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Father Daughter sex & Wild Passionate Night

Vishwanath (47) was looking forward to meet his father daughter sex Riya (22) as she was returning from the usa after completing her ms. Riya’s mother Shobha divorced her dad, and didn’t really wanted Riya to meet Vishwanath. Riya always loved both her mother and father equally, she never wanted them to separate but when time came for her to choose between them, she chose mom as she thought she would be devastated without her daughter. Although it was sad for her to leave her father, he was understanding and respected father daughter sex her decision. She made it clear to her mother as time went by, that she won’t be able to stop seeing her father. But her mom always argued and she couldn’t hurt her mother.

6 years went by when Riya called up her dad and intimated him of her return. It was cloud nine moments as he was very happy and proud of her. Shobha, although happy of her daughter’s return didn’t really like the idea of her visiting her ex-husband. But, Shobha was having an affair with a younger guy of Riya’s father daughter sex age in the neighborhood who came to visit her every night. She controlled him for a couple of weeks until Riya mentioned of her visit to Vishwanath’s place which was a two hours journey. father daughter sex She agreed making Riya a little suspicious but she was too happy to see her dad than care about her mother’s change in behavior.

Upon her arrival, Vishwanath made sure his daughter was having all the comforts she needed. He couldn’t believe his own eyes how much she had changed. From a sweet teenager to a damsel who was the attraction in his street with some guys roaming outside to just get her attention sometimes. father daughter sex She blushed getting all the reaction of her staying at the place. Riya came to know how lonely her father became without her, he treated her with more love now and she was feeling so happy and blessed to get so much love. She liked to be his little angel. He took her to shopping and the places she wished to see, father daughter sex bought her ice-creams and chocolates as much as she wanted to have. She gleefully played like a little girl around her dad, making him cheerful all the time with her tell tales at the U.S.A.

It was just few more days left of her return and sadness crept her mind one night when she got emotional realizing she has to leave her father. Vishwanath was equally sad and couldn’t get sleep laying on bed when he heard the crack of his door. He saw his daughter standing in a father daughter sex maroon silky nighty that hardly contained her nubile structure, showing off her well-toned legs and little of her thighs as she walked inside. He smiled at her aware that he was getting to see more of his daughter’s beauty, father daughter sex it wasn’t good on his part to look at his daughter in a sexual way so he tried to be normal but his lonely eyes searched every inch of her young body. He shoved off his thoughts as he felt his daughter’s soft hands on his hands as she sat beside him, father daughter sex “daddy, you are also not feeling sleepy tonight?”

He nodded, caressing his daughter’s hand, “i wish there were more days to spend with you sweety… Thank you for coming by to see your old dad…” he kissed her hands with love at first then his eyes did roll over to see her sweet boob curves through the nightie.

She couldn’t control herself and hugged him tightly showing her concern, “oh daddy father daughter sex i don’t wanna leave you too”

Her breasts crushed against his chest over their clothes, he instantly hugged her too smelling the nice aroma; her young body emanated. Although his fatherly love was evident but his hands were feeling her nice back rubbing up and down as if trying to calm father daiughter sex her down. His loneliness made an amazing effect over him as unknowingly he hugged her more than a father would do with one’s own daughter.

She wasn’t that innocent too as she immediately knew her father wasn’t the same all these days. Images of his lusty eyes stirred her bodily fragrances every time he touched her or looked at her while she was here. She knew this was wrong, so she just wanted her father not to feel bad about it as she knew he wouldn’t cross the limit. But tonight seemed different and she didn’t mind it too being away from her father daughter sex boyfriend all these days, with her father feeling her up by pretending to hug in a normal way was more exciting.

There was concern in his voice when he said, “i wont baby…U r my sweet angel. How could i?” but when he kissed her cheeks it was more of a lingering one.

She smiled at him blushingly fluttering in an innocent way still in his arms, “thanks daddy, father daughter sex you are so kind” and kissed him back in the similar way on his cheeks making sure he felt his daughter’s sweet soft lips.

