First Class Flight

I had to fly to Anchorage once for a State Fire Service awards ceremony. Because it was an official function, I had to wear my dress uniform. It was a bit of a hassle getting through security, but I made it.

On the plane, my uniform drew plenty of stares and more than one whisper. I figured it would, and brushed them off. That is, until one very pretty stewardess came up to me.

“Excuse me, but are you a firefighter?’ she asked in hushed tones.

“Yes, I am. I’m on my way to Anchorage, in fact.”

“I thought so. You see, my family had a fire when I was little and the fire department saved us from getting hurt or killed. I always wanted to thank them for what they did, but I was too young back then.”

“I see. Well, I’m sure they were just doing their job. I’ve fought a lot of fires myself and saved several families and people from the fires.”


“I’m sure you have,” she said, and then she paused as if thinking of her next words.

“Listen… Jonathan” she said, reading the nameplate on my uniform, “This is just a short flight and there’s no one in First Class right now. Can I move you up where there’s a little less people and a lot more room?”

“Sure!” I said. So she moved me up to First Class. But that was only part of the surprise.

“Jonathan, I hope you won’t think I’m some kind of firefighter slut or anything but I’d really like to thank you in a more… personal way. For what you boys did for me and my family.”

“I don’t understand,” I said, stunned by what she was saying.

She cleared up my confusion though when she began unbuttoning her blouse. “My name is Jill by the way,” she said as she opened her blouse.


Jill had a fantastic body even for a stewardess and I looked long and hard at it, wanting to burn it into my memory. Then I reached up and pulled her down onto my lap and accepted the offer.

“Oh God, yes, Lick my nipples, baby! I love it when a man enjoys my tits!” she moaned.

She began rocking on my lap, rubbing her panty-clad pussy on my growing hard-on. It seemed to arouse her all the more knowing that I was getting excited.

Finally, she couldn’t wait any longer. “Please, baby, please let me suck that hard cock! Please!” She slid down my legs until she knelt on the floor between them and quickly unbuckled my belt and slid my pants down. She took them off, carefully folding them so they wouldn’t get messed up.

Then she went to work and let me tell you, she knew her job VERY well! I’d never had such an incredible blowjob in my life. The things she did to me took my breath away.

I reclined my chair all the way back so that she would have as much room as possible to work, and she took advantage of my semi-reclined position to be very thorough. She even nestled between my legs to lick my perineum and pay some attention to my balls. It was definitely First Class service!


But her enthusiasm began to work on her too, and after a few blissful moments, she stood up. Hiking her shirt up, she dropped her panties then straddled me, slipping my aching cock into her warm, wet pussy.

“Oh my God!” she moaned aloud. And I was right in church with her! Jill began rocking and bouncing and grinding on my cock in earnest. We only had a short time and we both wanted to arrive “on time and on schedule”!

My arms wrapped around her and I pulled her to me, intent on feasting on those bouncing beauties on her chest. She put both hands in my hair and played with it, moaning and sighing as I devoured her.

Caught off-guard as I was, I wasn’t prepared for anything sexual and with this doll on my lap, I knew I wouldn’t last long. Far too soon for my tastes, my end was near.

“Okay Jill, this has been wonderful, sweetheart, but I’m gonna cum in a second,” I warned her.

“Oh God yes, baby! Cum in me, Please Jonathan cum in me! I want to feel you squirt that hose inside of me!” she said. The blatant firefighting reference aside, I got ready to “fill her tank”.


I could feel myself cresting and Jill must have felt my cock expand in readiness as well. I held her close to me and let fly with a full load of hot, sticky “firefighter foam”!

Jill added her own contribution to the mixture and we came together in each other’s arms.

After resting for a bit she sat up, giving me a passionate kiss, before standing up to straighten her dress. 

“Thank you baby for letting me show my appreciation for you boys,” she said.

“Thank you for the excellent in-flight service!” I said, smiling.

“Are you coming back this way in the next day or so?” she asked.


“Probably. This was only a one-day thing. Maybe we can hook up again?” I asked.

“I’d love to! If I see you on the flight I will!” she said. Then she left me to get dressed.

I didn’t see her again after that, but I will never forget that trip!

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