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“Everybody Does It”

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My mom walked in on me on the computer…
TW: #Talk.

When I was young, we didn’t have the internet on our phones, so we had to get on our family computer, and that was back against the wall. With my back to the door, so I couldn’t hear her come in, until she said “Whoops, sorry.” She practically slammed it, so I tucked my boner away, and shut Netscape down.

Then, I went out, and had a talk with mom. She told me “Everyone does it,” but that raised more questions than it answered, like “Everyone?”

“Well, above a certain age,” she nodded, “Not the baby, of course.”

“Well, how old then?”

“I don’t know, how old were you when you started?”

“Uh,” I looked up, then realized I can’t remember when exactly was the first time I woke up with a stiffy, and started playing with it. Before my baby brother was born, so if I do the math, I must have been about 8?

“Exactly, but here’s a tip: Why don’t you put a sock on the door the next time you’re using the computer for that?”

“Okay, on the door knob?”

“That’s right, that way I know to respect your privacy.” So, I started taking a sock with me to the computer room, but I didn’t always think of that, ahead of time. You see, back then you used to get popups, and there weren’t really adware programs to block them.

So, I’d be reading about something interesting, but safe for work, and then a new window would open with [Hot Singles in your Area!] I learned not to click on those, because then your whole screen would open up with so many new windows, you had to restart the computer before it crashed.

But there was always a picture of a woman, smiling for the camera, and dressed alluringly. Showing just enough for you to get the idea, but not too much. So you want to see more, and I’d look up [Teenagers naked in Public] or [Outdoors.]

Those were my favorite ones on summer, because that was the only way I could imagine seeing a hot girl naked, or watch her take her clothes off. Usually in a series of photos, with at least one of them smiling at the camera. (There were some video sites too, but those were minefields of popups, and worse. Besides, we’re talking about dialup, and buffering longer than the videos last.) Looking right at me, and her top unbuttoned just enough to see the top of her breasts before more came off, and I rarely made it all the way to the end of the page.

Honestly, I was on a hair trigger, so it didn’t take long for me to deal with an erection. “MOM!” I jumped, and pulled my pants up, “ERWIN LEFT HIS SOCK ON THE DOOR IN THE HALL!” Thank god my sister just went to tattle. Instead of coming in, but that got rid of the problem quick. TIM, BERRRR!

I went out, and I heard them talking, in mom’s room. The door was open, so I looked in, and Lori looked up. Blushing, she glanced down at the front of my pants, then back up again, but I guessed she was getting the “Everyone does it,” talk.

“Sorry,” I backed up, “I’ll just go, and leave you some privacy.” I lied, because I was curious, I just backed up behind the doorway, and listened. It turns out she had a lot of the same FAQs, but when it came to everyone masturbating, the fact that I put a sock on the door ment that’s what I was in there doing.

“Well, how do you do it?” My jaw dropped, when I realized that Everyone included mom. Of course, she would know if she masturbated or not, and if she didn’t, then she wouldn’t have told us everyone, above a certain age, because little Lowell probably can’t get in his diaper, and even if he could, it doesn’t rattle.

“Huh, well.” Mom paused to think of how to put it, “You know that your father can’t always be around to satisfy my needs…”

“Mom, you’re still doing it with dad?” He left, for fighting too much. I guess you could call it a “Separation,” they weren’t divorced, but he couldn’t live with her any more, because they always fought about pretty much nothing, but apparently he still came bye to fuck her? Maybe she went over to his apartment, I don’t know, but they were still married, and apparently they still had sex.

Then, I heard a drawer, and mom said “Here.” I chickened out, and back away when I heard the drawer bump, so I was afraid that one of them would catch me eaves dropping in the hall, but then I got as far as our room. The boy’s room before I whipped it out, and beat it quickly.

“Huh!” I was so excited, and it felt so amazing, I just slid down the door, and sat there. On the floor with a wilted dick, catching my breath. I could just barely picture my mom, and my sister, taking their clothes off in the bed, and mom showing her how to use some sort of sex toy. Of course, I’d seen dildos, and vibrators in pictures, on the internet. I guess some of them were in “Lesbian” or “Bisexual” pictures, but the quotes are to point out that they’re models, and actresses.

