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Divorced Senior Obsessed With BBC – Part 1.

This is a story, told in the first-person, is a Series about a divorced Senior who secretly has become obsessed with cock late in life, more specifically with young BBC. The Senior has yet to act on these feelings beyond his daily homage to LUSH, but as you read Part 1. below it seems that things are about to change in his life. The writer welcomes comments and contact. Hope you enjoy!

I was out shopping for produce at the natural foods market on a late Friday afternoon. I spotted a young Black Navy man also shopping, still in his coveralls that screamed Navy. I always speak to anyone in uniform and thank them for their service, and did the same with him. He appreciated the recognition and we chatted comfortably about all things Navy, but as a Senior I assumed I was essentially invisible to any twenty-something hunk.

In this case, he was not a lot bigger than me, taller, probably five-ten, but a lanky hundred and sixty pound build. Cute kid, who I learned was from New Jersey and had just been stationed here two weeks earlier. So right there, surrounded by produce and affluent middle-aged and older shoppers, I asked if I could offer him a dinner at my place adding shyly, “You being alone and away from home, it’s the least I can do.”

Honestly, I expected him to shrug it off and decline. But he was alone – had rented an apartment off-base, and being from New Jersey didn’t know his way around the Seattle area. We shook hands and introduced ourselves. His name was Zachary, and he immediately said, “Great, but I am vegetarian.”

I replied, “That’s perfect, so am I, probably why we’re both in the produce section.” I introduced myself as Calvin, he asked if he could call me Cal – and added it was fine to just call him Zach. A nice start. I added, “I don’t drink, so grab a beer or whatever, if that suits you.”

Later I would tell him that I did enjoy legal marijuana here in Washington State, but that if that would get him in trouble with the Navy I would only smoke it in the bathroom or on the patio.

Turned out his small rented apartment was just down the hill from my place, and when we checked out he followed me home. I don’t know what he was thinking, but my mind raced as I watched the orange New Jersey license plate following me. Truth is, I didn’t think there was a chance in hell that this would be anything more than an interesting casual dinner, and he’d be off to meet up with more age-appropriate Navy friends for the evening.

Once inside he seemed to enjoy my place and made immediate friends with my dog. Then we planned and went to work on a salad, and rice dish that was mostly already prepared. I gave him a glass and poured him the local craft beer he’d bought, and went into my second bathroom for a minute to have a first toke. He smelled it when I came out, and apologized that he was straight from work and probably didn’t smell great.

Turns out he was an Engineer, maintaining huge refrigeration units on the base. I assured him I hadn’t noticed, but said, “After a quick bite, I’ll be glad to run you a bath if you like, and we can relax a bit and continue our chat.”

To my great surprise, he said, “That would be cool – Cal.”

I have a nephew in the Navy, he loves his career and has done quite well, so a lot of our dinner chat revolved around my genuine interest in his background and time and aspirations for his own Naval career. Without being too pointed I redirected the talk to, “So, tell me about the boy and girl stuff in your life.”

He was comfortable with the question but didn’t have a lot to offer, saying “No girlfriend right now, just got out here and the area is pretty White – as you know.”

“It sure is, I call this the Great White North.” I added, “I always greet and thank all our Navy personnel in the area, but even in the Navy it sure seems to be a mostly White bastion.”

He said solemnly, “That’s for sure.”

I quickly said, “Well I welcome you and it is an honor to break bread with you, though I honestly didn’t think you’d come – hanging out with an older guy when you could be hanging with your buddies. You are such a great looking young man, I’d think women would be all over you.” He seemed momentarily shy and quiet at that comment, so I added, “Or – I’d also think that your buddies on base would be all over you too!” He just laughed.

At this point I really didn’t know where we stood, I wanted to push things forward – totally new territory for me, but also feared I was totally wrong and wanted to let him make a polite escape. But with dinner mostly over, I made a move, “I can put on some music or some news, run you that bath, or please if you’d rather get going I’ll respect that. Don’t want you feeling obligated to hang with me.”

“Some music would be great,” he said “What do you listen to? And yes I need that bath and another beer would be great.”

