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First time anal at age 12

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Taking it up the bum when I was 12 – not from Dad who wants my virginity but from my 18 year old bro

Mum died when I was 7. That left Dad and my bro Alex who was aged 13 at that time.

My story starts when I turned 12 and Alex wanted to have sex with me. He did not know that Dad was always sending me off to sleep when I was younger by coming in, reading me a story, and after turning out the light, sticking his cock in my mouth to suck. Of course I sucked it like a lollipop and soon he was just coming in my mouth. At first he used to pull his thingy out but I guess he thought it was better to cum in my mouth. Vitamins is what he called it and I got lots of vitamins. Of course he progressed on to letting his fingers roam and that meant playing with my breast buds when I was 10 – and yes he could make my tittles stand up. And he also moved to playing with my pussy, slipping a finger in and out.

Over time I grew to quite like this and so I guess that is what helped me produce moisture – or lubrication which made it easy for his finger to slip in me. Then it was two fingers and then he started expanding my pussy with three fingers. He said he was getting ready to put his cock inside me and that I needed some stretching first.

I used to writhe around on his fingers and he could get me bucking and really opening my legs wide just to try and get more of him in me. The sensations were incredible, especially when he would tongue my clitoris while fucking me with his fingers.

This was our secret, of course and we never had real intercourse but I certainly learned to experience how to come at the hands of a really fantastic teacher.

Then things changed and my dad took a new job where he worked nightshift for weeks at a time and he wouldn’t get home until maybe 3am in the morning five nights a week. So I began to miss our sex sessions and I did not know what to do.

Of course Alex had the answer and he thought me and Dad had been doing stuff, so older bro who was now 18 by this time, decided he would “teach me how to do sex so I could be good for my future boyfriends”. Little did he know. So he started visiting me after I went to bed and started to try feeling me up, getting a finger in my pussy and playing with my nice A size titties. After a bit he started begging me to let him put his cock up to my pussy but I really did not want him to. He was inexperienced (not like me) and he always came too fast – with huge amounts of cum. So after chatting with a couple of gfs I figured the best way to do this and to not get pregnant was to let him do me Greek – up my bum. I also wanted Dad to take my real virginity because we had developed a very close relationship.

After much pressuring one night from Alex I told him he could try to fuck me in my bum but he could not fuck me in my pussy because he would probably make me pregnant.

I was on my hands and knees, bum in the air, and Alex came at me like a bull. I did put some lube in my bum hole but as soon as his penis touched my wee hole he ejaculated. What a mess! So I told him to settle down and to try and take it slower. I guess he would not be as rampant second time around. This time he lay down and I sat on him. His cock was stiff as anything and I put a lot of lube in my bum hole and grabbed that cock. I gradually eased myself on to it, getting it past the tight ring of resistance you get in your bum hole, and popped him in. Of course he immediately came again! And the cum juices were flowing out of my like you would not believe.

So it was time for another rest and this time I said I would try to control him a bit. So again I lubed up and introduced his dick to my bum hole. This time I stopped him from trying to push in me and I controlled the pace. He came up my bum slowly and I asked him to fiddle with my clit. This distracted him and then he started to finger me in the front while I slowly fucked his pole in my back passage. That was glorious. He was actually giving me something instead of taking it all and it was so delicious. I started whimpering, then moaning and finally screaming as I had the best orgasm of my life. Better than dad’s fingers. And Alex came and came – where did he get all that jazz juice? – and I think we had the best fuck ever. And I was still a virgin for dad.

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