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Clive really wanted to eat out his Tessa’s ass. He wanted it so badly. But the older girl told him that she wanted to wait a little and that she would tell him if she was ready. Clive therefore never pushed, never begged, or questioned again. He always respected the other’s wishes, and so, they did do handjobs, oral, even fucking itself… And Clive loved all of that.

Tessa liked that all as well and this one time, she almost received analingus, but she stopped Clive and pulled him back up from under the sheets again. She just felt too shy. But now… Now, she wanted to go all the way. She wanted Clive to get his forbidden fruit.

“Clive… I’m ready now,” she said after she spent the afternoon cleaning her ass the best way she could, using an enema and all.

They were now kissing and cuddling on the bed.

“Are–” Clive gulped. “Are you sure, baby?!” he asked, not able to believe it! He immediately knew what Tessa meant and he was salivating at the idea already.

“Yes, I am sure. I want it now,” she replied, making Clive swallow his spit. “How much do you want me?” she then asked him with a husky voice, nervous and horny at the same time.

“Oh God, very much. There is like nothing that I want more than this,” Clive panted.

Tessa started to kiss Clive’s neck. “I’m nervous,” she breathed in his ear.

“Don’t be. Let yourself go, ok? Don’t overthink.”

Clive pushed his lady on her back and started to undress them both. After a minute they were both naked and he started to kiss her body, everywhere.

“Clive… ahh..” Tessa panted and her breath hitched when he slid lower

“Shhh… Don’t be scared. I won’t do anything you don’t want. If you’re uncomfortable, I will stop, ok?”

Tessa nodded. She just didn’t want Clive to think of her as dirty. What if he wouldn’t like it? It felt so exposed to let someone kiss you right…there.

“Oh…ok,” Tessa grabbed the sheets tightly and closed her eyes, trying to let go a bit.

Clive then softly began to lick her pussy first, drawing his tongue over her folds and clit. Soft rotating licks to bring her in the mood, while gentle hands caressed her tummy and inner thighs. After a while, she was like mush underneath his hands, and when he noticed that Tessa’s breathing began to accelerate a little, he slowly traced his tongue lower, drawing circles around the sphincter.

Tessa grabbed the sheets a little tighter. It actually felt really sensitive and she could feel every stroke of Clive’s tongue, that licked over her forbidden part.

“Hahh…!” she gasped when Clive softly blew some hot breath against it.

“You ok, baby?” he asked.


Clive smirked before he started licking again and flicked his tongue against the soft wrinkled skin. He poked with the tip of his wet muscle against the entrance a few times while his hands spread the soft cheeks wider apart. “Damn, your ass is so fine.”

“Oh, s-shit.” Tessa almost choked. It didn’t feel scary anymore. It felt…good. So forbidden…

Clive gave little featherlike kisses, licked some more, added pressure with his tongue, and teased so that Tessa wanted more. He did it all, and Tessa felt like an overcooked pile of noodles on the bed while her boyfriend was eating her out like there was no tomorrow.

“Ahh… Clive…C-Clive,” Tessa moaned while rolling her head from left to right on the pillow. She’d never expected it to feel this good. The heat inside her stomach coiled and her toes started to curl as her pussy drizzled onto the sheets till it was a wet mess. Her hands grabbed Clive’s head and fisted his hair, almost pushing him harder against her hole.

Clive loved that Tessa loved it this much. And he loves eating her juicy ass out after all this time! He drooled a little more over the asshole and pushed his tongue inside.

“Oh G-god, fuck!”

Clive withdrew his tongue and hissed. “Baby, if you pull my hair any harder I’ll be bald soon.” He loved a moaning Tessa underneath him, but the older girl just really pulled so hard on his hair.

“Ohh…hahhh…s-sorry…Oh, f-fuck–” Tessa moaned and held her hands before her face, breathing heavily inside her palms, while Clive’s tongue pushed inside her again. In and out and in and out, it went.

And every time he did, her pussy throbbed.

Clive made satisfying moans, loving the way Tessa’s hole felt so tight around his tongue, and after a little while, he pulled his tongue out and pushed a finger in while licking along the rim of Tessa’s hole. His own dick was hard as a brick, twitching between his legs. He kept licking and fingering, sucking and thrusting at a faster pace until Tessa was a moaning and panting mess underneath him.

The older girl didn’t even remember what her own name was when Clive’s other hand found her throbbing clit and began to rub her in fast circles while still licking all over her sensitive area with that sinful tongue of his.

“Ahh…ahh! Oh…shit, oh…shit!” she moaned, feeling her stomach tighten. She grunted hard and low, and came to the point she was gonna cum any second. “Ahh, Clive…I…I”

“Let it out, baby,” Clive said and he went back to eagerly eating the other out while Tessa trembling hands hysterically rubbed over his head and pulled at his hairs again.

“Ahh…Oh, I’m gonna…!”


And she did…

While her eyes rolled inside her skull, she came from Clive’s fingers and tongue. Her pussy squirting juices that landed into his hair and on the sheets.

Clive blinked up to watch the show while his fingers kept rubbing over her clit. It looked so beautiful. The way she moaned with her plump luscious lip stuck between her beautiful teeth and her eyebrows scrunching together.

So fucking beautiful!

When Tessa was done riding out her high, Clive crawled up again and he grabbed a towel and cleaned them both a little. “You liked it?” he asked.

“Hmm-hmm,” Tessa hummed in agreement. Her face was all red with wet hair sticking to her forehead.

She then looked down at Clive’s hard erection, making him smirk. “I’ll let you rest for a while. But later I will fuck you so hard into the bedsheets, baby.”

Heat coiled once more in her stomach and she was looking forward to it.


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