So, when it says “Dirty cop caught by hookers” that doesn’t mean that he’s a real cop, or they’re real back alley prostitutes. Likewise, there were plenty of sets of pictures, with titles like “Step-mother catches step daughter with her butt-plug.” To explain why they don’t look anything alike, but then you see the same girl, with another man, who’s supposed to be her step-father too.

I didn’t really get a chance to even think about that, “How many step-fathers does she have?” Because I’ve got maybe a minute before I blow it, but then I think about it afterward. While the sparkles are still dancing in front of my eyes, but I still thought about it. For instance, how long has she been a teenager?

Let’s say Melissa Ashely, or Anne Howe. She played a “Teen” for decades, because she’s flat chested, and young looking, even into her 40s. All she had to do was shave her pubic hairs to look even younger, for dirty old men that like them that young. Not me, I like tits, but I’d seen more than enough thumbnails of her with titles like [Tiny Tits Teen Melissa…] even though she was in her 30s at least when those pictures were new. To skip over to [Hot wife flashes big natural tits in the grocery store.]

Even though, I know that they just don’t do that, unless they want to get arrested for Indecent Exposure. I was starting to grow mature enough to differentiate between fantasy, and reality. Apparently, some guys never really outgrow that childish fascination with the idea of impregnating their sister, and never get to the point where they have to consider the consequences.

Well, I wasn’t there yet, but she started putting a sock on the door. Lorelei, which let me know that she needed some privacy, and I should have left it at that. Instead, I realized that the computer desk was right up against my wall. I had a walk-in closet, and it was easy enough to poke a peephole through the drywall. That you couldn’t see from inside the computer room, because it was under the desk.

Right under the desk, so I could see between their legs. Not just Lorelei’s, but also mom’s. I’m not making excuses for being a peeping pervert. I was starting to actually cum, real cum, instead of just dry orgasms, and I’d been through most of the mainstream pictures enough to get pretty bored with them. Since they tend to be pretty much the same thing, other than the girl, and who she’s with, if anyone. I avoided the rougher stuff, like Kiddyporn (They had popups for those web pages too, before the FBI started cracking down on them) Rape, and Bondage.

Incest is pretty unavoidable, online. I mean, as far as I know, Daddy/Daughter, Mommy/Daughter, Dirty Uncle, and Brother Sister have always been the most popular taboos. even though they’re usually “Step-sister” to explain why they look nothing alike. I kinda have to point out that it’s always teenage girls, and… Whoever, it’s assumed that every man wants a girl that’s barely legal, but looks even younger.

When I had just turned 11. So, I was mostly interested in older women, because younger girls were girls. Even if they’re not little little girls, they don’t have a whole lot of tits to look at, and starting out young. I naturally wanted to see big fat tits naked, and especially busty women taking off their clothes in public, where it’s all right to look at them, and jerk off.

Then, I started watching my sister buzz herself with the family vibrator, and my fantasy changed. Because it was dirty, and live. Instead of a picture to click on, and look at a while, then go back to the thumbnails to look at another picture. When she had the computer, I used watch her, just crossing her legs.

Then, she’d get up, and go out to get a sock. The vibrator out of mom’s underwear drawer, and come back. Honestly, mom could have just gotten a locksmith to put locks on the doors. Instead, she just told us to use the sock code, if it was a tube sock, it was me. A little golf sock for Lori, and she just didn’t bother putting a sock on the door. I learned to listen for the telltale sound of the vibrator, buzzing against the wooden seat of the computer chair.

That’s another thing, the office chair was just like one of the dining room chairs, in the kitchen. Not the most comfortable, but looking back I realize that was Dad’s chair. At the head of the table, after he left she took it into the office, and folded up the old metal chair to put in the closet. It was a bedroom, or a spare room. We had 4 bedrooms but we weren’t using that as a Nursery with the baby crib in my room, with me.

