Exploitation of Innocent cousin sister Chapter 2

After having that encounter with Ammu in the morning – I felt fresh at work and was in her thoughts throughout, my mind and body wanted to go for more and use her fully to satisfy my lust.. I couldn’t believe my luck and was also careful to her parents and played safe while they were around to avoid bad name to my family and also for Ammu’s. Next time was hoping to get a full day with Ammu and to take all chances with her and wanted to fulfill all my sexual desires and was waiting for that and so wanted to keep in touch daily to lookout for the options.. Next morning as planned we met again and the daily routines inside the stadium started and utilized her well in the pretext of teaching warmup and then made her to go 3 rounds down the ground with me and we took rest in the stands for sometime and was admiring her dedication for reducing weight.


Nothing special happened on there to please and so after the thought of getting late we both checked out to home and on the way informed her to buy some accessories to practice workouts at home which I said to be done additionally if she wants to loose weight sooner. So she too agreed and placed order for the yoga mats, barbells, weights, skipping ropes, etc., The online order took around 3 days for delivery and after receiving the delivery Ammu called me up to check and I said was in office and it was a holiday for Ammu in her college and suddenly something struck my mind and so informed to office admin that I was not feeling well and wanted to rest and so checked out to Ammu’s home in flash.

There my girl was eagerly waiting with a Bermuda’s and a light green T-Shirt top and was welcoming me.. So eagerly I went inside with heart pumping in & just wanted to confirm that none of her parents were in home and also replied by Ammu got me lighter and we staright away moved into her room to check the received excercise accessories.. Ammu already checked the invoice and material received and me too verified the ordered / received items and in between was checking on her assets as well. She looked neat and sexy in those wear and was waiting for feeling her directly. So to start with asked her if she has any idea of how to use these things.. and was expecting that dumb answer of no only and so first unpacked the yoga mat and laid on the floor.

Myself asked to start up with doing planks first and started to explain the elbow plank position and laid down and myself made uncomfortable moves to convince her that my office pants & full sleeve shirt was not easy to do the position and asked her if she doesn’t mind so that will remove my dress and explain with towel. She was initially reluctant but didn’t hesitate to confirm soon and brought her towel and handed over to me. With a victory look at her and trying to seduce through my looks just removed my shirt and also my pants, baniyan as well and she was viewing my half naked body for the first time and that too in daylight and nobody except us to disturb this time and her parents don’t know that I am here at this time of the day – so wanted to try my luck and use up Ammu.

Myself not a perfect body builder at gym but had a decent composure and nevertheless Ammu was attracted and she praised for my fit body and I too thanked her.. started to show her the elbow plank position and asked her to repeat.. she repeated exactly like what I did & that was not supposed to happen since I cannot go further as my dirty mind strictly ordered to obey.. I bent down to catch her belly and held it tight in my right hand pulling upwards and crushed her huge ass in left hand & pushed it down, feeling her bubbly assets made my cock to twitch and started to peep out in excitement through the thin towel of Ammu already. So was counting on my steps and since plenty of time there in the day as it was only 11:30 AM and her parents were in their offices and will return in late evening only.. so didn’t rush anything..

She was trying hard to withstand the pain in the elbows and held for 10 sec initially and then laid on my hand.. asked her to rest a while and then we repeated the same, I was very close to her and switching to both her sides, even though if she was doing perfectly – I simply touched here and there & the dumb girl enjoyed my touches all the while. At one point I kept both my legs on the sides of Ammu to help her hold the plank and bent forward and used both my hands to hold her belly underneath.. slowly sneaked my hands inner to her T-Shirt and then felt the lower line of her bra strap and sent shivers to me since this being in daylight was far more erotic.. she was loosing her stand and then released her hold and lay flat on the mat and just before that I positioned my hands correctly to cup her boobs and knelt down already & was tracing her nipple.. ” Anna – what are you doing.. ? ” she asked but with a very shy tone and not in a bold one to threat me.. so gained with confidence said to her that this time could not catch her nipple and she was feeling like winning keeping in mind about our games last time.. but did not oppose to remove my hand and neither did I – saying so, I slowly laid on top of her and teased her to hold me for sometime and what else one can expect from such a dumb cousin.. she right away bet me back and citing the opportunity I laid on top with my erected cock pressed on spongy ass and hands cupped at her boobs tightly and slowly pressed more of my crouch on ass and crushed her.. still she was pretty strong and held me without any difficulty.. I felt good and then wanted to try more so accepted my defeat to her and asked her to lay in same position & let me try plank with you in bottom and let me see how long I can hold..  I do it regularly and it gone past 30 sec and Ammu was astonished and I bet her again to repeat this with me lying down.. she said Ok and myself after releasing my hold fell on top of her and nicely felt her body – now all these things in two of our privacy became a routine and Ammu was not saying anything.. instead cooperating with me in each & every day like a obedient lover..

