fishing my uncle

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hi I will keep name and place details anonymous for mt safety and privacy but in 19 now and im in college away from him

in 2016 my parents went through a rocky divorce so I was due to spend a week in the wilderness with my uncle, I was 14 at the time going through a tomboy phase it was pretty cringey.

but we had set up camp kinda deep in the wilderness with a 10 minute walk to the lake and I let my uncle handle the hard stuff but by the end of the night we had the tent and fire set with the makeshift toilet for me.


it went well we enjoyed smores the night didn’t i had to share a tent with my uncle and he took that as a great opportunity to rub his morning wood on me place my hand on his hard member thinking I was asleep.

I knew of his intentions and right there in that tent I accepted my fate, I felt weak and vulnerable already because my parents argued every night and it was tiring but now here I was in the wilderness while my.uncle uses my hand to get off.

I let him use my hand u til a few spurts of warm white stuff covered my hand he wiped it off and got up, the sun was setting I waited an hour to finally get up and I tried to forget.

I sprayed the area with the bug spray and looked through our food bag for a pan, I made myself eggs and few strips.of bacon while my uncle geared for fishing.

when I was done I felt him pull me up and ruffle my hair asking me if I was going to fish with him, kinda forgetting I nodded and smiled.

we walked to the shore of the lake and set up the rods we waited until I had a huge pull my uncle stood behind me pressing against me pulling me and helping me pu the fish up but his hardon against me made me lose it.


i felt wetness between my legs I was wearing khakis shorts so I excused myself quickly when I sat on the toilet seat I played with myself scooping up my wetness before rubbing my clit.

this was my first sexuak experience triggered by my uncles cock, I orgasmed and clearish white stuff gushed out of me I wiped and went back to the shore and sat in thought.

I had gotten up and sat in my uncles lap wanting to feel an orgasm again my uncle read my mind and bounced me in his lap asking if I remembered our game.

turning me around and told him to refresh my memory I was curious and slightly aroused but I began grinding myself on his very evident cock.

he told me to trust him and that its our game and we could play it and its right I trusted him and that moment I ended up climaxing soaking my pants and shaking in my uncles lap.

he pulled up the rods and told me to wait in the tent he’d help me clean up I was embarrassed but waited when he got there with wipes he stripped me and wiped me down and stomach telling me I could stay naked while he cooked and we could do special cuddling.


I agreed and fell asleep asked under the covers when I woke up he fed me a grilled cheese and some left over eggs.

he stripped naked and his cock was hairy and thick he got under the covers and we spooned his poked his tip at my entrance teasing me and leaving kisses on my neck.

it felt good and for a second I thought maybe it would be good we humped and kissed it was sloppy and needy but when I woke up his tip was leaking cum on my already messy pussy.

I was happy it went good.

we hiked that day and ate sandwiches in a tree before going back to camp. well this would count as night 3 and the night I became a woman I guess.

we kissed and touched each other I let him fuck my throat not liking his bitter cum but I liked when he licked me. after ot was painful and he didn’t slow but used me as he pleased.


he used remarks as this is why God make women and I was made for his cock and other degrading terms I ignored them and.focused on why it hurt.

all through our week we did that and other activities I had truly changed as a person when going.home more quiet hypersexual and traumatized tbh


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