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F@*K Yes!

You’re in trouble mister! I saw how you were staring at me all through dinner. Don’t worry; I won’t tell him. I liked it! Did you notice that I took my panties off when I went to the bathroom at the restaurant?

You did?

That isn’t all I did! I touched myself thinking about how big your cock must be.

Let me see it. I want to touch it. Fuck yes! That’s bigger than I imagined and so hard. You’re hard for me? I like that.

Stop worrying! It will take him at least ten minutes to go to the store and get back. We have enough time. Besides, he told me that you’re his best friend and he wants me to be nice to you. I can be…very…very…nice.

Oh, that is so big. Take off your pants. My cunt has been aching for you since I caught you staring at my tits. They look better without this shirt, see?

Touch them. Oh yes! Your tongue feels good on my nipples.

We shouldn’t? Of course not! That’s what makes it so hot!

Lick me. Yes, just like that. You feel so fucking good. It’s ok; you can finger my ass too. I like that. Deeper! Harder! Treat me like a toy!

Don’t pull away. Be a good boy and finish your meal. Yes, that’s it. You’re going to make me cum.

Oh fuck, yes! More; give me more. Oh again!

Yes, fuck, ooooh! Your tongue is so much better than his.

Come here and fuck me. No! Don’t be gentle; take me.

Yes, harder, harder, faster! I can feel it all the way up to my nipples. Your cock is so big, it’s filling me up. Can you feel me cumming on your magic cock again? Fuck yes!

Hurry, he’s going to come back soon. Fuck me like a whore! I fucking need it hard. Abuse me, call me a slut.

Yes! Fuck Yes, I’m a cheating slut! You feel so fucking good.

No, I’ll never tell him. Stop worrying! Fuck yes! Harder; fuck me harder.

We have an arrangement. I fuck anyone I want and he doesn’t need to hear about it.

What? You love my ass? How about I bend over and you take my ass?

Not like that, don’t’ be gentle. I’m all wet from you fucking me so damn hard. Thrust it in. Oh yes, like that.

Deeper, harder, Fuck yes!

You’ve never fucked a woman in the ass before? Fuck it like you own it!

Fuck yes, oh goddess yes! You’re making my cunt cum by fucking my ass like that! You’re so big.

No, don’t cum in my ass. I have something better in mind.

I want to taste it! Pull it out and fuck my face and shoot your cum in my mouth.

Mmmph, Mppph, Slurp! Oh fuck YES!

Wow, that was good. I’ll be looking forward to the next time we hang out. Oh? I have some on my lips? I’ll just lick it off like this.

So Sweet! You’re hard again.

Fuck! He’s back already! Put it away.

Oh hi, honey! I missed you so much.

Yes, I was nice to him just like you asked. We were just getting to know each other; really well.

Come here and give your sweetheart a big wet kiss on the lips.

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