Elizaveta Seduction – We thaw Daniel’s cold wife

During one of the many coffee breaks taken in our office, I sat with one of my newer colleagues, and asked him how he was settling in.


“I’m doing OK,” replied Daniel, “and everyone has made me feel welcome.”

“That’s good I said, but do let me know if anything troubles you.”

We went on to discuss other subjects, some work related and some not, when quite inexplicably, considering it was two men talking, our conversation turned mysteriously to sex.

At first Daniel did not appear too interested in the subject, “I don’t know what all the fuss is about,” he complained, “my wife Elizaveta and I have sex but neither of us are too bothered about it.”

“Really?” I said, raising my eyebrows, “do you mean to say you don’t find sex the most exciting pastime in your life?”

“Definitely not,” he said, “I would rather play golf, and I know Elizaveta likes to go rambling with a group of her friends.”

“Well Daniel I am amazed,” I said, but not being the boastful type I refrained from mentioning the many exciting and daring sexual adventures my wife Jackie and I had experienced and enjoyed with other couples.

“I never had much sex even in my younger days,” Daniel went on, “but Elizaveta has never been very adventurous so we have sex once a week and that’s about it.”

“Do you kiss and cuddle her and show your love for her?” I asked.

“Well, not so much now, but we have been married for 8 years and we have two kids, so we can’t get too amorous with each other.”

“I know this is personal Daniel, but was Elizaveta a virgin when you met her?”

“No,” admitted Daniel, “she had been engaged before we met, but it fell through, we have never discussed either of our past sex lives, and as I say when we first married I did try different things but she was never enthusiastic and has never mentioned trying anything new again.”

“Have you ever fancied other women?” I asked him.

“Well yes,” he replied reluctantly, “but I have never gone after anyone else.”

“But you would if it was presented to you?” I pressed.

“Possibly,” he agreed, “sometimes late at night I do have a look at some of the sex channels on satelite, they open my eyes, but I could never do what they do in the films.”

A plan was beginning to form in my mind, was Daniels wife really as frosty as he was making out? could I melt her? I would love to try.

I then asked Daniel a question, “Would you and Elizaveta like to meet up for a drink with my wife Jackie and I one night?” I asked.

Now it was his turn to raise his eyebrows, “Well yes,” he said guardedly, “what did you have in mind?”

“It would be good to get together, Jackie likes to meet the people I work with, a Saturday would be best,” I suggested, “then we don’t have to worry about work.”

“This Saturday night would be right for us,” he said brightly, “the kids are already going to stay with Elizaveta’s parents, so we won’t have to consider them.”

“Sounds perfect to me,” I said, “you fix it up with Elizaveta, make sure she is OK with it, and I will tell Jackie what we are doing.”

The prospect of a new adventure was already forming in my mind, The idea of melting the ice cold Elizaveta, as defined by Daniel, appealed to me and I knew Jackie would be up for the attempt.

That night, as we lay in bed together, I told Jackie all about my conversation with Daniel. Jackie had never hidden the fact that she was bi-sexual, and during our marriage we had been involved a number of times with other couples, and she regularly enjoyed the charms of the other women…, and men!

She was lying on her back and I looked down on her from my half raised position resting on my elbow, I gently caressed her breasts, her nipples were erect and long, my leg rested between hers and I could feel the wetness from her pussy on my thigh.

Jackie smiled up at me, “We may frighten them away,” she said, “If they don’t have much sex they may not want it.”

“I am working on the assumption that they don’t know what they want,” I said, “they never talk openly about it but they may think about it, I only know what Daniel has told me, and he says he does watch porn sometimes, so he is sure to get a hard on then, she may have secret thoughts too, but can’t talk to Daniel about it.”

“It could be fun finding out,” Jackie laughed.

“It will be,” I agreed.

Next day at work, Daniel came to me and said that he had told his wife Elizaveta what we had discussed and Elizaveta had said “Yes, she would like to meet us.” Daniel said he was surprised that she was quite enthusiastic about it and agreed right away, according to him she is usually wary of meeting people but on this occasion she had agreed to being with us on Saturday night in the pub.

Daniel and I arranged the time and place which was a pub only 10 minutes walk from their house, we would drive there, but as I whispered to Jackie, I hoped we would be invited to their house later, so I would be able to leave my car in the pub car park, If we were not invited we would go home by taxi.

