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Hey guys. I haven’t replied to all your emails. I’m sorry for that. I promise to make it up to you. But I have a hot dirty story this time. I’m 21 and I stay in Bangalore. This is a story of how a fan of Desi Tales who contacted me wanted me to fuck her brains out.

Her name is Priya and that is her actual name as she has no problem with me writing this story. In fact, she encouraged me to do this. Anyway, Priya is a hot milf, who is 32 and lonely. She has got perky boobs and a dripping wet pussy for me to fuck whenever I want. I am her sex doll now and she can’t get enough.

So it started last week. She sent me an email saying that she loved my experiences she read in Desi Tales. She told me that she was hungry for my cock and sent me a picture of her wet dirty pussy. The second I saw that picture, I got hard. I knew that she was special. We set up a meeting the very next day. I took her out for a movie. Though we didn’t really watch the movie, it was memorable. During the entire movie, she had my dick in her hands and kept fondling my balls. By the end of it, my balls were blue.

Like that, we both enjoyed the whole theatre session. I really felt crazy when a hot woman did this to me in a public place. The hot handjob made me damn horny and I could not wait to fuck her hard. So, I lifted her dress and inserted my finger into her cunt.

I kept fingering her and tasted her pussy juice. It was heavenly. I couldn’t wait to fuck her. She was so nasty. We went for a dinner after that. Honestly, both of us just wanted to finish the dinner fast and fuck in the room we had booked. I was getting restless. She didn’t stop teasing me though. She put a spoon inside her pussy and later made me lick it clean. Oh god! I couldn’t take it anymore.

We quickly finished and got a cab. As soon as we got to the room, she stripped naked. I couldn’t take my shirt off that fast. So, she ripped it. She then pulled my dick out and in one gulp, swallowed it. I couldn’t believe my eyes. She gave me a fairly decent blowjob. For some reason, she knew that she wasn’t doing that good. She then stepped up her game.


She cupped my balls and gaged on my cock. No one had ever done that before. I couldn’t control myself. I came in her mouth. She swallowed half and put the other half on her pussy to lubricate it. I then pulled out a condom and put it on my dick. She slid it off and asked me to fuck her bare. I was losing my mind. Who was this angel? I fucked her for a good half an hour and then came all over her face.

aaaaaaaah aaaah aaaah aaaah aaaaaaaaah

aaaaah ahaaaaah maar diya bhanke lvde ne

aaaah aaah teri bhn ki choot


We cuddled for an hour or two as we took a break. That is when Priya really opened up. She told me about all the hardships she had faced in her life. I sympathized with her and told her that everything was going to be ok. She told me that it was the first time in years that she was having so much fun. Then, she told me about her wild college days and the things she did. It turned me on again.


She told me about the first time she tried anal. Suddenly out of nowhere, she grabbed my hard dick, got on top of me and slowly slid it into her tight ass. My dick was squeezed and drained. She then passionately kissed me and rode my dick till I popped.

Since then, we made an agreement to fuck twice a week no matter what. I love her wet pussy and she loves my big hard throbbing cock. Despite my girlfriend and Priya, I’m still hungry for pussy. I think I can handle one more horny girl. Anyone interested in having some fun, 

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