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Doreen and Maureen Spank Me after I was Caught with my Fingers in the Till

I still, even to this day, have no idea why I took those two ten-pound notes from the cash drawer in the room above the grocery store at which I worked part-time. I had no need to take them and was not even that way inclined. I was a good boy. Studious, polite, courteous, considerate and helpful and I had worked in Hannah’s convenience store for over three years. I had started out delivering newspapers for Doreen and Maureen Hannah, the two sisters who owned and ran the store in our village. As I grew a little older, the women trained me to do more tasks around the shop, until at just over seventeen years old, I would do everything that the two sisters would do.

In those days, it was still at a time where shops closed for half a day a week in the afternoon, and Hannah’s closed at 1 pm each and every Thursday. That particular Thursday afternoon, after we had served the last few customers and brought down the “closed” sign and locked the door, Maureen Hannah and myself had carried the two cash trays from the tills upstairs to the room that doubled as a storeroom and the ladies’ office. Maureen had smiled as she had left me alone in the room, hurrying along the corridor to use the bathroom, leaving me alone with the cash trays, the banknotes stacked high as they usually were on a Thursday.

I had tried to concentrate on doing what I needed to do before I would be allowed to go home that afternoon but kept staring at the cash trays from the tills, stuffed with five, ten and twenty Pound notes. After a few moments, I found myself standing by the two trays and after a quick glance over my left shoulder, my right hand reached across, picking two, crisp, ten Pound notes from one of the trays. I had just slid them into my right-hand trouser pocket when my blood ran cold, and I froze to the spot.

“Take those notes from your pocket Peter and place them back on the table in front of you.” The voice instructed calmly, but with a clear hint of anger in its tone.

I shot round and was face-to-face with Doreen Hannah, the older of the two sisters. She had a thoroughly pissed-off look on her face as she stood in the doorway with her arms folded across her chest. The well-built, forty-five-year-old woman took a couple of steps into the room and continued to stare at me.

“I saw you put some notes in your right trouser pocket young man, so take them out and place them on the table in front of you this instant.” She spoke quietly but sternly, taking another step towards me as she did so.

I hesitated and panicked, looking at the cash drawers on the table and then back at Doreen, her extremely large bosom, straining under her tight, white long-sleeved blouse. Nervously, I reached inside my right-hand trouser pocket, felt for the notes and slowly brought them out, not looking at the short, blonde-haired woman, before placing them softly on the table in front of me.

“Is that all of it, Peter?” She asked angrily.

I nodded nervously, aware of the pressure in my bladder increasing as Doreen Hannah looked me up and down.

“Please, Miss Hannah. I don’t know why I did it. I am so sorry. Please don’t tell the Police. Or my Auntie Lindsay!” I unintentionally raised my voice as I thought about the consequences if the ladies picked up the phone to my Auntie, who had taken me into her home all those years ago.

Doreen Hannah laughed wickedly as she continued to look me up and down. At that moment, the toilet flushed, followed by the sound of running water in the bathroom, until finally it stopped, and the bathroom door was opened.

“Maureen. We’re in here. I think that we have a little problem to deal with.” Doreen Hannah called over her shoulder, before returning her attention to me. She looked thoroughly pissed off.

I heard footsteps on the wooden floor outside and within moments, the other Hannah sister had joined us in the storeroom. She looked at me and then at her older sister, who stood there with her arms folded across her chest.

“What’s going on Doreen?” The younger woman asked, confused.

Doreen Hannah took a deep breath, her large breasts moving up and down under her white blouse as she did so.

“Do you want to tell Maureen what I found you doing when I walked in here, Peter? Or shall I?” She spoke almost in a whisper as she continued to stare at me.

“Peter?” Maureen asked, the hint of confusion still evident.

I looked down at my black shoes and felt the tears starting to form in my eyes. I remained silent, hoping that I could get myself out of this mess.

“Sis?” Maureen Hannah sensed I wasn’t going to tell her what the problem was, so she turned to her older sister instead.

“Caught him taking money from the tray – twenty Pounds it looks like.” She spat out almost in triumph as she looked over at the notes lying crumpled on the table.

Maureen shook her head and walked quickly across the room until she stood at my right-hand side and looked down at the table where, indeed, there were two Ten-Pound notes.

“Why Peter?” The younger Hannah sister asked softly, still extremely confused.

