Clarence knew all about Franny’s ass fetish. Clarence knew that Franny liked to tongue Lola’s ass and beat off.

Lola didn’t mind that Franny fancied her butt. It made her feel special. With her petite size, previous boyfriends had told her that her butt was small or even flat. It was refreshing that Franny would tell her it was perfect. And honestly, it was a pleasurable experience having her asshole licked, cleaned and tongue penetrated.

But that was as far as the two of them had gone in the bedroom. Lola getting a thorough ass licking while Franny masturbated his little penis with his thumb and index finger. Lola wasn’t ready to be naked in front of Franny anyway, so she’d change into her swimsuit before squatting over Franny’s face. He’d get so turned on from french kissing her sexy butt, he’d reach down and beat off his little weiner.

Lola’s rule was that Franny had to be butt naked. She felt more relaxed if he was in his birthday suit and perhaps unwittingly vulnerable. She also wouldn’t let him touch her pussy either. He only had permission to make out with her butt hole, that was all.

Seeing Franny naked, she would think that his stature was rather small. Small hands, skinny limbs and a small frame to go along with his tiny penis. Come to think of it, at five foot seven, he seemed to have a figure that more resembled a woman than a man.

Lola let it slip out one time while talking to Clarence that Franny was licking her ass. It pissed him off. He wanted to get into her pants. Her pussy specifically. He wanted to fuck her little hot body with his big black dick. So when he heard that Franny was tonguing her ass, well, he’d decided to come up with a plan to end their relationship.


When you live in an apartment with a bunch of people, privacy is harder to come by. So each time Franny licked Lola’s butt, they’d lock the bedroom door. Roommates and friends moved so freely through all the rooms that locking the door kept everyone out.

There was a keg party on the weekend with lots of people over including Clarence. Lola openly flirted with Clarence, but Franny was afraid to challenge this behavior or confront Clarence because he was intimidated by him. So when a group of them went to the clubhouse hot tub-Clarence and Lola included-he stayed behind and drank another beer.

A little later that night, Clarence noticed that Franny and Lola had disappeared. Clarence noticed the bedroom door was locked. In this apartment, a simple nail pressed into the hole in the doorknob would pop the mechanism and unlock the door. This was Clarence’s plan. He would pop in on them.

Sure enough, there was the small breasted, swimsuit wearing, petite Lola straddling Franny’s buried head. She looked so fuckable in her tiny swimsuit. Lola’s thighs over Franny’s ears meant he didn’t hear the intrusion. Franny’s pale, little feminine-looking body was completely naked and his index finger and thumb were stroking his tiny erect penis, which Clarence noticed was so small just one finger practically buried it’s puny appearance.

Clarence motioned a shhh sign to Lola. She giggled. In her slightly drunken state, she thought it was funny that Clarence stood there and watched. When it looked like Franny was closing in on an orgasm, Clarence moved closer and lowered his swim trunks just far enough down so his large black cock could appear in the flesh. Even though it was flaccid, it was massive, dangling there all impressive in the moment.

Franny must’ve sensed how Lola gasped. He thought it was from his tongue probing her butt; actually it was from her eyes gazing at Clarence’s impressive cock. Franny opened his eyes. He was absolutely stunned. Here was Clarence standing directly over him with his big black cock just inches from Franny’s face. And this unfortunate timing was just at the start of his penis squirting.


As he shifted to perhaps get up, he felt like Lola’s strong runner thighs clamped down on his ears even harder. Does she not want him to stop? It hadn’t occurred to him to stop stroking. If he didn’t want to squirt in front of Clarence, it was too late. His tiny little penis splooged snot bullets all over his hairless belly.

It didn’t occur to him to shut his eyes or look away either. His wide-eyed stare of Clarence’s big black cock accompanied each stroke that coaxed his sperm out in orgasm. And even though he was tonguing Lola’s ass hole and gasping into her butt cheeks, his eyes were fixated-completely locked onto-Clarence’s cock, whose tip was very close to his forehead.

Imprinting. That’s what was happening to Franny’s brain. It was imprinting a big black cock in connection to his orgasm. The image of Clarence’s impressive tool ran through the synapses in Franny’s brain connecting the idea that his pleasurable orgasm was somehow synced to Clarence’s cock.

Lola looked over her shoulder to notice this, too. She wasn’t sure if Franny was just shocked or if perhaps seeing a cock so much larger than his tiny penis was why he couldn’t take his eyes off it. She giggled because she could tell that Franny’s orgasm was longer and stronger than normal. She wondered if he had voyeur or cuckold fantasies.

This couldn’t have worked out any better for Clarence. He exited as quickly as he entered. So when Lola got up to hand Franny some tissues, Franny started to complain to Clarence-who he discovered was no longer in the room.

Now was the hard part. What would Clarence tell other people at the party? What would Franny say when he came out of the room?