At about ten minutes to eight on the following Saturday night, Jackie and I arrived at the Dog and Duck pub, I like to be early, I think it gives me an advantage over the people we are to meet, At precisely 8 o’clock I saw Daniel come into the half full lounge and he looked around to see if we were there. Standing next to him was an attractive lady. I had expected Elizaveta to be rather dowdy and dull but to the contrary, she was tallish, about 5′ 8″ had black hair to her shoulders and her top emphasised her full breasts. She wore a skirt which reached just above her knees, showing a good deal of her shapely legs, on first impressions she looked good. I noticed all of this as my colleague and his wife walked towards us.

“Hi Daniel,” I exclaimed, shaking his hand, “its good to see you, this is my wife Jackie.”

“Hello Jackie,” Daniel beamed, taking her hand, “Lee has told me so much about you.”

“Steady on Daniel,” I thought silently, “don’t make it sound like I talk too much.”

Daniel then turned to his companion, “This is my wife Elizaveta,” he announced.

First Jackie took Elizaveta’s hand, and I noticed both women looked appreciatively at each other, then she turned to me, I gave her my full attention, stared deeply into her eyes, and at the same time, squeezed her hand lightly but seductively.

Elizaveta’s eyes seemed to glaze over for a second and I knew I had attracted her attention, “I am very very pleased to meet you Elizaveta,” I said in a low voice.

She managed a smile and murmured, “Me too,” then turned away, but I knew I had flustered her and I hoped she would be susceptible to my manipulation or suggestions, for the rest of the evening.

My next strategy would be not to put any pressure on her but to make eye contact whenever I could, and also to make sure she joined in the conversations, I asked them what they would like to drink and left them to seat themselves while I went to the bar. I knew that while I was gone, my wife would talk to them and get to know them, Jackie would put Elizaveta at her ease and Elizaveta would look on Jackie as a friend.

When I returned all three were chatting amicably about the days events and other interests and I joined in the conversation, trying not to be too forward, but pointedly including Elizaveta.

As the night wore on the alcohol began to effect us and we all felt at ease with each other, but still I did not single Elizaveta out for any particular attention, Jackie knew exactly what l was doing and played along by also deliberately involving Elizaveta in every conversation, Elizaveta responded well, On the second occasion that Daniel went to the bar, Elizaveta for the first time spoke directly to me, It gave me the chance to look deeply in her eyes and try to convey my message that I wanted her, and I felt she was interested in me. Now It was up to Jackie to do her stuff, I gave her a nudge and and she stood up saying, “Come on Elizaveta lets go to the ladies.”

Daniel returned from the bar and I asked him if he was enjoying things.

“Yes, its good to see Elizaveta relax, she is usually a bit uptight with people she doesn’t know very well, she seems to have taken to Jackie very well.”

“Yes she will do,” I agreed “Jackie has a very friendly way with other women.”

Now was the time, I thought to establish what we would do for the rest of the night, I casually said that we had really enjoyed their company and it was a pity that the evening was almost over.

“Yes it is,” agreed Daniel, then after a pause, he said, “We only live a few minutes from here, why don’t you come back to our place?” the alcohol effect probably had a lot to do with Daniels invitation, then he tempered it by saying, “I will have to clear it with Elizaveta first but I think it will be alright.”

“That’s a great idea,” I said, “we would love to.” I smiled inwardly to myself, because I knew Jackie would be asking Elizaveta the same question at that very minute.

It wasn’t until the next day when Jackie and I were discussing the nights events, that she was able to tell me what had happened when her and Elizaveta went to the Loo.

They had made their way to the ladies toilets and gone into adjoining stalls for a wee. On emerging they stood together at the washbasins, Jackie looked at Elizaveta through the mirror and asked if she was enjoying the night.

“Oh yes,” she replied, “You and Lee are good company, you make me feel at ease.”

“What do you think of Lee?” Jackie asked her,

“I like him,” she said, “he is different to most of Daniels friends, I feel that I can trust him,”

Jackie had laughed, “I will tell you that Lee is very sexually experienced, he will seduce you if you give him any encouragement.” There was silence for a number of seconds, and Jackie said she could almost see Elizaveta’s brain working.

