Forced Sex Between Devar & Bhabhi

This story is an account of my sexual encounter with my elder brother’s wife (In India referred to as “Bhabhi”). This is part fiction and part real.

“….oh my god….am cumming….ahhh…am….so…bad…”

She almost screamed into my ears. I collapsed on top of her and we both lay there panting, without uttering a word. As we lay in each others arms, I looked at her beautiful face in the afterglow.

” Thanks Bhabhi. I cannot tell you how much this means to me….you are an angel….”

I said softly and lay against her soft tits. I had never expected that I would ever get to fulfill my long-time fantasy of making love to my elder brother’s wife. Every fantasy has an epicenter, an event that triggers this wave that is immortal until realized. In my case, it was when I found out that my elder brother’s wife, Nisha was sleeping with her own brother Ajay, who was two years elder to her.


“Nisha, please bring your wedding sari when you come. I need to fuck you in it ;)” read the SMS. “Ök.”read the reply.

So foolish of Ajay, and fortunate for me to have found it, while my bhabhi bathed leaving her mobile on our dining table.

Now for a little background, before we plunge into the story.

My elder brother got married 8 years back and that’s when I first met my Bhabhi, Nisha. She was older to me by 4 years. She is tall, slim, beautiful face, sexy wide eyes, long hair, and sensuous curves — all that any gorgeous girl would be. Over the next few days, we grew close as brother and sister would. We started spending a lot of time together, since my brother was at work and I was studying at that time. I would accompany her to most places she went to. It was all platonic.

All of this changed, the day I found the SMS that Ajay had sent her. I was shocked to imagine what was conspiring between her and her brother. Subconsciously that incident sowed the seeds of a fantasy. I started fantasizing about having sex with my bhabhi. The discovery of her liaison with her own blood-brother made me wonder that if she can have sex with her brother, why not me? Ever since I wondered how it would be to have sex with her. It was not mere lust, as I have always had respect and love for her. My feelings grew stronger. I found out that my brother was away often, and she was missing love and care. It was a very strong feeling, a message that I would often read in her moist eyes.

We have always been very fond of each other, and used to discuss everything under the sun. As and when possible, I started communicating with her very regularly but subtly that I wanted to have an affair since I found the whole idea forbidden and hence thrilling. Slowly, I started showing interest in her body and started complimenting her often about her looks.


One night, while we were returning from one of her friend’s wedding in a taxi, I was turned on by being around her in that sexy silk sari and low cut blouse of hers. Her lips were glistening in the night light as we sped through the city. It was a long ride back. I decided to try my luck. I feigned sleep and I lay my head on her blouse clad smooth shoulders. She was surprised at first, but then smiled and patted my cheeks as I lay on her shoulders. I could see down her cleavage from that position and after a while, I shifted so that I could lay with my head in her lap and take a nap. I was lying in her lap facing her, as she looked down. I felt such a strong urge then to kiss her lips. But I decided to take it slow. We started talking about the wedding and how one guy was trying to hit on my bhabhi. At that point I said,

“Even I would have tried to…”

“Tried to what?”she asked.

“Well, tried to woo you, you were looking so sexy tonight”

She was shocked and it was evident in her eyes. She never expected me to talk in that tone.

“Bhabhi, can I make love to you?”


I just let it out. I just couldn’t hold on to it, or have the patience to explain my feelings and gradually suggest what was on my mind. She looked tensed, and did not respond. She just asked me to lift my head from her lap and kept staring out of the taxi. I had ruined it. It was obvious to me that she looked at me as her younger brother. But the next day I continued being around her, and kept bringing that topic up. She kept neglecting me each time. The fact that she had not spoken to my brother about it further strengthened my will to propose sex. But this confidence of mine was short-lived. Unfortunately, somehow my brother found out about my wicked desire and gave me hell. He happened to read one of my suggestive SMS in her phone. No one else was aware of it. So next time I went home visiting my parents, I couldn’t look at her directly. But still I had this unquenchable desire to have sex with her. My brother was on travel.

