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family sex stories on the first bench

Hello, everyone, my name is Anuj, and I’m from Gurugram. family sex stories This story is not mine but of a fan that he sent me on my email. I will tell this story in his own words.

My name is Divik. I’m 21-years-old right now, and I live in Lucknow with my parents. This story starts 2 years back when I was in junior college.

We used to have a math teacher, Mrs. Saroj. She was 62-years-old at that time. She has big hanging boobs, white complexion, and wrinkles all over here body. She has a little bit of white hair but still looks sexy in her saree.

One day when I was sitting on the first bench, she gives us all a surprise test. family sex stories While roaming in class, she might have stepped on a board pin that got stuck in her sandal. So, there she was sitting on her chair and trying to pull that pin out from her sandal but was unable to do it.

Seeing this, I offered my help to her, which she agreed to. So, I sit on the floor and lift her leg a little up to pull the pin. But as I lifted her leg to pull the pin, I was able to see between her legs. I could see her pussy inside her saree as she was not wearing any panty.

Seeing it, I forgot about the pin and was staring at her pussy. She noticed and coughed to alert me and give me a smile. I pulled out the pin, and then she whispers to me, family sex stories “You meet me after school in the teacher’s room, and thanks for your help.”

I was so frightened that after school, I directly went home. The next day in school, during her lecture, in front of the whole class, she commanded me to meet her after school in the teacher’s room. So, after class, I went to meet her in the teacher’s room.

When she saw me, she pulled me out of the room, gave me her address, and said, “Divik, you naughty boy, you can continue your peeking at my home. So be there at 5, family sex stories and you can also do more than peeking. So, don’t be late.” She then went inside again. I was feeling lucky and horny at the same time.

I reached the address and found a really hot girl of age 19 years leave the house, and Mrs. Saroj standing at the gate wearing saree. So, I went to her, and we both went inside. Now about her house and family. It was a 3-bedroom house. Her husband had passed away a few years ago.

She lives with her son, who is working, daughter-in-law Surbhi 42-year-old also working and a granddaughter Ananya, 19-years-old. Ananya just left for her tuition and will return at 7 pm with her mother, family sex stories Surbhi. Saroj’s son will be returning by 8:00-8:30 pm.

Surbhi and Aanaya both have a fair complexion. Surbhi has big tight boobs while Ananya’s boobs are still developing, she had sweet big round tits.

We went inside and sit on the sofa when she said, “Why don’t you come near me and have a proper view of my treasure?” family sex stories She spread her legs and placed both of them on the sofa. I went near her, lifted her saree. And there it is her wide spread pussy.

I went a little closer and start touching it when suddenly she pulled my face towards her pussy, and I start licking it. Few minutes after licking, she pushed my face away and removed my pant. She pulled my cock towards her pussy and inserted it in her pussy.

My cock was 5-inch at that time, which was small as compared to her pussy. So while I was moving to and fro, she was also rubbing her pussy. family sex stories Within minutes I cummed inside her, but she didn’t leave me. I continue to stroke in and out of her pussy, and after 5 minutes or so, I cummed again.

But this time, she also cummed with me and was satisfied. She left me and asked me to undress her and suck her boobs, which I followed very obediently. Her boobs were saggy and had wrinkles because of her age, but I liked them.

After 15 minutes of kissing and sucking, family sex stories she told me to leave and come back tomorrow at the same time. So, I got dressed and left her house, but this thing becomes a daily routine. From that day onwards, I used to visit her house in the evening from Monday to Friday and have sex with her. Until one day.

A few months passed, having sex with Saroj. One day while I was fucking her, Surbhi, her daughter-in-law, walked in upon us and found us having sex on the couch. She got very angry and walked into her room directly without saying anything.

Saroj rushed into her room nude and start talking to her while I was getting dressed for leaving. Suddenly, after a few minutes, family sex stories Saroj called me in her room and asked me to stand in front of her daughter-in-law. Surbhi was sitting on the bed, and as I stood in front of her. Surbhi held my pants and removed them.

