Enjoying Quarantine

Quarantine had been going for two weeks and Tara was already bored out of her mind. She was a social person. She liked going out on the town or to parties with friends. What was she supposed to do now? She had blown through Tiger King and half the other shows on Netflix. She had already picked up and dropped four different hobbies. She had her job still, but that could only get her so far. She wanted to do things and live life. Now, she was shut into her one-bedroom apartment. It was hell.

It was Saturday morning when there came a knock on her door. The delivery guy must’ve left pretty quickly—probably for fear of getting within 6 feet of her—and had left a package. Tara didn’t remember ordering anything, but still there was the excitement of getting something.


Tara opened the package and found a small, black electronic device. It looked like one of the smart-home things, but didn’t have a brand on it. She hadn’t ordered this. Tara checked the label and found that it was addressed to her. It had a small note that said: “Thanks for buying from my Etsy page! Here’s a gift!” Tara had never bought anything on Etsy before. Surely this went to the wrong person, but she really didn’t care. Tara would throw it out. It hadn’t cost her anything and she already had a similar device. She left it on the counter and turned on the TV.

Tara browsed for a while, played on her phone, surfed the internet on her computer, and texted a few friends. There was no away around it, she was bored.

And worse, she was starting to get horny. Maybe it was being locked up without a boyfriend, but throughout the morning and afternoon, Tara began to get more and more horny. She normally wasn’t a super sexual person. She enjoyed sex well enough, but was never one of those girls to crave it. Still, by the time dinner rolled around she could think of almost nothing except the itching between her leg.

“Fine,” Tara muttered. “Might as well enjoy quarantine.”

She went to her bedroom, slipped off her sweatpants, and laid down in bed. She slipped her fingers into her panties and began to play with herself. She found that she was already very wet and sensitive. Tara didn’t masturbate very often, but almost as soon as her fingers started playing she found that she was immensely enjoying it. She moaned at the sensations reverberating through her body. She went slow, teasing herself, but found that she couldn’t hold off very long. Within a minute she was rubbing hard and furiously. Her orgasm was explosive. The few times she had masturbated ended with quiet release. Now, she couldn’t quite muffle the sound and let out a long, deep “oooooohhhh” as she came.

It was fun. It might have been unusual for Tara, but she still enjoyed it. And she had a clearer head now.

After she made dinner, Tara realized she had never tossed out the small device from that morning. She tossed the packaging, but left the device on the counter. It might be worth something and would be a waste to toss out.

As Tara cleaned up after dinner, she thought she heard a very high-pitched ringing noise. Maybe even a voice. But when she stopped to listen, she couldn’t make it out anymore. It was probably her imagination or quarantine was actually driving her crazy.

That night, Tara couldn’t stop thinking about how much fun it was to get herself off earlier. She had never enjoyed it as much as she had then. Was she missing out? Tara decided she might as well enjoy quarantine. She put on a raunchy movie and sat on the couch, playing with herself. She tried to go slow, but her body demanded orgasm almost as soon as she started playing. Tara played hard, watching the TV with fixed eyes. Despite her body’s need, her orgasm was harder to get to this time—she had only gotten off a little while ago. When it came, it was just as explosive and fun. Tara barely tried to keep the noise down. It was just her in the apartment after all.

The next morning, Tara woke up with the same desperate need between her legs. She was barely even aware of any thoughts in her mind except: “I need to get off.” She went to work on herself in the bed, playing hard and fast. She was wet and the sensations were incredible, but orgasm was illusive—her body apparently wasn’t used to cumming that frequently. She needed something more.

Tara picked up her phone and started streaming the same steamy movie from last night, but it only helped marginally. She googled images of a Hollywood star that she had a crush on. It was no better. With her pussy demanding satisfaction, Tara finally broke and went to a porn site.

Tara was not an activist about it, but she believed porn to be wrong. It was demeaning to women, it made men into hyper-sexed animals, and it was just glorified prostitution. She had gone to a site once, just out of curiosity, and found most of these beliefs to be well-founded. But now, she just needed something.

Tara found a video that was “for women”, which showed an attractive male with an equally-attractive female. Tara watched, pretending that the man was going down on her instead of the pornstar with the big boobs. Tara’s pussy came alive with the thought, responding and moving her further towards pleasure. After a few minutes, the girl told the man, “My turn!” and bent down in front of him. Tara was about to skip forward—she found the very idea of going down on a guy gross…they peed out of those things—when her pussy felt a surge of pleasure. “Ooooh,” Tara said. She watched the girl bobbing her mouth on the man’s dick and was amazed to find that her orgasm was rapidly approaching. Tara had spent the last twenty minutes trying to get here, so she wasn’t about to fight it with questions.

She came hard, yelping with surprise at the intense explosions from between her leg. She couldn’t have stopped the noises from coming out of her if she had tried. When it was finally finished, she looked again at the video. She had gotten off watching a girl give a guy a blowjob? What was that about? Also, why was this labeled as “for women” in the first place? Tara turned it off and got ready for the day. She had gotten off and that’s all that mattered.

