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Dominant Saakshi Surrender

She was slender, she was beautiful, and she was young. Yet, she was the most disliked executive in the large corporate body. Saakshi Tiwari had quickly climbed the organizational ladder and, at hardly thirty-two, she held the post of Senior President, Evolution Apparels Inc. The reasons for being disliked were obvious.

Evolution Apparels Inc. dealt in ladies’ garments – from dresses to lingerie, from the sophisticated and elegant to the revealing and wicked, for any figure. Much of these were designed by Saakshi, ones that found a ready market and helped Evolutions to capture an almost impregnable market for itself.

It is this that helped Saakshi to rise rapidly from a Trainee at the age of twenty-three to be the Senior President and head the Sales & Design wing of the company. That too, even before she had completed ten years in service.

Yet, the reason for being disliked was not her quick rise to fame and position, but because of her manner of treating her subordinates and juniors, irrespective of their age and position. Even those of similar rank were usually uncomfortable with her. She was a high-powered corporate executive and she intended to keep herself way different and above from the rest.

As a dominating boss, she certainly liked to take control. She did have the company’s best interests at heart, but her bossy personality made her difficult to deal with. These traits would show up in the form of impatience, intolerance, and usually unrealistic expectations from her staff. Failure would almost always end in reprimands, and frequently that too in open meetings.

Very often, she would indulge in a sort of psychological dominance by taking recourse to a silent treatment and indifference. It was a sort of mind game for her. She would ignore their text or email messages which frustrated those under her to live up to their expectations. The strong would bear with her, the weak left.

The fact is she had become a sort of terror in the organization.

And yet, because of the enviable figure that she had, her name was mischievously twisted in office, and she was referred to as ‘sexy’, a subtle yet naughty deviation from ‘Saakshi’. But this was always told behind her back. Nobody would dare call that directly or even throw a hint.

In a group meeting with her staff, however, something took her quite by surprise. She couldn’t believe it when she heard someone utter ‘sexy’ when she snapped her fingers at a female staff, somewhat in irritation. Not that it was said loudly, but it was audible enough for Saakshi to hear.

Saakshi turned instantly towards where she thought she had heard herself being called by that distorted name.

“Who said that?” Her eyes were cold yet searching.

She could easily pick out the errant culprit – the one who pretended to be busy with his head down and taking notes.

“You’ll address me as Madam. Not by my name or, for that matter, whatever you think is a name. Never,” she said in a cold voice, and just as he looked up, “Yes, you. I am telling you. And you’ll see me in my chamber at four, tomorrow afternoon.”

The culprit, Vivek Verma, had turned pale. He was certain it would be his last day in office. He was already wondering what excuses to offer, and whether that would be enough to pacify this terrifying intimidator.

The meeting went on for another thirty minutes, but the hapless Vivek was singled out on more than a few occasions to reprimand and humiliate on a performance, she perceived, was way off the mark.

When the meeting ended and Saakshi had left, Vivek’s colleagues gathered around him. Some admired what he did, others thought him foolhardy. But Vivek, himself, regretted what he had done.

“I tell you, it’s not what I wanted to say openly. Nobody takes on a rampaging tigress. I just thought she was sexy, and that expression accidentally slipped out of my mouth because I was thinking of her. I might as well pack my bag.” Vivek rued.

In the latter part of the day there were two moments when Vivek found himself in front of Saakshi.

One was in front of the lift where both waited, and which Vivek did not walk into on its arrival. He pretended being busy by looking into a file in hand. Saakshi didn’t even glance at him, remaining completely aloof and indifferent to his presence and entered the lift.

The second time, it was when he was called by the CEO and, walking into his chamber, he found Saakshi facing the rather chubby gentleman. She sat cross legged on the other side of the CEO’s huge teak wood desk. His first guess was that he had been reported. Later, he understood that it had nothing to do with him.

“You have completed the write-up, Vivek?” The CEO had asked.

“Yes Sir!” Vivek was happy to reply and kept a file in front of the company head, “I have kept it short, just as you wanted.”

“Atta boy!” CEO expressed his pleasure.

Vivek tried to steal a glimpse of Saakshi out of the corner of her eyes who sat stone faced, looking straight on. He excused himself and quickly left the CEO’s chamber.

Vivek continued to remain apprehensive that day and even at night, pondering over his foolishness which seemed would cost him his job. He just hoped the CEO would prevent a disaster, but that was only if HRD sent his dismissal file to him. Usually, these never went to him.

