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Doreen and Maureen The Spanking Shopkeepers: Spanking Fantasies Sometimes Do Come True Part One

It was the day after my eighteenth birthday in late June that year when Doreen Hannah cheerily announced to me that I would be receiving my birthday spanking during the stock take that would take place that Thursday afternoon when the store was closed for its weekly half day. I had smiled at this comment, seen as I had accepted a monthly spanking from the two sisters months back. Although their punishments hurt and left me feeling their efforts for days afterwards, I did enjoy having my bottom smacked by the two well-built older ladies and also the “treats” that they gave me after I had been dealt with.

In late April of that year, Doreen had approached me one evening when the shop was quiet and asked me about Nicola Patton, the girl who I had gone to school with and the young lady who had been hand spanked and slippered by our then, English Mistress, Miss Kominsky, for touching me under the desk during one of her lessons. I had talked to Miss Hannah at length about Nicola and also about what I felt about her. I was way too shy to actually ask someone as “cool” as Nicola out, fearful that she would make fun of me, or worse still spread it around college, so I simply stayed quiet, glad that she was a friend.

I knew that Nicola came from a family that did not have much and when I mentioned this to Doreen Hannah, it seemed like a little light went on in her head and she smiled, giving me a quick kiss on the cheek and a cuddle before the door to the shop was opened and a customer walked in. I thought nothing more about our conversation for a few days until I arrived at work early that morning to find a card in the window, stating “part-time help required.”

Nicola Patton often came into the shop in the morning to buy her cigarettes and various other things and it was that very same day that the advert had appeared in the window that she arrived at the counter, at just after 8.10 am. As usual, we chatted about various things, but the conversation soon came on to money – or the lack of it in the eighteen-year-old girl’s case. I immediately thought about Doreen’s advert for more part-time help that was in the window.

“The sisters are looking for someone to do some hours here, if you’re looking for some cash.” I had said seriously.

At first, Nicola Patton had laughed but, on thinking about it, she became serious and began to ask me all kinds of questions about working for the Hannah sisters.

“The advert is in the window, there. Go and have a look for yourself.” I pointed with my right hand as I spoke.

“Oh yeah, but I’d have to get up at about 4.30 am each morning, wouldn’t I?” She had asked.

I simply smiled.

“Probably not seen as it tends to me who does the early shift with one of them – generally Doreen – and the rest of the hours are probably after college in the evening or at the weekend.”

“Worth asking.” I had added, just as Doreen appeared in the doorway that led up to the flat above the shop.

She noticed Nicola standing there immediately and smiled as she saw the pack of twenty JP Super King Menthol cigarettes in her right hand. She also noticed that the college student was dressed particularly slutty that morning – denim jacket, tight, very short black tube skirt that left very little to the imagination and the less said about the top she was wearing then the better for everyone involved. Nicola had her brightest, sluttiest, red lipstick on as if she was about to go looking for someone to have sex with rather than go to college that day. Her long fingernails were painted in the same shade, her long, brown hair tied up with a white elastic hairband behind her head.

Nicola looked across at Doreen, then back at me and then back to Doreen before I jumped in to help her out.

“Doreen, Nicola is interested in the advert in the window – the one for part-time work,” I added quickly, in case she thought the eighteen-year-old was interested in a battered old Ford Escort or a kitten, that tended to be the usual things mentioned on the adverts in the window.

“Ah, so this is Nicola then, is it, Peter?” Doreen Hannah turned and smiled at me before returning her full attention to the extremely tall and slim girl who stood there in the denim jacket.

Doreen Hannah folded her arms across her chest, not taking her eyes from Nicola for a second.

“Yes, Auntie Doreen. This is Nicola who I was at school with, and we go to the same college.” I answered, ignoring the quiet snigger that Doreen let out.

Nicola Patton shot me a quizzical look at the way I had addressed the woman as “Auntie Doreen” but seemed to let it go and returned her attention to the well-built lady who was standing in the doorway to the flat upstairs.

The forty-five-year-old woman continued to look the eighteen-year-old girl up and down, her arms still folded across her chest before eventually, she spoke to me, still not taking her hazel eyes from Nicola Patton.

“Oh yes, I can see that now.” Miss Hannah smiled sweetly at Nicola.

Her last comment was not lost on me. Doreen Hannah could now understand what Nicola had been caught doing to me under the desk in Miss Kominsky’s class at school a few years before. She could also see why Natasha Kominsky, our young, but not so sweet and innocent, English Mistress had taken us one after the other over her knee and spanked our bottoms hard with her hand over our underwear as the other watched her, before making us bend over her desk for a full-force walloping with her nasty plimsoll.

I had admitted to the sisters that I had cried during both my punishments from Miss Kominsky and from my Form Mistress Mrs. Wheeler, but Nicola was a tough girl and had simply taken every hard smack across her lovely bottom without making a single sound. I got the idea that spankings were a regular occurrence for her both at school and at home or that she actually enjoyed them in some kind of strange way.

