Escort Number 5

For my fifth bit of fun with an escort, I fancied something a bit dirtier, like a porn star type experience and I knew the exact escort I was going to meet.

When I first joined the escort website, there was an escort that I had read a few reviews on and I always wanted to meet her but was too nervous. The reviews always said things like, “You don’t fuck her, she fucks you,” and, “Not for the faint-hearted.”


Her profile name was Exotic Elsa. Aged thirty-six, Middle-Eastern, size ten. She had a few pictures of her body but none of her face. She looked super hot. Lovely body with amazing-looking breasts and an almost perfect-looking behind, at £150 per hour.

She gave a no-holes-barred porn style meeting, deep throat, face fucking, tit wanks, toy play, and anal (which I had never done before) so I sent her a message to see when she was free. Elsa got back to me the next day saying she would be free tomorrow morning around eleven. She asked me to text her to confirm and get the address.

I texted and she sent me her address. It was in the centre of a town about a fifty-minute drive away but I knew the area so I knew where to park. She asked me to fill in a booking request via the site so we could leave each other feedback. I couldn’t wait.

The day of the meeting came and I was so horny and excited I was almost out of breath. I had wanted to meet Elsa for so long that I couldn’t believe it was happening in a few hours. I jumped in the shower, trimmed my cock and pubes, grabbed some water and jumped in the car.

I arrived almost thirty minutes early as there was almost no traffic. I paid for parking and noticed that Elsa had texted me to say she was ready so just to buzz when I arrived. I set off straight away and was at her door in less than five minutes. I pressed the buzzer for her apartment and the door opened.

My heart was beating so much I could literally hear it. Her flat was on the second floor so I climbed the steps and she was waiting on the landing. My god, she looked much better than in her pictures, standing around five-foot-ten in her heels, looking like an Arabic princess although just wearing a matching bra and pantie set with stockings and suspenders.

She grabbed me by the collar and pulled me close before saying, “I’m so horny and dirty this morning. It’s your lucky day, I’ve not fucked for two days and I’m taking it out on you,” before giving me one of the best deep French kisses I have ever had. My cock was solid instantly. Elsa pulled me inside the apartment.

She showed me into her bedroom and pretty much ordered me to shower. I went into the en-suite and stripped off, put the shower and stepped in. I started to wash and noticed she was watching me. She winked and said, “Hurry up, I want you in my ass.” She complimented me in the size of my hard-on (around seven and a half inches) saying, “I will have a lot of fun with that, you better have good stamina.” I’m sure she said similar things to everyone she met, but it still felt great.

I got out of the shower and started to quickly dry myself. Elsa had grabbed a toy and was pleasuring herself while standing watching me dry off. She moved closer to me and told me to feel how wet she was. I reached between her legs and felt the most wonderful shaven pussy that was so hot and wet. I played with her, gently stroking her lips and rubbing her clit. Elsa moaned gently before ordering, “Enough.”

I stopped and she sank to her knees and started sucking on my balls, kind of rolling them with her tongue. I moaned in pleasure, it was a great sight to watch her doing this. She then spat on my cock a few times before swallowing me whole. Jesus Christ, within a second her nose was pushing against my stomach as she had me balls deep into her throat. She was moving her tongue which gave a remarkable feeling to the underside of my cock.

Elsa came back up, gagging then back down again repeating this a couple of times. This was real deep throat done on a level I had never experienced before. I was in pure heaven.

She put both my hands on the back of her head, pulled my cock out of her mouth, looked up at me and said, “Fuck me but don’t dare cum, I want your first cum in my ass,” then slid her mouth back down the length of my super hard shaft. I slowly started to fuck her face, it was a wonderful and tight feeling. I clearly wasn’t doing it hard enough because after a few gentle thrusts in and out of her throat she was pulling me hard into her by my hips.

I took this as a message to go harder, so I picked up the pace really fucking her mouth hard and fast. It really was like something from the porn films you see and she would look up and wink every few seconds which was a big turn on. I felt like I was going to cum so I pulled out and told her that I wasn’t far away from cumming.

Elsa jumped up and grabbed a condom and expertly put in on, squirted some lube on her ass and inserted a vibrator into her pussy. She moved me to the end of the bed in front of a big mirror and pushed my knees together. She faced away from me so I could see her face in the mirror and slowly inserted me into her super tight ass reverse cowgirl style.

Man alive, this was my first time in a woman’s ass and it felt unreal. Really, really tight and so warm, it felt like any movement would hurt it was so tight. Elsa looked at me in the mirror and asked me if I liked it. All I could muster was, “God yeah.” Elsa winked and slowly moved down my full length.

What a feeling it was when I was balls deep in her ass. The vibrator she put in her pussy felt like it was going right into my balls, making my cock twitch. Elsa started to fuck me slowly. Her beautiful behind moving up and down my rock-hard cock was a sight to behold. I looked in the mirror and she had her eyes closed, looking up and moaning. She really seemed to be enjoying it. She opened her eyes and spotted me watching her and gave me a wink.

Elsa really started to pick up the pace and within a few minutes my cock started to twitch uncontrollably and my balls exploded into the condom. Jets of cum spurted out for what felt like an eternity. It was the biggest and most intense orgasm I have ever had. Elsa milked every bit of cum from my balls and said to me, “I love I have taken your anal virginity.” I lay back on the bed in a daze. She removed the condom and cleaned me up. She cuddled into me and told me she hadn’t seen so much cum in a while.