Franny was self-conscious about how small his penis was. He didn’t want that word out. He was afraid to leave the bedroom.

“I’ll go talk to him,” Lola offered.

Clarence came right out and asked Lola to drop Franny and go out with him.

“I know you like me,” Clarence said confidently.

Lola wasn’t ready to break up with Franny.”

“Well, you do know he is gay, right?” Clarence teased.


“Very funny. Wait. Why did you just say that?” Lola became concerned.

“You saw the way he stared at my cock. Straight guys don’t stare at cocks, Lola.”

Lola didn’t believe him. They debated it for a bit when Clarence offered a plan.

“How about this? If I can prove to you he is gay, will you drop him and go out with me?”

Lola offered a resounding, YES.

Clarence went to the bedroom to find Franny, who was still afraid to come out.


“Dude, you’ve got a problem.”

“I can explain! I wasn’t expecting you..I wouldn’t have thought that…what were you doing in the bedroom anyway?!”

Clarence didn’t address Franny’s question. He started to explain that he knew that Lola was attracted to him.

“But you’ve got bigger problems. What’s up with the way you were staring at my cock? And dude, cumming while admiring it? How embarrassing! Unless you are gay. By the way, are you gay?”

“No. No. I was cumming anyway. I just wasn’t expecting…”

“Expecting to get turned on by my big black cock? It has the same effect on women, too.”


“I wasn’t expecting you to be standing over me…”

“You mean with my dick inches from your face? Were you staring and cumming to the thought of where it might go? Like your mouth? Or Lola’s pussy?”

“Can we just drop this please?!” Franny said kind of like he was pleading.

“I’m just not sure what I’m going to tell the fellas. I mean. I think you’re gay. It’s okay. There is nothing wrong with that. It’s just that it’s not fair to Lola. She looks so fuckable.”

Franny didn’t know how to respond or how to get out of this dialogue. He didn’t want Clarence to tell anyone about what happened.

“What do I need to say or do to keep all this a secret?” Franny asked.


“Maybe you could just suck me off once,” Clarence teased.

“No. I’m not doing that. I told you I’m not gay.”

“Well, I’m not either. Ah, I got it. How about you lick my ass for a little while in the same way you lick Lola’s? Then we both walk away, have a little laugh, and forget all about it.”

“I’m not sure I could do that.” Franny responded.

“This makes perfect sense. I get a little payback for your indiscretion. You did cum while staring at my cock. I don’t recall you asking. And the fellas are badgering me about what happened.”

“I’m not sure I could…” Franny was hesitating.


“It won’t mean you’re gay. An asshole doesn’t have a gender. And I’ll wear a jockstrap, so you don’t have to worry about staring at my cock. Only you’ll need to be naked the same way you are with Lola. Just so I can see how your little penis is doing. What do ya’ say? I’ll promise afterwards to keep this all our little secret. Deal?”

Franny was speechless.

“Sunday night. When no one is around. Deal?”

Franny was a little scared but figured maybe he should just do it and get it over with. How hard could this be? He told Clarence after hesitating…Yes.

When Lola caught up with Clarence later, she asked him how everything came out.

“It went well. But I’m not sure what’s going on in his brain. I’m thinking he is gay. He did mention he’d lick my butt sometime.”


“HE DID NOT,” Lola exclaimed.

“Well I can’t recall exactly how it came up. But you did say if I could prove to you he is gay, you’d go out with me. Now I’m thinking I should let him lick my ass just for your proof.”

“If Franny licks your ass, he and I are done that instant and you can ask me out. But I’m going to want to see it with my own eyes. I doubt that is ever going to happen.”

“Well, wait for my text. Because It might happen this Sunday!” Clarence laughed.

Lola was in disbelief.

Fast forward to Sunday.


The bedroom door was locked. Franny lie completely naked on the bed. Clarence kept his dress shirt on but took off his slacks. Franny noticed how huge Clarence’s cock in the jock strap. It was hard for him to look away. He tried not to stare, but he was staring.

Clarence discreetly unlocked the door just as he moved onto the bed. His strong, masculine body smothered Franny’s petite feminine-looking pale frame. Franny couldn’t get over how fresh and clean Clarence’s butt looked and smelled. He wasn’t expecting this, so when he started planting lip kisses directly on Clarence’s puckered hole, he embarrassingly felt his little penis harden. He hadn’t expected he would enjoy licking a man’s ass, but he found himself really getting into it. By the time he was piercing the entrance with a pointy tongue to properly probe Clarence’s hole, his puny penis was at its full two inch erection.

Clarence moved Franny’s left hand down to motion the expectation that Franny should beat off while tonguing Clarence’s ass hole. Each time Franny pulled away, Clarence placed the hand there more forcefully until Franny gave in and started his two digit dance.