The younger Hannah sister had asked Nicola several questions, such as what experience she had of working in a shop, if she minded doing different hours, how many hours she may be able to work before the shop began to become busy and Doreen asked Nicola if she could come back later that afternoon for an “interview.” Nicola Patton had agreed and said that she would come back at 4.30 pm when she got home from college that day. She had then left the shop, Doreen Hannah smiling as he looked across at me. I had left for college just after 9 am and thought no more about Nicola’s interview. Doreen had walked across to the shop window and removed her card with the job advert on it, ripping it into as many small bits as she could manage as she walked back behind the counter where she threw the pieces in the bin.

Nicola had obviously got the job, despite the Spanish Inquisition-style interview that she had been subjected to by Doreen and her younger sister, Maureen. The eighteen-year-old had proved to be much better at the job than the sisters had expected, and this meant that within a fortnight of Nicola starting in the shop, they could leave us downstairs unsupervised, knowing that we were unlikely to need any help from them. This arrangement worked well for the ladies who now could get Saturday afternoon and evening as well as Sunday mornings off whilst Nicola and myself were working downstairs in the shop.

I enjoyed working with the eighteen-year-old girl with the long, dark hair. She was fun and we had a laugh during the shifts we worked together meaning that the time seemed to fly by. Nicola was still as mischievous as I remembered from school, perhaps even more so, her favourite past-time being teasing me with the dirty magazines from the top shelf. She would pick one and show me the pictures, trying to explain to me like some expert what exactly was going on in them. One day I had mentioned about “Kane” magazine and she had quickly pulled the latest issue from the shelf and flicked through it.

It was one of the weeks where the magazine featured women spanking men and Nicola burst out laughing when she saw the photo story of a female Head Mistress caning an older man whilst he was bent across her desk.

“Just like “no-nonsense” Natasha, Pete!” She laughed hysterically, taking a while to calm herself as she waved the glossy magazine around.

“Or worse still, like that bitch, Mrs. Wheeler!” She shouted way too loudly, not noticing that Maureen Hannah was standing in the doorway that led up to the sisters’ flat.

Maureen stood there in silence, looking absolutely pissed off. This was enough for Nicola to immediately shut up and meekly walk back to the shelves and replace the magazine on the top one before calmly rearranging some tins on an already perfect shelf. The younger Hannah sister watched the young lady for a few moments in silence, arms folded across her chest, before she shook her head and turned and went back upstairs. When we reckoned that she was out of harm’s way, we both burst out laughing, struggling to stop even when several people came into the shop.

During this time I was still taking part in a monthly “stock take” with the sisters on a Thursday afternoon when the shop was closed for its half-day. Nicola knew nothing about what went on during the “stock take” and to be honest, did not care. She was happy enough working the hours that she did and did not need any more. However, that all changed in June, after we had both finished our A-Level exams and were enjoying a long, surprisingly hot, summer holiday. Maureen and Doreen Hannah knew that my birthday was late June and so the week before the “stock take” was due to take place, Maureen Hannah had stopped Nicola as she was leaving after her Sunday shift in the shop.

“Nicola, Dear. Would you be able to help us with the stock take on Thursday afternoon, please?” She asked quietly, touching the eighteen-year-old’s arm as she did so.

“We’ll pay you over-time for the two, or three hours, of course. Time-and-a-half?” She had smiled sweetly.

The young woman had shrugged and smiled back. She was doing nothing, and the extra money would come in handy. She had bought some sexy underwear just for the hell of it and it had not been cheap. The extra cash would clear her debt to her older sister who had reluctantly loaned her the money.

“No problem. What time, Maureen?” Nicola had replied.

“If you can get here at 1 pm when we close, that will be lovely. Thank you, Dear.” She had stroked Nicola’s arm once more before smiling and walking away.

That Thursday afternoon came around and, at 1.05 pm, just after she had finished her cigarette outside, Nicola smiled as she walked in and stood holding the door open for the elderly lady, the final customer of the day, who thanked her before slowly making her way along the road. The eighteen-year-old girl brushed her long, brown hair with her right hand before closing the door to the shop and turning the “we are closed” sign. Finally, she slid the two locks shut and turned towards the counter where I was tidying up.

“So, what do we do during the stock take, Pete?” Nicola Patton smiled sweetly, playing with the buttons on her tight, white short-sleeved blouse as she spoke.

She knew exactly what happened during a “stock take” at Hannah’s. Doreen had explained to her very clearly what happened during a “stock take” the previous Monday evening and Nicola, being Nicola, had jumped at the chance at taking part. She had happily agreed to dress as Miss Hannah had requested, laughing as she found her old school blouse under the piles of junk in her wardrobe. Nicola Patton had pulled the crumpled garment that she hadn’t worn for well over a year out and washed and ironed it carefully. She was wearing a knee-length, school-type skirt, short, white ankle socks and a pair of flat-heeled, shiny black shoes. Eighteen-year-old Nicola had carefully applied her bright red polish to her fingernails and toes before putting on the slutty red lipstick that Doreen had been particularly insistent upon her wearing that day.

