Dirty Sweaty Mountain Lovers

I woke up under a pine tree at about 2:00 AM. The summer air was hot and thick with humidity. It had been the hottest night on record in these mountains. The moon looked orange. I decided to walk over to the water fountains, near the monuments, next to the little bridge. On my way there a bunny rabbit darted in front of me.

While I was drinking from the fountain, I glanced my eyes up. A blond woman, about 5’9″, was approaching me under the spotlight of the buzzing, park street lamps. Her walk was an angelic, slutty, confident gait.

She was wearing a black mini skirt and a tight white tank top. Her breasts looked like they could solve the world’s problems. Nipples were very visible. Every step she took caused a bounce. When she got closer, I realized she had on neon green lipstick and glitter makeup in a mystical pattern on her forehead.

I heard an owl hoot in a low spooky tone. Whatever this slutty angel wanted to do, I was all for it. She strutted up to me, grabbed my ass, and with her minty, cool breath she said:

“Hey, baby.”

I was bewildered and so horny. I was about to speak, but she put her finger on my lips and told me to shush.


She leaned over the water fountain and got her shirt wetter than it already was from her own perspiration. Then she gurgled some water in her mouth and spit it out on the sidewalk. I got down on the ground and licked what she spit out.

“Oh so you’re a freaky man,” she teased, “I like it.”

She began squeezing and playing with her nourishing breasts, pinching and pulling on her nipples until they got very hard.

“Come here.” She beckoned. “Stand behind me.”

I did. My erect cock was pressed right into her fit ass. She grabbed my hands and pulled them up to her boobs. Somehow my dick got even harder than it already was. I squeezed her milky, slutty, titties and kissed her neck.

“Take your shirt off cutie,” she said.


So, of course, I did.

“Ahh, yeah, I love your muscles,” she whispered as she grabbed my arm.

My cock was throbbing. Her hand felt so good and warm when she stuck it down my shorts and grabbed my shaft. Both of our bodies were slippery with sweat.

“Perfect size,” she said.

I was along for the ride one hundred percent.

I got tugged along and was brought under a weeping willow tree. She got on her knees and pulled my shorts off swiftly. I felt electricity running up my spine when I saw her beautiful glittered face right in front of my hard penis. Next, she started licking the head of my cock slowly in a circular motion. At the same time, she took her hand and caressed my testicles with her fingertips.


“I love it,” I said as we locked eyes.

Her green lips then surrounded the head of my penis. She was grunting in a soft humming tone as she was sucking the tip of my cock, saliva started dropping out of her mouth. She rubbed my abs with her dirty sweaty hands from the ground. Then she grabbed my ass and pulled my pelvis toward her so my cock went deep into the back of her mouth.

It all felt so untamed and primal. The suffocating, humid, summer air, under the black night sky, embraced us, as we acted like bronze age pagan peasants on our honeymoon.

Suddenly she pulled her mouth away and tripped me. I fell backward, looking up. Banging my head against the ground temporally suspended any anxiety I still had. The grass and dirt were tickling the back of my neck.  A split second later, I was stunned, was she going to kill me?

She mounted me and smashed her bare milky breast right into my face. I sucked her nipple like it was the elixir of life. Her sweaty hand reached back and returned to stroking my cock softly. The sensation was unbelievable. I grabbed her ass and squeezed.

She laughed, “There you go, squeeze my ass baby.” She began beating off my sweaty cock faster. Then she slowed down, stopped again, and patted my chest, and whispered, “Don’t cum yet, follow me.”


We were both sweating even more than earlier at this point. It was so humid. I heard a frog’s mating call from the pond.

She took me to her black mustang in the parking lot. We drove up a windy road for about twenty-five minutes. On the way there, she kept making sure to arouse my penis with her right hand. We were a lot higher up into the mountains when she pulled off the road and parked.

I followed her through some trees until it hit us. There was a clearing and we looked up at the black sky and saw what seemed to be billions of stars. A massive creek was separating two sides of the mountains. The sound of the cool, high-altitude water was so soothing. Almost as soothing as those green lips when she leaned in to kiss me.