For Saakshi, however, the night was different. It was likely that she forgot the insignificant junior officer and that she had called him to her chamber the next day.

Rather, she got down to what she usually indulged in for her recreation and pleasure. This was something that she did almost every night, excepting when she had to carry a few files home.

She had finished dinner and, after changing into her flimsy nightwear, sat down in front of her laptop.

It was in these moments that Saakshi underwent a complete transformation in her behavior. The rigid, stern, dominant personality was discarded, and she became a sensitive, sensual and, usually, subdued woman as she went into a specific adult chat site.

Strangely, she herself didn’t know why she underwent such a change during these moments of privacy and anonymous presence. She knew it was a contradiction in her character, but she accepted it as ‘unexplained behavior’.

She quickly signed in with the name that she had taken – Sexyme. It was not far different from what had slipped out of the mouth of Vivek Verma at office that day, and there was a saucy smile on her face.

In fact, she had chosen ‘sexyme’ as her ID in this adult site because she was aware that she was secretly called ‘sexy’ in a distorted version of his name ‘Saakshi’.

As she waited for the internet to put her through to the desired site, she relished the thought of those moments she would get the next afternoon to grill the over smart Vivek Verma. Boy! That would be fun. She guessed he was certainly senior in age. Yet, he languished at a much lower post. And she would ensure that he remained there.

Once she had signed in, she entered the room where she always did and wanted to – ‘Submissive’. No matter how different she was in the real world, this was a place where she wanted to go, be her true self, something that her mind and body was receptive to.

Saakshi’s dominant and aggressive behavior was really her armor, something to ward off men who treated women as inferior and weak. This behavior had helped her survive in a cruel discriminating world and enabled her to rise rapidly on the corporate ladder. It did give her pleasure, though.

That night, she sat comfortably on her cushioned chair and, having entered the room of her choice, waited for responses. She didn’t have to wait long. She stared at the screen in front her, watching intently at the different names that appeared alongside, some of which stood out from the rest.

Saakshi sat up in her chair. “kinkdom” she murmured to herself. It was not a familiar name in that site, certainly not in the room ‘submissive’ which she frequented. Instantly, she became curious.

She looked up the profile and found very little information. Male, India, well built – hardly divulged much about the person.

But it was the man’s orientation that attracted her. The profile read ‘Irreversible repressive aggressive Dom’. Well, well … that’s catchy, she thought.

About ‘Interested In’ the man had simply stated …Taming Women.

“That’s nice” thought Saakshi, “So he prefers to tame women, rather than train them. Like you tame animals and pets?” That should be interesting, she uttered to herself.

Although there were incoming messages from others in the room, Saakshi realized that she longed to receive one from this man. She didn’t want to send one to him on her own. She really wanted to be one who was difficult to get, rather than one who could be picked up at the tweak of a thumb.

Suddenly, she found a message pop up.

“You don’t decide if you are sexy. I do.” It was from kinkdom.

Saakshi waited. Let him send another message, and I’ll respond. Ignore him for now.

But her eyes were eagerly following the screen and the messages that kept coming; till there was a follow up message from kinkdom.

“You are too frigid for my attention.”

The words simply tore into Saakshi’s vanity. As someone with an imposing and authoritative attitude, she immediately felt aggressive. She loathed being undermined.

“I ignore those who bloat in false supremacy.” She messaged in reply.

“Then you will miss your match.” kinkdom replied.

Saakshi: “What makes you believe that you are at par?”

Kinkdom: “Not just believe, I know.”

Sometime during these exchanges between the two, the confrontation slowly started to weaken till, at one point, they found a degree of compatibility. They started to open out.

Saakshi got to know a bit about kinkdom’s identity. Not much really, because in these sites usually information is suppressed and, even then, whatever is divulged very often turns out to be false.

She learnt that kinkdom was around thirty, which put him in the same age bracket as hers. She also gathered that the man lived in the same city. The he was almost six feet, a fitness freak, an avid reader, a tireless traveler, an MBA, non-smoker, drank rarely, loved music and, the best part, unmarried.

Saakshi, from her side, parted with the following information- that she too was unmarried, almost similar in age, lived in the same city, practiced yoga, decent to look at, possessing a body that was admired, a working woman, a fervent reader, had painting as a hobby, and had learnt cabaret dancing in her teenage to maintain a supple body. She gave it up when she joined a profession.