I stood there and shook my head, tears starting to roll down my cheeks.

“Come on, Sweetie, tell Maureen why?” She soothed, instinctively taking hold of me in both arms and holding me in a strong embrace as I sniffed and sobbed, my tears dripping onto the woman’s blouse.

Eventually, I had managed to explain that I had no idea why I had taken the money. I did not need it – I got paid well enough as it was. I liked my job. I liked working for the sisters. I would not do it again.

Then I had started to wonder what they were going to do about this, and I panicked – how I would do anything they asked of me. If only they did not report it to the Police. If only they would not call Auntie Lindsay and tell her what I had been caught doing. If they would not sack me as I liked and needed the job to help me pay my own way through College.

Maureen had cuddled and soothed me as I had cried my heart out, looking over at her sister, who grew increasingly angry. She so wanted to call my Auntie Lindsay, knowing exactly how my strict Aunt dealt with poor behaviour – the ladies often discussing it at length when they were in the shop and not caring who overheard them. Doreen knew only too well about Lindsay and the thick leather belt that she kept hanging on a hook in the bedroom, or her ebony-backed clothes brush, or the birch twigs that she regularly made up into switches and kept in water, ready in case they ever needed to be used against a naughty bottom.

“I think that we need to either call Lindsay or march him round to her and explain what I discovered him doing, Sis.” Doreen Hannah said, licking her lips at the prospect of maybe being allowed to witness me being thrashed by my no-nonsense Aunt Lindsay.

The younger Hannah sister, simply Ssshhhhed me and pulled me even tighter into her blouse, ignoring her sister for a moment.

“Oh do be quiet, Doreen.” She replied eventually.

“There’s no real harm done – I mean, the money is here, and Peter is sorry for what he has done, and he won’t do it again, will you Lovely?” She spoke softly as she looked at me.

I raised my head and nodded frantically at the blonde-haired lady.

“I won’t Maureen – I swear. I’m so sorry!” I spat out.

The younger sister smiled at me and kissed me gently on my right cheek before returning her attention to her older sister.

“There. Sorted. No need for the Police – they’d only laugh at you anyway seen as nothing was actually taken and, if you got rid of this usually conscientious young man, then we’ll both be doing double shifts in the shop until we can find a trustworthy replacement, wouldn’t we, Doreen?” She spoke calmly as she stared at her sister.

Doreen Hannah grunted. She did not fancy doing sixteen-hour days for God knows how long at her age. The fact that they employed me helped her to have a relatively easy time of things in the shop.

“I still think he needs his arse tanning as a warning as to what will happen if he ever does anything like that ever again!” She snapped.

Maureen smiled sweetly at me and gave me a quick cuddle. I had just started to relax, thinking that Maureen was going to send me home, free and clear, when she nodded.

“I agree with you, Sis. And that’s how we shall deal with this matter.”

I stood there in absolute shock as the two well-built ladies watched me.

“We will smack your bottom and you will take everything that we give you, Peter.” Maureen walked across to where her sister was standing.

The look of sheer anger on Doreen’s face now replaced with a smile that was growing wider at the thought of actually getting to spank my bottom.

“We won’t stop until we are satisfied, and, in return, we’ll say no more about this regrettable incident, which I’m sure was just a one-off. A momentary lapse of judgement.” She giggled.

“You can keep your job and we won’t tell your Auntie Lindsay about what you have done.” Maureen continued.

“If you ever do something like this again then I shall bring this up with her as well and she can deal with you in the way that you know she does and, you won’t be working here anymore. Am I making myself clear, young man?” The short, plump, blonde-haired woman asked softly.

I did not want to be spanked by the ladies, especially not by Doreen, who probably was going to beat my backside red raw, but I knew that I had little alternative. I nodded submissively.

“Yes Maureen.”

Maureen Hannah smiled at her sister before returning her attention back to me.

“Now, I want you to remove all of your clothing – and I mean everything, Peter – and then come and join us in the living room. We’ll get your spanking over and done with as quickly as possible and then we’ll send you on your way.” She spoke almost in a whisper.

I was desperate for the toilet and raised my right hand in the air.

“Yes, Sweetie. What is it?” Maureen Hannah asked, a smile spreading across her face.

“Please Miss Hannah, please may I use the bathroom before I get smacked?” I asked pathetically.

Doreen laughed loudly.

