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First time meeting my dad and he raped me

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I was about 13 or 14 I believe and up until June 14th or 17th I didn’t know my father but my mom brought a man home, I was still in my black spandex shorts and track hoodie doing homework.

I was sitting on a stool doing my work on the kitchen island and she walked in and immediately knew he was family because we looked similar same nose and eyebrows not to mention same curly light brown hair.

we had that serious talk but I zone out alot so I can’t remember it and after that we bonded alot and I didn’t get creepy vibes from him it was cool he was cool.

a month or so later I spent my first night at his house and there were a lot of touches I ignored or didn’t think was weird but now it was.

he would brush past me and slap my butt playfully and hug me and pick me up so he could hold my butt I didn’t really acknowledge that and it was a major red flag obviously

when I went to bed in the guest room he offered me to sleep with him and watch a movie but for some reason I couldn’t find any of my clothes like my bag was missing.

and it was cold so with just my panties no bra and one of his t shirt I sat on his bed uncomfortable now because he stripped into his boxers but I laid down and dozed off in the middle of the moment.

when I had woke up I was naked and he was in the process and eating me out I panicked and he covered my mouth telling me if I screamed or make any loud noises he’d hit me.

I let his hands grip my waist and teared up but this was my first sexual encounter so the more his tongue massaged my clit and his 2 fingers got deeper inside of me I came hard.

when he was done he moved Inbetween my legs his cock was long and thick and it was hard and uncut I peeked at his tip dripoing precum on my clit and I moaned.

he kissed me it was sloppy and when he knew I wouldn’t kiss back he told me I should just accept his love and he thankful he would be taking my virginity.

and in that moment I just accepted it I let him.kiss me sloppily and I kissed back his cock soon then popped my cherry it wasn’t rushed but he went slow and I creamed on his cock 3 times I remember before sobbing when he came in me.

I took a plan b and he never did it again but there would be moments where id give him head or he’d fuck me quickly.

were still like in kahoots today but we don’t speak on it.

sorry if grammar or spelling isn’t great im not good at writing English stories

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