“Oh really?” she asked eventually, then quickly said, “well women must find him attractive.”

“Do you like sex Elizaveta?” Jackie asked her boldly.

“I do,” Elizaveta answered slowly, “but we don’t do it very much so I can’t say l get excited by it. I had a lot of sex with my former fiance but Daniel is not so bold, it has died rather in the last few years.

“Have you ever had sex with a woman?” Jackie suddenly asked her.

Elizaveta’s eyes opened wide, “Oh no,” she gasped.

“Have you ever wanted to?” Jackie persisted.

“I don’t think I have ever thought about it,” Elizaveta said, I know it goes on of course but I would never go looking to do it with a woman, I don’t even do it with men,” she laughed, a little bitterly, Jackie thought.

“What if we finish the evening round at your house,” Jackie asked her, Would you like us to.”

“I would yes,” she enthused, “If Daniel says OK then we will, we can collect a take away as well if you like.”

Jackie and Elizaveta rejoined me and Daniel, he turned to his wife and said, “I have asked Lee and Jackie to come round to our house afterwards, is that OK with you?”

“Oh yes,” smiled Elizaveta, “Jackie and I just talked about the same thing.” Just then my eyes locked with Elizaveta’s and I am sure, I saw the beginnings of desire, deep within them.

On the short walk to their house, I had my arm round my wife’s waist and Daniel held Elizaveta’s hand, It was a warm calm evening and we were in a jolly mood, boosted by good company and the alcohol we had drunk, we decided not to bother with the takeaway. Elizaveta had become very talkative, her shyness now not apparent.

We reached their house and went inside to a very well kept and tidy lounge, “Make yourselves at home,” invited Daniel, “I will get some drinks.”

“I’m going to change, said Elizaveta, and she disappeared upstairs, leaving me and Jackie alone, I took the opportunity to tell Jackie what I wanted her to do, she was to lure Daniel out of the room for a while so that I could work on Elizaveta.

“Leave it to me,” Jackie grinned, “I will make Daniel think he is in heaven.”

Daniel then returned with three bottles of wine four glasses and a cork screw, he opened the wine, Jackie kicked off her shoes, and the three of us toasted our new friendship.

Ten minutes passed before Elizaveta reappeared, and this time it was Jackie and I who were surprised. She came into the room wearing a pair of pink coloured silk pyjamas Even Daniel was taken aback. I stared, and Jackie stood up to put her hand on Elizaveta’s arm.

“You look lovely Elizaveta,” Jackie told her.

“Thank you,” Elizaveta smiled, “I hope you all don’t mind but it was so warm and smoky in the pub, so I had a quick shower and put on my PJ’s.”

“Ready for bed,” I said to myself out of earshot, I also thought that already the evening was heading in the right direction.

Both Daniel and I had taken our jackets off and while he and Elizaveta sat in separate armchairs, Jackie and I sat together on a three seater couch, I had chosen my position carefully, so that I could look at Elizaveta and flirt with her using my eyes, yet Daniel would be unaware of what I was doing. Jackie was well aware of my strategy because we had used it before, and she wanted the sex games I was hoping for, as much as I did.

My eyes hardly left Elizaveta’s, and slowly she began to respond, she sipped her wine, and looked at me consistantly over the rim of her glass, she also absent mindedly touched her breast nipples and let her legs fall open, I don’t think she realised she was acting that way but I answered by allowing my fingers to drift over my cock, her eyes watched me do that then she raised her eyes to mine, I knew she was interested, but also that l had to be very careful or I would lose my advantage, next I had to get Daniel on our side and interested in some healthy sex, and this was to be Jackie’s task. He had already drunk quite a lot more than Jackie and I, because we had deliberately confined our intake, we wanted to be alert.

Earlier in the evening, Daniel had proudly told us about his music collection and how good he was at downloading it from the Internet.

“Hey Daniel,” Jackie called out to him, “how about showing me your music collection and how you download it.”

“Oh its all upstairs in the spare room where our computer is,” he said, making no attempt to move.

“That’s OK ,” Jackie continued, “I want to see it, I am a big music fan.” Daniel looked at his wife, I looked at her too, and it appeared to me that she was almost holding her breath.

“Go and show her if you want to,” Elizaveta said.

