Don’t Envy Your Neighbor

Hello, friends, this is my story when I was at Vadodara, I am sharing with you best moments of my life. As I was not married that time, I was looking for a girl or better call her my dream girl.

I still remember the first day I saw her outside my apartment; I stepped out from my flat and was going out for my office meeting. Suddenly she came out from her flat with a bang on the door and was drying her hair with a towel; it seemed she just took her bath.


She was looking damn gorgeous with wet hair, beautiful face, red sari oh god what a stunning look she had, I kept on staring her till the moment she caught me. I meekly smiled at her. She made her face as if not knowing me.

She was right they were new to this apartment. I kept looking at her beauty and tried to whisper something, the same time she responded with a smile. I am Prakash, staying over here, I said. I earnestly asked her, you came with your luggage yesterday 11 am, right?

She said, yes. I said, sorry I could not stop to help you that time because I was late for the office. I said, I would have sure helped you if I could have spared little time to help my neighbors. She widened her lips and her face glow showing her pleasure at my pleasantries.

She smiled and said thank you for your offer. I said you may still need some help or wanted to purchase something from the market. She was about to speak something, but I started my tale. I said today I will be back around 4 pm. If you want any help please tell me then.

Telling that I peeped in the side, two small kids were playing in the house. I looked at her and asked where your husband is. She told me that he left early for some urgent office work. I started going down from stairs, turned back a little waved my hand told her that see you at 4 pm. Her beautiful face and figure were not leaving my mind.

I was envying her husband; my new neighbour. I was dying to see her again soon. In reality today I was going to be free after 3 pm from office. I rushed towards my apartment on my bike. I was lucky today. Exactly while I was entering in the apartment gate, she was coming out, she was in her own world of thoughts, unaware of me standing before her to clear my way, and she smashed with me from one side. The security man said, madam you are in deep thoughts, don’t do like this on the main road. She laughed out loud and said, she was thinking about the list of purchases.

I said that I also wanted to purchase few groceries from the nearest mall. I also said that if you don’t mind, wait for few minutes, I need some one’s help for purchasing certain groceries, like which thing is better and everything. I looked earnestly at her face. She looked more gorgeous and beautiful than in the morning. Her forehead became tense as if she didn’t like my offer.

Soon I corrected myself. If you have any problem, leave it, I will manage it on my own some other time. Soon she was relaxed and said, no that is not the matter. I said if you have a problem in sitting on my bike we can go by rickshaw. She was prompt to say that she doesn’t mind anything. I locked my bike and took out my briefcase, turned to go upstairs and looked at her. I told that I will be back in few minutes, she told that no take your own time, I am also coming back. Just knock my door when you are finished.

While I was unlocking my door, she rang her door bell. Her husband opened the door. I turned around and said him hi, I am Prakash. I went near their door and extended my hand to shake hand.

Yes, this is the man whom I envied in the morning I thought. He happily extended his hand and we fared hello to each other. He said I am sumant. We exchanged few words and I took leave. His wife told him that Prakash is going to the mall so she will also come with me.

I told him, why you also don’t join us. He said that he will remain with kids at home instead. I said why not take kids with us. They will have a change in this hot summer, and there is a big play area for them in the mall.

He too agreed to come. I told that now I will take out my car. We went to the mall, kids and their father sumant went to the kids section. She looked at me by turning herself a little. I gave a welcome smile.

She too smiled and said, Prakash I am really thankful to you, for you convinced him to come with kids to the mall. Otherwise…. She could not say anything further.

I understood the matter. Sumant was very conservative and may take it otherwise if she would have come with me alone. I wanted to change the topic. I asked her how should I call you? She laughed again and said, sorry. Sorry, I have not yet told you my name. She said my name is smita.

I extended my hand she too immediately extended but became alerted and looked around. I withdrew my hand without handshake looked at her and said your name is very sweet. She smiled happily. We proceeded for groceries purchase.

We both purchased needed things. We exchanged liking and disliking. We shared our knowledge about good and bad qualities about groceries, at one point she told that you know more things than me.

I use to call her by just first name smita only. Whenever I called her like that she used to become alerted and look around. I told her that I feel like your friend with you, so call you with the first name.

I also told her that I will call her smita bhabhi or smita didi, whatever she liked in presence of others and specially your family. On my saying so, her face glittered. She smiled at me mischievously and patted on my arm slowly with her soft palm.

On many counters, we were in very close proximity like a husband and wife. While returning from groceries department we were able to look at kids and sumant.

There was an imitation jewelry counter at the exit. She stood there for a moment and looked at different showcased items. She asked the counter girl for one specific piece looked at it held in her hand and tried it in her neck, it was a beautiful necklace and suited her the most.

I went closer to her and said this looks beautiful. This one is very nice. I asked the price to sales girl. She said 1500. She tried to put it away and went. I took it in my hand and told the girl to prepare the bill.

