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In the morning, my sexy bahu woke me up and brought me a cup of coffee. Both of us had the coffee. Then, she told “papa have a bath first. The physiotherapist may arrive at 11 am. Its already 8.30am. So, let’s leave now. I will help you in bathing”. But I told her, “no baby. If you touch me again, I will suffer from an erection. No, I can’t”. But she said, “no papa. Last night when you peed, it drenched you as well. You smell bad and the physiotherapist might feel bad. Let the erection come. I will again jerk for you papa”.

She caught my hand and took me to the bathroom. She kept one stool in the bathroom and I sat on it. Then, she raised her nighty until her thighs. What scene! She had milky thighs. Then, she started soaping my head. Her boobs were touching my face. Soon my face was buried in those round shapes. So, again I had an erection like an iron rod. She soaped my back, chest, stomach and then went to the thighs.

Then, she told me to lift my legs to remove the brief. But I hesitated. So, she said, “Papa, already I have seen you nude. So, don’t be shy”. She stripped my brief and again my dick was saluting her telling her good morning. She laughed and said, “again your naughty brother wants me to jerk him, papa”.

Soon, she noticed the cum stains on my brief. Then, she said, “Papa, you came more. The patch was clearly visible”. I told her that I had my last sex two months back. She continued bathing me and soaping my dick and the balls. Soon, she said, “you are a very strong papa. Your balls are also very big. I have never seen this”.

She opened the shower on me. Some water made her wet and so, I could clearly see her boobs. I think she did not wear her undergarments. So, I asked her, “don’t you wear any undergarments?”. Then, she replied, “except in my periods and when I go outside”. She noticed my question smiled naughtily. Then, she said, “Papa, are you seeing my treasure? You naughty boy”.

Saying that she poured some water on my dick which was still erect. Then, I asked her, “baby, please jerk me once or else I can’t face the physiotherapist”. She happily agreed and told ok, but on one condition. “I will jerk you on one condition”. I soon asked, “what baby?”.


She told, “you have to cum in my hands. Ok?”. Soon, I asked, “why baby?”. Then, she said, “I have not tasted till now. Your son never allows me to taste it or for a blowjob. But yesterday, when you were about to cum, I would I have tasted it. But you dragged your brief up. So I did not get the chance.

Me: my dream is to cum in your mother in law’s mouth. Really I to want cum in her mouth and prefers blowjob from her. But she never allows me to this. Since I married 38years ago. Finally, my dream has fulfilling now because of you. Thanks, dear.

She happily started stroking my dick. I was about to touch her boobs but suddenly I dragged my hand back. She might have noticed it. So, she caught my hands and kept it on her boobs. I felt thrilled and started pressing her soft melons. It was like balloons with stacked cherries. Soon, I caught her two boobs with my hands and slowly massaged. She was massaging my balls.

I pressed her boobs tightly. Her nipples became erect and she moaned “aaaahhhhh pappppaaaaaa, press me more”. Then, she kept my hands on her pussy. Then, she said, “pappppaaaaa, I also need fuck badly papaa. What a dick it is. If I would have been your wife, I would never leave you for months papaaaa”.

She started stroking faster. Then, I caught her head tightly she caught my one hand. She massaged her breasts, “babyyyyyy. I am cumming, I am cumming, aa”. She kept two hands on the top of the penis. Finally, she collected a hand full of cum. Then, she tasted every drop. My cum had started dripping from the penis.

Soon, she told me, “Papa, your son fucks me after the discharge also. But as soon you have discharged, your erection had gone”. I replied, “baby, at this age it is natural”. Then, she cleaned my cock with the soap and we came into the bedroom. When we saw the time, it was 10.30am.


So, she hurriedly dressed me and then she went to the bath. She became ready and served me the breakfast. We ate. Soon, the doorbell rang and the physiotherapist came to me. He asked me what happen and then I told him about muscle pain near penis and at the hip. Then, he told that he will come in the mornings but at night, he can’t.

He will be busy at the clinic, so he can’t come during the evening. I said, “ok, we will adjust”. I was in a short and t-shirt and he removed my short. Then, he suggested bahu to go outside the room. My bahu smiled naughtily and I too smiled at her. I thought what was there to hide from her. He was performing the exercise and guiding me how to do that at night.

Then, he asked me who would do the exercise for me. So, I told him that my son would come at night. He would help me. After a while, he said, “ok then. I will leave now. I will come in the morning”. We paid him the money and he went. Soon, my bahu closed the door and came to me. She sat near me and asked how did he do.

