Finding mommy’s toys part 2

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Me and mommy must have spent what must have been 10 minutes just making out and groping each other. We didn’t want to do anything else, we were just too horny. Her skin was like velvet and her tongue was sweeter than honey, I wanted this night to never end.

“Mmmm mistress I love you I love you so much.” I said while nestling my face between mommy’s huge boobs.

“aaaww I love you too my sexy little kitten oh I could just eat you up, in fact I’m gonna do just that.” She pushed me down and made sure my butt was raised up in the air and began bathing my cunt in her saliva.


“Mmm ohh such a delicious pussy mmmm” mommy said as she was eating me out.

“Aaah mmmm mistress I’m gonna cu-“suddenly I felt a slap across my butt.

“Ah ah ah sweetie no cumming until daddy gets home.” She said before resuming.

“Ooooh but mistress please.” My pleas fell upon deaf ears. I held it in as best as I could when suddenly a miracle happened.

“I’m not interrupting anything am I?” It was daddy!

“Mm daddy mommy won’t let me cum it’s not fair.”


“Hey I thought I told you to call me mistress when we have sex you little bitch.” Mommy said as she got ready to deliver another spanking to me before being stopped by daddy.

“Now now pumpkin you can’t blame mommy for enjoying herself, especially with such a adorable little snack like yourself. But I will admit that calling her own daughter a bitch is a little too far, isn’t that right “mistress”.” Daddy said while glaring at mommy.

“okay okay I’m sorry, it’s not my fault she’s so rebellious.” Mommy said pouting.

“There’s no need to pout Ellen, besides I’ll make sure our little puppy knows her place.” daddy said as he took off his pants, revealing the biggest penis I have ever seen.

“Hm you like what you see princess? This is what 9 inches looks like.”daddy said while slowly stroking his enormous cock My mouth was watering, it looked exactly like the ones I’ve seen in porn. It’s smell was so intoxicating even more so then mommy’s pussy.

“Well don’t just stare at it baby girl go ahead, give it a taste.” Mommy said while watching enthusiastically. I couldn’t wait any more. I managed to fit the whole tip in my mouth and began sucking.


“Mmmmmmm good girl, your such a good good girl.” Daddy moaned as he gave me head pats. I moved my head a little further to get some more of his yummy cock into my throat.

“You sure are lucky Bella, not a lot of girls your age get the pleasure of giving their father a blowjob.” Mommy said while touching herself.

“You sure you don’t want to join in babe? She’s sucking me dry over here” dad asked while stroking my hair.

“It’s okay I already had my fill, besides you know how much I don’t like sharing.” Mommy said. I could feel dads was close, I began slowly lifting my head when suddenly daddy grabbed my head and pushed me closer, I could feel myself start to gag.

“Oh no you don’t whore, your taking every last drop.” Suddenly a flood of cum shot from daddy’s cock and into my throat. Words could not describe how delicious it was.

“My my Bella I’m impressed, you managed to swallow all of it, not even I couldn’t do that” I couldn’t respond I was breathing way to hard and the taste of daddy’s cum was still fresh in my mouth and mind, I wanted more.


“Hey hey Bella sweetie breath okay, god I’m sorry I didn’t think I would cum that much. You want some water baby girl?” Daddy said as he was patting my back concerned.

“Mmmore” I mumbled.

“What was that sweetie? I jumped into daddy’s arms and made sure to wrap my legs around his waist and my arms around his shoulders so he couldn’t push me off.

“MORE I WANT MORE PLEASE DADDY I WANT TO FUCK MOOOORE!” Both mommy and daddy were surprised, I love being a sex pet.

“Heh if you insist baby” daddy wrapped his left hand around my back and positioned his dick with his right. Soon his cock was poking my underage asshole.

“You ready pumpkin” I simply gave him a big kiss on the lips.


“I’ll take that as a yes” daddy then shoved his cock into my ass an began thrusting quickly.



“OOH YOU YOUR MY DADDY, AND IM YOUR NAUGHTY LITTLE WHORE!” I said as daddy pounded my ass like a drum.

“MMHM THATS RIGHT SLUT, GOOD GIRL!” Daddy said while spanking my ass repeatedly suddenly I could feel mommy’s hands on my shoulders but before I could do anything daddy lowered my to the point where the only thing keeping me from falling was daddy’s big strong arms holding my waist. I then noticed mommy was wearing a very big strap on.

“Ooh uhh mom-MMF” mommy shoved the whole thing into my mouth.


“I thought you had your fill” daddy said as he yanked his cock out of my ass and began rubbing it on my pussy.

“That was a lie obviously, i just needed some time to coat this bad boy in my cunt juice.” That would explain why it was so tasty.

“Haha you never change huh? Welp I guess it’s time to move onto the main course.” Daddy said before slamming his dick into my pussy full force.

“MMMFTPP” I tried to scream in pleasure but mommy was busy fucking my throat. I suddenly felt daddy’s hand on my stomach as I started twitching.

“It’s okay sweetie you’re okay. I’ll start slowly okay” daddy said before carefully thrusting. Mommy started giggling.

“Such a gentleman, heh never thought we would be spit roasting our own teenage daughter huh. Mommy said


“I didn’t think we would go this far but hey what do ya know.” Dad said while starting to speed up. I couldn’t talk or even think, my mind was going completely blank any chance of thinking to myself were replaced with mental static. I lost track of time after that, next thing I knew I was laying on the bed drenched in cum and mommy and daddy were sitting beside me.

“Hey sleeping beauty” mommy said before kissing me on the forehead.

“Hey baby girl, looks like you blacked out from the pleasure. But I must say 15 minutes is impressive.” I jolted up

“Wha-15 MINUTES!? But it only felt like 7 minutes.” I said shocked.

“Yep it took 15 minutes for daddy to make you cum. He didn’t want to get you pregnant so he figured he’d just cum all over you instead. Mommy said cheerfully.

“Well that would definitely explain why I’m covered in it. I said as I began licking my hands similar to a cat.


“Hey Bella I was wondering” daddy said while stroking my body. “Me and your mother are going down the shore for the weekend because a friend from college is having a swingers party. We were originally gonna drop you off at grandmas house like usual but you can come if you want if your willing to provide some “feminine entertainment” if you catch my drift. But you don’t have to if yo-“ I hugged daddy as tightly as I could and started making out with him, eventually I stopped.

“Yes yes yes a million times yes! I love sex I love being a slut!” I said passionately

“Well okay then it’s settled” dad said as he started squeezing with my developing chest. “But we leave Tomorrow morning okay? So no sleeping in got it.”

“Okay daddy” I said

“Okay now get some rest. Mommy needs to make she sure gets her turn” mommy said while jacking daddy off. With that I headed straight to bed and fell asleep to the sound of my parents fucking.

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