She on seeing on cock said, “You are right, Divik has got a nice cock. It’s even bigger than your bastard son.” They both bend down and start sucking my cock one by one and kissing each other for a few seconds. Saroj removed the clothes of Surbhi and start sucking her boobs while I start sucking Surbhi’s pussy.

Within a few minutes of my sucking, she squirted, and I drank all of her juices.
Then she told me that she wants to see Saroj getting punished by me properly for hiding such a nice cock from her and giving birth to her bastard husband.family sex stories So, I started fucking Saroj in her pussy while slapping her face and biting her nipples.

But Surbhi was not enjoying it, she said, “This bitch has a huge pussy which will not be able to satisfy you Divik. Why don’t you try her ass? I believe this bitch has done anal before but still, make her cry.”

So, I immediately turned her into the doggy position and started fucking her asshole. Her asshole was tight, but she was not completely a virgin. After fucking her asshole for 5 minutes, family sex stories pulling her hairs, biting her shoulder, I pulled my cock out and cummed inside Saroj’s mouth.

She was crying because of the hard fuck she was getting. Then I went near Surbhi and said, “Now it’s your turn, bitch.” And give her a slap. Saroj didn’t like it, but Surbhi was enjoying it while her white cheeks had become red. I also make her in the doggy style and start fucking her pussy.

Her pussy was tight as of some virgin girl even after giving birth. family sex stories I fucked her for 10 minutes while pulling her hair and giving her slaps and all. In 10 minutes, she had cummed twice while I finished by cumming inside her pussy. She called Saroj to come and lick my juices out of her pussy.

We all then get dressed, and Surbhi went to pick her daughter from tuition while I went home. After that day, Surbhi used to come early from the office to get fucked by me. But after a few days, it was becoming difficult for her to come early daily.

Every time she comes late, she gets mad about me fucking Saroj without her. family sex stories She came up with a plan that I can fuck both Surbhi and Saroj in the evening after she comes home from the office, like her daily routine. We will fuck in her room while Ananya can be out in the house.

She was so horny for my cock that it didn’t even bother her that her daughter will hear her getting fucked. So, we started having sex in the house with Ananya in the other room. But the plan didn’t go well as, within a few days, Ananya realized that her mother and grandmother are getting fucked by me.

So, one day she blackmailed me. She will tell her father about it if I don’t let her see her mother and grandmother getting fucked. So, from the next day, family sex stories I used to leave the door slightly open so that Ananya can see her mother and grandmother getting fucked by me.

But soon, Surbhi noticed Ananya peeking on us and rubbing her pussy. So, one day when I entered the room, I got surprised to see Saroj and Surbhi already nude and kissing each other. Ananya was watching them and rubbing her pussy by inserting her hand inside her skirt.

I didn’t disturb the ladies. I went near Ananya directly and started kissing her on her lips and sometimes licked her tongue and inserted my tongue also in her mouth.family sex stories After a few kisses, I removed her clothes and got nude myself and started sucking her pussy.

She squirts juices, just like her mother. After sucking her juices, I try to insert my cock in her pussy. But because she was a virgin, it was very difficult. Then suddenly, Surbhi threw a bottle of coconut oil while Saroj was sucking her pussy.

I applied that oil on my cock and some on Ananya’s pussy. family sex stories And with one push, my cock was inside her pussy. She started bleeding and shouting. Surbhi sits on her face and starts to console her while Saroj was enjoying from a distance.

She commented, “Surbhi congratulation, your daughter is now the official bitch of Divik. We 3 bitches will be slaves to Divik for our rest of life. Your daughter is going to bear a child of Divik without marrying anyone.”

After a few minutes, Ananya’s pains got ease, so I again start fucking her. family sex stories I fucked her for 15 minutes, during which she squirted like her mother multiple times. I cummed in her pussy, which her mother Surbhi sucked out. Then I fucked Surbhi and Saroj taking turns while Ananya was resting.

After fucking all 3 of them, I got dressed and left their house. From the next day onwards, till now I am fucking all 3 of them daily. In between, Ananya got pregnant twice,family sex stories which we got aborted.

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