nihat, did some research on my phone, and found a hotel with vacancies just two streets away. Phew!

We drove both our cars there straightaway, Nihat following me. We checked in and went straight into the lift and up to my room.

It wasn’t a great room by any means, and certainly over-priced, but it would do.

To be honest, the rest was disappointing. Oh! his cock was wonderful to behold, but he turned out to be a “wham bang, thank you mam” sort of lover.

He was young, pretty good-looking, had a long and very thick cock, and yet I didn’t have a single cum. He didn’t repeat very often either, so three fucks was all I got and we were there from early evening until breakfast time.

We said our goodbyes, and I couldn’t wait to get to Golhisar to meet up with Bulent. It was a ninety-minute drive.

He was there in the car park when I turned up, and we hugged like long-lost lovers before we went in.

This time a room was booked, and it turned out to be exactly the same room where we had made out last time.

We didn’t waste any time. He stripped me completely naked very hurriedly, then carried me to the bed, and started getting his own kit off.

Going straight into a sixty-nine, FREESEX  Bulent brought me to the orgasm I should have enjoyed earlier in no time at all. And he didn’t stop.

Bulent kept me on the boil. His cock was really hard and I took as much of it in my mouth as I could. His tongue kept teasing my pussy, running all the way around my lips slowly but powerfully, and occasionally flicking my clit.

Two fingers and a thumb were working on me too, his thumb teasing my bum hole. Two more wonderful cums followed quickly after each other, and I could tell that he was closing in on a cum himself.

He took me in the missionary position, and he lasted a lot longer than I thought he would. But we managed a wonderful cum together.

It was lunchtime. We went out onto the balcony to enjoy a cigarette, but we had to slip something on just in case anybody could see us.

We held hands and chatted easily. He was really complimentary about me, and I told him that he was a fantastic fuck.

“One more before lunch,” he told me, “then we have all afternoon.”

We finished a second cigarette on the balcony then went back to the bed. He was ready again already. 

There wasn’t much foreplay that second time. He wanted me to straddle him first.

The bed was quite noisy as we bounced up and down it, and then we became even noisier than the bed.

I thought he might want to change position, but he didn’t. We just kept a lovely rhythm together.

Momentarily, I thought how lucky I was. Looking down at his sweaty but very handsome face and broad shoulders while he played with my nipples and kept on thrusting his lovely cock in and out of me, was just wonderful.

This time my cum came just before his, but it was a great one for me. I climbed off him and then lay on my back next to him, both of us still panting very heavily. Stupidly, he told me he loved me, and I kissed him as I told him I loved him too.

That shouldn’t have happened. We were both married with a family and he was twenty-four years younger than me.

We showered, dressed, and walked out of the hotel to a restaurant. I ordered a chicken kebab with salad while he had something made of mince and smelt very spicy. FREESEX  Obviously, he was hot stuff completely.

Over lunch, he told me that his boss Patron Muzzy was in trouble and in danger of losing his government job, which in turn meant that he might lose his job. But he told me he was ready for pastures new anyway if it did happen. He was thinking of the tourist industry, with his command of languages being very useful.

Without saying it, I was thinking that could be great because he would have the opportunity to move closer to where we lived.

A quick coffee each precluded a return to our room. We both knew that this would be our last chance to enjoy each other for a couple of months or so.

We made love another three times, and the last time resulted in another uncontrolled twitching of my body. He got better and better, and I have to say that that last cum was undoubtedly the best and longest one I have ever had with anyone. Wow!

There was a curfew starting at 8 pm that evening, so there was no more time for either of us.

We showered again and got dressed, and then enjoyed our last few minutes together on the balcony with another cigarette. We chatted non-stop and told each other that we loved each other again, promising to meet again as soon as we were allowed to.

I got home with thirty minutes to spare. Gary was there, and he had brought home a takeaway curry for us both which we just had to warm up.

He Was Very Pleasant FREESEX but still didn’t want to know any Details

of what I had been up to.

Little did we know then that our social lives would be put on hold for so long.

But what memories both of us had. Until the last few days, none of the many things we did had hurt anybody, That was an important part of it all for me.

But in that last final flourish of sexual bliss, FREESEX  I had done it all against my husband’s wishes and found out that I enjoyed it all much better when that was the case.

That was a dilemma I would have to address when things got back to normal.

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