When she went away smita showed her face as if she didn’t like it. I told her that this is the first gift in commemoration of the first day of our friendship. Her face glow again and she told me that she is missing her college friends. She told me that I reminded her of her college days. I told her to keep this in her purse and not with other groceries. She did like that and made a point to hide it properly.

We reached to kids and sumant. He was happy to see us back. He tried to take bags from my hand. With a wide smile on my face, I told him to help smita didi and added that her bags are heavy. He was astonished to see my bags.

You need this much of goods. You are staying alone and need these many things? I told him that I am a good cook and prepare many dishes whenever I am free. I offered them to take dinner at my place. I added that your kitchen is yet not finished with everything. Today I will prepare food you and smita didi come later on, till then you people arrange your kitchen and house.

Smita intervened and said no we will prepare food at our house. No need to trouble you. I looked at sumant and asked him whether he has any point in not eating at my place. He looked at smita and said, let us today go to his place. Later we give him a treat. Smita didi, see this is called friendship.

My friend cum jiju immediately agreed, and you are showing excuses. That evening we all became very close. Sumant confessed he is very reserved nature and don’t make friends quick. Kids were happy to receive gifts which I purchased for them today from the mall in absence of smita. They also became very close with me.

We had a good time to gather. Smita remained little aloof as if not much interested in coming close to a neighbor. She used to give short answers whenever asked, but didn’t indulge her fully. She used to look at me whenever sumant was not looking around and gave me good smile. I can understand what her agony was and what was going in her mind.

From another day I changed my office schedule and tried to mismatch it with sumant’s timing. This way I became very close with smita. We used to talk about many necessary and unnecessary things. We both just wanted to be with another.

She liked my company. She was pleased with my manners. I was pleased with her beauty and her understanding. She was very considerate. Time passes very fast. In a couple of months, sumant’s company changed his profile.

His new profile required him to travel a lot. But he was given a good rise. Sumant was happy but afraid to leave the family alone for 10 to 15 days a month. The only solace for him was my presence in the next apartment.

Next month sumant was to start his first trip for seven days. He told me to take care of his family. I caressed his back and asked him, whether that was necessary to tell me. He realized his mistake and put his arm around my shoulder. I went to leave him to the train, I came back after the train departed.

When I reached home. Smita has closed her door well. She opened her door when I was opening my apartment. Smita said, “Are you in hurry to open your apartment?” “Can you not come and sit with me for some time?” I said, “Why not?” saying so I locked my door and went in her apartment.

She closed her door on my back. I took my seat on the sofa. She was still standing. She asked me, what will you have tea or coffee? It was 9 pm. I said coffee. She told me to look in the kids’ room if they are sleeping.

I went to see if kids are sleeping. When I reached there they were pretending to be asleep. When I peeped in they both came to me and asked me to tell them a story. I started narrating a story, before I finished a quarter of the story, both of them slept.

Soon smita was on the door, I did put a finger on my nose signaling her to keep silence. She told me to come to this side. I went behind her. Instead of going to drawing room she led me to the bed room.

She was wearing blue nightie that suited her good. I also noticed that she was wearing the same necklace which I bought for her when we first time visited the mall. She looked very different today.

She was wearing some nice perfume and there was the smell of shampoo also around her. I was mesmerized with her looks today. She had kept her hair loose.

I was in deep thoughts about her beauty and charms. When we reached inside her bedroom, I told her that today you look more beautiful than ever and your open hair adds beauty. She turned little back and smiled happily.

After keeping coffee mugs on the side table, she brought two albums of her marriage and honeymoon. She handed me those and told me to sit in the bad taking rest at the headboard. She also commented on finding out whether I was looking more beautiful at the time of marriage or now. I sat on the bed resting on the headboard. She had already kept pillows there. After opening the first page of marriage album, I declared that you were beautiful before marriage and at the time of marriage also, but you were very lean at that time, and now little of flesh at the right place is adding beauty.

Your face is also glowing more these days. On hearing that she asked is it so? Let me see myself. I have not seen my albums since long. Saying so she joined next to me and pulled the album from me. While sitting her nightie rolled little up, revealing her beautiful calves. I was stunned looking over there and kept staring over there.

She looked at me staring over there. She neither said anything nor did she try to hide her beauty. Only a small smile waved on her lips. I went closer to her and tried to show her the album and asked her, whether I was wrong. She looked at me and smiled.

She took the album little in her lap, to look properly in the album, I was required to get closer to her. The album was exactly between us. I held the album with one hand and that time she also leaned towards me.

I was now able to have more of her perfume. Her perfume was arousing me a little. I told her that she smelled great today. She moved her hair with another hand said yes I shampooed my hair today evening. I sniffed her hair and declared that not only your shampoo but the body perfume was also very nice.

