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Drugged and tied up

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he was 19. I was 13 and scared. I always wanted his attention, then I got it.

It all started one day when I was walking home from school. I was wearing a slutty tennis skirt with a red crop top. I had definitely grown up too fast, some might say daddy issues, but i say maturity.`I had purposely walked past the skate park in hopes of seeing him. Then there he was with his long fluffy brown hair, skate boy style, and that damn smirk. I wasn’t planning on saying anything until he walked over an complemented me on my shirt. For being 13 I had nice perky C cups and a well-rounded ass. I knew he was staring at the v-cut, and I liked it.We went on with small talk until he invited me to his car for a ride home…
I said okay because it was cold and he was hot ;). I told him it was the next turn but he kept driving saying how he thought we could watch a movie first. I agreed but started panicking. Sure I was horny but I did NOT want him to take my vcard. I could only imagine how bad that would hurt. After we sat on his couch he offered me a beer, I wanted to look cool so I took and now I wish I hadn’t…
When I woke up I had no idea where I was or how I got there. Then it all set in, I was tied up to bed post and stripped naked. It was clear that he had drugged my drink. I watched him walk into the room without clothes and his dick was at least 5 inches soft. I was terrified. He slowly crawled up to the bed and got something out of this vans box. It was a vibrator. Mind you I was tied up to the bed with my legs spread wide and a clear view of my perfect pink shaved kitty. I knew that he was a man who got off by pleasuring the woman. Or in this case, the girl. He turned it to the highest setting and rubbed it around my thighs while I got wetter and wetter, He put it on my clit and it was like a sensation running through my body. I had never felt anything like this before. After I started moaning he started saying “you like that baby” and even though I was scared it felt good and all I could say was “mmhhhmmm”. He turned the wand off and rubbed around my precious little hole. I felt his fingertip right at the entrance and all the sudden he shoved it in, popping my virgin cherry. I yelped with pain and that seemed to turn him on more.
He started pushing them in and out as fast as he could and all I could do was moan in pain. After he seemed satisfied with how I was crying, he grabbed a dildo and then said “nevermind, I want to stretch you out myself. He slowly crept up the bed until his member was at the tight entrance. He looked into my eyes and told me to not worry, That he would make me feel good. All in a sudden movement he pushed his entire length into me. I have never felt that much pain, but in some way it turned me on. He latched himself onto me pushing deeper and deeper with every stroke. After about 5 minutes I started moaning in pleasure. He grabbed my throat and told me how I was such a good girl and that I was his now. He owned me.

LMK if you want a part two about him taking my anal virginity!

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