She jumped back in between my legs and started sucking on my balls. I told her I might need a rest to recover but she just looked up at me and told me, “No chance.” Elsa reached to her bedside table and grabbed a bottle of lube and squirted it over her wonderful breasts. She slowly wanked me with her lube covered hands whilst playing with my balls. I loved watching her doing this and I was getting harder by the second.

Elsa then put my semi-hard cock in between her tits and started giving me a fantastic tit wank. Starting off slow and sensual, then mixing in a bit of frantic tit fucking. A couple of minutes of her amazing deep throat and I was solid again in no time and I was surprised about how quickly she got me hard again.

She then put a condom on me inserted me into her hot and very wet pussy. She felt spectacular and was grinding round and up and down. It felt like my cock was getting about ten different types of stimulation. I sat up to kiss her, Elsa was one of the best kissers I have ever encountered, really deep and very passionate. As we kissed, her lubed up breasts were gliding over my chest and felt wonderful. Her nipples were rock hard and she seemed to love it when I had them in my mouth.

Elsa jumped off me and demanded that I get on top and fuck her. She lay back and spread her legs. I got on top of her and teased her by rubbing my shaft along the outside of her pussy before going in balls deep. I was fucking her nice and slow, feeling every centimetre of her hot pussy. She grabbed me close for what I thought was going to be a kiss but instead she whispered, “Fuck me as hard and fast as you can.”

So I started to pound away with all my might, making Elsa moan and shout, “don’t stop!” I kept this up for a few minutes before I could feel myself going to cum. I told her I was going to cum and she pulled me in close again and said, “Fill me up, baby,” before more wonderful kissing. I kept thrusting as I poured another massive load into the condom and I was spent again. Elsa was tensing her pussy muscles while my cock was inside her as we cuddled and this felt like I was cumming even more.

I got off her and she cleaned me up again. This was the best and wildest sex I had ever had. I told Elsa that and she said, “You’re not done yet,” with a wicked smile.

Elsa was wild and clearly wanted more so I went down on her for a while (mainly to get a rest). She was loving it when I stuck two fingers in while sucking her clit and she was pushing my head into her pussy with gusto. I was fucking loving the fact that she was loving it. After maybe ten minutes, Elsa made me stop. She ordered me to sit on the edge of the bed and spread my legs. I did this as she went down in between them and started playing with and sucking my balls.

My cock twitched while she did this and she pounced on it like a cat. Straight into her mouth and down her throat. God, it was such a great feeling. It felt even better as I became fully hard in her throat. I wanted to fuck her face again so she suggested she get on the bed and I stand up. She lay her head off the bed and pulled me towards her by my legs.

She opened wide and I slowly entered her mouth. This was another different sensation from face fucking as she knelt in front of me and it was much better. This time she would roll her tongue across the top of my cock when I was fully in. It felt so tight doing it this way. I just loved pulling out an inch or so and going back in. I did this for a few minutes before Elsa slapped me on the behind. I pulled out and she said, “Fuck me till you cum in my mouth.” Well, this made me even harder.

Again, I went in slowly as it was such an astonishing feeling. I grabbed her vibrator and put it on her pussy and turned it on. She moaned in pleasure which sent vibrations right through my cock and balls. Wow, what a feeling. I started to thrust in and out of her mouth while timing that with fucking her pussy with the vibrator. Elsa was really moaning loudly, I was giving moans of pleasure as well. The vibrations from her moaning mixed with the heat and sheer pleasure of her mouth and throat had me about to cum after about ten minutes.

I told Elsa I was about to cum and a few seconds later exploded a massive load of cum right down her throat. I was balls deep while I was cumming, just thrusting about an inch or so with every spurt. It felt like I was cumming for over a minute. I flopped on top of Elsa who just lay there using her tongue on me while I was still deep in her throat. It became too sensitive so I pulled out and stood up. I had very shaky legs after that.

I fell back onto the bed. Elsa came up and cuddled into me. “You have good stamina,” she told me but I felt absolutely spent after the three best orgasms I had ever had.

I had stayed past the hour I paid for so I said, “I’ll jump in the shower,” and headed into the shower. Again, Elsa was watching me as I washed talking dirty, telling me I fuck well.

I came out and started to dry off when Elsa came over to me and said, “Remember you arrived early so you still have time and I have no bookings until later.” With that, my cock was back in her mouth. I didn’t think I’d be up for anymore but Elsa had me hard again with her out-of-this-world deep throat and oral.

She grabbed a condom and put it on, jumped up on a chest of drawers and told me to fuck her. I pushed into her still wet pussy and started fucking. I had a breast in each hand, caressing and playing with her nipples while kissing her deep. We stopped and Elsa bent over the bed and asked me to fuck her from behind. I slipped in again and pounded into her as she bucked back and forth in an almost perfect rhythm. Elsa said, “I want you to cum in my ass.”

We changed condoms and she guided me into her super tight hole. After a few minutes, I was firing another load of cum into her ass for the second time. I was well and truly fucked. I jumped into the shower for the second time in fifteen minutes. We chatted for a bit as I got dressed. I got up to leave and remembered I hadn’t even paid Elsa yet. I handed the money and it seemed she had forgotten as well which made us both laugh. We kissed on the landing and I headed off.

I doubt I will ever have better sex than that as long as I live. But I will certainly try.

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