“You’d better young man, as I don’t want you pissing all over my lap when I have you over my knees. But be quick about it!” She snapped.

I stayed in the bathroom as long as I dared before returning to the office. The sisters had left the room and I could hear them chatting in their living room next door. I carefully removed my clothes, starting with my shirt which I placed on the table next to the cash drawers that seemed to be taunting at me – even laughing at me as if they knew what was coming my way in a few minutes time. Next I bent down and removed my black shoes and then my socks, which I placed inside my shoes. I sighed heavily as I reached for the button on my trousers and unfastened it before unzipping them and carefully stepping out of them before picking them up and folding them neatly and placing them on the table.

I knew that I had an erection and tried to think of something to take my mind off it, but it was no good. No matter what I would do, the Hannah sisters were sure to notice it as soon as I walked into their living room. I placed both hands inside my boxer shorts and slid them down, stepping out of them before bending down and picking them up from the floor. I folded them neatly and placed them on top of my other clothes and took a deep breath as I listened to the women chatting next door. I couldn’t delay the inevitable any longer and took another deep breath before walking out into the hallway and then the five or so steps until I came to the living room.

I entered the room, aware that my large, thick cock was fully erect and was standing out proudly in front of me. Doreen Hannah, sitting in one of the comfortable leather armchairs in the spacious living room noticed it immediately and smiled at me.

“Do you get an erection like that when your Aunt is going to smack your bottom, Peter?” She asked seriously.

I was burning with embarrassment, and I tried to avoid looking at the two ladies.

“I bet I know how Lindsay would cure you of that.” She added.

The older Hannah sister was absolutely correct, of course. She knew from her conversations with my Auntie Lindsay exactly what would happen if I had an erection whilst being punished. If I showed that I was excited before or during a spanking, then my thirty-five-year-old Auntie would strap my bare bottom with her thick leather belt until the erection had disappeared.

“Doreen!” Maureen Hannah interrupted, embarrassed at her sister.

She simply wanted to get this over and done with as quickly as possible.

“Now, like Doreen says. You’re no stranger to having your bottom smacked, are you, Peter?” She asked softly.

I looked down at the lady with the dark blonde hair, which she wore tied up with a black hair clip behind her head.

“No Maureen. I’ve been smacked by Auntie Lindsay and a couple of times when I was at school.” I answered honestly.

“And who smacked you at school?” The younger sister asked quietly.

“And what did they smack you with?” She added.

I continued to stare at her, erection still proudly pointing across at her as she sat on the large sofa.

“I got smacked by my English teacher, Miss Kominsky when she caught me and Nicola, a girl in my class messing about under the table in one of her lessons – we both got smacked with her hand and a gym shoe across our underpants for that,” I replied quietly, aware that thinking about being spanked wasn’t helping my erection issue.

“And?” Maureen asked.

“I got the strap across my bottom from my Form Mistress, Mrs. Wheeler for being late three times in one half term.” I almost smiled.

Maureen laughed softly. She remembered when I had told her about receiving twelve swipes with Karen Wheeler’s tan-coloured school strap for being late three times in the autumn term. It had been due to working in the shop and the late deliveries that sometimes happened, that had resulted in me arriving late at school and then, reaching that painful milestone of three late marks in one half term which resulted in an automatic after school detention and a dose of corporal punishment. Mrs. Wheeler’s weapon of choice was the thin, but surprisingly heavy, tan-coloured leather strap which she kept in the cupboard at the front of her classroom. She had made me take my trousers down and bend over her desk, whipping me emotionlessly twelve times, ignoring my cries, sobs and shouts as she tanned my backside.

“Ah yes, I remember that.” Maureen Hannah said almost apologetically and smiled sweetly at me.

The well-built lady with the dark-blonde hair and the small, round glasses, shuffled around on the sofa until she was sitting in the middle. She looked up at me and patted her knees with both hands.

“Well, I want you to come and lie over my lap, Peter and we’ll start your punishment.” She moved her large hands from her black skirt and looked up at me.

I said nothing and simply nodded, carefully taking the few steps over to where she was. I stood at her right-hand side for a moment before carefully lowering myself down over her comfortable, skirt-covered lap. I placed my head into one of the cushions and raised my feet so that they were touching the other arm of the leather sofa. Behind me, Doreen was sitting forward on the edge of her armchair so that she could watch her younger sister in action. She could not believe that this was actually happening, nor that I had fallen into her trap after all these months. She was feeling so hot and aroused but tried to contain herself as Maureen prepared herself.

