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Father and daughter forced to conceive to stay undercover

I had just finished my morning workout when I heard my cell phone ring from the other room. I bounced up the stairs and picked up the phone, answering it without looking at the caller.

“Hello?” I asked, realizing I didn’t check to see who it was.

“Hi, Kylah? This is Marlene.” Marlene Jacobs was my direct supervisor, and was apparently calling me on my day off. I worked at the Office of International Affairs for Homeland Security. “I need you to come in later today, I have an assignment for you; it should be a decent chance for you to make a name for yourself in our department. Can you come in?” she asked, sternly.

“Oh, yes. Of course! When do you need me to come in?” I asked. I had been looking for a way to get promoted at work, and from the sound of this it seemed like something I could use for leverage.

“Great. We need you here by 12:30, we’ll be in the 2nd floor conference room in building C. I’ll see you there.” Marlene said as she hung up abruptly, not even waiting for me to okay the time. It was fine, though, because I had nothing else going on today.

“Alright!” I yelled to myself in my head. “A chance to get promoted! I guess I better get ready!”

I headed up the stairs towards the shower, getting ready to prepare for work. I walked into the bathroom and started undressing, still very sweaty from my morning yoga. I slowly removed my tight workout shorts and tank top, revealing my bra and panties. I slid off my bra off my perky breasts and slowly removed my panties, admiring my body as I caught myself in the mirror.

At 23, I had to admit to myself I looked amazing. I had always been very proud of my looks, and I made sure to keep in shape by working out several times a week. I was about 5’3 and 115 pounds. I had C cup breasts with a thin waist line and wide hips. I admired my thin, lithe body in the mirror as I ran my hands over my breasts and down to my hips. I turned to the side to look at my incredibly round, tight ass that I often caught people staring at. I briefly ran my fingers over my pussy, feeling a slight twinge as I lightly touched my slit. I was pretty horny, I had broken up with my boyfriend a week ago, and during my workout all I could think about was getting rammed from behind by a nice, thick cock. I had planned to masturbate, but now I guess that was out of the question.

I turned on the shower and stepped in, cleaning myself and getting ready for work.

I finished getting ready for the day about 30 minutes before I had to be there, so I decided I’d better hurry and stepped out to start heading to the office.

I pulled into the parking lot and headed towards the conference room where the meeting was, realizing as I entered the room that there were 2 other people besides my boss already in there.

Marlene looked up at me as she noticed I walked in the room. “There you are, Kylah. I’d like you to meet my associates from the intelligence agency, Steve Oswald and Mike Preston.”

I was incredibly surprised there were two men from the CIA here to see me. Not that people it was the uncommon for them to be here, but I wondered what I had to do with it.

“Hello Miss Hunter,” Steve spoke as he went to shake my hand, “Nice to meet you.”

“Nice to meet you too. You can just call me Kylah.” I said as I shook his hand and proceeded to do the same with his partner. “So what was this assignment you were telling me about, Marlene?” I asked, done with the greetings.

“Well, before I explain everything to you, I’ll just give a quick rundown to see if you’re interested. Basically, we suspect the Sicilian mafia of trafficking weapons into the middle-east. We have a close connection to one of the mob bosses, Aldo Luchelli, through the Italian Ambassador, who just happens to have a niece that looks like you. We would need you to spend the summer there just keeping an eye on this guy as a guest on his private estate. It’s nothing too dangerous, we wouldn’t include anyone who wasn’t an experience CIA field agent if it were, but it does involve a little researching of the estate and getting to know a mob boss. It’s just a coincidence you happen to look enough like the ambassador’s niece to make everything simple.”

I was sincerely speechless. It might just be a simple assignment to get information, but it would be sending me to Sicily and getting me involved with the Mafia. I was ecstatic! It might be kind of dangerous, but I was dying to do something other than desk research and this would give me a great chance to show I’m a valuable asset to the department.

“So, what do you think?” his partner followed up.

“Well, it definitely sounds like something I can handle. I’m completely interested!” I said, trying to contain my excitement and stay professional.

“Great! I promise it’s nothing more than a few reports, we would never put you in direct harm, so there’s no need to worry about that,” my supervisor Marlene spoke up, getting my attention. “Oh, one more thing though. I know you told me you were in a relationship, I don’t mean to prod but you are still involved, right? It’s supposed to be a honeymoon trip for the ambassador’s niece and her husband, so Luchelli would know that you are supposed to be with someone.”

Shit! I had apparently chosen the worst time to break up with my boyfriend, though I guess it could have been avoided if he hadn’t been a cheating piece of shit. “Oh yes, I’m still in a relationship. That would be fine,” I lied. No way was I going to miss out on this career opportunity because of something dumb like that.

“Great. Are you sure he’d be okay with staying in Sicily for a while? Of course everything will be covered.”

“We can make it work, now, what are the rest of the details?” I said, changing the subject.

They spent another two hours or so explaining to me what was happening, what the cover was, where I was staying and how everything was going to work. We were staying for 3-4 months at Luchelli’s estate by the ocean for a few weeks, but he himself wasn’t supposed to be there more than a few days a month and when he was I was just supposed to make sure nothing immediately dangerous was happening until the agency could figure out the situation with the gun trafficking. Nothing too big of a deal, though it was the Sicilian Mafia so I did have to be careful. Now I just had to figure out who I was going to get to play off as my new husband.

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