She looked my side; I looked at her and again sniffed her near her neck. I closed my eyes as if I loved the smell. She told me that you are flattering me. Sumant never told me like this.

To that, I went closer to her and gave a pack on her chic and said I swear my dear. She closed her eyes and inhaled deep. She let that page remain open for some time.

I snuggled her up and put my arm around her shoulder and started moving the album pages. She also snuggled in me. We were fully in body touch with each other, my left side her right side. While looking at every page I started giving good comments about her beauty.

She also started explaining me about other people in the photographs and also described many things about her marriage. While looking at every beautiful picture of hers, I used to kiss her on her chic and give good comments.

We were both now behaving like new lovers. She used to keep her head over my shoulder and I kept caressing her from the shoulder, sometimes caressed her neck, sometimes also caressed her face while giving her a smooch.

She loved the way I was making love to her. Intermittently I also started telling her that I like you. Sometimes added the word dear. Sometimes added darling.

Whenever I used such words, she used to look at my face lovingly. In the meantime, we finished our coffee while watching photo album. After finishing coffee I took the album in my hand and put it on the table.

I turned my self-facing her and pulled her to face me and I embraced her fully. She willingly came into me and pressed herself into me. She snuggled herself into me tight and we both lower ourselves and we were now face to face laid fully on the bed.

I started caressing her face. She closed her eyes allowing me to make love to her beautiful face. While caressing her face I loudly said, smita, you are the most beautiful lady I ever met.

I started kissing her lips. I sucked her lips. Took both her lips in my mouth and sucked her well. When I stopped for a moment, she took my lips in her mouth. Soon we both were into each other’s mouth.

Sometimes her mouth in mine and sometimes my mouth in hers. We both acted like hungry wolves. For quite a long I was above her and she was enjoying being crushed under my athletic physique.

I was caressing her face while sucking her lower lip. I was caressing her shoulders while kissing her chicks. I was caressing her hair while kissing her neck. She was caressing my face while I was kissing her forehead.

She was caressing my back, while I was kissing her neck. She was caressing my waist, while I was moving my face over her busts. I was kissing her busts while caressing her head. In between, she used to pull me up to bring me face to face to make love to my face.

While making love to my face, she was murmuring I love you my sweet Prakash. Prakash, you are my sweet friend. I was feeling proud to make love to this beautiful woman and feel prouder being loved by such a gorgeous woman.

While making love over her full body with all the clothes on, we didn’t know when her nightie loosened and opened leaving her busts open before me. I removed her nightie too. I also removed my t-shirt to feel skin to skin contact with her open front. We were pressed into each other fully. Her bust felt like heaven in my chest. Sometimes I was crushing her under me. Sometimes she will come on side and then she use to come over me. She used to shower kisses all over my face, shoulder, neck and chest.

When she was upon me, I pulled down her pantie making her nude. When I get on top, I use to caress her face, kiss all over her face, neck, shoulders, arms, raise her arms and also kiss her armpit. I also sucked her boobs lovingly. I tongued every slope of her busts. It was already half an hour of our making out and we were on the high pitch.

Suddenly my mobile buzzed making me alert. I looked at the mobile screen. It was sumant. I signaled smita to be quiet and told her that it was sumant. She sat quite before me, looking in my eyes.

I switched on mobile with the speaker on.

I said, hello,

Hi, sumant, how are you?

Sumant: I am fine.

So, you are comfortable sleeping on your berth?

Sumant: yes.

Sumant: where are you?

I said, in the bedroom. But yet not sleep. Is there anything urgent or worried about smita didi? Do you want to talk to her? Wait, I will buzz the doorbell and wake her up. Your door was locked when I came. So did not disturb smita didi to tell her that you have boarded your birth.

Sumant: no, no I shall call on her mobile.

I thought you are unable to contact on her mobile. If needed, I can do it.

Sumant: no, no it’s not the case.

Seems you are worried about her being first time leaving the family alone. Don’t worry about them.

Sumant: I am not worried, I just wanted to…… ( fumbling with words… )

So you try to contact on smitadidi’s mobile. If you don’t get in touch, contact me again. Maybe her mobile is not charged or something.

Saying so, I looked at smita. She was looking down, she was pale and gloomy. I held her chin and raised her face to look into her eyes. She had tears in her eyes.

Sumant: ok. Bye, good night. I shall try to contact her.

I switched off the mobile put it on the side tripod, and moved near smita and raised her face again. She was full of tears, her eyes were red.

When I raised her face she tried to look into me. But instead started crying aloud and was weeping. I pulled her near me; she spread her arms and try to hide in me. She bursts out loudly and I was caressing her.

In between, she was murmuring. I could gather that from the day one of marriage with him, he is suspicious. I went on caressing her. She has clung in my hairy chest with skin to skin contact with each other again.

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