That evening, when I was in my room, she walked in and sat next to me on my bed. Her eyes looked so alluring. She was wearing a black cotton nightie that accentuated her voluptuous frame. My eyes quickly scanned her from head to toe, her beautiful lips, her sensuous neck, her shapely breasts, flat tummy, full hips and long legs. I was suddenly pulled out of my trance, as she started scolding me for lusting behind her and for having such filthy thoughts about own brother’s wife. And in the end she came and slapped me hard. I felt like telling her about her affair with her brother. But didn’t feel right, and didn’t want to hurt her. After that she left. I felt so guilty and ashamed that I cried so hard. I slept off.

While I was asleep, I could sense somebody’s presence in the room. It was her, the woman of my dreams. She was sitting on my bed, still wearing the sexy black nightie. Her hair was let down, and it was swaying in the mild breeze from the AC. She was slowly combing my hair with her fingers. Despite all that happened about an hour back, I started getting aroused. Slowly she lied down next to me, facing me. My heart was beating faster. Then she said that she was sorry about reacting the way she did. I told her that it was my mistake and I shouldn’t have thought so about her. She cuddled me and that made me harder. Feeling her body close to mine was an exceptional turn-on. I was sleeping on my stomach facing towards her and she was sleeping on her left side facing me. Her breasts were very close to my face and I got tempted so many times to plunge into her soft mounds. But I controlled. I wanted to see if it would go any further.

She kept saying that I should never think of her in sexual ways and that I should always treat her like my sister etc. I was barely listening to what she was saying, but concentrated more on our physical proximity. I wanted to get closer and closer to feel her warmth. I was possessed by lust. To stretch the conversation, I kept agreeing to whatever she said, and kept apologizing.

I had my right hand around her and my forearms were almost touching her soft breasts. I kept inching closer and closer. My face was just inches from her breasts and I was getting hornier. I wanted to fuck her so bad. Slowly I inched my right leg towards her legs. A shiver ran through my spine when I felt her legs. I was hard immediately. The bottom of her nightie was almost at her knees. The soft skin of her legs put me in a trance. I had to have her. All I had to do was push her down, climb on top, rip her panties off and fuck her like a rabbit. But I resisted.

All the while she was telling me how wrong it is to think of her sexually. By this time I had maneuvered myself into a position, where she was almost lying on her back and I was almost on top. A slight push and she would be lying on her back. And I could easily rape her. But I didn’t want to force her. I wanted her to agree to have me fuck her to my heart’s delight.


As she was speaking I feigned crying and I carefully moved so that now I was lying on her and she was nailed under me. As soon as this happened she stopped speaking. And she felt my throbbing penis hitting her bare thighs.

” Stop it! What are u doing?? Let go of me! Get up…please…ohhhh please”

she yelled silently, more like a loud whisper, so as not to wake up her children sleeping in the other room. She was pushing me off with her hands but I held her down, and nailed both her hands above her head with one hand. Using my free hand, I covered her mouth and whispered into her ears

” Bhabhi, please help me. I can’t live like this. I have to have sex with you. I am going crazy…nobody will ever know…this will be our secret….whatever happens in this dark room stays and dies here…please Bhabhi…please”

she stopped pushing at me and loosened up. I felt that my justification was headed the right way. So I continued.

“I understand that it might be difficult for you..but….you will not lose anything Bhabhi…on the other hand, It will cure me of my disease. ”


She was staring into my eyes as if listening carefully. I faked some tears in my eyes so as to convince her completely. I said

“I have never craved for anything else in my whole life. It is like a void in my life. Am not able to concentrate or focus and am losing it… ”

She closed her eyes and tears swelled in the corner of her eyes.

“Please Bhabhi…please let me just put it inside you once…I promise I won’t ask again…please Bhabhi, just do this big favor for me if u are really concerned about me…”

She remained still after I said this. She had her eyes closed.

“Please don’t scream Bhabhi…please don’t destroy me..think of it as a bad dream and forget it tomorrow morning…please..”


After few more fake sobs, she nodded her head and I didn’t know if it was a permission to fuck or to take my hand off. I assumed its the latter.

Slowly, I removed my hands. Her eyes opened reluctantly. Looked at the door to her children’s room at the far end. Looked back at me. And after a long pause said

” I don’t know if this is right or wrong…I don’t want to lose such a darling brother..if this helps you get over your lust for me, then….”

My heart was pounding hard by now and my cock harder.

