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Exploitation of Innocent cousin sister

I was just past my teenage. Being very studious with good grades in my engineering, I decided to pursue MBA in a reputed institute at metropolitan city. It was at this juncture, things were shaping up in a new way. Growing up, I had fantasized on many women. Mostly I fantasize about people whom I actually hate [ But I never show it ]. One of such fantasy was Amruta!! She was just 2 inches shorter than me, 5’6. She had voluptuous body with HUGE ass, More than handful of boobs. Had innocent face and wheat complexion, slightly fairer than me. She was an engineering student in 2nd year.The most amazing thing that defines her is her DUMBNESS. Most of it could be credited to her Mom, who brought up her in protective environment, in complete contradiction of how I grew up. My type of growing up, teaches you lot of life lessons and makes you confident wherever you go. Although she was younger to me by 2 years, she used to respect me because of my study record and confidence

There were 2 encounters that happened, that changed how I see her. First one was when their family had planned for temple visits and I was asked to join because I could drive. There was huge rush at this temple and somehow their parent and US got separated. I could see them little bit far away from where WE were. I could see worry in her mom’s face, and my uncle assuring her that I’m with her. Yes-that-protective! Ammu ( that’s what I call) was wearing a full chudidar which had full sleeves. I always had seen her unusual protrusion of ass. I was beside her keeping my hand on her other shoulder, so that we stayed together. The queque was some 50 metres straight and then entrance into Darshana. I saw their parents take turn in that entrance, suddenly my mind was dancing. I just looked at her protruding ass in pretext of checking who’s behind me. Now I wanted to feel it, I went closer to her ears and whispered ” how suffocating” and my hand slipped from her shoulder to her chubby hands. Now in pretext of someone in front of me not moving, I lagged a bit went behind her. Now I was “protecting” her by holding both of her chubby biceps. And I looked down at the gap between her ass and my cock. I waited for her to stop and force her ass on me. She suddenly stopped because of congestion and my lower body completely hugged it. Her ass  cheeks were smoothly resting on my around cock area. After few heavenly minutes she moved forward and I maintained a very close gap waiting hungrily and then thought of something else. Now I moved slightly to my left, shifting my right hands to her shoulder, feeling her thick bra straps. As soon as she stopped again, I dashed her with more pace, and this time my cock area exactly on her BiG ass left cheek. I could feel the elasticity and bounciness of it. Now I leaned forward and whispered “Sorry”. And then WE took a turn.

Would save the second incident for future. Now, because of such incidences my perception of her was completely sexual. I was waiting for any of the opportunities to exploit. I was counting heavily on it, given how she completely lacks confidence and how she doesn’t have any friends and always dependent on her parents. Her mom fairer than her, smoother skinned is very strict on her. I was the only guy who was little bit friendlier to her and geniune guy whom her parents would trust. I was staying at my hostel and used to frequently visit their home to wash my clothes. I define people who couldn’t take proper decision at the right time using their existing intelligence as DUMB ones. She fits my definition right there.

My uncle called me up on one of the weekends, asking me to drive them to wedding ceremony of my aunt’s cousin. I agreed for it and went there. Everyone got ready, my aunt was super excited to meet all her relatives. Our Ammu was also dressed in traditional long chudidar, which was very grand with it’s designs and it wasn’t a thin material at all. Was expecting her to wear saree and dreamt of peeking at her blouse cladden boobs. I was dejected. But maybe destiny had other plans. We all were going to marriage ,and in the car, my uncle was talking about his eye sight problem,and Aunt giving instructions to Ammu on how to smile and how to lie about her %. We reached and I sat at one corner, regretting coming there, and how the complete day was boring. It’s when I got a call from my uncle. It was just 20 minutes into marriage, and I went out to meet my uncle. That’s when most exciting part of the day started, what I didn’t know then was how it would get only better and better.
Uncle – I want both of you to have dinner and then take her ( pointing to Ammu) to home. She wants to use washroom!!