That was what Daniel needed to hear, “Come on,” he said and led the way out of the room. At the door Jackie turned to look at me and pursed her lips in a silent kiss, a secret smile played around the corners of my mouth in thanks.

Elizaveta and I were now alone, I smiled at her and asked her if she was enjoying the evening.

“I am enjoying you flirting with me,” she said quietly, “Its been a long time since anyone did that with me.”

“Well you are a very attractive woman, well worth flirting with,” I said.

” Five or six years ago I would have agreed with you,” she said, “but I have been neglected for too long now, I am out of the habit of enjoying a close relationship.”

“AH, but there is plenty left to revive in you,” I said encouragingly, “you just need someone to relight your fire.”

“And is that person you?” she smiled.

“I would like to think It could be me,” I persisted.

“You know I am married,” she said, “and you know my husband, what do you think he would say about this.”

“I don’t know,” I said, “we will ask him when he comes down.”

“I don’t think that will be a good idea,” she smiled.

“Well we don’t know what state he will be in when he does come down.” I said quietly.

It was as though I switched a light on in her brain, “Is that why Jackie took Daniel out of the room?” she asked open eyed.

“I wanted him out of the way, for a while,” I said, “I want to find out what you have on your mind.”

“I don’t have anything on my mind,” she scoffed.

“Then why did you shower and put on your pyjama’s as soon as we got in?”

“I told you,” she said, “I was hot and sweaty from the pub.”

“I think that is only part of it Elizaveta,” I said, “are you wearing anything underneath your pyjamas?”

Elizaveta sat silent and stony faced.

“I’m pretty sure you don’t have a bra on, so its likely that you don’t have any panties on either.”

Elizaveta lifted her head and looked directly at me, “You are right Lee, I am naked under my pyjamas. I had a girly desire and wondered if I could attract you to me, not to do anything with you, but just to see if l could.

I stood up and walked over to her chair, she looked up at me as I leaned over her. I lowered my head and my lips met hers, they lingered there for some seconds then I kissed her again, this time a little more forcefully, I slipped my tongue between her lips and I felt her tongue duelling with mine, I broke off the kiss and looked at her again, the desire I had seen in her eyes earlier was back, but much stronger, my hand touched her chest and I squeezed her breast, I felt her erect nipple through the silky material of her pyjamas, I stood up and taking her hands I lifted her to her feet, we stood close together, I took Elizaveta into my arms and kissed her passionately, her arms were round my body and I could feel my hardening cock pressing into her stomach, she responded by pushing harder into me, my hands drifted over her ass and I felt her meaty buttocks, my fingers slipped along the crack of her bum, Elizaveta did not resist in any way.

I led her over to the couch and laid her down, I knelt on the floor beside her, I kissed her again, and again she responded by placing her hands behind my neck and pulling me down to her mouth, she whispered to me, “Oh Lee your kiss feels so good.”

“Mmmmmmm,” I murmured and my fingers deftly opened the buttons of her pyjama jacket, her beautiful firm breasts sat before me, nipples erect and pointing up to me, I took one in my mouth and fiddled with the other one, squeezing and pulling on it, I nibbled the one in my mouth with my teeth and soon she was writhing under my touch, almost to the brink of an orgasm.

I left Elizaveta’s breasts and stroked the soft smooth skin of her stomach, Then taking the waistband of her pyjama bottoms in both hands I slowly eased them downwards over her hips. Elizaveta, did not move except to lift her bottom slightly to help me slide her pyjamas off. her pussy was there in stark reality before my eyes, she was not shaven and her pussy hair covered the whole of her vagina, but it was very neatly trimmed, her slit was slightly open showing her stiffening clitoris, Once her pyjamas were removed, Elizaveta opened her legs wide as if to show me the fullness of her sex, I observed the wetness of the the fleshy folds and inner lips of her pussy,and her hole opened as if to invite me to enter. She was highly turned on and her breathing was heavy, her body twitched, neither of us gave a thought to her husband only a few rooms away, but in my mind I was wondering what Jackie was doing with Daniel.

It was again during our post date discussions, that Jackie told me what happened when she went to download music with Daniel.

Jackie and Daniel entered his spare room where all his pride and joy IT equipment was kept. Although he slurred his words he still managed to convey to her what his hobby entailed, he showed her lists of the music he had on file and lists of that he intended to secure, he managed to make it sound interesting, and she found herself understanding what he could do.