“Right, Sweetie. I’ll give you a chance to reconsider what we’re about to do to you.” She placed her powerful left hand on my lower back and pushed down gently.

“If you don’t want to be spanked by Doreen and myself, I’ll understand, but then we’ll have to tell your Auntie Lindsay and you won’t be working for us ever again.” She placed her large right hand on my cold, right buttock.

Maureen’s hand was so large that it almost covered my entire right bum cheek. The forty-two-year-old took a few deep breaths as she slowly and gently rubbed my bottom with her large hand, allowing me to move and push my hard cock against her covered left thigh.

“Do you want to go through with this, young man?” She asked softly, looking over at her older sister as she spoke.

She almost burst out laughing as she could sense that Doreen was praying that I accepted the spanking that she had been so carefully planning for months.

After a few moments, I lifted my head and turned to look at Maureen, who continued to rub my bottom and the backs of my legs gently with her fingernails.

“I’ll take a spanking, Miss Hannah,” I replied quietly before returning my face to the cushion in front of me.

Doreen Hannah let out a large sigh of relief and prepared herself for her part in my punishment. She looked across at the other armchair where she had piled her implements. She was seriously going to enjoy this.

“Very well, young man. I know that your Auntie Lindsay spanks you severely if you have been naughty, so just take what we’re going to give you and then the slate will be wiped clean. Is that understood?” The younger Hannah sister asked quietly.

“Yes, Miss Hannah.” My reply muffled by the cushion I was holding to my face.

Maureen smiled at her sister and raised her large, heavy right hand in the air. She paused for a few moments, thinking about where she would land her first smack and, once she was satisfied, she brought it down, the palm of her hand connecting flat across my lower right bum cheek.


I felt it instantly, but it was nowhere near as hard as Auntie Lindsay spanked, or Mrs. Wheeler, or the not-so-sweet and innocent-looking Miss Kominsky. I settled in as Maureen Hannah slowly and carefully laid out that first series of smacks with her heavy right hand across my bare bottom.

“Slap!” “Slap!” “Slap!” “Slap!” “Slap!” “Slap!”

The younger sister concentrated upon smacking both buttocks alternately, all the time using her strong left hand to push down on my back to hold me securely over her lap. I did not move around or squirm and struggle like I usually did when it was Auntie Lindsay spanking me and settled in for my punishment. Maureen‘s right hand was heavy and hard, but she did not smack too hard, instead, she focused on visiting each and every inch of my bare bottom, making sure that the skin was turned a nice shade of pink by the time she paused and placed her right-hand flat on my lower back.

The younger sister looked across at Doreen, who was watching her, absolutely fascinated. Maureen Hannah could feel herself growing increasingly hot – the sweat starting to drip down her back and the juices between her legs had started to flow even before I had taken my position over her knees. The dark-blonde-haired lady, smiled as she pushed her small glasses up to the top of her nose with the index finger on her left hand, before returning it to my back.

“Now, sweetie. I hope you’re beginning to realise how upset we are with you this afternoon and also, how we will deal with you if you ever step out of line in our shop.” Maureen scolded softly, rubbing my warm bottom with her right hand as she did so.

I nodded into the cushion.

“So, I’m going to give your bottom a few more smacks and then Doreen is going to smack you and then you can go home.” The well-built lady continued, lifting her right hand in the air as she spoke.

I smiled as I thought that this was it. A few light smacks from each lady and then it was all over. Nowhere near as bad as I had expected a few minutes previously as I undressed in the office next door. I began to breathe out, relieved that I would be walking away with nothing more than a warm bottom, which would probably be gone in a couple of hours. As I exhaled heavily once more, Maureen pushed her left arm under my waist and pulled me against her black cotton blouse with its cold buttons, holding me in a vice-like grip. The next sensation I felt was the same sensation I had felt when Miss Kominsky had hand spanked me in her classroom alongside Nicola, as Maureen Hannah’s right hand slapped my bottom – and slapped it hard.

“Slap!” “Slap!” “Slap!” “Slap!” “Slap!” “Slap!”

Maureen repeated her previous dose, spanking my right, and then my left, buttock alternately, only this time she used all of her strength to smack me as hard as she physically could. The pain instantly registered in my brain, and I began to wriggle and struggle around on the sofa, kicking my legs and screaming as the pain burned into my backside. The well-built disciplinarian paused for a moment until she had readjusted the hold that she had on me with her left arm before returning to the task in hand, laying out spank after painful spank across my red hot bottom.