Most days had been no-makeup, easy clothes days—especially on weekends. Still, it was important to have some days of fun, wasn’t it? You had to enjoy quarantine however you could. Tara spent time on her makeup, putting it on thick. She did her hair, straightening it and fixing it just right. She looked great. She matched it with a pair of jeans that had always made her ass look great and a cute top that she normally didn’t wear because it showed too much cleavage. There was nobody here anyways, so why not?

She looked good. And she felt good. It would be a good day.

Tara was only up and moving for an hour, maybe two, before the need came back to her.

“I just did this…” Tara thought to herself. Still, there was little resisting it. Maybe she always was this horny and just didn’t realize it until she was locked in with herself.

Tara brought her computer into the living room and set on her coffee table. She took off the jeans and knelt in front of the screen. She didn’t even try raunchy movies anymore. She barely spent any time at all with the women’s porn videos either before realizing they wouldn’t do anything for her. Tara went deep into the men’s porn.

The first time she got off that day was to another blowjob video. She spent fifteen minutes playing with herself, but it was when the man finally jerked off onto the slut’s face that Tara found her release in orgasm.

The second time—a couple hours later—Tara got off while watching a girl get gangbanged by five other men.

The third time—midway through the afternoon—Tara got off when two blondes took turns wrapping their ample tits around a man’s dick until he finally got off on one of their chests. Tara’s moment of climax was when one girl licked off the other girl’s chest.

The fourth time—around dinner—Tara got off watching a girl get fucked while tied to a bed with a ballgag in her mouth.

The fifth time—in the evening—Tara’s orgasm required the girl to be in a dungeon, locked in a stockage while a man roughly fucked her face and smacked her ass with a whip.

The sixth time—just before bed—Tara played with herself for an hour, trying different extreme porn in hopes of getting herself off. She finally barely edged out an orgasm by watching a girl get fucked from behind as she was shouting, “I’m a dirty little slut. Stuff me full of it. Treat me like a fucking whore.” Tara rewatched the whore’s self degradation four or five times before it finally pushed her over the edge and got her off.

Then she slept.

She woke up even hornier than the previous day and, worse, it was a workday. Tara spent her whole hour before work on various porn sites, trying to get herself off with extreme bondage, degradation, sexual slavery, and every demeaning sexual act she could find. It was all fun—you have to enjoy quarantine, don’t you?—but nothing got her off.

Finally, Tara gave up. She signed on to work, made sure there were no emergencies, and then went to get ready for the day. Despite being late, she knew that it was important to keep up your appearance during quarantine. She spent a long time on makeup and her hair, making herself look like a goddess. She thought back to the pornstars she had spent yesterday watching. They all looked so incredible. Tara didn’t have any video meetings today, so… why not? She found the sexiest lingerie that she owned—a sheer black lace bra and a tiny thong that she had worn for a boyfriend once—and put it on.

Finally, almost at lunch time, she got to work.

Of course, work was impossible to focus on. She kept swapping to her personal computer and visiting porn sites, trying to find something that could get her off. There was no relief and she was only getting hornier. She wished she owned a vibrator. Of course, no sooner than the thought entered her mind did Tara buy one online, but it would still be there in two days. What was she supposed to do now?

Tara zoned out several times throughout the day, thinking about the different ways that she had seen the sluts online getting wrecked by a man and wishing that it wasn’t quarantine so that she could have someone do that to her. It looked like so much fun. Why had she never taken advantage of her opportunities to get fucked in kinky ways before quarantine? Why did she only have to realize how fun this could be now?

Tara got no work done that day. As she ate dinner, fingering herself with one hand, eating with the other, and watching a hardcore bondage scene, there came a knock on the door.

Tara looked through the eyehole in the door and saw that it was her neighbor. He was holding a couple envelopes in his hand and was wearing a mask. Tara immediately felt weak in the knees. It was a man. A real, breathing man. And he had a real dick, too. Not her fingers, not the porn videos, not even the vibrator that was two days away. A real dick. Would… would he let Tara use it?

Tara opened the door.

“Hi, I’m sorry to bother you. I got some of your mail, I think. Are you…” He looked up from the envelopes and saw Tara. Tara remembered that she was wearing sexy lingerie, dolled up with makeup, and probably had a look of pure lust on her face.

“Wow,” the man observed.

“Would you like to come in?” Tara purred.

“Are you sure?” the man asked. “I mean, with quarantine…”

“Please,” Tara said quickly. “I… please come in. I promise you I will make it worth your while.” She could feel the wetness from her pussy dripping down her leg.

“Well, when you put it like that,” the man smiled.

Tara led the man to the couch. She didn’t even pretend to be subtle. She wanted to be fucked. And she was going to make it worth his while.