I had not thought there was anything strange about the way that the extremely tall girl was dressed at the time. It was a different blouse, I knew that much, but Doreen and Maureen expected us to dress in a certain way while we worked in the shop. A white blouse or shirt, black trousers or skirt for Nicola and black shoes. Nicola Patton had twisted her face at first when Doreen had told her to dress like this for work, but she had gone along with it, occasionally pushing her luck with skirt length, leaving buttons of her blouse undone and of course, the slutty makeup! This had not gone unnoticed by Doreen and Maureen Hannah.

I simply stood there and smiled at her as I removed the cash trays from the tills and walked over to the doorway which led up to the flat upstairs. Just as I reached the first step, Maureen appeared and brushed past me, her large breasts touching me through her white blouse.

“Right, Peter. Get those upstairs to the office please, go to the toilet if you need it and join us in the living room, young man.” She smiled as she spoke softly to me before turning her attention to Nicola, who had walked over to the shelves where the magazines were.

She was just about to pick up some trashy gossip magazine when Maureen Hannah stopped her.

“Nicola. I’m sure that my sister has explained to you what happens during the monthly stock take and also what she expects you to do this afternoon.” The younger sister said almost in a whisper.

Nicola Patton smiled, trying desperately to suppress her laughter. She simply nodded.

“Good. Do you have a problem with what we want you to do to earn your time-and-a-half this afternoon, young lady?” She asked as she tidied the counters.

Nicola smiled. She couldn’t believe what Doreen Hannah had asked of her, but she had done a lot worse in the past she was sure. Smacking Peter’s backside and then giving him a kiss and a cuddle, or perhaps a little more, for his birthday present, wasn’t such a bad thing, especially seen as the extra cash would pay off the debt to her older sister.

“Not at all, Miss Hannah. I’ve been looking forward to it since Doreen asked me the other day – I even managed to find my old silky school blouse.” The eighteen-year-old did a full twirl and smiled.

“Yes, I see that, Nicola. It’s very, erm, tight around your bust, isn’t it?” Maureen smiled uneasily at the tall, slim girl, whose short-sleeved blouse was struggling to contain her large breasts.

Nicola Patton laughed loudly, putting both hands over her breasts as she looked at Maureen.

“Haha. I haven’t worn it for over a year, and they seemed to have grown a bit since I last had it on, but I thought that it would add to his surprise.” Nicola brushed her hands down her blouse and continued all the way down to her black skirt, which she adjusted.

Maureen Hannah smiled awkwardly as she looked at Nicola Patton.

“And you’re okay with calling us Auntie Doreen and Auntie Maureen from now on – as Peter does, Dear?” She continued, walking around the shop as she spoke, checking that everything was in order.

Nicola licked her lips and laughed.

“Yes, Auntie Maureen. I’m happy to play along.” She brushed her long, brown hair with her right hand, feeling that she was becoming hot and damp at the thought of what she was going to do that afternoon.

After a few moments, the younger Hannah sister had finished checking that everything was in order in the shop and stood in the doorway that led up to the flat above.

“Very well, Nicola. Shall we go and give that naughty boy his birthday treat?” She smiled as she turned and walked slowly up the stairs, followed closely behind by Nicola Patton.

When Nicola and Maureen entered the living room upstairs, they found me standing, fully-clothed, looking at Doreen Hannah, who was busy laying out her spanking implements on the table. She, like Maureen and Nicola, was wearing a white blouse and a knee-length skirt, which seemed to be way too short. Apart from kissing me softly on my lips when she had seen me in the living room, the forty-five-year-old woman had said nothing to me, instead concentrating on laying her spanking tools on the table.

When she saw her younger sister and Nicola enter the room, she smiled and licked her lips. Nicola had followed her instructions to the letter and had dressed like a slut.

“No school tie, Dear?” She smiled at the eighteen-year-old girl.

Nicola Patton smiled back.

“Sorry, Auntie Doreen.” She almost burst out laughing at calling the well-built, blonde-haired woman that.

“I must have thrown it out or lost it – to be honest, I’m surprised that I still have this blouse.” She added, smiling at me as she spoke.

“What would Miss Kominsky or Mrs. Wheeler have done to you if you were not dressed correctly for school, Dear?” Doreen continued.

Nicola Patton laughed much louder this time.

“God, Wheeler would have tanned my arse black and blue for the least little thing – I’d not sit for days if I had gone into school like this – nail polish, lipstick, blouse, wrong skirt, no tie, no blazer.” She answered honestly.

Maureen Hannah nodded and licked her lips as she looked at Nicola’s breasts standing out proudly beneath the white blouse.