“Slap!” “Slap!” “Slap!” “Slap!” “Slap!” “Slap!”

Maureen said nothing as she continued spanking me for about five minutes, during which time she spanked slowly, ensuring that she slapped me as hard as she physically could as well as catching every part of both buttocks with her solid right hand. I cried and sniffed into the cushion, my erection long since gone and wished that my punishment was over. However, that was far from the case as Maureen Hannah concluded her part of my punishment with a two-minute-long, rapid-fire hand spanking with her heavy hand, which deliberately targeted my lower bum cheeks and the tops of my legs.

“Slap!” “Slap!” “Slap!” “Slap!” “Slap!” “Slap!”

The powerfully-built woman held me tightly into her lap as I cried, sniffed and sobbed. Eventually she carefully took her left arm out from under my stomach and returned it to my back. She smiled at her older sister, who was sitting watching her. Doreen, for one, knew exactly how hard her quietly spoken and gentle little sister could spank, having been over her lap on many occasions in the past. Maureen Hannah licked her lips as she rubbed my bottom and thighs with her right hand, listening to me crying into the cushion in front of me on the sofa.

“I think that he’s beginning to learn the error of his ways, Doreen.” She announced softly, rubbing my burning backside as she did so.

“Indeed. Maureen.” The older Hannah sister replied sternly.

I lay over Maureen’s strong and sturdy lap for a few minutes, the forty-two-year-old with the dark blonde hair, continuing to rub and soothe my bottom with her large right hand as she looked across at her older sister, who had got up from the armchair and removed the creases from her white blouse before adjusting her denim skirt that covered her legs, all the way down to her ankles. She smiled at her younger sister, who brushed the hair that had fallen down during her exertions with her left hand. Doreen walked across to the other armchair and surveyed her collection of spanking tools for a moment before picking up the maroon coloured slipper with its white fur and rubber sole.

“My turn, sis.” The older Hannah sister smiled at Maureen as she walked back across the living room and stood looking down at her sister, who was sat on the sofa with me lying over her lap.

“How do you want to do this, Doreen?” Maureen smiled at her well-built sister who was standing looking down at her sitting on the leather sofa, tapping the slipper against the large palm of her right hand as she did so.

“With him over the arm of the sofa and you can hold him down into your lap as I wallop his botty with my slipper.” She flicked her long blonde hair back behind her right ear.

She could feel herself growing hotter and damp between her legs at the thought of actually getting to punish someone other than her sister. She had never spanked a young man before and she was going to enjoy herself.

A few minutes later, I found myself bent over the arm of the expensive leather sofa, hips raised by the cushions that Maureen had carefully piled on the right arm of the sofa to support my hips and to present her sister with the perfect target. My face was in Maureen Hannah’s black-skirted covered lap and the well-built woman pushed my shoulders down with both hands, her weight ensuring that I was going nowhere. I tried to prepare myself for this part of my punishment which was undoubtedly going to hurt as much as a thrashing from Auntie Lindsay.

“Now, you naughty, naughty little boy. I’m going to give you twelve with each of my toys and you’re going to take them with no fuss. Otherwise I’ll be calling your Auntie and telling her what you were caught doing this afternoon. Is that clear young man?” Doreen Hannah smiled at her sister as she spoke in a strict, teacherly tone.

I continued to sniff and sob into Maureen’s skirt as the older Hannah sister continued.

“And she will be sure to thrash your backside black and blue with her strap for what you have done and perhaps she’ll even let us watch her as she spanks your sorry little arse.” She laughed wickedly.

Doreen felt herself becoming hot and sweaty at the thought and her knickers also felt damp at the thought of spanking. She always felt like this when Lindsay told her about how she spanked me if I had misbehaved, and Doreen Hannah always ended up having to make an excuse to go to the bathroom or to her bedroom to masturbate at the thought.

“Let’s see if I can spank you harder than your Form Mistress, or your English teacher – and even Lindsay.” She spoke softly as she took up her position to my left-hand side.

