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FIVE MINUTES of pleasure

Jessica laid on her bed trying to finish the paperwork that would complete the sale of the house next week and free her forever from the man she had grown to hate over the last four months. They had been married for three years and when they started to fight last year the only thing that had kept them together was sex. Paul had always known exactly how to turn her on, from that first kiss five years ago that set her panties on fire and ending with her naked in his bed only hours after they met. She had been keeping her bedroom door locked at night but tonight it was unlocked and open because she thought he was at work. He owned a bar and often stayed there until 2 or 3am.

“You do know how sexy you look like that, don’t you?” he asked, standing in the doorway of her bedroom. He had been trying not to look at her, especially when she would come home from work. He loved her in the short suit skirts she wore, garters barely peeking out when she crossed her legs. Between her long perfect legs and her full breasts, he had trouble concealing the hard on he gave her. Tonight, she was sitting cross legged on her bed wearing a black tank top and panties. She had taken her bra off and was all about being comfy. Despite no bra, her breasts were still perky and if he looked carefully, he could just make out the outline of her nipples through her shirt. Her long brown hair was half covering her face, which was currently free of make-up. Not that she needed any. Her Italian heritage gave her beautiful olive skin that was free of any imperfection. She thought she was going to be alone and was unprepared for his eyes on her.

Jessica also knew that there was still a lot of unresolved sexual tension between them and he been making it very clear to her over the last few weeks that he still wanted her.

“I suppose, but what does that matter to you?” she asked, returning to her paperwork after glancing at him. He was sexy, she had to give him that. He was in the gym daily, ran several marathons a year and despite owning a bar, didn’t drink or put anything unhealthy in his body. His blond hair and blue eyes gave him that quintessential “surfer boy” look even though he had never surfed in his life. His skin was golden brown from spending all summer on the lake and standing in her doorway with his jeans and tight black t-shirt, she couldn’t help but think about that perfect body underneath. Not to mention his amazing cock…

He walked over to the bed and slid a hand down the front of her top. Taking one of her breasts, he rubbed his fingers over her nipple, feeling it harden.

She let out a sigh and tried hard to bring herself back to reality.

“Stop. We don’t need sex complicating things.” She said, trying to fight the wetness that brief touch had brought to her panties. He knew just how to turn her on, he always had.

“Give me five minutes. Just five minutes to please you. Let me touch you, taste you, make you come all over me.” He leaned over her, whispered in her ear and moved his hand to her other breast. The nipple was already hard and he listened to her moan when he pinched it lightly.

“Why? So we can both go to bed frustrated when time’s up and you haven’t even come close to pleasing me?” She said, knowing it would only take about one minute if he didn’t stop touching her. She was hot and horny and tired of pleasing herself. She wanted him touching her, teasing her to the brink of every orgasm and then giving her more. “Is that a challenge?” he said, gathering the papers and placing them on the nightstand. “Is that a yes?”

She gave the situation a few more seconds thought then laid back on the bed and closed her eyes. “Five minutes.”

He leaned over her and kissed her neck, just below her ear. He pulled off her shirt and led a trail of kisses down her neck and across her stomach. He took each breast in his mouth, suckling and gently biting until she let out a small squeal.

“God, you have to stop.” She said, trying to pull herself to a sitting position. She knew she had to stop this before all control was lost completely.

“Oh no, I still have four and a half minutes left.” He said, pulling off her panties and tossing them on the floor. He pulled her legs until she was again lying down, holding her legs open and admiring her pussy.

“You gave me five minutes and I’m taking them. You know you want this. You always want this. Despite the fighting and the divorce, you and I will always have a sexual bond that we will never fight.”

She moaned and started to protest but he brought his head between her legs and began licking, kissing and sucking her pussy. He knew exactly how to make her cum and he was going to make sure she got exactly what they both wanted. He licked the length of her, tickling her clit with the tip of his tongue until her legs were tight against him and she was begging him to make her cum. He slid one hand underneath her and slowly worked two fingers into her, teasing her with the orgasm just out of reach. When he knew she couldn’t take anymore, he began to quickly finger her while sucking her clit. The orgasm that she gave him was exactly what he had been missing. No other woman he had been with in the last six months had come close to making him want to bring her to an orgasm like his wife did. Or soon to be ex-wife.

He stripped quickly while she recovered and moved between her legs, brushing his cock along her wet pussy, teasing her.

“Let me fuck you.” He said, rubbing the tip of his cock against her clit.

“Oh god, please…” She said, trying to pull him closer.

“I won’t fuck you until you say yes.” He said, “Open your eyes and look at me. Tell me you want me. Tell me you know what’s happening here.”

