Diary Of Sex With Cousin Sister

Hey everyone, this is Diganth. I am a regular reader and fan of ISS. I hope everyone is safe and fine Sex With Cousin Sister. Please do follow the precautions during this pandemic and be safe.

I am 24 years of age with a fair complexion and 5’11” and a 6” dick. I just finished my engineering and am working in a reputed company.

Describing my cousin sister, her name is Usha. She is 23 years of age pursuing MTech. Usha is 5’10” tall, with curves just at the right places, Sex With Cousin Sister and her figure is 32c-28-32. She has a fair complexion. She usually wears a casual western dress but occasionally flaunts her curves in traditional wear, making her look sexy.

This incident happened during my engineering days. We had visited my grandmother’s house during vacation. During vacation, our cousin visits our grandmothers’ place to stay there for a few days.

In my grandmother’s place, only we both were of our age groups, and the rest of them were elders or kids. I reached my grandmother’s place in the evening and was waiting to see Usha. But she was not there. I enquired about her, and her mom said she is upstairs may be playing with kids.

I went upstairs to meet her. Usha was in front of me playing with kids. I just went behind her, closed her eyes, and asked her to guess. Usha was Sex With Cousin Sister touching my hand to guess me, and her soft touches were making me horny.


While trying to guess my name, I placed my two fingers on her lips and just massaged it. After a minute, she guessed my name correctly. I opened my hand from her eyes, and Usha was very happy to see me. Usha immediately turned towards me and hugged me tightly.

Her boobs were crushed against my chest. She was making me very horny, making my dick rise to salute her beauty. I then parted her gave a peck on cheeks very close to lips. Since it was a terrace and kids were present, I was embarrassed that I am doing wrong but couldn’t control.

All the kids began to scream, asking Usha to pass the ball play. Usha passed the ball and asked me to join. I agreed to join her. I was enjoying the game, and after some time, kids demanded to change the game.

Usha was wearing white churidar with pink dupatta and pink leggings and was a treat to watch. I asked Usha Sex With Cousin Sister to give me her dupatta to tie to the kid’s eyes for playing. She agreed and passed me her dupatta.

Once Usha passed me her dupatta, her cleavage was slightly visible. The kids demanded to tie to Usha’s eyes first. So, I tied to her eyes and began playing the game. Usha’s navel region was slightly visible.

How much ever I tried to distract myself from watching her, I couldn’t. I was getting some mischievous ideas to use this situation. So, I thought, let me give a try to seduce her. I went past her and slid my hand on the navel area. She just stood there for a while but continued to play.


Then I again went past her repeated the same this time. She didn’t stop but continued to play.  Seeing this, I went near her pinched her navel. But this time, Usha grabbed my hand and said I caught you.

When I was caught pinching her navel, I thought she will shout at me. Sex With Cousin Sister But she didn’t care about it and just tied her dupatta on my eyes. Usha hadn’t tied the dupatta properly, and everything was visible. But I acted as nothing was visible. I purposely went near and ran to another place

I just went towards her, but I didn’t see there was a wire. I slipped and fell on her and kissed her lips. Usha quickly pushed me aside, removed her dupatta from my eyes, and asked if I was okay. Then she said, “Let’s stop this game and go downstairs to have dinner.”

Usha just went away downstairs running. I thought she didn’t like my behavior. And I was ashamed of my act, so I stood there thinking. After a few minutes, I went down and had my dinner with family members. By the time I finish my dinner, Usha had slept in her room.

I couldn’t sleep because of two reasons: I was happy for whatever happened. Second, I felt guilty for the Sex With Cousin Sister same act and thought to apologize to her in the morning. I woke me up in the morning, had my bath and breakfast waiting for an opportunity to apologize to her.

After breakfast, I went to her room, but she was not there. Usha had gone for a bath. So, I sat on the bed and was waiting for her. My mind was giving me some evil plans to check her out naked. I tried to control it, but I couldn’t. So I went to the opposite side bathroom window to check her out.


I quickly went to the opposite side of the bathroom as there was a small window to peep at her. As I reached there and started to peep, I was shocked and surprised to see her entire naked body. I was surprised by her beauty and was shocked to see her fingering her pussy with her eyes closed.

I was thoroughly enjoying the live actions. My mind was telling somehow, I should have sex with her cooperation. I watched for a few more minutes and went inside the house.

After her bath, she got dressed up in a long-sleeved t-shirt and blue jeans. And she came and sat next to me. I imagined the bath scenes that I saw and was laughing. Usha had called my Sex With Cousin Sister name twice, but I hadn’t responded. So she began shaking my hand.

That was the moment I came back from imagination. I held her hand with mine. Usha asked, “What are you thinking so much? Why are you holding my hand?” I replied, “Nothing, it feels good to hold your hand. Can I hold your hand for some more time?”

So, she smiled and said, of course, and held my hands tightly. After some time, we parted our hands as our grandmother came. She said that we both should stay in the house as they have to go to some relative’s house for some work. I asked, “What time are you guys coming back?”

Grandmother said, “Maybe late evening. The lunch and some snacks are ready for you both.” I was happy and waiting for their exit from the house as I got plenty of hours with Usha. And also maybe I can try some naughty, mischievous things to seduce her.


I imagined some naughty stuff with her. I thought maybe I should get some condoms for safety purposes. I went to the medical store. But I was scared to ask for condoms. With some courage, I Sex With Cousin Sister approached and brought it.

When I came home, the door was locked. So, I rang the doorbell. Usha opened the door and said everyone went. Listening to this, I was happy and scanned her body. Usha was looking sexy. I went inside and locked the door, and sat on a sofa.

We began discussing general random topics, college stuff, etc. And then we both enquired about each other about the boyfriend and girlfriend topic. As we both didn’t have anyone in our lives till then. I said, “Let’s turn on the TV and watch some movie.” There was no good movie playing.