The next sensation I felt was the rubber sole of the slipper gently tapping my right buttock as Miss Hannah prepared herself. On the sofa, Doreen tightened the hold she had on my shoulders and looked across at her sister, who had lifted the slipper from my bottom and drew it back. She took a deep breath and smiled as she sent it through the air, it’s journey ended a moment later when it connected solidly across my lower right bum cheek with a loud “Thump!” The sound it made echoing around the living room and out into the hallway.

Doreen Hannah smiled and let out a little laugh as she watched me wriggle and squirm around as the pain burned into my right buttock. Her younger sister pushed her weight down on my back to hold me in place as the older Hannah sister lifted her nasty slipper once more.


My left buttock received a painful swipe with the rubber-soled slipper. Again, I struggled and squirmed, but it was all in vain as Doreen held me tightly, pushing me into her black-skirted knees, her sister slowly and meticulously, laying those twelve, full-force swipes out as hard as she physically could, careful to land her heavy slipper equally across my left and right buttocks as well as the tops of my thighs.

“Thump!” “Thump!” “Thump!” “Thump!” “Thump!”

“Thump!” “Thump!” “Thump!” “Thump!” “Thump!”

A few minutes later, this part of my punishment was over, and I cried uncontrollably into Maureen Hannah’s knees as she continued to hold me tightly in place, bottom in the air, ready for her older sister’s next spanking tool. As Doreen Hannah walked over to the armchair and placed her slipper down, Maureen tried to soothe me.

“Ssshhhh, Sssshhhhh Sweetie.”

“There, there, Peter. I know it hurts young man.”

“We’re doing this for your own good so that you behave in the future.”

“Doreen and myself don’t like having to do this to you, Sweetie.”

As her sister walked back to the sofa, this time with the large wooden paddle in her right hand, she let out a laugh. Despite what her younger sister had just said, she most certainly did enjoy doing this. Watching me struggling and crying as she beat my bottom as hard as she could was such a turn-on for her. The powerfully-built lady in the white blouse laid the eighteen-inch long wooden paddle flat across my bottom and smiled at her sister.

“Hold him tightly please Maureen. Twelve of my very, very best with the paddle for being a little thief!” She hissed, flicking her blonde hair from her eyes as she spoke.

I cried into Maureen’s skirt as I felt her push her weight down on me, my bottom lifting ever so slightly in the air to present her sister with an easy target.

“You think about why you are being spanked right now, Peter and think about how you are going to make it up to us, young man.” She spoke sternly, lifting the heavy piece of wood in her right hand as she did so.

A moment later it landed with a tremendous “Whack!” across the centre of my already sore and bruised bottom.

I wriggled and squirmed, as the pain registered, but it was no good. Maureen held onto me for all she was worth, looking at her older sister as she slowly administered the remaining swats, pausing between each one to inspect her work.

“Whack!” “Whack!” “Whack!” “Whack!” “Whack!” “Whack!”

“Whack!” “Whack!” “Whack!” “Whack!” “Whack!”

Both ladies were hot and aroused from the punishment and Doreen unbuttoned the top buttons of her blouse, her silky white bra visible underneath. Maureen continued to hold me down into her damp skirt, soothing me as her sister returned the paddle to the armchair. A short while later she was back in position at my left-hand side, holding the thick, black leather belt in her right hand.

“Now, young man. Twelve with Miss Doreen’s belt.” She spoke almost in a whisper as she looked across at me, face down in her sister’s lap, bottom standing out in front of her.

“Or maybe you should call us Auntie Maureen and Auntie Doreen from now on?” She chuckled.

“I know that Lindsay belts you at home, so let’s see if I can hit you as hard as she does, shall I?” The blonde-haired lady continued.

I sniffed and sobbed into Maureen’s black skirt, which, by this time, was damp from my tears and the fact that she was so turned on from spanking me and watching her sister spanking me. Out of my sight, I could hear Doreen stretching the thick leather belt, it creaked as she wrapped it tightly around her large hand. Doreen Hannah smiled across at her sister once she had decided that the belt was secure in her right hand and that she had it to a perfect length for thrashing my bottom.

“Right, young man. Auntie Doreen is going to give you twelve lashes and you’re going to take them with no fuss. Otherwise I’ll tell Lindsay.” She spoke softly, laying the nasty piece of thick, black leather across my sore backside.

She paused for what seemed like an age before sending the belt on its way towards my bottom. It whistled through the air before its journey was abruptly ended when it collided with my lower left buttock.