When, before signing off, kinkdom asked for Saakshi’s hangout address, she politely declined. She promised, however, that she would be usually available at the site in the late hours at night.

The final question that appeared on the screen for Saakshi was “I’m a dom. You?”

Saakshi chuckled to herself. She didn’t feel like telling the truth about herself. There were chances that it would almost signal a permanent break in her growing interest in this character ‘kinkdom’.

She lied. Hesitating for a minute, her fingers busily typed, “I wouldn’t be in this room ‘submissive’ if I was otherwise. Bye.” Let him take me to be whatever he wants to, thought Saakshi.

She signed out.


A busy day in office would usually turn even a work horse tired and ready to hop into bed. Not so for Saakshi, the energetic Senior President of Evolutions Apparels Inc.

She tried flipping the pages of the latest novel, ‘The Date’ by Karena Marie, that she had been reading the previous night. But her thoughts went back to her exchanges with ‘kinkdom’.

God! She needed Veena with her right now. She needed to physically assert and dominate, and at that moment, her mood had been stoked and aroused, and she found it necessary for some release.

Veena was her friend from college, a little younger than Saakshi at just thirty. She was just her opposite and so, while Saakshi was predominately assertive and dominant, Veena was shy, timid, and a born submissive to the core. It was this character that had drawn Saakshi to Veena at college, when she initially teased and tormented her. Yet, at the same time, Saakshi protected her from other girls.

It was, however, no secret in their friend circle in college that both these girls were lesbians at heart and that there was an intimate physical relationship between the two.

This relationship had continued. It was more open while in college, but rather private and discreet at this point. At this point in life, she stayed just three buildings away, on the eighth floor of a nice apartment. This had helped them to continue with their secret sexual indulgences.

Veena was a shapely girl, shorter in height than Saakshi but probably prettier. And unlike Saakshi, she had long hair that came down to her waist.

But the one glaring difference between the two was that while Saakshi was unmarried and almost confirmed spinster, Veena was married but childless even after three years of marriage.

That night, when Saakshi was becoming more and more restless, and her needs became unbearable, she picked up her mobile to call Veena. It was past ten at night and Saakshi was sure that a housewife would not go to sleep so early.

Veena hadn’t gone to sleep. Her husband wasn’t in town and she was watching a movie on Netflix.

Saakshi’s heart pumped harder and her excitement jumped rapidly when she heard that Veena was alone.

“That’s great. Come over, Veena. I promise you that you’ll not feel lonely.” Saakshi’s voice was coated in desire.

Veena could never refuse Saakshi. She was pressing the buzzer to Saakshi’s apartment in hardly fifteen minutes. Possibly, all the security staff in both these two apartment buildings was surprised to see her visiting someone so late.

Saakshi was dressed in a sheer nightwear. It opened out in the front, fell just three inches from her shoulders onto her arms, was red in color, and hardly covered her butt.

She closed the door the moment Veena entered her apartment and pulled her near. Saakshi looked deeply into Veena’s eyes before she had planted a kiss on the shorter girl’s lips.

“You need to be naked this instant, Veena,” Saakshi said in a voice filled with urgency.

“I know, and I want to,” Veena said as she started to unwrap her saree.

By now, Saakshi was helping her to part with her dress, peeling off her blouse and petticoat and then making her stand in her lacy white bra and crotchless panties. It was a strikingly sensual pair.

Saakshi stretched a hand and ran it over the already moist areas of a panting Veena.

“My! My! I like it when you are so receptive, Vnee,” Saakshi relished as she played on the girl’s pussy with a finger.

Veena, on her part, parted Saakshi’s nighty and gripped her breasts with her soft smaller hands.

Saakshi breathed heavily, and the intensity in her probing finger was clearly felt by Veena. She eagerly pushed it in, as her face tilted on to Veena. Both the girls’ lips were parted, while their eyelids were almost on the verge of closing.

“Kiss me, Shi,” whispered Veena.

“Yes, Vnee. I hunger for your lips.”

Her tongue forced into Veena’s; her mouth eagerly welcomed it in. Their sweet breath covered their faces.

“Squeeze my nipples, baby,” Saakshi said amorously. She went on tormenting Veena’s pussy with her finger. Her long nail scratched on the insides of a leaking vagina. Veena shrieked in delight.