I showed her some exercise and then she told me that she would do it for me at night. Then, I told her, “bahu, total oil is on my thighs and hips. Please wipe it. I am feeling the irritation”. Then, she took a cotton cloth and wiped my thighs. Then, she held my cock and cleaned the oil under my balls. She could feel my dick’s erection in her hands.

She asked me, “Papa, whenever I come near you, your cock gets erect”. “every man would feel the erection in their cocks who have beautiful helping bahu like you dear”, I said. Soon, she kissed my cock and it was very hot.
Bahu: papa, your cock needs to come out from the brief. Let it be free. Why are you hiding it under the brief? No one is here at our home except you and me and no one will come. So please feel free. Yoy can be naked until our family comes.

Me: ok bahu. Please help me.


She stripped my brief. Soon, my cock took a long jump from it.

Bahu: see papa, after releasing it from the jail(brief) your cock feels to run (laughs). I will make lunch. Already its 12.30pm.

When she tried to leave the room, I caught her hand and dragged her to my side. Soon, she falls on me and our lips touched.

Bahu: what papa? You are naughty.

I caught her boobs and pressed them.

Bahu: leave me, papa. I should prepare food for us. Or else we should do fasting today.
Me: no baby. We will order the food online daily. Until our family arrives, we let’s order the food. So, your only job is to help me and satisfy me.


Bahu: I am not your wife papa, to satisfy your needs.
Me: ok, baby. I am not forcing you. I am not having any objection to the fun. But if you don’t have any objection, we will continue this. Or we will close. Ok?
Bahu: no papa. I am ok. Just kidding.

Soon, she kissed my lips and I too responded. Then, she caught my dick and started stroking. I was massaging her boobs and butts. Her butts were like melons with a nice shape.

Me: baby, I am nude in front of you. But this is not fair since you are dressed.
Bahu: (smiles) ok.

She was about to strip her dress. But the bell rang. Then, she opened the door and took the food. Then, she came to me and bent to serve the food. I told her to remove her dress and have our food nude. Soon, she agreed for that became nude.

Anyways, she won’t wear any undergarments at home. What a stunning beauty! Her curves made me mad. Then, she bent a lot to serve the food. Soon, I started caressing her nude milky white body. What a perky breasts! I cupped her breasts with two hands. Then, she served the food on the plates and she started eating.
She told me to have my food. But I told her that I was not hungry and I would eat only if she feeds me the food from her plate. Soon, she said, okay and started feeding the food. She sat opposite to me while feeding and I pressed her breasts while pinching her nipples.

Then, I touched her clitoris. Soon, she became mad. So, she moaned, “papaaaa. Please complete the food first. After that, we will have fun together. But I did not listen to her words. I kept her nipples in my mouth took her food from her mouth. Then, with the shock, she asked me, “papa from where has this devil arrived from you?”.


She added, ”you are not behaving like earlier papa. You are now a hungry lion”. Soon, I lip locked with her and she too responded. We completed our food and she hurriedly went to wash. Then, she came directly and kept my cock in her mouth and started the blowjob.

Meanwhile, I started finger fucking her. She screamed, “ fuckkkkkkkme papaaaaa fuckkkkkk me”. But I told her, “baby, I am feeling the pain in my thighs”. She was disappointed and said, “sorry papa. I was in a mood”. Soon, I said, “ no baby. Don’t feel bad. I will make you scream”. When she asked me how, I told her, “come near me and place your pussy on my mouth. I will lick it”.

Firstly, she hesitated. So, I said, “no baby. Please enjoy. Come near me”. Soon, she sat on my mouth and I licked her pussy. Then, I stimulated her clitoris with the fingers. Soon, she squirted aaahaaaa. She again squirted on my face ahhhaaaa. Then, she told sorry. But I said, “why baby? I have peed on you”.

But she said, “no. It’s not a pee. It’s common for a fuck. You have never noticed it while fucking with my son”. She told no. Then, I told her, “see how you will squirt more”. Saying that I caught her boobs and she caught my head. I was licking her pussy clitoris vigorously. Then, she screamed and squirted, “aaahaaaa. Please leave me. I am going mad, papaaaa”.

Then, again she squirted a lot and I drank. She slept on my chest and then said, “Papa, this is my best ever fuck in my life. Thank you. I never experienced like this. I need your cock badly in my pussy, papa. But not now. Later we will do it”. Saying that she kissed my lips and she gave me a blowjob.

I went crazy and finally came a lot inside her deep throat. She licked and cleaned my cock with her tongue. Then, she kept my dick in her mouth and we slept together. When I woke up in the evening my cock was still in her mouth. In the next story, I will narrate how I and my bahu fucked each other 


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