I howled with pain into the cushion, but Maureen Hannah held me down, looking up at her sister, who had already re-taken her position, belt already over her right shoulder.


Again, I yelled as the belt slapped down hard against my right bum cheek. The sisters simply ignored me, and over the next ten minutes or so, Doreen Hannah whipped my bottom another ten times before walking away and replacing the belt on the armchair in the other corner of the living room.

“Smack!” “Smack!” “Smack!” “Smack!” “Smack!”

“Smack!” “Smack!” “Smack!” “Smack!” “Smack!”

I was held over Maureen Hannah’s black-skirted lap for a while until my crying had almost stopped and my sniffs and sobs were coming at much greater intervals. Behind me, Doreen stood, hands on her hips, the top few buttons of her white blouse undone, inspecting my bottom. She smiled and nodded at her sister, signalling that my punishment had indeed been a thorough one. My bottom was hot, red and sore and would be a lasting reminder to me for days to come not to steal from the Hannah sisters’ shop. After about five minutes, Maureen sat up, taking her weight from my shoulders and placed her right hand on my sore bottom.

“Stand up, Sweetie. All done and forgiven.” She spoke in a whisper.

It took me a while to do as instructed as I carefully eased my face from Maureen’s damp black skirt and got to my feet, immediately placing both of my hands on my swollen and sore buttocks, rubbing them slowly and gently, trying to rub the pain away. I looked at Maureen, who was still sitting on the sofa, looking up at me, a sweet smile on her face as she brushed the creases from her damp skirt, then pushed her dark blonde hair behind her ears, before finally, unbuttoning her black blouse, enabling me to see her black bra which held her large breasts.

Standing to my left-hand side was Doreen, also with her blouse undone. She stood there with her arms folded across her chest, licking her lips as she looked me up and down, noticing my large cock, which had started to swell once more.

“Naughty boy. I hope that you realise what will happen if you ever steal from us in the future?” She took a few steps towards me until she was standing so close to me that her cotton blouse and denim skirt brushed against my skin.

I was still sniffing and sobbing and simply nodded at her, through teary eyes.

“I don’t think that we need to involve Auntie Lindsay in this, do we Sis?” She looked over my shoulder at her younger sister, who had got up from the sofa.

Maureen Hannah nodded at her older sister.

“No, Doreen. It has been adequately dealt with as far as I’m concerned. What do you think?” The younger sister stood staring at my by-now fully erect cock which was pointing out proudly towards her.

“I think a cuddle to show that we have forgiven him and then, some cream and then you can get dressed and go home, young man.” Doreen smiled as she walked over to me and put her arms around me.

I let her put her strong arms around me and placed both my hands on her hips, sniffing and sobbing as she held me, her perfume growing stronger and stronger as we stood there.

“I’m sorry Miss Hannah,” I said softly.

Doreen pulled away and looked into my blue eyes before planting a gentle kiss on my forehead.

“Auntie Doreen from now on, Peter.” She whispered before kissing me again and then holding me tightly in her arms.

“I’m sorry, Auntie Doreen.”

After a few moments, the blonde-haired woman let go and her younger sister replaced her in the embrace, taking my left hand in her right and holding it against her large right breast, which was covered by her silky bra.

“I’ll go and fetch some cream and we’ll clean your bottom, Peter and then you better be on your way home – Lindsay will be worried that you’re so late,” Doreen spoke softly before leaving the living room and heading to the bathroom to fetch a tube of cream to soothe my hot bottom.

As I waited for her to return, Maureen continued holding me, my hand placed flat on her large right breast. She said nothing as she held me, instead making soothing noises and kissing my forehead and neck softly.

Once the older Hannah sister had returned, I was bent over the arm of the sofa once more as Doreen Hannah rubbed cool and soothing cream into every inch of my bottom and thighs. She spent a few minutes doing this before she snapped the cap on the tube of cream closed and let me get to my feet. I was still aroused and stood there with my eight-inch erect cock standing out proudly in front of me, pointing across at Maureen.

“I’ll go and tidy these things away – why don’t you go into the bathroom and clean yourself up, Peter?” Doreen spoke cheerily as she walked out of the living room.

Soon, I found myself in the bathroom and splashed cold water on my face to try and remove the tear stains. Moments later, I was joined by Maureen, who had removed her black blouse and her bra, enabling me to see her large breasts and the small, dark brown nipples that were standing out, erect and proud. The younger sister looked down at my cock, which was rock hard and took the few steps across to me before licking her lips and smiling at me.