“That’s good to know then, isn’t it, Auntie Doreen?” She spoke almost in a whisper.

The older Hannah sister turned and smiled to her sister.

“Indeed it is, Auntie Maureen.” She replied before turning her attention to me.

“Right, Peter, you know what happens during our stock takes, so I think you better tell Nicola, seen as it is the first time that she has done one, what happens.” She spoke softly and smiled sweetly at me.

As she stood looking at me, Maureen Hannah pushed her small, round glasses up to the top of her small nose with the index finger of her left hand.

I turned to Nicola, who was still struggling to stop herself from laughing, still not quite believing what the older women had been doing to me once every month. I felt my cheeks burning red with embarrassment as I looked at Nicola, who I fancied like crazy.

“I have to answer for any poor behaviour that I have shown in the shop, or towards Auntie Doreen and Auntie Maureen over the past month.” I began quietly.

“And what do your Aunties do to you, naughty boy?” Doreen chipped in.

I shot her a quick look before returning my gaze to Nicola Patton.

“If I have been naughty, Auntie Doreen and Auntie Maureen make me take all of my clothes off and they smack my bottom, just like Miss Kominsky and Mrs. Wheeler did to us when we were at school.” I shuffled around awkwardly, knowing that Nicola was finding this hilarious, biting her lip to stop herself from laughing.

“And then what do Auntie Maureen and Auntie Doreen do, young man?” The large, blonde-haired lady pushed.

I felt that my cock was fully-erect and knew that Nicola could see the bulge in my trousers as she stood looking at me.

“They put cream on my bottom to soothe it and then they give me a treat in their bedrooms,” I whispered.

Doreen walked across to me and placed her large right hand on the bulge in my trousers, moving her hands backwards and forwards over it, ignoring my awkwardness.

“And today, as a birthday gift to you, from Auntie Maureen and myself, Nicola here, Nicola, who you really like, is going to help your Aunties deal with your bad behaviour over the last month. Won’t that be a treat, Peter?” She exhaled heavily, still stroking my rock-hard cock over my trousers.

“And maybe, just maybe, if you’re a very good boy, as a very special treat, a birthday treat, Nicola here will maybe do some of the things to you afterwards to show that we have forgiven you for being such a bad, bad, boy.” She leaned over, whispering in my ear.

“Would you like that, Peter?”

“A nice, slow wank, or tit wank from Nicola?” She kissed my cheek before moving away and looking at Nicola Patton, who did not seem adverse to the idea.

“Right, Nicola. I want you to strip this naughty young man and then put him across your knee for a damned good hand spanking.” Maureen Hannah instructed sternly.

“Everything off and then sit on the sofa, get him over your knee and smack his bottom until it is hot, red and sore, young lady!” She unintentionally raised her voice.

The tall, slim, eighteen-year-old girl stepped over to me, looked into my blue eyes and reached over with both hands, pulling my white shirt out from my trousers.

“Yes, Auntie Maureen. I’ll spank his arse black and blue for you, I promise.” She said icily as she began to undo the buttons on my shirt, looking into my eyes as she did so.

Nicola slowly, and carefully unbuttoned my shirt, smiling as she opened the final button, revealing my bare chest beneath. Next, she placed her arms around me and pulled my white shirt down, over my shoulders, until she pulled my arms free – first the right – then the left – until she was holding my shirt in her hands. The tall girl continued to stare at me seductively through her green eyes as she pulled the sleeves of my shirt through before neatly folding it and placing it down over the arm of one of the leather armchairs. Next, she reached over and placed both hands on the waistband of my black trousers.

“Kick your shoes off, naughty boy.” Nicola Patton looked into my eyes, continuing to work the button on the top of my trousers.

As I struggled to kick my black shoes off, the dark-haired girl laughed as the button opened. She stood there, hands in the waist of my trousers, as I finally removed my shoes, kicking them to one side. Nicola licked her bright red lips seductively before her right hand reached for the zip of my trousers, which she quickly undid. The eighteen-year-old girl looked into my eyes as she pushed them down, allowing them to fall to the floor.

“Step out of them, young man.” Nicola Patton instructed, ensuring that her silky blouse was now touching my bare chest.

I gasped, aware that my cock was fully erect and sticking out under my black boxer shorts. I did as she had instructed, and again, Nicola bent down and picked my trousers from the floor, smiling at Maureen and Doreen as she folded them neatly and placed them on top of my shirt on the chair. When she returned her attention to me, her right hand went straight to my throbbing cock, the tip of it uncovered. Miss Patton stroked it softly, staring at me as she did so, not saying a word. The dark-haired girl probably would have stood like this all afternoon, seeing me growing more and more turned on, but she was interrupted by Maureen.

“Nicola. Hurry up please – he needs his bottom spanked!” She snapped.

