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Farm Helper, Part Two: Lara Has More Work To Do

It had been a few days since Lara and Peter had fucked in the barn. Since then, they had exchanged some lustful looks, but they hadn’t gotten a moment alone to do it again, even though they both clearly wanted to.

That day when Peter had fucked her and then made her walk home fully naked, covered in his cum, he had sneaked after her and left her clothes right outside her door for her to find. When Lara found her clothes there later that day, she noticed that her panties were missing, Peter had kept them for himself.

Lara was feeding the chickens one morning when David walked up to her.

“Good morning, Lara, how are you doing?” He greeted her happily. Lara smiled at him before turning back to her task.

“Good morning. I’m doing well. It seems like it might rain later today,” she said, glancing up at the sky.

“Yeah, it might,” David said, busy with his work.

They both did their own thing in comfortable silence for a moment, until David broke the silence.

“I know what happened between you and Peter,” he said, his tone calm and neutral. Lara froze, trying to think of something to say but David continued: “You could get fired for that if my father found out.”

Lara turned to face him.

“Please don’t tell Robert! I love this job, I’m so happy here, I can’t lose this!” She begged. A wicked smile spread on David’s lips but he tried to hold it back.

“Don’t worry, I’ll keep your dirty little secret. That is if I get what Peter got,” he said, turning to look at her.

Lara gasped in surprise; was David trying to blackmail her into sleeping with him? She looked at him up and down. She had found David very attractive ever since she first met him, he was tall, he had big muscular arms and he was very handsome. The idea of having sex with him had crossed her mind more than once.

“Okay, if you promise not to tell your father, I’ll let you fuck me,” Lara said, trying to sound tough, but in reality, she could barely wait to have David fuck her.

“Good. I’ll come by tonight, I expect you to greet me at the door wearing nothing but lingerie,” David told her. Lara agreed, and with that David left, leaving her standing there, thinking about what had just happened.

For the rest of the day, Lara had a hard time focusing on her work. Her pussy was wet all day, dripping with excitement. Whenever she ran into Robert, all she could think about was, “I’m going to fuck your son tonight.”

Once she was finally done with all of her tasks for the day she hurried home. She jumped into the shower and scrubbed herself clean. Sex with Peter had been so sudden, spontaneous, and it had been a while since the last time she had really been able to prepare for sex like this. She shaved her legs and armpits and trimmed her pubic hair. After showering she put on the nicest smelling lotion she had, making her skin feel so soft and making her smell delicious, good enough to eat.

She didn’t have a lot of sexy lingerie, she had gotten rid of a lot of them during the move, but she found a gorgeous deep blue lace set. The bra fit her perfectly, pushing her big tits up and together, and the small thong made her ass look amazing. She put on a matching garter belt and stockings. She looked at herself in the mirror; she looked seductive, sexy, and irresistible, and she hoped David would think the same.

She put on a robe while she did her hair and makeup, and just a moment after she was done, she heard a knock on her door. She dropped the robe on the floor, slipped on the only pair of high heels she had taken with her, and made her way to the door.

“Holy fuck,” David gasped when she opened the door for him. His eyes went wide as he took in the view.

“Come on in,” Lara smirked, waiting for David’s brain to catch up.

David stepped in, closed the door behind him, and immediately picked her up. Lara giggled as he carried her onto the couch and gently dropped her on it. He was on her in a blink, kissing down her neck to her chest.

“Fuck, look at you. Amazing,” David moaned quietly as he kissed her tits. Lara pushed her hands into his hair, moaning as David pulled one of her nipples out and sucked it into his mouth.

David kept kissing and licking her tits for a moment before he straightened up. He stood next to the couch, looking at the gorgeous woman laying on it.

“You look incredibly sexy. Here, see how hard you’ve already made me,” David said, taking her hand and bringing it up to his crotch, letting her feel his hard cock through his jeans.

“I want to suck it,” Lara moaned as she started to unzip his pants, but David stopped him.

“You’ll get to, but not yet,” he said gently. He pushed Lara a bit further up on the couch before getting between her legs. He slid his finger up and down her pussy, slowly and gently, teasing her through her panties. Lara shivered under his touch.

“I can feel your wetness seeping through the thin fabric, you’re so wet for me, aren’t you?” David said, with a hint of teasing in his voice.

“Yes,” Lara moaned, moving her hips to try to get him to touch her more, harder, but David pressed her hips down onto the couch with a strong hand.

“I’m going to make you even wetter,” David smirked before leaning in and licking her pussy through her panties, from her opening all the way up to her clit. Lara moaned loudly.

David slipped his fingers under her panties from the side, pulling the fabric away, revealing her dripping wet pussy. He held the fabric to the side as he started to eat her out, teasing her clit with his tongue before suddenly sucking it into his mouth.

“Oh, fuck!” Lara moaned, loving the way David was licking her.

He started licking her clit quickly, swirling his tongue on it, sucking it into his mouth every now and then before going back to what he was doing before. It was driving Lara wild, somehow David knew exactly how to eat her out the way she loved it. She was moaning, panting, and twitching on the couch as David brought her closer and closer to her orgasm.

“I’m gonna cum!” she screamed, holding onto his hair as her back arched.

A second later, David got to enjoy the view of Lara orgasming right before his eyes, and feel her pussy gushing juices all over his face as she rode the waves of pleasure.