“I feel ashamed…but I can’t see u lead a miserable life…just for this one time… Just for once u can satisfy your lust…please don’t ask again…even this once, am not sure if its the right thing to do…oh god! You have to promise me..that if I let you have sex with me tonight, you will never ask or talk about sex with me…promise??.”

” I promise” I said without letting the moment slip by.


” This will be the happiest moment in my life Bhabhi…you are my goddess..”

I released her hands from my grip, raised my hips, so I could raise her nightie further. Even though – was tempted to suck her breasts and kiss her tender lips, I wanted to impale her with my penis before she had second thoughts. Using my right hand, I slowly removed her panties. In the process, she raised her hips slightly to help me take it off. I was glad that she was cooperating. I looked up at her face and she had her eyes closed, the trail of teardrops still there.

Now that her panties were off and she was lying under me, legs spread and nightie raised to her hips, I removed my shorts. My penis sprung to life. I could see the anticipation on her face as her eyes twitched the moment my stiff penis touched her inner thighs. I took hold of my penis and slowly started guiding it towards her hole. The moment my penis head came in contact with her slit, she pushed me on my chest. I was disappointed thinking that she had second thoughts.

“Stop…We can’t do this without a condom…sorry” she said.

“…I don’t have condoms here…” I said.

” What if I get pregnant?? Its risky. Let’s not complicate things…please…let’s do it tomorrow. You can buy condoms and we can do it safely…”


I was worried that she might change her mind the next day. And her suggestion to use a condom ascertained that she was voluntarily participating in sex. I thought of pushing my luck to see if I could get her to fuck me today as well.

“Oh Bhabhi…I so desired to do it right now…”

While saying that I slowly moved my cock across her slit. I could feel that she was getting wet.

“But we can’t…let’s wait…aah!…for another day…please can we?” She asked.

“Bhabhi…can I insert and pull out real quick? Please at least let me feel how it is to be inside you…I will be careful not to cum inside…I will pull out..and tomorrow I will have condoms with me…please Bhabhi…please” I pleaded.

“That is risky….what if you are not able to pull out in time??”


She asked. “Bhabhi don’t worry I will pull out…I promise..please just once..”.

While we were talking, I was getting her hornier and I could see it in her eyes. After a pause, she said

” ok…but put it in and pull out fast…and don’t cum inside me..”

With that she spread her legs wider and I did not waste even a split second and I pushed my cock through her slit. I had never felt like this before.

” Aaahhhh!…”

We both moaned together. Inch by inch I was deep inside her, buried to the hilt. She was so tight. I looked up to check if she was waiting for me to pull out. She had her eyes closed. I just stayed still. I didn’t want to ruin the golden moment by fucking her tonight. Instead, I used my right hand to fondle her breasts. The moment I did that she opened her eyes. Looked into mine and said


“aaah….enough for now…pull promised…”

I continued fondling and slowly pulled my dick. But before I pulled it out completely, I feigned a slip and I slipped inside again.

“Aaarghhhh!….mmmmm!” she moaned.

I was again lying still inside her.

“Sorry…” I said. She opened her eyes and told me ” aaah!…please pull out before it gets too late…”.

“But promise you will let me fuck you tomorrow…” I said as I continued fondling her.


“But….you already got what you wanted….you already had sex with me…isn’t that enough?? Aah!…please pull out now..”. “Please Bhabhi..this is not sex…its just that my penis is inside you….I want to fuck you tomorrow…I will use a condom…I promise…please…”.

“Ok….please pull out now..we can do it tomorrow again…but with a condom..”.

I let go of her breasts and I pulled out slowly. As I pulled out, I still lay between her legs and my penis still hard. I looked at her. She was looking at me, but was blushed.

” Are you happy now??” She asked. ” I don’t have words to describe the feeling Bhabhi…I owe you my life..”

With that I started sobbing (acting) and I lay my head on her breasts. I wanted to cum on her, and I wanted to try and suck her breasts if she agreed.

” Bhabhi…am still so hard…and it hurts…can I ….” I stopped midway. ” What? Can you what?? Tell me…” “Can I suck your breasts for a little while tonight??” She looked at me shocked. Then she eased up.