Me – ( Controlled not to, but still asked ) There would be manymany wash in such a big chatra for sure. { Just to prove I was a good boy and won’t just jump on opportunities }

Uncle – Yeah. Right { Looked at Ammu}

Ammu – Apppa, Rooms are occupied and general ones are not hygiene. Amma only told me to go fast and come back.

It was decided. That we first finish dinner, and go home and come back. We were sent to downstairs to have food, I saw my aunty completely busy with her relatives, this is the first time I have seen my aunt not caring or panicking about her daughter.

Me – I’m not actually hungry. You have food and then we’ll go.
Ammu – We have to wait till this trip finishes. We’ll go home and come back fast.
I thought she was just shy to tell she has to go urgently.

We got into car, and I asked about whether she checked all bathrooms. She was just explaining how obsessive her mother is about hygiene and how because of that, have to go that far, just to PEE and bla bla. We reached ssoon.She didn’t seem to be very urgent. She was calmly opening gates.She got in and went to her bedroom which has attached bathroom. I went inside and sat in the sofa, from where you can see her bedroom door.

She was wearing brown long chudidar with saffron veil. Her long chudidar almost reached till her ankles, could only see the saffron leggings which was crumpled near the ankles. Sitting on sofa Hoping to catch any glipse of her body and rewinding the images of her bouncy ass few moments ago. After nearly 5 minutes she came out. There was no veil now and I saw her slowly walk towards me.Her face was covered with sweat.

Ammu – Manuuu, ( I can see almost panic in her face )
I got up from my place and went nearer. She didn’t speak anything. And me not wasting any opportunity, holded both her hands just below the elbow and  asked her
Manu – What happened ?? Why you sweating like this ?
( Now touching her right cheek and feeling the cold sweat )

Ammu –  I can’t open my leggings because of the knot I had tied in the evening. Can you please help me untie my leggings ??

Ammu – Can you help me untie my leggings ??
I was dumbstruck for a moment, I couldn’t believe what my dumbo is asking. I knew one thing: to extract maximum from this situation.
Me: That’s it right. Why are you freaked out for it ? I’m your brother, you can ask me any help you need!
( I took a hand towel nearby and neatly rubbed all the sweats on her face and neck. Covering her face with that thin towel I looked at her once completely !!)
I can now see her broad shoulders,which supported her big boobs which looked like pair of tennis ball, stretching her dress on sides.
Ammu: If Amma gets to know, she would scold me again and that’s why I’m scared.
Me: It’s okay, I won’t tell about this to your mom. You can trust me. I’ll untie the knot first, we have to go back as soon as possible to have food. Are you hungry ?
Ammu: Nope. I ate lunch very late and also I don’t like marriage food. Anyway I’m not supposed to eat much because of mom’s diet plan!!
Now I got a plan in my head. For some uninterrupted time with her.
Me: Oh thank you!! Even I hate marriage food. I’ll talk to uncle and manage. Just don’t contradict what I say!!

She smiled. I also observed she didn’t look uncomfortable. I checked time, it had been 40 minutes since we left function. I called uncle and told him that because of all the rush and queque, we finished our dinner now and are leaving to home.
Uncle was chilled about it, he said even they saw the rush and are waiting. And how aunty is fully busy! He gave me a bumper in the end, “if there’s traffic, you don’t need to come back. We’ll call you and you book us a cab.”