She opened her eyes and took a deep breath. She was tired of fighting. She wanted this, she needed this.

“Yes. Fuck me.”

He slid inside her, slowly and purposefully, letting himself feel every bit of her pussy around his cock. His cock was not the average size, long and thick which was one of the things he knew she loved about him.

“Fuck you or be nice?” he asked, familiar with how much she loved a good hard fucking.

“Fuck me, god please just fuck me.” She moaned wrapping her legs around his waist and drawing him deeper into her.

He slowly drew himself out of her before sliding back in with the same slowness. He teased her by fucking her slow with just the head of his cock, watching her try to meet him and get more of him inside her. He spread her legs further apart and held them firmly, taking his time driving her crazy with the need to cum again. He loved the way she came when he fucked her hard but he was going to take his time before he let her cum.

“Please stop fucking me like a virgin.” She begged, desperate for him to start fucking her with an intensity that made her sweat. She reached down to touch her clit and he held her hands at her side.

“Oh no you don’t. This is my time. I’m in charge of this little episode here and you will cum when I want you to. Not before. Besides, I felt that pussy cum for me already.”

“FUCK ME NOW GOD DAMMIT!” she screamed.

He pulled out and grabbed her hips to roll her over. He yanked her to her knees and drove himself balls deep in one thrust. He knew she couldn’t handle the full length of him from behind and when she pushed forward, he grabbed her hips backwards and began and hard and purposeful fuck, making sure to hit the bottom of her pussy every time. He was taking all the anger of the last few months, all the nights she had her door locked and made just enough noise to know she was masturbating and he couldn’t watch or take over.

She was now screaming with both pleasure and pain. She had needed this fuck so badly and he was giving it to her. She hated the way she screamed for him. She hated the way he knew exactly how to please her. But god she loved the way he made her cum. He worked a hand between them and started working a finger in her ass. She had never done anal with anyone before him and he had taught her the pleasures. She had one hand on her clit and was soon dripping onto her freshly washed sheets, lost in another orgasm.

“You know what you need don’t you?” he asked, slowing himself down to get her attention. “Where’s your box of toys?”

“The usual…” She breathed in gasps as he pulled out and retrieved his favorite toy, a dildo she loved deep in her pussy. He also grabbed the bottle of lube and put some on her ass and worked his finger back in. Bending over, he grabbed her by the back of her hair and bit her earlobe before saying softly, “You know, I never did get this into your ass while I fucked your pussy. Maybe I need one last try.” He worked a second finger into her ass and listened to her moan. “That’s it baby. Work that clit while I stretch out this pretty little asshole of yours.”

“I think five minutes are up.” She said, pulling forward. He grabbed her by her hair and she stopped moving. She knew she wasn’t going anywhere. This was the game they played and why not one more time?

“Oh, I know they are but I’m not done and neither are you.” He said, positioning the head of the dildo at the entrance to asshole. They had tried several times to do this before and it hadn’t worked. He pushed forward and when the head penetrated her with a satisfying pop, he was greeted with a squeal and a gasp.

“Oh god…I can’t. Pull it out. I can’t. Please.” She was begging but remained still. This was another game and she knew how to stop him for real.

He held himself still and played his part. “Oh no baby, You know I can’t do that. Just relax that sweet little ass and it’ll hurt less. Come on baby, that’s it, relax and let me keep going.”

“No please. Stop.” She said, knowing that he wouldn’t and knowing the game was just beginning.

“You know I can’t do that. You need both of your tight little holes fucked right now baby. Here, this will help.” He said, handing her a small vibrator that slid onto her finger. It was small but powerful and she would be dripping all over his cock in no time.

He pushed further and was rewarded by the dildo sliding halfway into her beautiful ass. He slid his cock slowly into her pussy, delighting in the feel of how incredibly tight she was now. She was whimpering now and he reached around to hold her hand over her pussy, the vibrator thrumming against her engorged clit.

“Just let it happen. It’ll hurt less if you do. Fuck your clit with your vibrator and cum for me.” he demanded as he began to fuck both her ass and her pussy with a steady rhythm.

She was screaming her orgasms so hard they ran together for him, he couldn’t tell when one ended and another began, but she also played her part by telling him to stop, that he was hurting her and she didn’t like it anymore. But as carefully as he listened, he never heard the one word that would truly make him stop in a heartbeat. When he knew he was about to cum, he didn’t pull out, making sure to shoot every bit of his load as deep in her as he could. He stayed inside her, but leaned them both forward so they were spooning.

When they were done, four hours later, he got up and took his clothes with him. He took one last look at his naked wife and shut the door behind him.

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