I grabbed her ass under her skirt and lifted her leg up as she bit my lower lip and sucked on it like a crazy woman.  I placed her leg down and she fell to her knees again.

This time she gently pulled my shorts down and slowly engulfed my dick all the way down to the base. I looked up and saw the stars. Then I looked back at those green lips and her eyes. The pleasure was divine. I caressed her hair as she slurped her warm, wet, mouth up and down my cock. She was making small, squeaky, grunting, noises again. I imagined coming all over her face and making out with her right after.

I am blessed, I thought


I told her to turn around. She put her head down in the mountain dirt and her delicious ass was up in the air. I pulled her skirt up and ripped her panties off. When I saw her pussy lit up by the moonlight, I immediately adored it, it looked so perfect and tight.

I put my face in everything, licking her pussy, and her ass, back and forth like I was a demon. I couldn’t get enough of it in my face. Her juices were getting all over me. I rubbed her pussy with my hand, it was soaking wet, warm, and slippery.

She started to moan in a higher pitch,

“I want you inside me, get inside me.”

I positioned myself on one knee and gently guided my cock into her beautiful vagina. I softly thrust, very gentle at first. Her hands were grasping at the dirt and she was breathing heavily.  My dick was so warm, and I loved the feeling of her huge ass rubbing up against my lower stomach, while her tight warm pussy was squeezing my throbbing penis. I grabbed her waist and pulled her body deep onto my cock.

I started to hump harder and the smacking of skin got louder. Her heavy breathing turned into soft moans of pleasure. The smacking got even louder, along with the grunts and moans; it was so hot out, I had to slow down to a more sustainable pace. We were soaked in salty sweat, and there were streaks of dirt all over our exposed bodies.


For a minute or two, I stopped humping and just leaned there on one knee like I was in a yoga pose. She twerked and ground on my cock like you wouldn’t believe. The fucking sweet flesh of her bubbly ass bouncing and jiggling all over me made me forget about everything.

She slowed down, and it was my turn again. I began to thrust faster and harder. I caressed her back and felt warm wet sweat. The smacking was loud and primal. We were like two animals. She began to moan loud sounds of pure ecstasy.

“Keep going, please keep going,” she said, “yes, yes, please harder, fuck me harder!”

I began thrusting as hard as I could. My abs were on fire. Her fat ass smacking my pelvis, and her tight warm pussy chocking my cock, ignited a tenacity in me that I had not felt since high school.

Her left hand squeezed the shit out of my left wrist while I had my palm holding her waist. I kept thrusting so fucking hard while she was smashing her pussy to the base of my cock, and back up again in a frenzy. My throbbing penis was stimulating her whole being as she squealed in pleasure amidst the sounds of our skin smacking.

She tensed up and looked up at the sky moaning.


Eventually, her body softened up and she giggled with pleasure. My pace slowed down just a little bit, but we were still fucking at a good pace. I could feel that I was getting ready to finish.

I was out of breath and managed to say, “I’m about to come.”

Before I could thrust myself into paradise inside her, like a cat she shifted around and grabbed my cock that was drenched in her pussy juice. She sucked it like a maniac then pulled back and went to work with her hand. Her tongue was out just below my penis and she was looking up to me like I was some kind of king.

I think that was the largest amount of cum I had ever produced. A splatter of strings of white salty seamen landed on her face. She was covered, it was dripping down off her chin. She relished in it, licked it up, and rubbed it all over herself making sure she got it all over her breasts.

I put my hand behind her head, laid her back in the dirt, and licked my own cum up off her breast. We frenched kissed and softly grabbed one another.

A blue flash of light opened both of our eyes. Roaring crackling thunder pierced the floodgates of heaven and large pelts of rain fell on us. We laid there embracing each other naked, getting soaked in the dirt. Soon misty morning sunlight began to penetrate the beastly darkness that blanketed the hottest night ever.

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