I sat in my car and I received the text I was waiting for.

“I’m in Room 215 baby”


I was nervous as ever. I’d never done this before and it certainly wasn’t legal.

It had been 6 months since I left my wife after she cheated on me and I hadn’t been with anyone since. I needed the physical contact and the sexual release. What made it more nerve racking was the fact that it was a trans woman. I’d fantasized about this for so long and it was about to be real.

I cautiously made my way up the motel stairs and I stopped at room 215. My heart was beating out of my chest. She answered the door in a black, lacey, one piece lingerie. She looked exactly like her pictures. Even better actually. She had long curly black hair and looked Latina. She had a strong Spanish accent.

She said, “Hey baby come in.”

I walked in and she closed and locked the door behind me. The motel had that musky cheap motel room smell. At least it was clean. She walked to the bed and stood next to it. All I could think to say was, “sorry I’m very nervous. I’ve never done this before.”

She walked up to me and politely said, “why are you nervous?” she put her arms around my neck and gently kissed me, “I’ll be gentle with you baby.”

She backed up and got on the bed on her knees and said, “take your clothes off and come here.”

I undid my belt and kicked off my shoes. I tried not to rush it so I didn’t seem to eager. I walked towards her and she still stood on her knees and we started kissing again. It was only seconds before I was rock hard. For the first time ever I reached my right hand down and I started rubbing her hardening bulge through her lingerie. She let out a few moans and backed up more onto the bad, making me follow her onto it. She asked, “do you want me to pull it out? Or not yet?”

I told her to pull it out and I kept kissing her as my right hand began stroking her cock. She was getting harder and harder. A minute later she asked, “do you want to suck on it baby?”

I said yes. She asked, “do you want to suck on it with a condom or without?”

I was imagining what a bare lady cock would feel like in my mouth and I wanted to know so bad. I told her no condom as I leaned forward and down in front of her. She wasn’t real big. Maybe 5 inches or so. And she seemed averagely thick. I didn’t hesitate. I fondled her balls in my right hand and took her into my mouth. I bobbed up and down and tried as best as I could to not let my teeth touch her. She let out little moans now and then. After I sucked on her for a minute she began thrusting into my mouth and I stopped moving my head and took it as she slid it in and out and all the way back to my throat. Part of me just wanted to stay down there until she finished. I started tasting the saltined of what I knew was pre cum.

She pulled out and told me to roll onto my back. She didn’t have to tell me twice. I wasn’t sure what she had in mind but I wanted to find out.

She leaned down and began sucking me off. Only seconds later she swung her left leg over my face. I had fantasized about this hundreds of times. She continued sucking me as I took her in my mouth. I put my hands on each of her big soft ass cheeks as we took each other into our mouths.

We sixty nined for a few minutes when she stopped and said, “want me to fuck you?”

The word yes couldn’t have come out of my mouth faster.

She told me to lay over the edge of the bed. She walked to the bedside table and opened the drawer. She pulled out an unopened condom and tore the package apart.

I laid on my stomach on the bed with my legs and ass hanging over the edge. She walked behind me, rock hard, and started putting the condom on. She had a small tube of lubricant and applied it to her cock and a little on my ass. She pressed her head against my hole and she easily got the tip in. She pushed a little harder and I felt a slight painful pressure and I said, “go easy.”

She slowed down and pressed against me until I felt her whole cock inside me. She moved in and out of me slowly until I loosened up. A few minutes later she was moaning more and fucking me hard. I just took it and enjoyed every moment of her. She fucked me like that for a few minutes before she pulled out and told me to lay on my back.

When I got to my back she grabbed the back of my legs and put my feet up on her shoulders. She grabbed her cock and guided it back into me and started fucking me again. I watcher her moan and couldn’t stop watching her big tits bounce up and down. She grabbed my left hand and put it on her right tit. I began fondling her and squeezing her.

It seemed like she fucked me for an hour but I’m sure it was only minutes. She said, “want me to cum inside you baby?”

At first I said, “yeah,” between breathes, but I changed my mind and said, “wait, cum on me.”

She fucked me for another minute before she pulled out and pulled her condom off. She finished on my lower stomach as she stroked herself. She let go of her cock for a second and I grabbed it with my right hand and stroked her cum covered cock in my hand. She asked, “do you want me to fuck you until you finish?”

I obviously said yes. She went to the drawers and grabbed another condom. She came back to where she stood before and I watched her put it on. I was so turned on watching her put the condom on herself. She slid into me and fucked me as I stroked myself until I came on my stomach right next to where she came. She slowly pulled out and smiled at me and said, “I’ll get you a towel. It’s no rush baby. Take your time.”

That was my first and only experience with a trans escort and I masturbate to the memory of it all the time

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