She danced for him, moving her hands slowly over her body and displaying herself for him. She rubbed her hands over his chest and over the ever-increasing bulge in his pants. She climbed on top of him, straddling him as she grinded against his dick. His hands explored her, cupping her ass and the delivering a firm smack. Tara bit her lip in pleasure—it was so hot to have your ass smacked by a man. She stripped off her bra and her neighbor began sucking on her tits, one at a time.

“How can I make you happy?” Tara purred in his ear. In her mind, she thought: How can I fuck you so that you’ll fuck me back? “Do you want me to suck you off? Do you want to fuck my ass? My tits?” An idea popped in her mind and she excitedly added, “Oh! Do you want to tie me up?”

“Just blow me for now,” her neighbor said. “We’ll see about the rest later.”

Tara dropped down to her knees in front of the couch. She unzipped his pants, slid them down, and then his boxers too. When It emerged, Tara gasped. She had been watching pornstar sluts have fun for days now. Finally, here was her chance. All the dirty, filthy pleasures she had immersed herself in over the last two days were at her fingertips. Would he let her be tied up for him? Would he let her beg to be fucked in every degrading way? Would he let her be his private fucktoy?

For just a moment, Tara thought, Wait, is it the other way around? Shouldn’t I be letting him do these things? Then Tara remembered she was supposed to be blowing him and got to work.

Tara wrapped her lips—still painted red with lipstick—around the top of his dick. She gave him a big smile and then slip her lips down his shaft, taking him all the way to back of her throat. She felt her throat object, but worked past it. The girls online could deepthroat, so she should be able to too. She held it there, her lips at the base of his dick in a kind of kiss, and then slid slowly backward. As soon as her lips hit the top, she reversed, taking another long and intentional stoke down on him with her mouth.

Her hands found his balls, playing and squeezing. Occasionally, Tara would bend down and take one of them into her mouth, sucking gently on it before going back to work on his dick. She picked up rhythm, increasing the speed at which the head of the cock moved from her lips to her throat and back. Her neck ached, but she moved past it. She hoped she looked sexy for him as she blew him.

He began to make noises—almost urgent grunts. He stood and said, “Get me off on your face.”

Tara squealed with delight as she pulled off his dick and began to jerk him off. “Cum all over this slutty little face,” Tara said happily. “Please cover me with it. I want your hot cum all over me. I can’t wait. Please let me have it. I’ll do anything for it.”

Tara slipped her hand that wasn’t jerking him off between her legs. She found her pussy very responsive. Her neighbor’s grunts became more aggressive and suddenly hot cum was hitting Tara’s face. She kept jerking, but her pussy ignited in pleasure. She was about to cum! The second strand of cum hit and sent Tara over. She kept jerking, even as she orgasmed and even as the man continued to paint her face.

“Yes! Yes! Yes!” Tara screamed in delight. She wasn’t sure if it was because of his orgasm or her’s, and it didn’t matter. The whole experience was pure extasy for her.

When finally finished, Tara licked his dick again, planting kisses on the tip that drew out the last bit of cum. She smiled up at him, knowing how sexy she must look, topless and smiling while covered in his cum. She was like a pornstar! The thought filled her with glee.

The man said, “Well, I should be going back home.”

“Ok!” Tara said. “Can you come visit me again? I promise you I can do it even better next time!” She thought and added, “Or anything else you want!”

“Sure,” the man said. “How about next time I want to see you, I’ll just knock on your door.”

“Ok!” Tara grinned happily. She made a mental note to always look hot, just in case he popped by to fuck her.

Just before he left, the man paused at the counter and tapped the little black box on her counter. “Just out of curiosity, have you noticed anything odd about this?”

“Odd?” Tara smiled. “No, what would be odd about it?”

“Oh nothing,” the man shrugged. “It just works a lot better than I ever thought it would.” He smiled and added, “I’ll see you later.”

Tara wasn’t sure what he meant by the first part, but squealed again in delight at the second. He was going to fuck her again! She was so excited.

Tara found in the months after that quarantine didn’t have to be all that bad. Her neighbor was really good at finding new ways to enjoy it.

Tara found that she did really like being tied to things, especially if it meant getting spanked or fucked at the same time. She got really good at sucking dick—her neighbor was kind enough to give her lots of practice. Tara didn’t even have to tell her neighbor that she wanted him to call her insulting names or degrade her—her did that all by himself!

Tara was frequently bored, but at least her neighbor was kind enough to visit once or twice a day. He always wanted to do fun things and didn’t mind if Tara got herself off while they did them—unless of course Tara was tied to something, in which case she had to just masturbate to the memories later.

Tara never had problems getting off when it was with a real man and sex was hard and degrading. If she was wearing something slutty or if he stuffed her somewhere or if cum ended up somewhere on her body, Tara was able to get off. Sometimes, she would ask him—”if it isn’t too much trouble and I promise to make it up to you really good”—to be especially rough to her so she could have a lot of fun.

Quarantine dragged on, but Tara found that it wasn’t so bad if you could fill the time. For Tara, she found that being a fucktoy was a great way to pass the time. It was important to enjoy quarantine and there were so many different ways to enjoy it.

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