Four woman and a man tied to the bed

we all go to a party but the guest aint there but she has left her boyfriend tied up for us to see if he was good at giving head

Well it was finally here the day ive been dreading Karen’s 50th but mind you at least the price has come down and we not going for a pamper weekend we just having a few drinks at Karen’s bite to eat and breders.. I was meeting her sister in the Sun in an hour for a couple of Dutch courage and then Karen’s at nine. What the hell am I going to wear jeans or dress ahhhhhh not sure better ask jess or Steve for advise. It was still a little cold outside and not really a dress day. There was a chill in the air outside so Jeans was the thing. quick shower and lets get ready as Steve watches some football and Jess chatting to Charlie.   Steve any chance of a vodka babe.. Of course shall I make it a double as could be a long night , I agreed and let out a sigh of despair , But on the plus side I had just had my pussy waxed and it was all sensitive and sure steve can sort me out later ,,Shall I tell him or keep it a secret.. Not a word so will be horny later as so sensitive. I brush my finger under my jeans and knickers and just touch myself and even that sends tingles down me.. Steve Brings up the vodka thank you I smile and know he is going to fuck me senseless later and he don’t know ha ha naughty bitch I thought …..

OMG you seen the time Steve offers a lift to the Sun of which he is a sweet heart he obliges and off we go.. God you look fucking hot Sue he says and strokes my thigh . I rub his cock and say got a surprise for you later and lean and kiss his soft cock through his jeans.. and jump out at the pub ..his mouth drops and looks pitiful..That little bit of control makes me smile.

I walk in the Sun and look round omg if I was on heat this place is full of young cock , I do wonder what if they were all naked who would have the biggest and sexist cock. (shh in other words which one would I go down and suck dry) my dreams are broken by the sound of a voice I recognise , its Karen’s mates and they wave me over. Already ordered two bottles of fizz so im handed a glass and the giggles begin with all four of us stood like little school girls looking at the talent but knowing they are too young.

We soon finish off those bottles and I go get another bottle to show my round and im joined by a shy polite woman not sure of her name but a good young figure with a tight black number and I look round at the other two they also wearing skirts.. Bum am I underdressed I think shall I go an get changed NA cant be arsed.. So we giggle as we down the next two bottles, then some one sees we are ten mins late to be at Karen house so we knock the drinks back and all stand and head to the door with serval eyes looking at us an even two whistles , I cant resist so I grab a couple of bums on way passed and then one of them opened the door so this is it I stroke his man hood over his Jeans look up and say thank you and blow him a kiss, Off we go to Karen’s now im glad I got jeans as the girls are freezing .

We walk in as the door is unlocked   so we all walked in and into the living room. An ear of no one here but lights on and sat on the table were 4 glasses and a bottle of fizz on ice. One of the girls (goby one) Decided to take control and lifted the fizz out and started to pour for us all saying well she must of nipped out clearly these are for us and I agreed why I don’t know but act was enjoying being a girly girl.. We all sat down and I was looking round wondering if to text Karen!! When I noticed an envelope on the mantle , So I lifted my self up and reached out to collect the letter that was marked “ girls please open” I drew the attention of the letter to the chatty girls who by now were saying she been taken by aliens !!!


Girls we got a note from her here, My soft long fingers unfolded the letter took a large swallow and began to read out the letter to the girls as I stood there like I was in control of all this..

“Hi girls thanks for coming to my birthday do it really means a lot to me, I have to nip out for a bit but help yourself to the fizz and chill. You know my new fella well he wanted to give me the best birthday present I could think of the other night when we were a little tipsy, and he reckoned he was the best at giving a woman head than anyone else , So I thought I would put it to the test but not my decision but yours. So I have managed to handcuff him to the bed upstairs for him to pleasure each one of you and for you to give me your views later, Hope you enjoy !!! I will as Ive gone to breddbury hall already as his mate reckons he got an 8 inch cock when its soft so thought Id go and check it out. Enjoy girls see you in about an hour. Love K.

OMG fucking hell I thought but my body thought different !!! This is not real and the faces on all the girls was speechless too. We all seemed to take a sip of fizz and all seemed to lick our lips at the same time. The tense atmosphere was broken by Karen goby mate by putting her glass down and saying well im going to have a look see if its real. I blushed as did the others but felt my heart beat go faster and faster!! We all stood there and heard her walk up the stairs saying nothing.. Then heard a ohhhhh hello there from her. I caught the eyes of the other girls and not knowing what to say . Lets be honest what would you say to any one. I must admit after the blokes and steve and my tingling fresh pussy it was a bit horny . We then heard a female voice from upstairs of a high pitch sexy scream as clearly she came and was proud of it. One of the girls in a girly way confirmed what we heard by saying guess he up there and good. Fuck I thought what but fuck how sexy really sexy and I could tell Steve later and bet he will be turned on and fuck me after. Then door opened and there was the goby cow blushing holding her knickers in her hand and looked like she had just been on the ride of her life.. This was my chance to see so no thoughts I followed my wet pussy I stood up and said my turn .. and walked to the door . What have I just done omg I thought as I act walked slowly up the stairs. There were four doors three closed and one ajar with the light on in the room, I moved over to the door and peeped around the corner looking in and there it was a bed with a firm solid body naked with a cock standing up hard with a neat trimmed bush around his throbbing cock, gosh not seen a sexy bush for while as Steve is always shaven , So it was quite horny and sexy in a way , I felt my pussy swell in my trousers and my body seem to move forward and knock the door which swung open . There he was handcuffed to the bed totally naked FUCK I thought. Who are you he said “im sue “ hi sue have you come to help me and unlock me .. I paused bit my lip and looked again at his cock now I was really wet and very swollen. No ive come here to be serviced as I heard your good at head. Well thank you he replied (cocky sod I thought Ill show him) He then said but what about Karen “ she sent me “ I replied feeling my heart nearly burst and my lips grow.