“Yes, darling,” she said as her excitement increased, and gripped Saakshi’s nipples with her fingers, pressing them as hard as she could.

Saakshi too unhooked Veena’s brassiere, and taking the straps off her shoulders, threw it on the bed.

“Just you wait! I’ll tie your hands with your bra,” Saakshi said in a shaking voice.

The girls pressed their nipples together, each girl holding the other’s nipples to draw the pairs nearer and caress them – nipple against nipple. They were taut but hard.

Saakshi lowered her face on to Veena’s breasts, taking one nipple into her mouth. She sucked in delight.

It was a beautiful and erotic pose between two girls, each wanting more of the other and moaning deeply to show the stage of arousal. Truly, they were two girls in heat.

Saakshi guided Veena towards the bed, which was unusually large for a single girl. Its purpose was known only to these two lesbian lovers who needed physical intimacy now and then.

Then, holding Veena’s panties at the waist, she pushed it down to beyond the girl’s knees. Veena did the rest with her legs and soon it was lying around her ankles.

As she stood naked beside the bed Veena raised her hands and slid the flimsy nighty down Saakshi’s shoulders. It dropped slowly towards the floor and Saakshi simply pushed it away with her legs.

Both stood naked facing each other.

“Hmm, bald! Last week there was a trim, wasn’t there Vnee?” Saakshi smiled and asked.

“So are you, Shi …just as you always are,” Veena too smiled back.

“I can’t wait. I must kiss you there, NOW!” Saakshi didn’t hide her urgency.

“Neither can I. Need to taste you so much.” Veena was already getting up on the bed, her two hands and one leg placed on it as she was about to raise the other leg.

Saakshi came from behind and caught her by the hips. Veena giggled in abandon.

“No hurrying, there’s work to do, sweetie,” Saakshi held her back.

Her face was already lowered to the angle between Veena’s bent buttocks. Unable to do anything other than waiting, Veena just panted.

Saakshi tongue was already out as her mouth neared the wetness that surrounded Veena’s vagina. She looked at her partner’s quivering vulva lips, so amorously ready for her tongue. The aroma of her female juices intoxicated Saakshi.

She ran the tip of her tongue along the vulva, the taste instantly sending shivers down her own excited body.

“God! You taste well, Vnee,” Saakshi said in a tremulous voice.

Suddenly, and without warning, she slapped her ass, evoking a cry from the wincing Veena. Yet, she waited for more, like she always did when they were together.

“You know how to address me, don’t you?” said Saakshi as she slapped her three more times on her ass. The spots instantly turned red on the soft, fair skin.

“Go on, I am waiting,” Saakshi’s voice, passionate yet grave.

“Mistress, I beg you to let me taste your vagina,” Veena pleaded.

“I thought you would never ask nor beg,” Saakshi retorted, “Now get up on the bed and lie on your back.”

Saakshi was just as eager to have Veena’s tongue on her leaking pussy. She let go of Veena’s hips, allowing the girl to quickly get up and lie on her back on the bed.

Within moments the girls had taken up their favored position, one’s head on the other’s pussy, deliriously tasting the escaping juices from their pussy.

“So tasty, so wonderful! Oh god! I get intoxicated with this aroma that you secrete, Vnee,” cried Saakshi.

“Yours too, Shi” said Veena passionately.
They moaned endlessly, hugged each other’s hips firmly, their faces dug deeply on the other’s vagina and all around it. They stopped only when they needed to come up for breath.

Each woman’s tongue had ways to arouse the other. One slurped like a cat, the other pushing in to tease the clit. Each moment their arousal went on increasing, till Veena could bear it no more.

She squirmed and wrapped her legs around Saakshi’s back. Her hands held Saakshi’s head firmly at the back, pushing it firmly on to her copiously leaking pussy.

“More, I want more,” she moaned and squealed.

From the position that she was, Saakshi asked, “What is it you need at this moment, sub?” But she continued to run her tongue on Veena’s pussy, pushing it in a few times to touch the girl’s clit.

A fire raged in Veena and she helplessly replied, “Your new strap-on, Mistress. I beg you to wear it now.”

“Ahhh! So, my obedient slut wishes to have something hard inside that swollen pussy, does she?” Saakshi said as she brushed her hand over Veena’s hair.

“Yesssss, Mistress,” Venus let her answer drag and then repeated, “Yes, yes, yes.”

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