He sure was amazed at his daughter’s provoking kisses, as his cock stirred slowly inside his pants. While inside he was starting to feel guilty but lust was more prevalent as he kissed her again this time a little nearer to lips before hugging her tight and saying, “My beautiful child, i missed u sweetheart”

She almost moaned at her father’s ways of exciting her closing her eyes in the middle of it and slightly opening her lips wishing he would go there and realizing it has come to her turn, she took a step ahead, “i missed u too daddy” and gave him a couple more father daughter sex of kisses slightly grazing in between her lips with his.

His hands roamed over her back of the body, sometimes lifting it slowly and slowly grabbing it and pulling up till her panties were visible which made his cock sprung hard in his pants. She did get a nice view of his tent in pants and giggled to herself knowing the effect of her hotness on her own father. The guilt in their hearts was slowly getting overridden by lust and passion for each other’s attention as his fingers slightly were brushing her sides of boobs over her nighty. His sleepy mind was now clear he wanted to have his daughter at any cost, so he played the dirtiest trick ever, “would you like to lay with me in my arms tonight sweetheart? For old times,’ sake like we used to in your childhood days… Remember?”

She knew what he was suggesting and almost jumped at the offer feeling his hands now brushing more hard on her sides of boobs, exciting her as she moaned a little controlling the urge to bite her lower lip, “hmmm ahhh yess daddy… It was so much fun back then.. I used to cuddle and sleep; the whole night” smiling and giving him weird ideas.

“You can still do that baby girl.. No matter how much you grow, you are still my sweet little baby doll” he slowly pulled her on to him which she obliged approvingly as her nighty rode just above her waist.. His hands now on her bare waist touching and tingling her as they smiled and adjusted to each other’s bodies with her boobs pressed along his chest, and his cock grazing through his pants to her pussy over panties..

“This is so good daddy…” she giggled moving her hips up and down to excite him more under her…

“yes baby…Uhhhmmm…It sure is” he moved involuntarily his hands under her nighty riding it more up and pressing his thumbs over her bottom of breasts and gave her little pecks on her lips continuously saying, “such a lovely gal you are”

She bit her lower lips surprised at her father’s boldness and played along, giving him too small kisses on his lips and suggesting, “how about you too try to lay over me daddy?”

He wasn’t quite sure till now if his daughter was enjoying all of it, but with it said he rolled her down and pressed himself on her letting her know the length of her dad’s manhood poking on her panties through his pants… She moaned so hard like a whore, “ahhhh ahhh ummm dadddyyyyy…” looking into his eyes lustily moving her hips to get him more passionate…, “you really know how to take care of your young daughter daddy”

“oh baby, i want to take more care of you…” he started smooching her sucking on her lips as she reciprocated the same to him moaning, “mmmhhh daddyyy…Oh yes daddy…I can feel the affection in your kisses ahhhh ..Kiss your daughter more like daddy”

He slowly went down to kiss her chin then neck, nibbled her ears with his teeth whispering, “such a young daughter should be given more love by a father, don’t you think baby?” as he pushed her top over her head throwing it over the floor grabbing her breasts and squeezing them hard kissing her neck again and again…

She helped him remove his shirt in the process of getting kissed, “oh yes daddy.. You seem to be reading my mind exactly the way i want daddy… After all what are daughters for daddy? To get the love and give back the love their fathers want to” moved her nails at his back feeling his strong body against hers as she felt him slowly moving down on her kissing and sucking on her breasts, “oh yesss daddyy suck on your daughter’s boobs…Bite them daddy…Suck your daughter’s milk from them”

He couldn’t control hearing his daughter sound like a sweet slut as he pulled down his shorts and tore away her panties in passion sniffing them like a dog, “sweet honey smell…” he kissed her boobs and started slicking her nipples as she moaned with passion realizing they were both naked and commiting the most sinful act of incest. It was more exciting as she never thought it would be so much hot…

He started kissing her waist, biting teasingly and admiring his young nubile daughter’s hot navel, running his hands over it and reaching her hips squeezing them until he found himself kissing her pussy…

Her whole body went in a trance feeling her dad’s tongue doing magic of licking her wet juices that were oozing out with orgasms building up until she jerked her hips grabbing his head with hair, “oh yess daddyyy uh…Uhhhh ahhhhh lick my cunt you bastard…Lick your daughter’s pussy daddyyy…Lick it ohhh ahhhh ahhhaahahhahahahhahahahhhh” she screamed at the top of her heart feeling the intense orgasm. He felt his daughter’s juices fill his face as he drank it up all…Grabbing her thighs hard in the passion. His cock got so hard that it couldn’t take it anymore…

He moved besides her holding her in his arms as she slowly subsided her breathing grabbing her father’s shoulders, “hmmm daddy… That was so good” she opened her eyes mischievously and looking down she reached for her dad’s cock and started stroking it, “do u really want to fuck your own daughter?”