Franny found that tonguing Clarence was every bit as enjoyable as licking Lola. He didn’t think he’d cum though. He’d not ever beat off left handed.

With Clarence’s plan perfectly in place, he texted Lola to meet him at the apartment. As she arrived she texted the question, ‘where are you’ which Clarence replied, ‘shh…in the bedroom. Let yourself in quietly.’

Just then Clarence clamped his thighs over Franny’s ears so he wouldn’t hear Lola come in.


Now she was the one with the wide eyes. She wouldn’t have believed it without seeing it for herself. The feminine man she was dating was thoroughly going to town by tonguing this hot black guys’ butt, a guy she knew wanted to get into her pants. And not only was this femboy performing analingus but he was beating off his pathetic little penis left handed. Left handed? She mouthed the question to Clarence, ‘Why was he using his left hand?’

He slowly mouthed his response, ‘It will take him longer to cum.’ Oh, okay. Hmmm.

Lola liked what she saw. It reminded her of high school when two boys fought over her and the stronger more masculine boy won. And the loser was being humiliated. Even though Franny was here by choice, she realized that being an ass licker was like what a loser of a fight would have to do. I mean, who would really want to like someone else’s ass of the same gender?

She began rejecting the concept that Franny was her boyfriend. It happened quickly but in stages. First, she was angry. Then she felt betrayal. Then she became turned on by Clarence. Gay sex is hot. And when a sexy black man wants to date you so much that he is willing to prove his interest by showing you that your ex boyfriend might be gay and is eager and willing to eat his ass…well, that is HOT.

Now both Lola and Clarence wanted to see Franny cum. But since Clarence had proved his point, the ass licking-really-was no longer necessary. So he got up and turned around taking his jock strap off in the process.



Franny was now the one wide eyed, for two reasons. He noticed Lola in a nearby chair watching everything (‘What was SHE doing here?!’) and Clarence’s big black cock was an inch from his mouth. He was afraid to open his mouth to explain how this was all a huge misunderstanding (he would explain later) for fear that an open mouth might get a cock in it.

“I know you’d rather cum while admiring this,” Clarence teased.

“Or maybe you’ll give in to your urges and offer to suck it? Do you want to suck my cock?”

Franny nodded his head ‘no’ still afraid to open his mouth. But when Clarence looked over at Lola, she was nodding her head yes.

“Maybe this femboy should suck your cock, Clarence?!”

The word femboy just slipped right out of her mouth. But rather than apologize-she didn’t mean it to be derogatory-she was trying to find an accurate way to describe him.


“I’m not going to make him. That would be uncool. But if YOU want him to and he actually realizes he wants to, then I’m okay with it.”

Lola came over and whispered something into Franny’s ear. At this point Franny assumed they were still a couple. He couldn’t have known that Lola was already done with him. She was. And honestly, she wanted a little payback for the way she felt like Franny just cheated on her. Let’s not forget that she just came over to find the guy she was dating licking another guys’ ass behind her back. That’s cheating.

She whispered again into Franny’s ear and Clarence detected a slight nodding of Franny’s head. Franny was saying yes to something. Lola was offering something as a trade. For her it was just a ploy to get what she wanted. She had no plans to deliver her trade offer later.

“Okay,” Franny announced opening his mouth in a rather large way. “I’ll do it. But just the tip!”

“Okay, what? You have to ask for it, dude. You have to ask for my cock in front of your girlfriend.”

Lola was going to say ex girlfriend but stopped short realizing Franny might change his mind if he heard that. Consent was now on the table. She was very turned on by this.


“Clarence, please put your cock in my mouth,” he whispered aloud.

Lola set her phone to briefly auto record. She wanted to be able to replay this request privately over and over.

“To do what? I’m not clear what you are asking? Be more specific,” Clarence wasn’t going to make this easy.

“To suck your cock! I want to suck your big cock!!” Franny was weirdly shouting.

He hadn’t meant to shout. He surprised himself. He wasn’t completely sure about whether he wanted to suck it. And why did he have to go and call it big? (Even though it is huge.)

“Just the tip,” Lola said, attempting to massage the situation. “Put just the head in Clarence, he wants to run his tongue on the underside for a few minutes,” Lola said looking at Clarence. “That’s what you said you wanted to do, right, Franny?”


He nodded yes as the girth of Clarence’s huge black cock disabled Franny’s mouth from any chance at speech.

Franny was surprised at how warm the cock felt in his mouth. He wasn’t expecting that. He wasn’t worried about anything happening because he agreed to give Clarence head for just a few minutes. And it was only the tip. What could go wrong? He enclosed his lips around the glistening ebony cock and started caressing the soft sensitive skin just past the head on the underside of this impressively massive organ.