The eighteen-year-old girl smiled and slipped both of her hands into the waist of my underwear, wasting no time at all in pushing them down, smiling as they rested at my ankles, my cock on full show for the first time that afternoon.

“Step out of them and then take your socks off, you bad, bad boy!” She whispered.

I complied immediately and moments later was standing naked facing the Hannah sisters. Nicola Patton had picked my boxer shorts from the floor and folded them neatly, placing them on the armchair, before she had picked up my shoes and socks, placing them to the side of the armchair where my clothes were. Nicola had then adjusted her blouse, brushed her hair with her hands before taking the few steps over to the large leather sofa, where she had sat in the middle, folding her black skirt out of the way and revealing her shapely, powerful thighs. She patted her silky smooth thighs softly with the palms of both hands as she looked across at me.

“Come here and bend over my knee, Peter. Nicola is going to smack your bottom for getting me in trouble with Miss Kominsky.” She laughed softly.

I stood and hesitated for a few moments as I looked across at Nicola Patton on the sofa. She had opened her legs wide, her strong, muscular thighs clear to see. Her large breasts stood out proudly, straining against her tight, silky white blouse. She had placed her arms out of the way to allow me to position myself over her lap and she was smiling at me. My hesitation was short-lived as Doreen walked across to me, her large breasts touching me through her white blouse as she stood next to me.

“You heard Nicola – over her lap now. Or does Auntie Doreen have to give you a helping hand, young man?” The short, well-built woman hissed, a totally pissed-off look spreading across her face.

I knew exactly what a “helping hand” was from Doreen – usually a belting, so I moved and soon found myself lowering myself down against Nicola’s bare legs, I moaned quietly as my erect cock touched the inside of her silky smooth left thigh.

“Bad boy!” She whispered seductively, as she helped me to position myself.

Moments later, I was lying across Nicola Patton’s strong knees. My legs were resting over the far arm of the sofa, my cock carefully positioned so that it was touching the eighteen-year-old’s inner left thigh. I had grabbed one of the red cushions and held it in both hands, ready to bury my face deep inside it once my punishment began. I had no idea how hard Nicola Patton was capable of spanking me but feared the worst. Behind me, the dark-haired girl had placed her small left-hand flat on my lower back and she had started to rub my bare buttocks softly with her right hand. Her warm hand against my cold bottom made me relax and I pushed my cock further against her thigh, a fact not lost on Nicola. She giggled as the tip of my cock brushed the inside of her left leg and prepared herself to punish me.

She took a few deep breaths and adjusted her long, brown hair one final time until she was satisfied. Her perfume was strong, and it seemed that, as her emotions rose, and she became more and more aroused, that the scent grew stronger. I had just started to relax and placed my face into the cushion when the young lady took her small right hand from my bottom, bringing it down, without warning, a moment later.


Her hand landed flat across my lower right buttock, igniting a fire almost immediately. The pain was much worse than what Natasha Kominsky or either of the Hannah sisters had done to me in the past. I cried out and desperately took the cushion over my face, holding it as tightly as I could to muffle my cries. Auntie Doreen and Auntie Maureen stood next to the table in the corner of the living room, arms folded across their chests, watching in awe, as the slim, dark-haired girl spanked me and spanked me for all she was worth, showing no emotion, or sympathy whatsoever, as she unleashed a severe bare-bottomed spanking that covered every inch of my backside, from my muscular buttocks right down across the backs of my legs.

“Slap!” “Slap!” “Slap!” “Slap!” “Slap!” “Slap!”

The slim young woman slowly and carefully smacked my bottom, deliberately landing her small, but surprisingly hard, right hand at regular intervals on my left and my right bum cheeks. As Nicola quickly turned my pale buttocks a deep shade of pink, I cried into the cushion which I held as tight as I could to my face. As Nicola Patton’s hard hand continued to smack my bottom and the backs of my legs I took my face from the damp cushion, turned and pleaded with her to stop.

“Please, Nicola – please stop!” I yelled, in between the tears and the sobs.

The young lady with the long, dark hair tied up behind her head, did stop for a moment. She smiled down sweetly at me before removing her left hand from my back. I returned my face to the cushion, thinking that my friend had listened to reason and tried to return my breathing to normal. The next sensation I felt was Nicola Patton’s left arm grabbing me around the waist. She held me tightly and used every ounce of strength to hold me in a vice-like grip against her blouse and skirt. She looked over at Doreen and Maureen Hannah before leaning over me and whispering softly in my left ear.


Within seconds, the onslaught against my bottom resumed, this time, Nicola targeted my lower buttocks and the tops of my thighs, which she slapped regularly and slapped hard, smiling to herself as she left the odd handprint on my skin.

“Slap!” “Slap!” “Slap!” “Slap!” “Slap!” “Slap!”