After awhile when they were browsing his music lists, Daniel put his arm around Jackie’s waist.

“Oh yes!” Jackie said, looking up at him, “whats this about?”

Daniel was grinning rather self consciously. “Its not often I am alone with an attractive woman,” he explained.

“Your wife is an attractive woman,” Jackie said, “you surely must be alone with her.”

“Of course I am, but everything with her is so familiar and stale, I could do with a new adventure.”

Jackie’s eyes sparkled and she pursued her teasing of him, “how many times have I heard that line from men trying to chat me up?” she asked, “but you know I am Lee’s woman.”

“Yes I know,” he said gloomily, “but I wanted to see if you would respond to me.”

Daniels inexperience and heavy handed approach amused Jackie, she lifted her head and kissed him lightly, “You are a very nice man Daniel, and attractive too,” she added, Daniel assumed that was her green light for him to go on, and he pulled her closer to his body.

Jackie laughed and put her hand between his legs feeling his cock, “OOOH Daniel,” she said, squeezing his prick, which was beginning to harden, “you are having naughty thoughts, you bad boy,” and she laughed.

To Daniel, she had as good as told him he could have her, and he clutched her left breasts, but not in the manner of the worlds best lover.

“Not here Daniel,” Jackie said easing him away, “Lets go into your bedroom.”

Daniel then became alarmed, “I don’t know if we should,” he said anxiously, “what if Elizaveta comes upstairs?”

“Don’t worry about Elizaveta,” Jackie said, “I will go downstairs and I will tell her you are downloading some music for me so not to worry about us.”

“Good idea,” said Daniel, “she is not interested in my music so she will keep away.”

“Lee will entertain her,” Jackie said quite truthfully, he has an excellent line in amusing stories that will keep her smiling. Now you get into bed and wait for me, I will be a few minutes explaining to them downstairs.”

“OK,” said Daniel naively, “don’t be long.”

“I will be as quick as I can,” she said, giving his mouth another kiss and his balls another squeeze, then she closed the bedroom door behind her on her way downstairs.

Elizaveta lay before me on the couch, gloriously naked, I took some minutes just admiring her beautiful feminine parts, her breasts were partly flattened on her chest but her nipples were long and hard, her open legs perfectly framed her exquisite vagina and the throbbing and trembling of her body betrayed the heights of passion she had reached, her eyes were half closed and her mouth half open, I doubt if she had felt this much intense sexual emotion for many years, and here I was about to take the ultimate advantage of her reawakened excitement.

I leaned down and took a nipple into my mouth, Elizaveta groaned her delight, my hand stroked her soft tummy and my fingers slipped into her slit, I toyed with her clitoris, she lifted her bum off the couch as an acceptance of my fingers sliding into her now very wet hole.

“Oh Lee, that feels so gooooood,” she gasped, two fingers penetrated deep into her sex, she lifted her legs off the couch entirely, her hole gaping wide for me, I added another finger and she clenched her eyes tight, The wetness in her pussy squelched in unison with my fingers driving in and out of her, my own passions had reached their summit and my cock was nearly bursting from its skin.

At that point, the door opened and Jackie came into the room to join us. “OH!” she exclaimed,noticing Elizaveta’s naked body and the location of my fingers, “you have started without me!”

“We were just warming up darling,” I grinned, but Elizaveta, suddenly alarmed, jumped up and tried to cover herself.

“WHERE’S DANIEL?” she squealed almost hysterically, ” Is he coming down?”

“No no no,” Jackie soothed her, he is upstairs downloading some music for me, he will be ages, I told him I will go back up, but now Lee and I want to show you some fun.” and pressing on her shoulders Jackie pushed Elizaveta back down into a lying position, Elizaveta looked almost fearful but did not resist, nor did she when Jackie stroked her breast.

Meanwhile I had rapidly removed my clothes and stood naked, my cock was rock hard, as it had been ever since I had begun to seduce Elizaveta. Elizaveta surprisingly was beginning to respond to Jackie’s caresses, I thought that may have been the most difficult part, that she would not agree to sex with another woman, but her body was writhing and rising and clearly she was enjoying Jackie’s touch.