At that moment, Clarence knew he had never received a proper blowjob and here was Franny giving him a great one. He hadn’t expected to be turned on by this sex encounter. In his mind, it was just his cock in someone’s mouth. A blowjob. It could be anyone sucking him. Besides, Franny did look like a girl anyway. What did Lola call him? A femboy?

With Franny’s advanced skill at giving head, Clarence already felt the onslaught of a pending orgasm. He couldn’t let on that this would happen. He casually placed his large hands on each side of Franny’s head. Just in case he needed to work the situation at climax and to assist Franny with receiving the unexpected eruption soon to happen in Franny’s mouth.

Meanwhile, Lola had another idea. Why did Franny stop jacking off? How hot would it be to see him beat off his little penis until it spurts while sucking Clarence off? She guided his right hand down to his penis. She wanted to make sure he succeeded.

Franny felt safe with Clarence’s hands cradling his head softly while the “O” formed by his mouth fit perfectly around Clarence’s girth. Franny thought the grip would actually keep this big black cock from going deeper in his mouth. They did have an agreement, after all.


For Clarence, the mouth sleeve felt just like a vagina and with Franny’s caressing tongue persistently requesting an orgasm, it felt better than a vagina.

Franny couldn’t have known his mouth was about to be flooded with sperm. He didn’t have any experience with sensing the orgasmic signs. (At least, not that anyone knew about.)

Fear kicked in when Franny suddenly felt a squirt in his mouth.

“Oops,” was all Clarence said.

Franny would’ve never imagined this moment. Clarence cradled his head gently but his large hands felt firm and tight. Franny’s mouth was so stuffed with man meat that there was no way he could communicate. He didn’t want to complain, but he felt like Lola might expect him to. As Clarence began to cum, the mood shifted. Instead of Franny’s tongue sliding along Clarence’s shaft, it was more like Clarence’s cock was fucking Franny’s mouth while erupting squirt after squirt.

Franny’s eyes opened even wider than the night he stared at Clarence’s amazing cock the first time he saw it. He was shocked that he actually brought Clarence to a climax. His little penis was shocked, too. It started cumming.



His brain reminded him that Clarence’s big black cock is there to give him pleasure. It happened again.

Franny wasn’t sure that this was a good idea to masturbate in front of Lola, but then he remembered she put his hand down there in the first place. Obviously, she wanted this to happen, but he was concerned that Lola might think he was gay because Clarence came in his mouth and then break up with him.

He was thankful that Clarence didn’t take advantage of his superior size and positioning by forcing his large tool further into Franny’s mouth. He realized He could’ve been humiliated by having the large cock thrusting deep into his mouth. Franny felt respected by Clarence and wanted to show his appreciation by swallowing Clarence’s cum. It wasn’t like there was anywhere all this splooge could go anyhow. Franny counted 19 squirts-wow, that’s a lot of squirts. Each portion was sizable but manageable. The first few were so thick, Franny had to swallow each portion immediately. After five or six, he could collect two or three squirts of sperm and then swallow that chunk.

Lola grinned widely at Franny ingesting Clarence’s cum. So freely, so easily she watched him pace the swallows of his cum snack. Why was he eating Clarence’s sperm, she wondered. She always spits out cum after giving head and now here, her ex-boyfriend is swallowing it like a treat. She figured if Franny liked cum, maybe he’d want to eat his own load, too. So when she saw Franny spurting right after Clarence’s eruption, she quickly placed her hand underneath the head of his little weiner.

Clarence couldn’t believe how perfect this quickie blowjob was. His massive cock was only two to three inches deep at any moment. But if this little femboy was a cocksucker, then he’s likely a cumeater as well. He imagined all his sperm resting in Franny’s stomach. Clarence held Franny’s head to make sure Franny didn’t pull back and miss a single drop. Franny didn’t disappoint. And as soon as it was over and Clarence was lifting off Franny, Lola sharply spoke.


“Keep your mouth open!”

In a synchronous move, of Clarence lifting off and Lola mounting on, Lola was now straddling Franny only it wasn’t going to be for an ass licking this time.

She tipped her cum-filled hand just above Franny’s open mouth. The load was so think it didn’t immediately follow gravity’s expectation. Lola used her index finger to coax the cum from her hand into Franny’s mouth. He had just finished eating Clarence’s large load of sperm, now he was going to get to eat his, as well.

Lola portioned off the first dollop of the fresh milky white sperm using her index finger and watched it slowly drip in its long strand landing squarely on Franny’s tongue.

“Don’t swallow yet,” she instructed.

Lola portioned off a second dollop. This was fun, she thought. It was like he was cumming again, only this time it was directly into his own mouth. Each subsequent portion collected onto Franny’s tongue until the entire load sat there in one impressive collection of human sperm. A little pool of swimmers collected in a cupped open mouth.


“Swirl it around an let every taste bud in every crevice enjoy the full flavor,” Lola laughed and teased.

“Good, now swallow.”


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