First anal

After first time of sex experience me and neeta had sex so many time in which we had tried so many positions and so many kinky stuffs too. We don’t gave any love relationship but we were like friends with benefits she was teacher in school and i was handling established business we had spent so many nights together having lot of drinks sessions and most importantly fabulous sex and for that i will give a thank to my friend who gave me her number. She was fan of my sexual stamina and time in bed 

              Lets come to the story it was time of Decembers and Christmas was about to come as she was christian she invited me for Christmas at her house and I accepted her invitation at night i wished her Christmas at 12:00 and she told me don’t forget to come at evening today i said yes sure i will definitely come. So as decided i reached at her home i asked for grace she said she went at her grandparents home for Christmas i said okay and then i wished her Christmas by giving her long and deep smooch she was wearing beautiful ocean blue colour one piece for the night then we moved towards dining table and had some delicious food which she prepared for me and some wine. After that she took two whisky glasses for further drinks and opened up my favourite black label bottle. She poured glasses and made our drinks ready by passing me my glasses she said happy Christmas dear and then we cheers our glasses and start drinking whisky on her bed 

                 She sat near me in my arms and feeding me snacks with her hands and simultaneously we were enjoying smoke too after two glasses of whiskey she turned on and started rubbing my penis on my pants on that moment I stopped drinking my glass which was still half poured i kept my glass on table and i grab her face in my hands and said you are looking so sexy in this dress she winked on my and said I usually look sexy when i don’t wear anything, i passed at quick smiling glance on her and we start smooching each other she took the charge and came on me and started licking me everywhere on my body which was not covered by my cloths then seductively she removed my tshirt and kissed me on my chest in these days she started biting me whenever we had sexual intercourse that day also she bitten me on my right chest nipple i had closed my eyes and enjoying her juicy lips on my body while going down finally she reached on my pants then she unhooked it and let set free the beast stucked inside my underwear. She was licking my penis like children licks a lollypop it was always a goosebumps moment for me when she give me a oral then she moved on my testicles and she put them in her mouth and just looked at me and by this view i was just mesmerised while watching her but she had a different plan too after licking my testicles she grab my thighs inside and lift them up to kiss my asshole by that action i was so shocked but i liked that the way she did it then she gave me a rim job she put her finger inside my asshole and licked it then she rolled her tongue inside it it was a different feeling for me but i was really enjoying everything that happening with me a that time. After spending around 15 minutes on my penis testicles and asshole finally she return on my lips and gave me a mind blowing french kiss now it was my turn i grabbed her one piece lower end in my hands and lift it on her stomach and as usual she was wearing nothing down at lower her one piece was off shoulders so i just lowered it to free up her boobs which were now busty ( all thanks for my efforts ) i started massaging her boobs and moved towards her clit i fingered her up to find her G spot and started rubbing there i knew that it was her favourite in oral while fingering up i swallowed her tasty pussy juice and licked her clitorial network she pushed me inside her pussy and wrapped her legs around my head now she was all arose and seeking up the desperate sexual intercourse 

               Now i stood up on bed gave my weapon in her mouth and fucked her mouth vigorously she gulped my whole penis inside her mouth and her eyes were wide open while doing that and i was just enjoying fucking her mouth at that the time my penis was all wet and erected so well i put into her in missionary position she yelled on me and start moaning so loudly yessss vishuuuu fuck me harrrrrderr fuck me yessss fuck me you are the best one i ever experienced in my life fuck me my speed was increasing and then I decided to change the position so i removed my penis and set her in doggy position and continued fucking her she was enjoying it but my mind was in another search and it was concentrated on her butthole her ass was looking so beautiful in doggy motion my penis was just swimming in her pussy like a fish and certainly i removed it and set it on her asshole she was shocked and before she say anything i grabbed her ass tightly and pushed my dragon in her cave she moaned loudly and said no vishu no please dont….. not there please…. and i pushed it with more pressure and finally after lot of agonise my penis finally settled down in her asshole I took a pause for little time and she was like please vishu removed it from there and then said be calm and relax you will enjoy it just have some patience and bear some I slowly removed half of my penis and again inserted and continued it for some time in slow motion due to wet penis she was little relaxed now then i asked her hows it ???? Are you enjoying it or not ??? She replied it was like a very first time when i had sex in my 18th i smiled and said you are still 18 she said stop it with little naughty tone and after that i start fucking her ass in motion 

            After some time i took her hand and pulled her towards me and grabbed her waist in my hand and at other hand i hold her hands i kissed her on neck and continued fucking her again she was morning so loudly sssssss….. ahhhh ooooooo vishuuuu my darlingggg you are so hottt and fucking me so good i am feeling like young with you fuck my little tight ass fuck her badly i am your whore fuck your slut wide. I increased my speed her virgin ass  i was experiencing every wall inside her ass on my penis it was so tight that it was pushing me out in it having in same position i whispered in her ears stand up with me and then she followed my legs and we stood up on her bed now her boobs were touching on wall and from behind i was fucking her madly and that was continued for next 6-7 minutes and within that i slapped her ass so many time 

            My speed was increasing and she understood that i was about to cum she said to me give my that cum in my ass i want to experience your hot juicy cum in my ass come on fuck my harder fuck me and i speed up and started moaning ohhhhh yesssss neetu yessss yesssss yessss fuck you my bitch yesssss yessss yesssss….. and finally i left all my cum in her asss it was so hot that its heat can be felt in her ass she laid herself on wall and i laid on her for little time 


             It was our first anal experience and for that night i fucked up 3 more time in her ass saying happy Christmas my bitch 

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