The eighteen-year-old student must have smacked my bottom and thighs with her small hand for a good fifteen minutes or so. I must admit that I have no idea how long the no-nonsense and emotionless spanking lasted but know that it included several minutes during which time, Nicola Patton unleashed a rapid-fire dose with her small hand, concentrating upon smacking the backs of my legs, the eighteen-year-old landing the palm of her hand against the tops of my thighs and all the way down to my calves.

“Slap!” “Slap!” “Slap!” “Slap!” “Slap!” “Slap!”

I cried and shouted into the cushion on the sofa, but Nicola continued her work, only pausing when she was satisfied and exhausted from her exertions. She brought her left arm out from around my waist and returned her hand to my lower back, whilst rubbing and gently squeezing my sore and hot bum cheeks and thighs. The young lady looked over at Doreen and Maureen who were standing watching her, both of them open-mouthed at what they had just witnessed. They had not expected the girl to be able to punish almost as hard as they did. Nicola was breathing heavily, and she could feel the sweat on her brow. It had also started to drip down her back and she knew that she was aroused – the dampness in her knickers making her shuffle around on the sofa.

Doreen and Maureen Hannah watched the young woman sitting on the sofa with me draped over her lap. They smiled as they continued listening to me sniffing and sobbing noisily into the cushion. Nicola Patton continued touching and rubbing my burning bottom and thighs, not saying a word as she did so. Eventually, it was Maureen who spoke, walking across the living room and standing to the left-hand side of the sofa, looking down at my red and sore bottom as she stood there, arms folded across her chest.

“Good girl, Nicola.” She smiled at the young woman on the sofa.

“You weren’t joking when you said you could smack a bottom, were you?” She unfolded her arms and opened one of the top buttons of her white blouse.

“I certainly wouldn’t like to have misbehaved for you if you were my babysitter.” Maureen Hannah added.

Nicola Patton started to laugh as she looked up at the older woman standing next to the sofa.

“I think it’s time we got our naughty boy up and wallop that naughty little botty with our implements, isn’t it?” Maureen Hannah continued.

“And this time Peter, seen as it is your birthday spanking, you shall be receiving eighteen smacks with each of them instead of the usual twelve.” Doreen Hannah added, walking over to the table where she had neatly laid out her collection of spanking tools.

As I lay there over Nicola’s lovely knees, sobbing into the cushion that I continued holding to my face, the dark-haired girl rubbed her small right hand over my hot and sore bum cheeks but eventually, the eighteen-year-old girl slipped her hand between my legs, touching my cock and balls as she reached further and further, laughing as she eventually came to my anus. The next sensation I felt was Nicola Patton’s long, bright red fingernail touching and massaging it, making me squirm as her finger did its work, pushing deeper and deeper inside my arse until her index finger, with its long, bright red fingernail gently scraped against it. The Hannah sisters eventually noticed what the young lady was doing to me on the sofa and smiled at one another.

“Nicola!” Maureen Hannah spoke sternly as she looked down at my friend on their sofa.

“I don’t think we asked you to do that to him – you naughty girl!” She snapped, walking across to her sister, who stood smiling at the girl on the sofa.

In her large right hand, Doreen Hannah held the small, round-headed, tan-coloured leather spanking paddle.

“I think a spanking for you as well, naughty Nicola!” She smiled sweetly at the dark-haired girl on the sofa.

Nicola Patton laughed. She did not care. Secretly, she wanted to have her bottom smacked by one, or both, of the large ladies.

“Auntie Maureen, do you want to smack her bottom whilst I deal with Peter?” Doreen asked her younger sister.

Minutes later, the eighteen-year-old girl was lying over Maureen Hannah’s large lap. The younger Hannah sister had brought a high-backed, padded dining room chair into the living room and sat down on the padded seat before inviting Nicola to bend over her knees. Nicola had smiled at the forty-three-year-old with the dark-blonde hair and dramatically bent over her lap, placing her hands flat on the carpeted floor before her and touching the floor behind her with the tips of her shiny black shoes. As Nicola’s skirt touched Maureen’s knee-length grey skirt, my friend relaxed and opened her legs slightly, happily settling in for her spanking.

“Naughty little slut, aren’t you, Nicola?” Maureen hissed as she used both hands to fold the girl’s short black skirt out of the way, revealing her silky white knickers.

My friend giggled. First, at the thought of being told off by Maureen and second, at the thought of being smacked by the well-built lady with the large hands.

“Shall I smack you over your knickers to start with, or should we just do things the same way we do when we deal with Peter?”

As she spoke, the younger Hannah sister looked across the living room at where Doreen was dealing with me. She smiled at her sister, who had replaced Nicola on the large leather sofa. She had me lying over her lap, my head was once again buried in the cushion and the blonde-haired woman was rubbing my bottom with her right hand, waiting for the signal to restart my birthday spanking.

“Ooh, bare bottom please, Auntie Maureen!” Nicola replied cheekily, laughing before turning her head and looking back down at the carpeted floor in front of her.