Before I could think I had undone my buttons and was slipping off my tight jeans so tight they were dragging my panties down. I looked down and could see m panties we soaked with pre cum and excitement. I stepped out of my jeans and felt his deep eyes looking and heard his strong voice nice sweet pussy. I thanked him as sexy as I could but covered it with my hand and watched his cock dance with hardness and dribble a little pre cum, I reached over and just touched the tip of his throbbing cock and wiped the pre cum and rubbed his salty sexy pre cum on my lips to taste.

I really wanted him to taste my smooth pussy I climbed onto the bed and stood above him covering my modesty and again he muttered wow what a beautiful pussy so smooth. I stroked my pussy as he spoke feeling what he was saying. I placed my hands on the head board and lowered myself onto his face crouching over his mouth. Lowering down to feel his mouth kiss my swollen lips licking them all the way around fuck that is a amazing I was exploding all over. His mouth found my sweet little clit and begin to tease and pull it with his teeth and nibble at me. I wanted his tongue inside me right now. And remembered I was in control and lowered down to feel his tongue slip deep into my smooth sensual pussy. I could see my hands gripping and going white as he fucked me with his mouth, Wow this is hot fuck I want to cum.. I released one of my own hands and moved it down my body to feel the smooth waxing as he was feeling and playing with my clit as he licked me inside. I found myself moving my fingers aching to fuck myself as I fought with his tongue to slip in to me deep. This was mind blowing as we both slipped in as I opened my legs a little more so it would fit. From no where I saw stars and my whole body exploded as I came over his tongue and my fingers my body bucking as I felt my body explode all over him . OMG what an orgasm I had just had holding back on to the head board to stop falling over. I looked down and saw him still licking me and could hear how wet I am, My head is exploding and my legs shaking. I lifted one leg up and he could look up and see my fresh smooth waxed cum soaked pussy. I regained where I was and covered my modesty and climbed off the bed and could feel my wetness running down my thighs. I searched for my panties and couldn’t find them so I stopped looking and started to squeeze back into my jeans. I could see his cum soaked mouth that was so horny. You going to let me out now he muttered. I looked at him and his throbbing manhood and with my own cum soaked fingers I slid them onto his cock and pulled back his foreskin just once and stopped and muttered “no because you’re a naughty man “ With that I found the door handle and made my exit dizzy and in a world of must and sex. As I came down the stairs I was met by one of the girls who wanted a bit of what I had just had with her tights already in her hands.

As I got to the bottom of the stairs I heard a woman’s voice call oh my fucking god I want that. I smiled I just had I thought!!!!


As I entered back into the room with the other two girls I went straight for a glass of fizz and downed it. They both asked well???

Holy fuck was all I could say yea amazing as I sat down still feeling my damp pussy rubbing against my jeans omg hope not too wet every one will see. I looked at the shy girl who was now blushing and looking nervous I tried to comfort her and say god you will love it and no one need know , her head looked down with guilt , Before we could say anymore we heard this almighty female scream as we all knew the girl above had just cum . We all smiled and sipped our fizz. The door quickly burst open with the girl stood there with creased dress and her knickers and tights in her hand.

We all encouraged the last girl to go up and enjoy, She really didn’t want to go but sheepishly walked through the door to her excitement . We both watched the third girl do the same as me drink and say ohh fuck. She sat down opp me and began to dress again spreading her legs wide open in front of me to try to get her panties on, I know it was wrong now but I had to look , She wasn’t very well groomed she had a thick hairy bush coving her and it was very wet. God im sod glad I went before her but it was horny to see another woman’s pussy freshly fucked. I could feel I was getting turned on again stop looking I thought.

The atmosphere was broken when it was said hey we cant hear her ?? no bed rocking or no screaming. As the last girl slid into her tights by standing up she said she better had be lets go look!!!

Shit what do I do now fuck I thought and out of my mouth came lets go and see. We all sneaked upstairs and looked form the stairs and she was clothed and only giving him a blow job. The goby girl stood up and said that’s not what Karen wanted and burst into the room. We both followed her like sheep and stood looking at her sucking his man hood and wanking it. WE all sat around his cock watching and taking turns tasting him and wanking him. I took my turn leaning over licking the tip of his cock full of pre cum and then slide my hand down his cock wanking him and I could feel him get hard. My heart and pussy about to explode , we all watched me wank him and him cum on his belly.

So much cum horny is that looking at his cum all over his body and his rock hard cock that I was wanking. One of the girls reminded us that only three of us were serviced she told the last girl she can clean his cock. She didn’t even look up as she bent over and took his whole cock deep into her mouth then licking all the cum off his cock jesus I thought I was about to cum again!!!! I cant believe im sat watching another woman licking the cum off a bloke ive just wanked off, I looked and saw my fingers had some cum on so I wanted to taste what she was tasting so I slipped my finger into my mouth wow so sweet so hot and so salty so horny…. The goby girl then stood up and said come on bredders here we come ….. As we all stood up he was lay there naked with cum all over him and said what about me … in sync we all said not our problem as we headed out to bredders 


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