“Cool, let me get it, Zach, I mostly listen to Blues – have a channel on cable.” I felt great that he wanted to stay a bit, “I’ll run that bath for you, and be right back with that beer – you can get out of your fatigues and stack ’em by the door.” As I headed to the bathroom I hollered back, “I’ll grab a bathrobe for you.”

I came back from the bath and tried to ignore him undressing, acting politely nonchalant. I turned on my favorite Blues station on cable, pored him a second beer, and passed him again to grab a bathrobe.

I felt great excitement but kept talking myself down – not ready to believe what might be happening. John Lee Hooker was playing as I returned, a bathrobe in one arm and a beer in the other, and there he stood naked, cock and balls shaved smooth, Black and beautiful. And so young – twenty-six, he had told me at dinner. I had been with a number of Black women in my life, during and after my marriage, and all were shaved. Interesting – whereas with other women and my wife, I had to request and train them to shave. Black is beautiful!

“Thanks for the beer and the bathrobe – I’ll jump in that bath right now,” he said confidently. I really hadn’t looked him over that carefully, but as our eyes met I did take a long look. He was something, what a handsome young man, and good God what a cock he had hanging between his legs.

“I’m going to go get into my bathrobe and have another hit on my joint in the other bathroom, and I’ll keep you company in a minute. Your bath looks ready.” The moment felt almost romantic to me, like the way I have behaved and talked with so many women. Still – I needed that joint, and I had no idea how he was feeling or what he was expecting.

I hurried, but not too much, and when I came into him now in the bath – the Black and White of the room and him was stunning. A gorgeous young Black man was in my all white bathroom and tub, bathrobe and towels on the tile, his beer beside the tub. “Wow,” I said, “Zach you look great.”

I sat down next to the bathtub filled with suds, handed him his beer, and took a chance picking up some soap and rubbing it across his shoulders. The head of his Black cock popped up through the suds. “Goodness, is that for me?” I said praying it was.

“If you want it,” he offered, leaning back and sipping his beer. I didn’t hesitate and leaned over and took just the head of that beauty in my mouth. That simple motion felt like a homerun – and a lifetime in coming.

The head alone was a mouthful, he was hard as a rock – so was I, but my entire self was absorbed in a moment of pure worship. A Black cock head in my mouth, white soap all around. I ran my tongue around it, sucked softly then harder, so absorbed that I hardly noticed his moans of acceptance and pure pleasure.

“Oh man,” he said, “I needed this. Suck that dick – Cal.” He was talking to me, encouraging me, and speaking to me using my name. I was in another world, took my bathrobe off, and reached under the suds to cup his shaved balls and grab the shaft of this giant of a cock. I jacked and sucked. I had no use for words, My mouth was full and I wasn’t about to let go.

He must have had a ten-inch cock, way bigger than mine and I just plain wanted to languish in that moment, hand tight around it, about four inches in my mouth, sucking, my head bobbing, Blues in the now distant background as his moans grew in intensity. “Cal – God I need to unload,” he was growling and I loved it.

I pulled off him for just a second but kept jacking, my other hand around his balls, and said, “Love that you are shaved buddy, give me that load, I want to suck you dry.” Then my mouth went back around that cock, his hips pushing up and my face pushing down, I wanted as much of that in me as possible, and then it started. I felt his balls pulse, his cock jerk, he did indeed need to unload and he did. It lasted for twenty or thirty seconds, and greedy, I just kept jacking and swallowing. I truly didn’t want it to end. The animal noises he made were pure poetry, and then he started moaning

“Suck it, Daddy, suck it, Daddy,” he said in a loud moan. That Daddy-thing hit the spot for me, and his vegetarian diet gave me come that was like a hot never-ending milkshake.

Minutes passed and I wouldn’t let go, then I heard, “Cal, that was unreal man – thank you.” I was delirious, but finally took my mouth off his softening cock, hanging on to his balls and shaft, I looked up at him leaning back, such a beautiful, happy face, satisfied face. He took a sip from his beer and began to breathe again as our eyes met in a mutual understanding and loving, yes loving, stare.

He laughed as we smiled at each other and I sucked the head back into my mouth just wanting him to feel the love for his cock that I was feeling. He laughed and said, “And thank you, Cal – for your service.”

What a great young Black man. I had no idea if he was straight or gay, and he had no idea of anything of me – except this moment. And that was enough. Enough for now.

To be continued.

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