Maureen smiled and adjusted her small, round glasses with her left index finger before slipping her large hands down the sides of the girl’s knickers, carefully pulling them down. Nicola Patton helped the older woman by lifting her hips to allow Maureen to take her underwear down. Eventually, her knickers were around her lower thighs, her small, beautiful bottom fully exposed and ready for her spanking.

“You bad, bad, girl. Auntie Maureen is going to spank your bottom and make you very sorry for teasing Peter and also for acting and dressing like a little slut.” Miss Hannah leaned over and whispered into Nicola’s left ear.

Again, the eighteen-year-old giggled, but this stopped quickly as Maureen brought her large, heavy right hand crashing down against my friend’s small right buttock.


Nicola wriggled and squirmed around on Maureen’s large lap, but the younger Hannah sister simply slipped her left arm around Nicola’s slim waist and held her tightly into her by-now, creased white blouse. As Maureen Hannah slapped Nicola’s lovely bottom, quickly turning it a shade of bright pink, on the sofa, Doreen slowly administered eighteen painful smacks with the round-headed, leather paddle, holding me tightly as she applied nine full-force slaps with the ideal over-the-knee implement to each of my already sore bum cheeks.

“Smack!” “Smack!” “Smack!” “Smack!” “Smack!” “Smack!”

As the older sister laid on each painful smack with her paddle, she paused after each one to give me some time to recover but also to look across at her sister, who was slapping Nicola Patton’s bottom for all she was worth, the sound of the woman’s large, heavy hand carrying out of the living room and into the hallway as it landed again and again against the eighteen-year-old’s rapidly reddening bottom. The young student took her spanking well, hardly showing any reaction. She seemed to just lie there and take what Miss Hannah was giving her. Nicola was a tough girl, but also really enjoyed being spanked and soon found herself in her sub-space, hardly feeling Maureen’s hand as it connected with her bottom. The more Maureen Hannah spanked, the more aroused Nicola became, licking her lips as she felt how damp she was between the legs.

The younger sister spanked Nicola for nearly ten minutes, after which time she had turned Nicola’s small bottom a bright shade of pink, with some darker patches of red in places. The girl’s bottom was warm to the touch and Miss Hannah smiled as she asked the girl to get up from her lap. The forty-three-year-old had been careful to only smack Nicola Patton’s bottom, conscious that if she went for the girl’s thighs as well that people would see the marks as she was wearing a skirt and short white school socks and not tights that would have hidden the evidence of a spanking. However, when it came to me, my thighs were a fair target – I could always wear my long trousers until the marks had disappeared.

As the dark-haired girl stood next to Maureen who was still sitting on the padded dining room chair, she brushed her long, dark hair from her face and rubbed both hands over her hot and sore bottom. She bit her lower lip and tried not to show Maureen how aroused she had become from the hand spanking.

“Pull your knickers up and sort that skirt out please, young lady and then go and sit on the sofa next to Auntie Doreen.” Maureen Hannah smiled as she spoke softly, looking up at the tall girl as she did so.

Miss Hannah had tried to avoid looking at Nicola Patton’s pussy but could not help but focus on it. She had a bush of dark black pubic hair covering it, which stood out against her pale skin. The eighteen-year-old continued standing next to Maureen’s chair, rubbing her bottom with her hands for a few minutes until finally, she carefully pulled her tight, white knickers up and pulled her black skirt down, smiling as she adjusted it, ensuring that it was straight before turning her attention to her white blouse, which she ironed the creases from with both hands, deliberately pushing her large breasts out, giving Maureen Hannah a good look as they moved under the girl’s very tight blouse.

“Slut.” The forty-three-year-old woman with the small round glasses whispered.

“Go and sit on the sofa next to Auntie Doreen, girl.” She added before turning her attention to me.

“Peter. Up you get and get yourself over my knees. Doreen, can you pass me the clothes brush, please?” The younger sister asked.

Soon, I found myself in the familiar “bent over” position across Maureen Hannah’s knees as Nicola sat uncomfortably on the leather sofa next to Doreen. The eighteen-year-old was sitting uncomfortably due to the heat coming from her well-smacked bottom and also due to the fact that she was so aroused from spanking me and also from being spanked herself. She shuffled around as she watched Maureen on the high-backed dining room chair. The forty-three-year-old woman placed her left arm around my waist and held me tightly into her lap as she slowly, and painfully administered eighteen bottom-blistering swipes with the nasty little black clothes brush, pausing between each smack to admire her work.

“Thump!” “Thump!” “Thump!” “Thump!” “Thump!” “Thump!”

Nicola Patton sat on the sofa, open-mouthed in shock as she watched the usually sweet and caring younger sister spank my bottom and spank it as hard as physically possible with the ebony clothes brush. Maureen ignored my cries and promises to be good in the future if only she would stop smacking me, instead concentrating on bringing the small brush down, time and time again against my lower bum cheeks and the backs of my legs. She said nothing as she held me into her blouse and skirt, simply pausing before bringing down her next nasty swipe until she had administered eighteen such blows, smiling as she saw how red my bottom had become from this part of my birthday spanking.