“Ssshhh, sweetie. I’m sure that you would like to wank off after that, wouldn’t you?” She whispered in my left ear before reaching down with her large right hand and gently taking hold of my cock.

“Yes, Auntie Maureen. Please. But what about Auntie Doreen?” I said quietly, looking over my right shoulder as I did so.

“Ssshhhh, Sweetie.” She repeated, slowly moving my throbbing cock backwards and forwards in her large right hand.

As a young man, who was very inexperienced when it came to such matters, I found myself cumming in no time whatsoever, Maureen expertly pointing my cock into the toilet bowl when the time came, four long spurts of hot, sticky spunk ending up there. The forty-two-year-old woman then reached across for some toilet paper and wiped my cock dry before throwing it into the toilet and flushing it before pulling me into an embrace once more. She held me for a few minutes, not saying a word when I placed both my hands around her large breasts and then holding them, before we stopped cuddling and returned to the living room, where Doreen was waiting – my clothes lying over the arm of the chair and shoes and socks on the floor.

“I thought I’d bring your clothes out here for you so that you can get dressed, young man.” She had said sweetly.

“And I’ve put the strap and things away, Maureen.” She added.

“Ready for next time!” She hissed as she returned her attention to me.

I had headed home not long afterwards, explaining to my Auntie Lindsay that I had been asked to stay behind by Maureen to do a stock take as she was unsure why we were short on a few items. This seemed to be accepted without question and I went up to my room where I had lay face down on my bed, bottom throbbing and warm, cock thinking about Maureen in her blouse and skirt and what she had done to me that afternoon in her bathroom. Later that evening, when I removed my trousers before bed, I felt that there was something in my back pocket. I undid the button and removed the sheet of paper, two crumpled Ten-Pound notes falling out onto my bed as I unfolded it carefully before beginning to read the neat handwriting.

“Peter. Thank you for agreeing to be punished this afternoon. I do hope that you aren’t feeling too sore after we had smacked your lovely bottom. I would really like to make that a regular part of your job and will happily pay you extra for you to take a spanking every now and again from Maureen and myself. The £20 enclosed is payment for today’s spanking. To make any future spankings worthwhile for you I would happily soothe you afterwards, giving you whatever you wish – be that a hand job or a blow job – or even going further if you wished Auntie Doreen to do such things, to show that you have been forgiven. Please do not tell your Auntie Lindsay about this and please make sure you get rid of this note. I shall see you tomorrow at work at 5.30 am. Love, Doreen xx.”

I arrived at the shop just before 5.30 am the next morning and Doreen Hannah smiled as she unlocked the door and allowed me inside, before locking it behind me.

“Good morning, Peter. I trust that you slept well last night?” She laughed.

I nodded, removing my jacket and placing it behind the counter before I replied.

“I did, thank you, Miss Hannah.” I smiled, aware that my bottom was still red and throbbing from Doreen’s punishment the previous day.

“Uh-oh!” Doreen smiled.

“Forgetting something, aren’t we nephew?” She joked as she stood there with her hands on her hips.

It took me a few moments to realise and then address her correctly.

“Oh, yes. Sorry – Auntie Doreen. I slept well. Thank you.”

She laughed.

“And did you find Auntie Doreen’s note?” She spoke quietly, even if no-one would hear our conversation.

Her younger sister was still sound asleep in bed upstairs and wouldn’t join us in the shop until 9 o’clock that morning.

“I did Auntie,” I replied, trying to concentrate on placing the cash in the till.

“And? Young man.” She licked her lips.

Eventually, I looked across at her, standing there in her bright red blouse with its black spots and black trousers before I replied.

“I’d like to be spanked by Auntie Maureen and yourself.” I smiled at her as she stood there.

“That’s lovely, Peter. I think one spanking per month for you – unless you are actually naughty that is, and then Maureen and myself will pleasure you in whatever way you ask us to.”

She heaved a bundle of newspapers onto the counter and cut the plastic tie holding them with a pair of scissors.

“I really would like to give you a blow job and more and I know that my sister wants to let you wank all over her tits.” She said, matter-of-factly, not taking her attention from the papers for a moment.

“Just think how nice that would be – spunking all over Maureen’s tits before I suck you dry, young man.” She laughed.

And so my journey began……

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