“Why are you doing this to me? Only for this one night….I don’t think that will do any harm..go ahead and fulfill your desires…but no matter what you can’t try to put your penis inside me…ok?”

” Yes I wont…”

She unbuttoned top buttons of her nightie. She told me to raise a little and she unhooked her bra. Her melons were free and I could see it from beneath her nightie. She lied down again and I took her right nipple in my mouth by teasing it…and fondled her left breast. Bhabhi was getting aroused, as I felt her breathe hard. She moaned and pressed my head further into her breasts. I was enjoying her body; the woman I lusted for was right under me. Her nightie raised to her waist, buttons undone and her breasts were being mauled by me. All of a sudden her younger kid cried. And that broke us from our trance. She quickly pushed me off her body. Buttoned up her nightie and ran to her room, without uttering a word. I waited for another hour in bed. Still hard and still lusting. Alas! She did not come by that night.

In the morning, when I woke up, I recollected the events of the previous night. I immediately got hard, when I thought of my sexy Bhabhi lying almost nude under me in my bed. I did it. I thought to myself. I got to insert my penis inside her and got to suck her nipples. Then, I remembered that today is the day when I actually get to fuck her with a condom, as mutually agreed. I was not sure if she had a change of mind. So after jacking off to her thoughts, I headed out into the kitchen. Her kids were at school, my parents were away at work as well. That left just the 2 of us at home. I saw her in the kitchen wearing a saree. She had just returned after dropping her kids at school. She didn’t notice me around. She was busy cooking. I took the time to enjoy the visual treat. Sweat pearls trickling down her midriff, the heaving of her breasts and her curvaceous butt. My penis started getting hard. ” Oh you are up!” She said without looking at me.

“Ye..yes just woke up…”. “Hungry?”

She asked. I was staring at her breasts and I think she noticed it as she covered the sides with her saree.


“ starving.”

I said still looking at her breasts. She quickly moved to the dining table with a plate and served me breakfast. Then she sat in a chair. I walked to the table and sat down. She was behaving very normally as if nothing happened between us. That made me also comfortable. She was reading a magazine and I was eating. After a while she stood up and went to her room. I also went back to my room.

After a while, I decided to try and check if our deal was still on.

“Bhabhi…” I called. She came out.

” Am going to the medical shop..need to buy something”.

“What happened?? Are you not feeling well?” She asked.


“No no am perfectly fine…need to be ready for…” And I stopped.

“Ready for?…ohhhh! So you still want to??”

“Bhabhi…you don’t know how much it means to me…that’s the only hope and dream I have. Please Bhabhi…please don’t say no…” I pleaded.

She was looking away. Then she sat down on the sofa. Buried her face in her palms and then said

” Its a sin. We have already committed it. Why do you want to repeat it??”

I sat down next to her. She was looking down. I said


” Bhabhi…it means a lot to me. I want to make love to you just once…”

I noticed that she was blushing with my speaking. I continued

“…although yesterday it felt amazing and heavenly to put my penis inside you..I couldn’t f….you know what I mean..”

Gathering more courage I said

” I want to feel you under me…I want to thrust in and out of you Bhabhi…”

All of a sudden she stood up walked away and locked herself in her room. I was already horny having spoken to her about how I wanted to fuck her. I stood up and went out to get condoms.


I had to fuck her and that had to happen. When I returned, I didn’t see her. She was still inside her room. I went inside mine and was about to switch on the TV when I heard a slight knock on my door. It was her. She had changed to a nightie. She was looking so hot that it gave me an instant hard-on.

“Lunch is ready…” She said and left.

I followed her and all the while I was staring at her curvy hips. Lunch was again silent. Her children got back from school and I went outside to meet my friends. It was late when I returned. Bhabhi answered the door. She had started sleeping and her long hair was disheveled. I walked in behind her. I had a couple of beer. Was a little tipsy, and in that spur of a moment, I dragged her into my room, the door to my room shut and we both landed on my bed. I used my hand to cover her mouth.

During the fall, her nightie had moved up over her knees. She was shocked. She struggled under me. Tried to push me off. But, I held her down strongly. I was very hard by now and my cock was pressing into her soft thighs.

“Shhhh! Bhabhi…don’t yell or fight me…or I will tell everyone about your affair with Ajay…”.

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