The younger sister with the small round glasses and the dark-blonde hair tied up with the black hair clip sat with me over her knees for a few minutes, letting me cry, sniff and sob for all I was worth. Maureen knew that she was aroused from having me over her strong and sturdy knees and hoped that like last time, I chose her to give me my birthday treat. She had enjoyed giving me a blow job and had thought about little else since then, still quite shocked at the size and width of my cock. She definitely wanted more of it.

“Right, young man. Get yourself up and then come and bend over the arm of the sofa so we can finish your punishment, you bad, bad boy.” Doreen Hannah spoke softly, getting up from the sofa as she did so.

The older sister brushed the creases from her navy knee-length skirt as she spoke and turned and smiled as Nicola got to her feet too. As Doreen Hannah walked over to the table and picked up the large, rubber-soled plimsoll that she had recently added to her growing collection of spanking implements, Maureen helped me to my feet, and I rubbed my eyes before placing my hands on my buttocks and tried in vain to rub the pain away. I stepped towards Nicola, who shot me a cheeky smile before she noticed that Doreen was tapping the size eleven plimsoll against the palm of her right hand.

“Over the cushions on the arm of the sofa, Peter. Rest your hips on the cushions and you may put your face in that cushion over there if you wish while Nicola and I give you eighteen with the plimsoll.” She spoke softly, tapping the plimsoll noisily against the palm of her hand as she did so.

“Then you can tell us if we can smack you with it harder than Miss Kominsky did or whether we need some more practice with it.” She laughed and took a few steps towards me.

“Bend over.” She spoke in a whisper, gesturing with the white gym shoe in her hand as she did so.

Moments later, my face was back in the damp cushion, and I held it against my face for dear life, knowing exactly how hard a whacking with the plimsoll hurt. Natasha Kominsky was only a slightly built lady, but she had certainly laid it across my backside. She had allowed me to keep my underwear on whilst she had smacked me with her plimsoll, and I had found myself crying after her second smack with it. Doreen was much bigger and would be able to put much more force behind each smack with the heavy shoe. Added to the fact that it would be across my bare bottom, which was already red and sore, then this was going to be extremely painful.

Doreen stood to my left-hand side my bottom presented perfectly for her to administer a walloping with the plimsoll. My hips rested on the cushions that she had piled on the arm of the sofa, and this raised my bottom in the air, presenting the older sister with the ideal target. The well-built, forty-five-year-old began to tap my already sore and swollen bottom with the plimsoll before she was satisfied with where that first nasty swipe would land. She pulled her right arm back, held the gym shoe in her hand for a moment before sending it speeding towards my awaiting bottom. It landed across the lower part of my right bum cheek a moment later with a painful “Whack!”

I yelled into the cushion and the tears had started to form in my eyes once more. I wriggled and squirmed around on the sofa for a few moments as the pain registered in my brain. Doreen Hannah allowed me to recover, smiling at Nicola, who was watching her with her arms folded across her chest. Once Miss Hannah had decided that I had had enough time to settle myself, she laid the heavy shoe against my left buttock and brought the shoe crashing down against it a moment later.


Again, I pushed my face deeper into the cushion and cried for all I was worth, but this was ignored by Doreen, Maureen and Nicola. Doreen Hannah simply allowed me to calm myself before administering her next smack across my right buttock with the nasty canvas shoe with its heavy rubber sole. After a few minutes, the blonde-haired lady’s final smack landed across my lower left buttock with a loud “whack!” and she smiled as she held the shoe out for Nicola Patton.

Nicola smiled as she took it in her right hand, and she spent a few moments adjusting the grip she had on it until she was happy. During this time, I was sniffing and sobbing into the cushion, my bottom on fire behind me, aware that my punishment was far from over. Soon I felt the rubber sole of the gym shoe being tapped against the tops of my thighs and I closed my eyes and bit my lower lip, awaiting the spanking to start once more. I did not have long to wait as, out of my sight, Nicola brought the plimsoll down through the air, the large sole of the shoe landing flat against the crease in between my right bum cheek and the back of my leg with a loud, and painful, “Whack!”

I cried and shouted into the cushion as the pain registered in my brain, but Nicola continued, just like Doreen had done, giving me a few moments in between each painful swipe before bringing down her next one. The eighteen-year-old girl deliberately giving both my left and my right bum cheeks and thighs an equal share, before she landed her ninth and final smack across the centre of my bottom.


The young lady with the long dark hair stood admiring her work for a few moments, holding the large canvas plimsoll in her right hand before Doreen took it for her and returned it to the table. She smiled at the girl as she took the few steps back to her, holding her two-foot-long, tan-colored, twin-tailed tawse in her large right hand.

To be continued…..

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