” Ammu – while you are doing – let me turn to your side facing you and lie below you – so that I can have any eye on you to check if any foul play is done to win the bet” .. but I was cunning in my own way to feel her body fully.. there I lay on the mat with hands raised above my head and Ammu on top with her legs on both sides to me and elbow placed sideways to my chest and her boobs were already crushing on my chest and my cock started to erect and touching her pussy though her Bermuda’s.. while she set herself and started to rest on elbows – slowly her boobs lifted from me but still I could see the nipples now erect fully and it was poking my bare chest.. it was great.. and I was counting the seconds and she fell on me within 10 secs and told I cheated her, I gladly lowered my hands and comforted her with a hug and was caressing her back and massaging slowly.. she said that I had the advantage of less clothes so won easily by doing on top of her back for 30 secs without touching.. but due to her big boobs with erect nipples poking on my chest she was having a tingling feeling & so lost..

” So what – choosing your flexible dress is your choice – I had difficulty with pants and full sleeve shirt so removed it – If these T-Shirt bothers you – remove along with your bra and try again bare chested like me.. to win.. but don’t say I cheated..” cleverly started my play with her.. but though dumb she felt shy to remove completely before me that too in daylight.. but wanted to win my bet so reluctantly removed her T-Shirt and now was with her Bermuda’s and only bra on top.. her cheeks glowed in shyness and my hardon was raging to tear open through my jatti.. heart pumped up fast and I suggested one more try with her to remove Bermuda’s and wrap a towel around her waist like me to feel matching with the bet.. she thought that I sounded competitive and so changed over immediately and was going as per my sudden plans.. now there she was startling sexy bound on her bra on top and panty clad wrapped with towel in the bottom getting positioned on top of me to win a dumb bet of holding a 30 sec plank without touching me.. I meanwhile let free of my cock while she was changing to towel for her and it was hidden though behind my towel but will free of air anytime if adjusted..

Excited like anything and liked to play along like this with Ammu in private space of her bedroom in daytime.. and there was oozing precum from cock making her towel wet lightly and waiting for her to try on top of me.. she adjusted herself and I lifted my hands over my head and laid there with cock trying to open up though towel and Ammu positioned herself well now and her bra touched me till now and rested on her sharp nipples on my chest.. ” Anna anyhow my nipples touching you na.. then how can I do ” asked my sweet Ammu and seeking not to miss the opportunity then remove it like me.. Game on I said, ” You are very naughty Anna ” she replied and still tried to win the bet and started to hold.. my cock was fully erect and came up besides the towel open space and was poking in Ammu’s towel exactly near her pussy.. clock ticking down and I slowly raised my hips and tried to adjust my cock and pushed inside to her towel open space and felt it nudging her pussy “bang on target” I said to myself and Ammu felt a tingling feel of my cock on her pussy over her panty and let out a “Ahhhhhhh” moan and accepted her defeat and lay on my bare chest with only bra and my cock nicely resting on her pussy… It was the first feel of her pussy by my cock and it was great feel.. not that much soft as like her ass though..

I didn’t want her to lift up soon so hugged her immediately and caressed through her bare back & was tempted to unhook her bra but didn’t want to rush anything and spoil the moment.. My cock twitched & let some precum and should have wetted her panty.. nicely positioned & very heavenly feel and I patted to myself on using her up nicely.. Its Ok Ammu you tried well and after getting good training from me you will do better  and win me ok.. saying that I moved my hands up and got hold of her face and bubbly cheeks with both hands.. ” You trust me.. right – I swear that I will make you slimmer and fitter than you were ever before, Ok ” passing through the intimate moment.. slowly kissed her forehead first and was waiting for her reaction.. shivers sent though me up to this progress and I was never ever in my life felt so close to any girl and Ammu was the first to experience everything in my life and even though she was my cousin sister – all the erotic happenings in recent days made me feel like getting in love with her and wanted to enrich this hold and intimacy with her throughout my life.. taking granted with her silence – I smooched in the forehead slowly and kissed in her cheeks – it was a deep and longer one & I actually wetted my saliva and could see that she was tingling and shaking shyly with the advancements by me and as I was about to kiss her other cheek.. she pushed up from me and gave a naughty smile and glanced through my cock pointing upward & hanging freely in air over my towel open clad position and she blushed & hid her face with her hands and only then realized my nakedness and put my cock inside my jatti and its mushroom head was still peeping up of it and I patted it saying wait for some more time and wrapped my towel on top of it.. This was the first time she was seeing my cock directly though she felt many times in her ass nakedly, Ammu went to the washroom and changed back to her T-Shirt and Bermuda’s and came out and we moved on to lunch break..

We nicely had shared the lunch left for her by her mom and while about to finish, her mom called from office and my heart raced to see what Ammu will say about me or my presence in their home.. she talked before me only and it was general like her Mom usually checks if she is safe and door is locked and had lunch and what she is wearing, watching TV or sleeping, blah, blah and while talking Ammu assured me that she won’t say my presence to her mom seeing my tensed look and that comforted me.. she’s by my side even in the dumbness and that made me bolder more to move things according to my erotic adventures with her..