Now he was out of diapers, potty training, and toddling around, but kept falling over, and he wasn’t talking yet. I guess he could have told someone, I was hiding in the closet to masturbate, but one thing I learned watching Lorelei especially was how to be patient.

Instead of blowing it as fast as I can, basically to get rid of the boners, I took the time to watch the whole show. “Huh!” She scraped the chair against the floor boards to scoot back, and lift up her skirt or dress to expose her panties. She rubbed herself through her panties for a while, and then she got up, to get the vibrator. Put a sock on the door for privacy, but I didn’t need that to tell me to come in and watch.

Honestly, she started getting horny almost on a schedule. “That time of the month?” Well, a few days before that she was fertile, and that ment going in to hog the computer for hours. Honestly, she took so long just to tease herself to 1 orgasm, but she didn’t stop there. I learned that some women are multi-orgasmic, and according to mom all of them are at least capable of it (Unless there’s something wrong, like they’re too young to orgasm in the first place) Even if they never realize it, because nobody bothered to keep going after the first.

She usually started with it in her underwear. First buzzing around her pubes, and then holding her knees together. Joysticking it around to get it in just the right place, and holding it there to go back to the keyboard. Occasionally tapping a button with her nail. I didn’t know which one yet, until I figured it out for myself later, but that mystery kept me going all summer.

Month after month, I got used to her period, so I knew when she was fertile, and would hog the computer for a couple days, until she went on the rag. Then, she was satisfied for another 3 weeks until she dropped another egg, and started all over again. Then, she started breathing funny. Gasping, and panting quickly, but quietly. She’s not a screamer, or even a moaner, but finally, she started shaking, and take a deep breath.

“HhuhHhuh!” Letting it out raggedly, and shivering with her first orgasm. I held onto it in my pants, knowing that the best was yet to cum, and saving it for when she pulled her underwear down. Usually damp, not soaked, but at least a little line down the middle where it seeped out of her crack. Scooting out with her legs spread, to give me a good look at her pubes, and a chance to stick my nose up to the peep-hole.

Smell her pussy, which was really stinking of sex, and driving me wild with the pheromones released by her first orgasm, until I heard the vibrator buzz again. She turned it off, to set aside while she got her damp underwear down, and then turned it on. So, I could stop smelling the hole, and go back to watching her. Buzzing around her neatly trimmed pubic hairs. She didn’t have a bush, and I once caught her in the bathroom (We could have used a lock on that door too) with a pair of scissors, and her swimsuit on, to trim around her bikini line.

“You really need to learn to knock.” She said, and shook her head.

“Well, I really have to go, so can you give me a minute?”

“Yeah,” she went out in her swimsuit, and waited for me to spank one off, so I could pee while I took a dump. It was disgusting, but the bathroom is sort of the place for disgusting things like that. Taking a bath, and shaving, if you have anything to shave. I wasn’t even getting a hair on my lip, I barely had any under my arms, or on my balls.

Which is weird, because she’s almost 2 whole years younger than me, but as soon as she started puberty, she shot ahead, until she was even taller than me for a few months. That made her almost like an older girl, a teenager, even though she wasn’t even 10 yet.

Of course, she eventually loosened up enough to get the vibrator in, and if she even had enough of a cherry to get in the way, she got rid of it when I wasn’t watching. I don’t know, it’s not the sort of thing I would ask my little sister, we didn’t really talk about it. Just the 1 “everybody does it” talk with mom, and a sock on the door for privacy.

Except I didn’t respect her privacy, but again she just crossed her legs, or held them together. Once the vibrator was back in place, she let it do most of the work, and went back to reading a story. I finally went in the computer room, when she was out to get a sock, and the vibrator. To see what kinds of pictures she liked to look at. I just assumed it was teenage boys, probably the kinds of photos they like to put on the “Gay” webpages, because god knows, only a gay man wants to see a tanned muscular teenager with a boner, jacking off. (Meanwhile, the girl-girl stuff isn’t even labeled Lesbian, because Lesbians don’t look at porn, right?)

