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Divorced Senior Obsessed With BBC – Part 2

This story, told in the first-person, is a series about a divorced senior who secretly has become obsessed with cock late in life, more specifically with young BBC. The senior had yet to act on these feelings beyond his daily homage to Lush, but as you read in Part 1, it seems that things were about to change in his life. Now in Part 2, below – goodness, have things changed.

I wanted to talk with Zach, have a good long talk, to better understand the greater context of what had just happened – but I wanted to keep that beautiful cockhead in my mouth even more. He seemed so at ease, so relaxed, so at peace with the moment, lying back in the suds. But my cock was throbbing and much as I didn’t want to let go. I lifted my head from his cock for a moment and moved toward that satisfied face.

“Let me give you a taste. My God, Zach, your load was beyond delicious,” I said. Then without permission, I moved toward his face and pressed my lips to his. Zach’s eyes were open and so was his mouth, seemingly hungrily so. So I kissed this man, an open mouth sharing kiss, and he kissed me back. 

I had kissed a man – and I liked it. Not exactly a Katie Perry song, but a surprising and sweet taboo. It was different, a very different first for me. His face and mouth felt like that of a man, strong and square with just the feel of light stubble. I have a shortly cropped beard, so likely he felt that more than I felt his stubble but the kiss said – MAN. What a feeling.

I pulled back from the kiss, assessing my growing sense of control. I held his face with both hands and studied him. “You look just gorgeous Zach. I’m going to kiss that cunt mouth of yours again and stick my tongue down your throat, cunt.” I was now the one growling and that felt great.

As I moved toward him, he said, “Anything you want, Daddy,” and he opened his mouth to meet mine. I felt like I was back in my traditional dominant role with women, but I was taking possession of a man whose cock I had just sucked dry. His words of submission were suddenly and perfectly clear. 

I was loving his face, but with so many things racing through my head, I wanted that cock back in my mouth, and there it was semi-erect just waiting for me, poking through the suds. I grabbed hold of the shaft and in my delirium I took a very long moment to just study the head of what I now felt was mine. A wonderous wave swept over me.

What a cock. Beautifully circumcised, it looked like a perfect mushroom with corona widely flanged and dramatically defined. His mountain-like glans seemed to offer up a wide-open almost gaping meatus. Surrounded on both sides by absolutely labia-like mounds, it stared at me like a pouting pussy.

So I stuck my tongue into that cunt. Zach moaned. My God, I wondered how deep I could get in and I began to tongue fuck his cock. This wasn’t cock sucking, I was fucking that cock pussy deep and hard. Zach went hard instantly.

Things were in slow motion. Time almost stopped. My mind offered up an historical cinema of my sexual life to that moment – even as I was deep into cock pussy. I heard the water in the tub splash. I saw Zach’s mouth wide open, head back growling in a slow moan. Almost speaking in tongues. He too was in another place. In this profound and frozen moment, my mind raced vividly through pivotal details of my life.

At sixteen, I remembered enjoying cock with one neighbor buddy. Mostly loved jacking him off and watching him shoot. He never so much as touched my cock. It wasn’t on the agenda for either of us. He had a great cock, larger than mine, and he would shoot like a geyser. It was a special friendship never talked about since. Then girls came along and things changed. I had a great time, a seemingly straight dominant. I loved it, and have for a lifetime. 

Years ago my now ex-wife and I had a ménage a trois, a threesome. She was the bait and we found a young stud to join us. We had him tested, the concern at the time being AIDS. A sweet young fellow. She shaved him smooth. We were both always shaved. I have always loved shaved genitalia. She was enjoying prepping this new younger boy cock, the original intent being this was two cocks for her. She wanted her first DP. 

She was dressed in a schoolgirl outfit she made herself. She was an artist, and a great seamstress. Instant hard-on stuff both by how beautiful she was in it and by the clear implication that she was ready to submit fully – in role. The roleplaying had already begun.

The young man and I played with her, we drank a little, smoked a joint together, talked good clean dirty talk, and fucked her. We used her, and she desperately wanted to be used. In one specific moment while he was pounding her from behind to my very verbal encouragement, on an out-stroke I grabbed his dripping cock and sucked her juices off him – then stuck it back in her wide open pussy. Both noticed that move but said nothing. Back to straight fucking. Then I did it again, and he shot a load in my mouth. I sucked him dry. Highly memorable. That moment came and went.

We returned to play with her, took turns on her ass, and took turns unloading. She was covered in come. Later she got her first DP, and it was incredible. Incredible for me too. Almost like fucking his dick through her, back and forth, feeling it the whole time. He and I came together. We all came – often. It was quite a night. His cock was clearly my highlight. He never so much as touched my cock. I am sure he was straight and thought my taking his load was a side event. And it was, but what an event. She and I did not speak of that specific part of the night, but she did arrange for us to see him again.

It was the same routine but she went to her French maid outfit, her design leaving her entire buttock exposed. Good girl. When she brought him and his hard cock out of the bath, roles suddenly reversed without conversation. She took total control, told me to get on my knees and shoved his cock in my mouth. A switch, or topping from the bottom. She was enjoying herself. Surprising and cool.

She had a black rubber glove on one hand, and was shoving his butt toward me forcing me to gag and take it. By the sounds he made I knew she had slipped a finger deep in his ass, and was in total control of both of us. What a load he shot. My job was clearly to swallow, and boy, did I. And she loved taking control – I did too. Quite a surprise. 

Then back to our more predictable play. She came big time, jacking her cunt face down while we again ravaged her cunt and ass. It was all beautiful and I hoped for more. She had different ideas and later we talked and she drew a line – no more play with another cock except as fantasy. From that time, and though my perfect submissive otherwise, there was only fantasy cock talk between us. When a wife draws a line – you can only respect it. That didn’t end the marriage, but in hindsight it was the beginning of the end.

All these visions were going through my head, while I was deep fucking Zach’s cock pussy. My whole head putting weight into that fuck, my right hand gripping and now stroking a very hard cock. I had been handling his balls with my left hand for who knows how long – time was absent from this equation, but I slid it down to handle my man’s butt. So muscled, so smooth, and so clearly a man butt. I wanted it, and with soapy water all around us, I slid a finger all the way in and pulled up hard almost lifting his entire ass from the tub making it clear that I owned that ass. That was all Zach could take, I knew a second load was coming.

“Oh Daddy, I need to feed you right now, I am going to unload,” were Zach’s words and true to his word, he unloaded. His dick pussy had been ravaged by my tongue fucking. I pulled off and starred at that gaping cunt hole and watched it turn white as his come shot up and out like a firehose. My mouth was open wide catching the first burst, then I wrapped my lips around that cock and drank, and drank. 

Time passed. It must have. But I was in heaven and Zach just kept periodically shaking in spasms as he returned to planet earth. 

I moved back up to his face and kissed him with a lot more of his come to share this time. We licked and kissed, as lovers. “Zach,” I finally said, “Where on earth did you come from? When we get you dried off, you know I’m going to fuck your ass. You are going to be my man cunt.”

Zach smiled calmly, “Yes Daddy, I know. Breed my cunt Daddy, it is yours.”

To be continued.

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