I was on cloud nine, I felt like I could faint, imagining things I can do with her, I promised to be completely smart and get max out of situation.
She was standing looking outside at the lake. I came and held her by shoulders and gave her the good news if us not going back to function. Slightly giving the hint that, we would know in advance before uncle and Aunt leave their place.
Me: Maybe you’re feeling very uncomfortable, I’ll open the knot first.
Ammu: No. Nothing like that. I can control for longer time actually.
Now I wanted to move step by step. She was closing curtains as if we’re going to have sex. I told her , why all that I’ll remove in bathroom, I could also see the knot properly there because of light. She was convinced and went inside bathroom. I kept my wallet and phone on bed and followed.
Bathroom area had one commode, and wash basin with life size mirror. And to the left of commode – bathing area. She lifted her brown chudidar from front, giving me glimpse of her thunderous thighs and her mound enclosed in a saffron leggings. Like I had all the time in the world, I only looked at the knot to be untied. Now I dragged her holding her biceps looking at which place is better. I made her stand with her back facing mirror and front to commode, I kneeled down and in pretext of help, I put my right hand just above her knees. She shaked a bit.
The knot was actually bit difficult, with 2 tight knots one on one and random twists. Some knot was loosened maybe because she was trying. Now, first thing I did was I tightened it, making it even more difficult. In pretext of opening it from my right hand , I held the knot in 2 fingers and rested the hand on her pussy mound. It was a loose which was puffy, I moved my hand up and down, as if im checking the know from different dimension. I looked at her face, she had closed her eyes as if having an orgasm. I knew I had her. I just wanted to go on as we both know what’s going on. Now, she was actually resting her ass on slab of wash basin and I was kneeling. I gently held her upper thighs and said you have to come forward. She was suddenly brought back from her high, Nervously she okayed. As I was holding her upper thighs lightly, I said, ” Ammu, how soft is this leggings” while bringing my hands to lower thighs and again going back, this time little bit inside. Now removed my hands and stood up. I went behind, closed the commode lid and sat on it. She came forward this time, still holding that brown long chudi.
Me: Oh yeah, wait.{ Now I asked her to drop what she was holding, and then picked up edge of front and sides of chudi top and bunched up and tied it around her stomach. Now I was dumbstruck and satisfied at the same time because my plan was successful. }
Yeah I was looking at mirror, how my innocent cousin ammu was standing in fully bunched up chudidar, her complete bottoms only covered by leggings and red color panties. From the mirror, I could see her huge ass covered only by tight saffron leggings. I just wanted to complete some procedures before I could completely maul her ass.
Ammu : You’re always very smart. Is the knot actually difficult?
Me: A bit actually. If I had shrp nails, I would have done it right away. If not possible we’ll try to pull away the leggings.
Ammu: No I actually tried to pull it but it’s tight.
Me: I’m here no, I can help now. I feel it’s little bit elastic, even the string which is being tied. Wait.
Now I got up, went to right side of her. Put my one finger inside elastic I tried to revolve. She lifted her hands and kept on my shoulder. Armpit around region were completely wet because of sweating. I ignored it and kept staring at her ass directly, how her red panties could be easily seen tightly holding her ass cheeks. I felt like giving a nice spank. I controlled and sat infront of her, and told her I’ll try to open the knot with the help of teeth first.

Me sitting on closed commode, with my innocent sister who was standing with only her leggings and complete chudidar bunched up around her stomach. I put my both my hands on her back thighs just below her ass bulge, and moved my face closer to her pussy mound to untie her leggings knot.

I knew I had very less time. But I wanted to end this in such a way she feels more comfortable and trusts me. I knew all this opportunities would be into drain if I can’t atleast feel her huge butt. I was trying to find a balance between me enjoying her and making honest effort to remove her leggings.

By holding her back thighs slightly dragging her forward so that it would be easier for my teeths to until the knot. Trying to open the knot, I held some thin threads in my mouth and prentended to open it. In pretext of that, my beard brushed her pussy mound. She now put her one hand on my head and closed her eyes. I repeated it again and now I removed my teeth, looked closely at the it, smelled the sweaty aroma giving hints about her wet pussy.

She was actually standing between both of my legs spread wide apart. I had adjusted my boner multiple times. Now I made some final attempts at untieing with my fingers. Suddenly it looked like most of twists and turns are undone, it looked like it’s the last double knot. I was scared that this might be over. I looked at her face, she was staring at blank space. I utilised that moment to tie one more strong knot and got her attention by squeezing her inner thighs just below her pussy and said: ” Ammu ”

She looked at me, I got up from commode and stood behind her looking at her ass. She was now looking at the knot, trying to solve it.{ But thanks to my last tight knot. }

” I have removed most of the humanly possible knots, this is the best I could do. If you feel very urgent, then we will tear up your leggings. What do you say ? ” I asked

” No no. Actually I don’t have any urge to pee now. I am scared about my mom. She would again call me dumb and irresponsible. ” Ammu replied

” If that’s the case. Don’t worry about it. I have an idea, but it’ll take time. We’ll try to do it before your parent come back. ”

” Okay.” She said. I observed how sweaty she was, mostly because of that brown grand chudi top. And I made up my mind now.