It turns out that she was looking up [Stories.] I even back clicked on the back button to see the page titles, like Excite. (That was a search engine, back in the days of Nestcape, and AoL. Before AoL bought Netscape, and Google started taking over the Internet with Algorithms.) “Huh!” She cleared the History, just like I did, after a porn session, but then she came back with the vibrator in a sock.

“Oh, you want to use the computer?” I was bent over it, and I clicked Back accidentally. So [Excite!] came up.

“Oh no,” I didn’t even look back at the screen. “You found some sexy stories on the web?”

“Yeah,” she put the sock on the door, and shut it, but she didn’t kick me out. So, I pulled the chair out for her to sit down, and then I looked at the search field.

[Naughty girl taboo stories usenets]

“I know you used to like to look at pictures,” she clicked on one, I couldn’t rad fast enough, but then it went right to Usegroups. “But why’d you stop?” She shook her head.

“Huh, well I guess I started just beating off whenever I got a boner, but I’ve seen enough pictures of tits that I can just remember them.”

“Well, you really should try reading stories, there a lot better than just looking at pictures.”

“Oh,” I leaned over to read over her shoulder, while she scrolled down through a Taboo usegroup. IDK which one, I didn’t bother looking up at the address bar. “How so?”

“Well, you can’t really see how people feel, or what they’re thinking. Just a boner.” She looked back, so I stood up. Proudly letting her see mine holding out my zipper, so she bit her lip, and turned back. “Hm,” she clicked, “Here’s one.”

[Teacher took my virginity after school.] She just read that a while. So I leaned over, and smelled her hair, but I don’t have to make up what she was reading. Not here, you know the way these stories start out. She was having trouble, and the teacher told her to speak to him after school, to get her grade up. She had an affair with him to bump that up to an A, and since she was a virgin, he popped her cherry, but first she had to tap the [v] button to scroll down, before the action really started.

“Hm, you don’t mind if I.” She just picked up the vibrator, and turned it on.

“No, you don’t mind if I get mine out?” She shook her head, and started buzzing around in her panties, while I stood up, and unbuttoned my pants. I didn’t have to watch over her shoulder, because I already ruined it. Watching her joystick it into the right place, where she could hold it tight between her legs. Only this time, she pulled her dress down to cover her lap.

“Huh!” A little drop rolled out for me to touch, and slick around the head with my thumb. Then go back to pinching it with 2 fingers. “Uh,” she looked back, and then her eyes fluttered. She licked her lips, and bit the top one, but she didn’t turn away. So, I got brave enough to rub the premen slick tip on her lips, for her to kiss, and lick, and finally open her teeth enough to slip it in.

“Uh!” I had to hold onto her shoulder, “HUH!” I hadn’t gotten off so quickly in months, but as soon as I felt her hot wet mouth envelop it, and her tongue rub the underside, my nuts clinched up, and started twitching.

“Ngh ngh ngh ngh!” She swallowed in between spurts, to get every drop as quick as it shot out, then kept sucking until I went soft, and slipped out.

“Huh, shoot.” I backed up, and held onto the closet door knob, until my knees stopped knocking together, so I didn’t slide down to the floor.

She giggled, “Yeah, you sure did!” She joked.


“You just shot your sperm in my mouth!” She pointed, and opened wide, but she didn’t say “Ah!”

Then mom knocked. “Kids, what are you doing in there?”

“Nothing mom!” I zipped up my pants, and pulled my shirt down over the button before she pulled the sock off to look in.

“Just looking up dirty stories on the internet…” The vibrator just buzzed against the wooden seat, like a telltale heart.

“You’re not masturbating together,” she looked back and forth, but we’re both fully clothed. As far as she could see, I didn’t even have my pants unbuttoned.

“Oh, no. I just finished.” Blushing, and holding my butt so tight it was starting to cramp. Even though I hadn’t been spanked since dad left, it was something I’d gotten used to doing, when I was afraid of getting caught. Waiting in my room for dad to get home, and take off his belt.

