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Extra special care

I had been asked by my care company to take on another client,I had a full workload but I also knew the client in question was not getting any help from family and my colleagues too were laden down with work. All my clients are men for some reason,it never bothered me doing personal care for them and I had no complaints from the ones I cared for.

 I had some of my clients for several years but I had never taken on a new one without knowing them,if I was taking over I would try to double up so as to get to know them but George was new both to me and the area.
He had moved up from London,cashing in on our cheaper property I supposes,not that you could blame him as he had no family and was a bit of a loner.

I agreed to take him on my round but he would have to be last on my round as he was quite near to where I lived and I would be close to his house towards the end of my round. 
It was agreed that I would call on him today after I finished my round and have a chat and for us to start to get to know him. I had had to call home before seeing him as my last client was sick and my slacks took the brunt of it.
I liked to wear slacks when dealing with them but as I was just going to talk to George I put a skirt on. I had been given the key safe combination so was able to let myself in. 
He looked every bit of his eighty six years as he lay in his bed, the room smelled of urine and the same old smell some older people have when they have poor hygiene. 
He was awake and I told him who I was and I had come to get to know him before I started helping him. He told me about his routine which amounted to being in bed,using a bottle and bedpan and having a meal brought in from meals on wheels. 
I asked if he could walk or stand,a few steps would be all I could manage he said but  he had no real need to.
I stayed longer than expected, I supposed I could sense his loneliness and talking might help him. I agreed I would see him about lunch time the next day and I would help him bathe and shave,not sure about his habits so I would have to take things step by step. 
I knew he was not going to be easy as he had a massive chip on his shoulder I would need to remove before we got a good relationship going.
I arrived to find he was on the bed and the covers had been thrown back and I could see he had his hand on his hard shaft,he had the good grace to put it away but I had seen it in all its glory and for a man in his eighties he had a lot to play with. 
I helped to get him undressed and into the bath chair,he had good skin tone unusual for someone of his age and sedentary lifestyle.
 I noticed he was getting aroused once more as I lowered the chair into the bath, see the effect you have on me he said as his hand fondled it.
 I told him to behave and made a start on washing his hair,as much as I wanted to stop looking the sight of his rod kept drawing my eyes to it.

I had started to wash him from the head down and the soap dropped into his lap, I couldn’t get it without touching him and without thinking I stroked it as I felt for the soap.
 I managed to get him to stand so as to wash his buttocks and parts, I had done his bum and between his legs when he said it was alright to wash his cock too, it was already hard and I was not sure how but the skin was drawn back exposing the end with a bigger slit than expected.
 I gave him the soap and said he could clean it before I rinsed the soap from him.

He used long strikes working the sudds along the shaft and closing the skin over the tip of it opening the slit as he did so. Getting excited was not part of the package but it was beyond my control. 
As he stood before me ready for me to dry him,he could do it himself I was sure but I was going to do it for him anyways. I was amazed how firm his body was and I could feel the muscles as I worked down his chest.
I stopped at his waist moving round to his back as I had seen how firm his manhood had got. For the first time I noticed how cute his bum was, I had my hand going between his cheeks unable to stop myself from touching his anus which I could feel flinch as it was pressed slightly

,I heard him give a moan and his bum was moved so as to get as much feeling as he could. Please woman come round the front and dry me before I catch my death this room is not the warmest place to be.
 His tool was looking inviting and I knew he wanted anything I was prepared to give or do,reaching for him I grasped him tightly and led him back to the bedroom,all pretence of being a doddering old man gone as he had no trouble keeping up with me. 
I ordered him to dry himself and as he did so I undressed,I had on only slacks and t shirt I seldom wore a bra and never wore nickers apart from that time of month which were not very regular nowadays,I suppose I was getting ready to go through the change.
 I could see the smile on his face as my flesh was exposed to him,I knew I had a good looking body and I was happy to see he liked it. 
I asked him what he would like me to do, if all I would do would be one thing. Also I said I need to know the one thing you would like to do. His face lit up even more as he asked do I really mean anything, 
Well he said” I would like you to kneel in front of me and wank me off till I come over your lovely face,and the thing I want to do is lick it of from you”
I was at just the right height kneeling before him,he told me to lean back and grasp my left ankle while I wanked him with my right hand,I loved the look of his tip which was shining,
 I had a stud in my tongue(I had others but for work I took them out but the tongue one never came out)I worked the stud INside his slit making him shiver before once more playing with him like he wanted me to. 
His body started to move and I told him to be still if he wanted his cum to land on me,I knew he was about to cum so as I worked his tool on the downward stroke I grasped really tight and then slackened my grip to pull back to the tip hoping to make him build up a good load, 
I was not disappointed as spurt after spurt shot over me in my hair and eyes with some on my cheeks but I managed to get some in my mouth too. It seemed to take forever to empty his sack and I was dripping cum off my chin and onto my chest.
I felt him release my grip on him and he knelt down in front of me,he started licking his juices from my chin as if he was licking an ice cream, it felt so good as he went round my mouth and up to my nose. 
I felt his tongue going inside each nostril making sure he got every last drop. He seemed to take forever before coming back to my mouth,his tongue opening it and I could then feel him working his cum from his mouth to mine, I shuddered with the intense orgasm I had and it went on and on till I too was spent.
He got into bed naked and I asked if he still wanted me as his carer.
“yes” said George but tomorrow it is your turn to get the pleasure, a smile crept on my face as I looked into his eyes
“.Fuck of woman I need my sleep if I’m to be any good to you.” he said with a smile.

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