” Ammu, why are you sweating so much, look at your dress. { I raised her right hand pointing at her arm pit, but silently staring at the right boob. }

” Yeah. It’s because of this dress. It’s very thick, and sticky now ” She replied

” Wait I’ll bring you one top, you can change it here. We’re not going back to function anyway.” I actually thought to tell her to stay on bra but I didn’t know whether she was ready for it. I went out without waiting for her reply. Opened her wardrobe, selected a grey thin tshirt. I couldn’t wait to see her in this t shirt and leggings. I went back and she was standing in front of mirror looking at her sweaty face.

” Don’t worry Ammu, you can take bath and get fresh once this is over.”  And gave her the tshirt in my hand asked whether this is okay. Also told her to choose her dress after I removed her leggings. She agreed and I closed the door giving her some privacy.

In the meantime, I called my uncle asking whether to book a cab, I also told him I was getting late to go home.
Uncle: ” why ? You stay at our place today, you can go to your hostel after having breakfast tomorrow.”
After some denial and convincing, I agreed to stay. Reminded about booking cab. He asked me to book cab in 20 minutes and cut the call. So according to my estimate I had 50 minutes ( 30 min travel time) time to execute my plan with Ammu!! And door was open by the time and she called me.

I went inside and saw her standing in a loose t shirt and tight leggings. I had to come out of my fantasy and execute it.
” Ammu, we have 1 hour max time to remove your leggings. But you don’t have to worry, I have an idea”
” We’ll have to pull your leggings down and for that I think the main obstacle would be your butt ”
I gave her some time to think.
And started explaining
” So I think if we are able to push the fat a bit by bit till here ( making a mark at the middle of her ass cheeks ), then it would easily come. Do you understand what I’m saying ?”

” Manuuu, you’re the only person I trust. I just don’t want my mom to know about this. Let us get it over with ”

” Okay Ammu. You don’t have to worry about anything. You can completely trust me. You’re my sweet sister ” I said.

I took a stool which is used for bathing purpose, Sat on it and asked her come near me. She innocently came and stood in front of me. I checked her knot once again and held the elastic of both sides and stretched it. Asked her to turn around!!

There it was, the HUGE butt I wanted to fondle since the temple incident. Now I honestly wanted to remove her leggings and this time so that I could see her panty cladden ass and smack it!!

With her huge ass just in front of my eyes, I couldn’t believe all this to be true, I slapped myself slightly and began my adventure. First I held the elastics of leggings on both the sides and tried to expand it. I could see some gap formed at both sides, now with one hand I took support of her back just above leggings and held the middle elastic and tried to expand, now I could see a bigger gap formed. But in no way sufficient to push her huge ass cheeks bit by bit. I thought lesser the gap, more I could fondle her ass.

” Let’s begin ” I said and I touched the bottom of her both ass cheeks. I began to feel her big cheeks and feeling edges of the underwear which could cover only 60% of her ass cheeks.

” Ammu, your butt is actually very stiff and tight which would make it difficult to push it out” Saying this I pressed both of her ass cheeks as if it were some auto horn. And just after that I gave her a light smack from the back of my hands and asked
” Are you actually holding your ass muscles tighter ?”
” No Anna ” She replied.
” Okay. Hold it tighter once. I really want to check ”
Now I gave a harder smack and it didn’t shake a bit. It was hard.
” Yeah. You were right ” I replied.
Felt her ass again and now I did what i desperately wanted to do. Gave a bit harder smack outside her pantyline and enjoyed how it shook.
” Sorry Ammu. Just wanted to see the difference. Your ass is relatively stiff.”

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