Once her orgasm had passed, David pulled her off of the couch and pushed her down on her knees.

“Tell me again what you want,” David said as he undid his jeans and started to pull them down. Lara had her hands on his thighs as she looked up at him.

“I want to suck your cock,” she said with a sultry tone.

David pulled his jeans and underwear down, revealing his big, hard cock. Lara licked her lips as she looked at it.

“Tell me again, and say please,” David instructed her.

“Please, let me suck your cock, I really want to suck it,” she said, knowing that she was good at this kind of thing.

“Go ahead, show me what you can do,” David nodded.

Lara grabbed the base on his cock and without teasing it at all she sucked it into her mouth. It was so thick and long, a lot longer than Peter’s cock. It was delicious, she couldn’t get enough of it. She took it in deeper, tilting her head back so she could look into David’s eyes as she moved her head back and forth.

“Such a good girl, that feels so fucking good,” David moaned. 

He placed his hand on her head, gently guiding her back and forth on his cock. Suddenly he grabbed her head with both hands, pulled her towards him, and pushed his cock deep down her throat. Lara squealed in surprise right before she gagged on his cock. David held her there for a few seconds before releasing her.

Lara gasped for air, drool dripping from her bottom lip onto the floor. She looked up at him.

“Was that too rough?” David asked with a small smirk on his lips. Lara licked her lips and shook her head.

“No, you just surprised me,” she giggled.

“Want to do it again?” He chuckled, already sliding his right hand into her hair. Lara nodded and opened her mouth.

David pushed his cock down her throat, kept it there for a second before he started to fuck her throat. He started slow but deep before picking up his pace little by little. Every now and then he pulled out completely to let Lara catch her breath and make sure she was okay, before pushing his hard cock back into her throat.

“You’re doing so well, feels so fucking good,” David grunted as he kept fucking her throat. Lara’s eyes were watering so much that her makeup was running down her cheeks, leaving black stripes on her face.

Finally, David pulled out, tilted Lara’s head back, and kissed her. The kiss was dirty, deep, and rough.

“Fucking perfect,” David growled against her lips before pulling her up. “Are you ready for this cock?” he asked.

Lara’s pussy was throbbing with excitement, she couldn’t wait to feel that big cock inside her tight pussy. She nodded eagerly.

“Yes, please, fuck me, fuck me hard,” she gasped, still a bit out of breath.

“Good girl,” David grinned as he bent her over the couch. He ripped her panties down to her knees before guiding his hard cock to her pussy.

He pushed in slowly until he was balls deep inside her, and started to pound her hard and rough.

“Oh, fuck! Just like that, David, fuck me harder!” Lara screamed, holding on to the couch as David fucked her harder and harder.

“Such a tight pussy, feels so fucking good,” David groaned, smacking her ass a few times.

“Keep fucking me, I’m getting close,” Lara gasped, moving back and forth in rhythm with David, chasing her orgasm.

“You wanna cum on my big cock, hmh? Our little city slut wants to cum again?” David asked teasingly.

“Yes! Please, I’m so close!” Lara whined

“Tell me what you are and maybe I’ll let you cum,” David growled.

“I’m a slut, I’m your city slut!” Lara screamed. David picked up his pace, pounding into her even harder.

“Yes you are, now cum on this cock, slut!”

Lara screamed and moaned as she came harder than she had in a while, her pussy pulsating around David’s cock. Her body was shivering, twitching and spasming as waves of pleasure washed over her again and again.

While she was still riding that high David pulled out and flipped her onto her back. Before Lara even knew what was happening David was on her again, on top of her, pounding into her soaking pussy.

“I’m so glad you took this job, I’m going to have so much fun using all of your slutty holes whenever I want to,” David whispered into her ear, making her gasp and moan.

He reached his arm behind her back and unclasped her bra with one hand. He pulled it off and dropped it on the floor before straightening up a little bit so he could put both of his hands on her big tits. He squeezed on them hard, holding onto them as he pounded her into the couch.

“You like it rough, don’t you?” David grinned, squeezing her tits harder.

“Yes! Please, slap them,” Lara moaned, arching her back. David chuckled and slapped her right breast hard. Lara gasped but it turned into a moan right after. “Again.”

David slapped both of her tits a few more times before he grabbed them again.

“Fuck, I’m about to cum,” he groaned.

“Cum inside me, fill me up,” Lara moaned, close to her next orgasm, too. 

David kept fucking her for a moment longer until they both came at the same time, screaming and moaning in pleasure. David collapsed on top of her, his cock still deep inside her as they tried to catch their breath.

“Fuck, that was amazing,” David whispered.

“It really was,” Lara smiled, slowly moving her fingers up and down David’s back.

“You looked so fucking sexy in that lingerie set, you still do,” David smiled as he held himself up, looking at her.

Lara’s makeup was ruined, her hair was a mess and her tits had red marks all over them, but she still looked absolutely gorgeous to him.

David pulled his softening cock out of her, watching as a big load of his cum dripped out of her fucked pussy. He grinned smugly at the view.

“I can’t wait to do this again,” He said as he started to pull his clothes back on. Lara got up from the couch, walking up to him, and placed a kiss on his cheek.

“Me neither, you fucked me so good,” he smirked.

David slapped her ass before heading out.

Lara had been working on Sunny farms for less than two weeks and had already fucked the farmer’s son and the handyman. Maybe she really was the city slut the guys kept calling her, and she loved it.

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