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Drops of Glitter

Shit, this was happening.

“Where?” Kate breathed against Ella’s lips. They were never going to make it to a bed. Kate’s hands roaming over Ella’s body in this bathroom stall were making it difficult to hang on to any rational thought.

“Yours?” Ella was leaning against the tiles. The cold surface helping her cling onto sanity. Kate’s palm on her breast had other ideas.

“Too far.” Those lips on her neck and she was spinning, tumbling, dizzy, “I need you now, boss.” Her fingertips slid under the hem of sequins threatening to make it a reality. Ella was not about to let Kate Bond fuck her in the bathroom on the Christmas works do.

“Let’s go.” Ella had an idea. She pushed Kate away from her, grinning as the cocky grin slipped slightly from that face, replaced with a flash of dark curiosity.

Ella flicked open the lock.  

Kate followed seconds later. She looked like a roguish 007 with the unfastened bowtie flapping in the breeze. Looked like she was up to no good.

“Where are we going?” Kate had to do a half jog to keep up with Ella who was striding down the street with no small amount of swagger. Despite the cold, she was holding her coat by the tips of her fingers over her shoulder with the ease of a runway model. Kate deduced they weren’t going far.

“You’ll see.” Ella reached for Kate’s hand, revelling in the freedom. The way they could be anyone for the next hour. Just two human beings colliding on these shiny streets, the Christmas lights sparkling incandescently. And Kate in black. Well, she shone brightest of them all. Glitter raining from her pockets with every step.

Kate made a grab for Ella but it was too late. The black cab whizzed past spraying her with hours’ worth of December drizzle. She shrieked, hands to her face and then fuck it, she was dancing, laughing, her blazer swinging like the wings of a fledging.

And Kate was hooked.

Where, Ella?” She captured her lips right there.

Kate had felt that moan escape from the back of Ella’s mouth. Felt the vibrations on her tongue. But Ella had torn away. Heading for the corner.

Surely not.

They slipped in through the back door. Straight into Ella’s office. Blinds closed, lamp on, door locked.

“How is this better than the bathroom?”

Ella walked towards Kate perched on the desk but veered off. Stretched out against the wall opposite.

“Don’t tell me you haven’t thought about this.” A smile playing on Ella’s lips in the same manner as her fingertips skimming over sequins.

Kate glanced down.

“I’ll take that as a yes then?” Ella’s fingers found a nipple. She arched into her touch and Kate was filing this away.

She looked back at Ella from her toes up.

By the time she’d reached her face she was gone, and they both knew it.

“Honey, on your knees when you look at me.”


“There was me thinking you’d put up a fight.”

This comment pricked at the back of Kate’s neck, “You sound disappointed, boss.”

“Oh no.”

“Maybe you should be more specific with your orders, use your words to ask for what you want.”

Ella grinned. She bit her lip. Noticed months ago, the effect this had. Sometimes she put more thought into the act of thinking over a difficult detail just to provoke a reaction. It worked like a charm every time.

Which was good because she wanted Kate’s full attention as she dropped her dress to the floor. 


“Now who needs to use their words?”

Ella perched on the edge of her seat where she issued orders all day long. She crossed her legs.

“Make me come.”

Kate shifted slightly, choosing to remain on her knees. Slid her hands up soft, cold legs palming at her knees, pushing them apart.

“You need warming up, boss.”

“I doubt it, Bond,” Ella was already leaning back, “but I’ll let you be the judge.”

Kate hooked her arms around Ella’s thighs. Pulled her to the edge of the seat. And Ella was moaning before Kate had even touched her. She pointed her tongue, licked straight over Ella’s clit and Ella nearly broke her face.

“Keep still.” She dug her nails in.

“Please, Kate.”

“Keep still and I will make you come,” she glanced up, “I know you can be good for me Ella.”

Kate flattened her tongue and licked a deliberate path, gathering the slickness on her tongue and spreading it over Ella’s clit. She whimpered but stayed as still as possible.

Kate rewarded her with the same again. Swirling her tongue this time when she reached the hardened nub that was begging to be touched.

Kate was starting to get an idea of why this wouldn’t have worked in the bathroom. Ella was deliciously, unashamedly vocal.

Much as she wanted to eke this out. –

Kate pointed her tongue again, flicked it experimentally, found Ella could handle it.

Time to use those words.

Ella exploded on the ‘s’. Kate was ready. She guided Ella through the aftershocks with the slow light pressure of her tongue. Waited for Ella to start breathing normally.

She didn’t.

Oh. Fuck yes.

“Kate!” The urgency made her look up. Ella was bucking underneath her.

She smiled up at her. Dragged her fingers along the underside of her thigh and slid two of them straight inside, curling to hit that sweet spot.

“KATE.” Her fingers were trapped by spasming muscles. Ella’s legs had fallen, her toes barely in contact with Kate’s back.

Finally, Ella shifted away slightly, and Kate kissed a trail down her thigh, sliding her fingers out, making to surreptitiously wipe her hand. Ella grabbed her wrist, a quirked eyebrow for a question.  

“Use your words.”

“I’d rather use my tongue.” Ella sucked on Kate’s fingers, licking them clean, “What were yours?”

Kate grinned.

“Well, usually I call you boss, but tonight? You’re a princess.”

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