Her hand was lying limply by her side, so I took it in mine and wrapped her fingers around my cock, Jackie broke off their kiss and Elizaveta noticed what her hand was holding.

Aaaahhhh she shrieked, half in fear and half in delight, “Oh Lee, she gasped, its so BIG!”

“I want you to have it Elizaveta, I want to show you what Daniel should have been sharing with you but you have missed for all of these years.” Looking eagerly at me once again I saw this time intense desire in her eyes.

“Are you going to fuck me Lee?” she asked simply, such a word seemed out of place coming from Elizaveta’s lips, but I answered her bluntly.

“Yes Elizaveta, I am going to fuck you, and Jackie is going to help me, she will caress your breasts and stroke your body.”

By now Jackie had stripped off her clothes and Elizaveta sat upright when suddenly she saw Jackie naked.

“Oh Jackie,” she gasped breathlessly, “I have never seen a naked women so close before.”

Jackie leaned inward to lightly kiss Elizaveta’s lips, “I will show you the joys of woman to woman love later,” she told her sincerely.

While Jackie distracted her, I scrambled to kneel between Elizaveta’s spread legs.

“Guide me in Jackie,” I panted, pointing my long cock at Elizaveta’s cunt.

Gripping my cock in her hand, Jackie looked at me and grinned.

“For me is it?” Jackie enquired.

“It will be later darling, but right now Elizaveta is in dire need of it.”

Jackie laughed and Elizaveta looked apprehensive, but she kept her legs wide open and her knees bent, and she watched as Jackie guided my hard dick, to the entrance of her sex hole. I thrust my hips forward at just the right moment and my cock burst past her outer pussy lips, slid through her inner folds, and settled comfortingly deep inside her sex.

I glanced at Elizaveta’s face, she was looking at me wide eyed, and she was half holding her breath.

“It feels wonderful Lee,” she gasped “Fuck me hard please, I want to feel you inside me.”

Not being one to deny a reasonable request I pressed hard inside her until our belly’s hugged together, then I began a slow build up of thrusts into her, Quicker and harder I drove my cock in and out of her, Jackie leaned over her chest and munched on her tits, biting her nipples which added tremendous thrilling agony to the passions we had awakened in Elizaveta.

Elizaveta’s hands reached under Jackie’s body and found her breasts, I saw her fingers pinching the nipples, Jackie continued to nuzzle hers, there was no doubt that Elizaveta would soon cum, she was making a lot of noise and it struck me that Daniel would hear her cries, but I could not worry about him, I fucked his wife in a frenzy, slamming my cock into her cunt and ripping it back out, she heaved and kicked and scratched and punched like a wildcat, I thought, “WOW! what a performer,” but my balls were tingling and when she screamed my name and lifted her hips to meet my penetrations, I felt and heard her wetness, she cried and squealed and moaned and shouted, Her eyes were shut tight and her mouth frothed, I now had no control over my own functions.

I’m Cumming, I’m cumming!” she yelled, and she swung back and forth on the couch, lifting her hips and almost throwing me off her body, I glimpsed Jackie sit back to watch as at last my own orgasm peeked and in a frenzy of pounding buttocks, I poured my hot cum in spurt on spurt into Elizaveta’s womanly depths.

“ME now,” Jackie shouted and pushed me off Elizaveta’s throbbing body, my cock not yet soft, but I was happy for my wife to have her fun, she took my place between Elizaveta’s legs and fastened her mouth over Elizaveta’s dripping pussy lips.

“YES yes, yes, Jackie, that’s fantastic, Oh suck my pussy, I love it,” Jackie’s hands were under Elizaveta’s bum and searching in the cleft of her arse, I knew what she was after and knew she had found it when Elizaveta emitted another high pitched squeal, her pussy lips were spread over Jackie’s face and Elizaveta was on the verge of another orgasm. I stood up and went behind the two of them, It was wonderful to see Elizaveta’s naked legs wide apart, and Jackie’s naked body with her bum in the air between them.

Jackie’s beautiful and familiar pussy, shining from the love juices dribbling from between her feminine lips, beckoned to me, I spread Jackie’s pussy lips and pushed my tongue into her hole, I sucked greedily on her juices, and the effect on my randy cock was instant, I wanted to fuck Jackie while her mouth was attached to Elizaveta’s pussy lips, “What a thrill,” I thought, and drove my able penis deep into her hole.