Next we started to check other home gym accessories & I took the barbell and unpacked a few lower weights and connected the same and showed biceps workout to her and she was interested and tried out like me and as usual – I went close to her to help and positioned close to her back and held the bar bell on top of her hands and pushed my crouch area on her ass and started to do the teaching.. my cock woke up with the ass feel and started to bulge and I kept on feeling more of her ass and through her movements it made her hip to move forward so I asked her to do the biceps lift by herself and hugged her at belly position & pushed her hips backward and placed her ass firmly on my cock.. involuntarily leaving a moaning sound close to her ears.. but she didn’t mind and was focusing on biceps movement and then slowly placed it on the floor by moving forward.. meanwhile my hands naturally slid sideways and was like holding her ass with my cock firmly pressing in her buttocks.. doggy position again.. I forgot myself & gained my senses back from that feel only after she asked me what to do next..

I repeated the barbell workouts myself with shoulder / triceps and dumb bell workouts & in the pretext of teaching her made myself very close to her & by the by felt her entire body sand witched with me and my precum was oozing with all these and I was not able to control and badly needed to release my load.. but was counting on a good opportunity..  All accessories received were unpacked and intro given for each workout and self weight workouts were explained to Ammu and I made some push up’s and showed her to do and she repeated 1 or 2 and explained her pull ups with the nearby slab and it was tough for her height to reach the slab so she was struggling so I lifted her up by hugging from front up through by holding near her thighs and asked to hold the slab and make some movements, though she was bulkier, it was tougher for me.. but I always wanted to feel her body up with close to me & so tried hard and pushed her up to do some and meanwhile raised my right hand caressed her ass in the upward push movements and enjoyed those feel.. but nothing more and I was still in my towel & jatti only..

Time passed by & it was evening – so we had a nice tea break and some light snacks and chatted up on her diet habits and asked her to reduce intake to get slimmer easily with jogging and home workouts..  all the time was roaming around bare chested and sporting a bulge in my crouch area upon the towel & she too gave some repeated glances in there and liked it so I think but did not openly talk on those topics..  After the break it was limited time for me to check out and only the skipping rope was present and for that too she asked how to practice and asked help – I was a very glad teacher you know and slowly did some and explained and she captured it and did correctly and an idea struck and opened up a bet with her and asked to do skipping with me together inside the rope length front to front very close to her & jumping together.. whoever does 30 jumps without the rope getting tangled at their legs will win – I announced..

So I started up made her stand closely and doing so hugged her up and caressed her back well and pushed her ass towards me and made her pussy feel my bulge through her dress and she shyed up and pulled back lightly, ” Ha haan no, that’s cheating you must stay as close as enough for a fair play ” I said and she agreed.. Like a little bubbly child whenever I put up a bet, this childish Ammu gets excited & wants to win.. though I let her win or win myself – I ensure that I feel her up for every bet games and end satisfying our lusts secretly..

Game ready – I counted 1,2,3 to her and started to roll over the rope over my head and said 1 and we both jumped together and she was very close together and our bodies were burning in heat even in the Air conditioned room.. for every jump I will push close even more and hit her boobs and my cock will find its way to reach her pussy curves.. I was super excited and due to the jump effects, my towel loosened up and fell down.. exposing my raging hard on over my jatti in front of her and she shyly stopped and I bargained to her that it was cheating that she stopped.. ” But Anna your towel fell and your fault only na.. ” So I have a solution for this saying – I bent down and picked up my towel and threw in the bed.. Let us jump with me in my jatti only and start again I said..

” How can I do Anna with you like this, I am feeling very shy seeing your this thing ” she pointed out my bulge in the underwear and I cooled her off saying its nothing to worry Ammu – its natural for a man for his private organ to get excited seeing a girl like you and since I am without clothes as well, so the bulge is big in appearance and you would not have seen this during my full dress right.. Yes Anna she nodded like a child and me convinced her again with the regular dialogue saying, ” Ammu you trust me I assure that I will do no harm to you, this is nothing and you are such a beautiful girl so my chinnah (cutely named my cock for her knowledge) got excited – don’t worry it will also not harm you, you need not look into it even it is inside my jatti or even free, Ok ? ” I made up her mind to believe that its nothing to be felt shy and she accepted the same and we started the game again.. My hard on get bigger and could not help it either and again my mushroom head peeped out from my jatti and I simply adjusted the same & lowered my jatti to give her a clear view and she was grasped in the view and swallowed her saliva in mouth through throat and still had shyness overloaded.. I never mind those and started to jump close together.. counting 1,2 and feeling her body throughout.. even our face came very close and I managed to kiss her cheeks or forehead or chin – even got her lower lips twice and sucked upon it.. in the excitement I missed the count and was asked by Ammu and said it was 30 completed and gave the rope to her saying it was her turn..

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