“Huh!” Lori just pulled the vibe out to turn it off, and let her pussy smell fill the room, but then we had to stop, and talk about Incest. How that was a bad thing, and while it’s okay to read about it, if you like.

“I know, mom.” I admitted, “Even though they have a lot of pictures, of so-called step-sisters getting caught by their step-brothers, and having sex with each other, they’re not real. Honestly, I like the horny housewives going out, and finding men to flash their underwear, and lure them away to cheat on their wives in an affair.”

“Oh, well that’s okay. I suppose, as long as that doesn’t lead to you cheating, when you do get married.”

“Mom,” Lorelei squirmed uncomfortably on the corner of her bed. In mom’s room, she took the vibrator back, and put it in her underwear drawer. (So that’s where she kept it.) “What about young girls being seduced by older men? Is that okay?”

“No, of course not, but it’s all right to fantasize. Just long as you don’t go through with it. Why, is there a man who’s molesting you, or trying to pressure you into doing sexual things for him?”

“No, I wish, but you’re probably right. I just read too many stories about that, I guess.”

“Well, as long as you just read stories, and masturbation is fine, for now. At your age, I understand you having to take care of your needs, but you have to be safe, so don’t talk to strangers, or let him talk you into his car.”

“I know, mom. But honestly, it’s not the strangers you have to worry about. At least for me, if anybody was going to tempt me, it would have to be somebody I know. Like my teacher, or a friend of the family?”

“But nobody in particular, Uncle Bill hasn’t been.”

“No, mom. He hasn’t even looked at me that way, and as long as you keep taking care of him…” Uncle Bill was her boyfriend, and you know as well as I do the story about Mom’s Boyfriend.

“Hm.” She cleared her throat, and sat down to cross her legs. Shake her head. “Well, I suppose I should say something about our, relationship.”

“We know, mom.” I nodded, “Since dad left, and stopped coming over to take care of your needs, you’ve been going out to sleep with him, and that’s okay.”

“If your father would just sign the damned papers, I wouldn’t have to sleep around on him, and I could get engaged again!” She finally let that out, so me, and Lorelei could sit down with her, and hold her. For once, we could be there, and try to help her feel better, when she was always the one to let us stop crying when we skinned our knees, stubbed our toes, or got a spanking when dad came home.

“Huh,” she wiped her eyes, and sniffed. “Thanks.”

“You feel better?” Lori patted her back.

“Huh yeah.”

“Well, maybe I can talk to dad,” I offered, “And see if I can convince him to get around to signing the divorce papers.”

In a word, no. He just yelled at me over the phone for even suggesting it. “SHE’S MY WIFE, AND SHE VOWED TO LOVE ME UNTIL DEATH DO US PART!” I just held the phone far enough away, until I finally just hung up. Nobody was talking sense into him, and then he drove over here to attack her, until she finally had to call the cops to kick him out. By then, mom was locked in her bedroom, sobbing uncontrollably, while me, and Lorelei blocked the door, so he could kick it down, and murder her right in front of us.

At least that was what we’re afraid of, since he threatened to kick down the door, and yelled “I’LL KILL YOU BEFORE I SEE YOU WITH ANOTHER MAN!” Loud enough for the neighbors to hear him. So, they could tell the police, and she could get a restraining order. The Divorce judge to sign the papers, and end the marriage so she could get engaged, and marry William again.

But that’s a whole ‘nother story…



I’m going to switch narrators to Lorelei for part II, but this part is probably too long for most readers. Who just want them to inbreed, and not deal with any of the consequences of that. So, you have 2 chances to rate this * for not providing the details you want to read in the title, you can skip the whole thing and go straight to leaving another stupid comment about “originality.”

I can save you the trouble right now: These stories are written for me, not you. There’s plenty of those oh so original stories here for you to chose from. Skim through one of those, so you never have to use your own imagination. I’m sure you’ll get your inches, and bra cup size in the first paragraph, if it even has paragraphs, or punctuation.

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