I held on to Jackie’s hips and fucked her grandly, she pushed back on me and the softness of her pussy lips mashed against my pubic bone, Jackie sucked on Elizaveta’s steaming cunt with even greater frenzy, Elizaveta had stopped shouting and moaning now and just gurgled, I think she had almost fainted, Jackie’s cum was spurting out all over my legs and once again I felt the familiar tingle in my balls, but before anything else happened, I heard a voice ringing in my ear.

“I thought you were coming back upstairs Jackie!”

I froze mid stroke, Jackie lifted her head from between Elizaveta’s legs, and Elizaveta let out a scream, three pairs of eyes stared at the figure in the doorway, Daniel stood there naked except for a towel wrapped around the lower half of his body.

“Whats going on here?” was his next question.

“Well,” I thought silently, “I am not going to explain it to you.” then I had second thoughts. “Yes I will.”

Standing up, which meant me extracting my still throbbing cock from Jackie’s pussy, an act that Daniel could not believe his eyes were seeing, I patiently said to him.

“We three are having sex Daniel, and your wife is having the time of her life.”

Daniel stared at us, still not comprehending the scene before him, both his mouth and his eyes agape, “But Elizaveta doesn’t like sex,” he said ridiculously.

“Oh yes she does,” I said, “ask her!”

Jackie and Elizaveta had by now sat up and were seated together on the settee, both of them naked and neither of them attempting to avoid Daniels searching looks, I was standing up, my deflating cock flapping about like a redundant windsock.

“What have you to say Elizaveta?” Daniel addressed his wife, “Our sex life is hopeless because you tell me you don’t like it, now here you are having sex with two people you have only just met.”

“But you have never made love to me like Lee and Jackie have,” she explained to him, “they brought out feelings and sensations I used to feel with my former fiance.”

That was a bit below the belt, I thought, but Daniel ignored it.

“Have you had sex with Lee?” he asked her, It was a question that filled me with some apprehension.

“Yes,” she answered simply, “and I just never knew it could feel so good.”

“Oh dear,” I thought, “I wonder what his reaction to that will be.”

Daniel then asked another question, “And what were you doing with Jackie? I cannot believe you had sex with another woman.”

“It wasn’t sex,” she scoffed, “It was Jackie and I sharing our passions, she did some wonderful things to me. And by the way, what did you mean by thinking Jackie was going back upstairs to you and you waited for her naked, did you want sex with her?” Elizaveta’s sudden turn around from defence to attack floored Daniel, his annoyance drained from him.

“No Elizaveta, I want you, maybe tonight will be a new beginning for us,” he walked across the room and helped his wife to her feet, “you can show me what Lee did to you and I will try to compete.”

Elizaveta laughed and whipped the towel away from Daniels body, revealing his erect cock. “Mmmmm,” she murmured, inspecting it closely, “can this do for me what Lee has already done?” she asked partly tongue in cheek, “what I would like, Daniel, is for Lee and Jackie to come round here every now and again for a foursome, would you do that?” she asked turning to us.

There was no way we would say no, so we said, “Yes!” .

“I’ll go along with that,” said Daniel, albeit slightly reluctantly, and he held Elizaveta close and kissed her.

I put my arm around Jackie, and said, “Ahem, do you mind if Jackie and I stay here for the rest of the night, Its a bit late to be venturing out now.”

“Of course,” said Daniel, now seemingly back to his even tempered self, “you can have the couch here, that has helped to give you so much fun.”

I looked at the narrow couch, then looked at the naked Elizaveta, her breasts soft and large with only a slight sag now she was standing, The little plump curve of her belly to the tops of her legs and her neatly trimmed pussy settled between them, her luscious pussy lips still apart and tiny rivulets of love juice emerging from between them. I squeezed Jackie’s waist knowing she would like to taste Elizaveta again before the night was out, Jackie stroked my cock to whet Elizaveta’s appetite again and I said, “Daniel, I was hoping that Jackie and I could share your bed with you and Elizaveta.”

“Oooaaahhh, yes,” squealed Elizaveta.

Daniel looked like he hadn’t even thought of it, but his wife’s enthusiasm swayed him. “Yes, yes alright,” he said, “come on.” At the door, he switched off the light, and four of us climbed the stairs.

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