“arghh… Baby, you know i want to.. But it is so wrong..” he looked at her for what she would say, slowly moving near to her pussy with his cock touching it, still in her soft hands feeling it up..

“i know daddyy…But it is up to you.. If you want to do, i will be grateful and accept it as you are my father and its daughter’s duty to make sure father is happy. How about we don’t say this to anyone, so no one would know and it will be our little secret and it won’t be wrong too..” she suggested rubbing his cock along the slit of her pussy knowing her dad was pushing it more to enter her. She releases it to find its own will.

“That’s a good idea dear.. Or how about we let our bodies decide what right for them.. May be if we just hold each other and try to sleep normally.. But if my cock enters your pussy then we can let it go ahead and let them do it on their own.. What say?”

“That’s even better” she opened her arms to let him press over her and immediately felt the cock found the hold gliding in like a snake as moved her hips to let it pass more into her looking in to her father’s lusty eyes who was making every effort to fuck his own daughter smiling down at her horny, “oh baby, it went in.. What shall we do?”

“How about we let it inside daddy and see if it does gonna fuck your daughter’s pussy?” she suggested with even more naughtiness liking the game they were playing…

The cock started to slowly rock to and fro inside her pussy as they both started to laugh when he said, “guess daddy’s cock likes it’s daughter’s pussy so much..”

She giggled and moaned letting her father fuck her hard now, “ahhhh daddyyyy yesss…It’s so wrong but so good.. Fuck me good daddyyy.. Do u like fucking me daddy?”

“Oh yess baby… It’s so good to fuck you…Didn’t know u were such a naughty whore hungry for daddy’s cock” he couldn’t believe he was saying bad words to his own daughter by fucking her ruthlessly..

They rolled on the bed with pure passion and lust knowing that they both were father and daughter fucking each other, “ahhh daddyy…Yesss fuck me ahhh ohhhh my gooodddddd yesssss yesss…”

“ahh babyyy fuck you sweetheart…Fuck your little pussy…So young arghhh..So soft” he groaned fucking her fast and hardly, grabbing her by waist pulling her to him and pushing his cock into her.. Adoring the way she was taking in..

“Oh daddyyyy ahhh yesss fuck me yesss fuck your sweet daughter… More daddyy more…”

He kissed her and exploited every inch of her body touching her lewdly and fucking her raising one of her legs in air and pushing his hips harder and faster into her to make sure she felt his cock at her womb, “you are good than mommy dear.. So fucking good…My sweet baby…Can’t believe fucking my own daughter would be so good”

“ahhh ahhhhahhhh” her moans filled his bedroom, “thanks daddy that’s so sweet of you to say … Fuck me harder daddy.. Your baby wants it more hard..Uhhhh am about to cummm ahhh”

He felt his cock twitch as her pussy tightened itself around his lengthy and squeezed it, he jerked inside her breathing hard and grabbing her, “oh my god babyyy i am about too…. Cummmmmm ..Am cumminnnggg…”

Her orgasm rose and started wrapping his cock with her juices as his cock spurts jets and jets of long saved jizz that shoot and spurt at every inch of her pussy mixing it with her juices…They kissed each other madly and deeply as she felt his cock father daughter sex buried deep inside her, “ahhh yess daddyyyyy ahhhh yesss ..Fuck me… Fuck you lil gal..Cum inside me..”

He emptied his last drop of cum inside her and the cock father daughter sex slowly slide itself from her glistening pussy and they looked at each other, he couldn’t help looking at her cum filled pussy as some of it leaked and fell on the bed.. He took some from her pussy on his fingers and made her lick it, “you are such a good daughter…”

She smiled, “and you are a sweet daddyyyy”

Discovering the passion in their wild bodies, they fucked each and every night father daughter sex with Riya not leaving her father until she returned to U.S.A. Her mom hardly bothered and only worried about her own desires to get fucked by the young boy.


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