Usha suggested let’s play it through a DVD player. We turned it on it was some horror movie. We began watching it, and it was a little bit scary. Usha sat next to me. The moment she was close, I held her hand tightly. I just pulled her towards me and kept my hand towards her stomach.

She laid her head on my right shoulder. After a few minutes, there was a romantic scene in the movie. I used this situation and slide my hand inside her t-shirt. I began rubbing my hands on her bare stomach, and her breath was increasing.

I held her left hand and took her middle finger, and began sucking it softly. I asked Usha how many times do you masturbate daily. Usha was surprised by this question Sex With Cousin Sister. She trembled, saying, “What? Why?”


I said, “I saw you fingering your pussy with these left middle finger. And these fingers are lucky and yummy.” Usha had known I had watched her bath, but she reacted by asking what you watched. I replied, “You are very beautiful and sexy.”

She said, “I knew you watched me. Also, yesterday, you tried to take advantage of the situation.” I was surprised by her answers, and I pulled her face close towards mine, and lip locked her lips. Usha didn’t resist. She cooperated, and we both started sucking our lips.

After a few minutes of passionate lip lock and french kiss, we parted. I kissed her eyes at first and kissed her entire face. Then I started sucking her earlobes and neck for a few minutes. Sex With Cousin Sister Usha had closed her eyes and was enjoying the process.

After a few minutes, I began unbuttoning her denim long-sleeve t-shirt and unbuttoned her jeans also. Usha was pulling my tracks down. I allowed her to do anything. Usha removed my tracks, underwear, and t-shirt and just held my dick in her hands.

I said, “Not so soon, babe,” and removed her jeans pants with her panties and threw it aside Sex With Cousin Sister

I started licking her legs from the toe, licked till her thighs, kissed her pussy, and stopped. Usha just pulled me to the top, and lip locked my lips. I asked her to wait and removed her t-shirt and her bra.

As we both were completely naked, I just took all the clothes and handed them to her. Then I carried her in my arms to her room. As I carried her, Usha was constantly looking at me. I placed her at the end of the bed and went to lock the room door.


Usha had got up from the bed and was right behind me. I locked the door and turned towards her. Usha hugged me tightly. There was no space between us left. Then I lifted her face towards mine, and we french kissed, and our tongues were sucking each other.

I lifted her and made her lay on the bed. I hadn’t finished licking her body so, I began licking her body from her face. I began licking Usha’s face from her head. I kissed and licked her eyes, nose, and chin. But when I came to her mouth, I spat my saliva on her lips.

Usha swallowed my saliva, pulled me towards her. She started to suck and chew my lips for a few minutes. And I further went down and gave a peck on her neck, Usha giggled and moaned. Then I stared at her boobs for a minute and started pressing her boobs roughly.

I squeezed, pinched, and mauled her boobs and nipples for a few minutes. Usha was moaning, “Digi, it’s hurting me.” So, I began running my tongue on her boobs and asked her if it hurts now. Usha said, “My doctor Diganth knew the solution. So he is applying the ointment.”

She shivered and said, “It’s nice.” By noticing her reactions, I grabbed her left erect pink nipple inside my mouth. I started to suck it like a newborn baby. She was moaning so loud and started arching her body. I sucked it till the left nipples got red enough.

Then I switched to the right nipple, which was inviting me for a long time. Now I started circling the right nipple with my tongue, and I started to bite her right nipple and sucked it. Usha was moaning. Then I went to her navel region, pinched it a few times before licking it.


Then I moved further down, kissed her pussy lips. I then took her left hand and made her rub her pussy with her hand. Then I made her left middle and third finger to stretch her pussy wide. To tease her, I inserted my thumb finger inside her pussy completely.

Usha shouted, “Diganth, not this finger that too fully inside.” I immediately removed my thumb finger and inserted my forefinger and middle finger inside her pussy. I slowly started fingering her pussy with my two fingers, exploring our sexual fantasies. I increased the fingering pace as fast as possible.

After a few minutes, Usha just locked her legs as she had her orgasm. She just cummed on my hands, and I allowed her to relax for a few minutes. Usha closed her eyes and relaxed for a few minutes.

Then Usha asked me to lay down on the bed. I agreed, and she kissed my body completely. Usha took my dick in her hand and pulled the foreskin front and back slowly, and shagged my penis for some time. She touched my penis head with her tongue and kissed and circled it.

She took my penis and licked my penis to its full length. Then, she began sucking my penis slowly to tease me. I told her to suck my penis faster as I was about to cum. She sucked it more vigorously. After a few minutes, I ejaculated cum inside her mouth.

Usha swallowed my cum and said, “Yummy.” I laughed in reply and pulled her close, and french kissed her for a few minutes. After a few minutes, I broke the kiss and made her lie in a missionary position. I took Sex With Cousin Sister a condom packet out from my pocket. But Usha said, “This is the first time, and I want to feel it.”


I was initially scared because of pregnancy stuff. I tried to convince her, but she didn’t agree. Usha convinced me that she will take pills and asked me not to worry. Now I made her lie on the bed with legs spread, touched it with my penis. I entered my penis inside her pussy, but it was tight as my hot cousin was a virgin.

So, I started sucking her nipples and slowly entered her pussy fully. I took out my penis slowly and started to ram her pussy slowly. I was moving my penis in to and fro motion slowly. Tears were dripping through her cheeks in pain, and she was bleeding. So I stopped for a few minutes.

I again started sucking her pussy and fuck her in a missionary position for ten minutes. Then I turned and fucked her from the side position for five minutes. Usha said she wanted to try the cowgirl position (girl on top). I agreed, and we switched to Sex With Cousin Sister the cowgirl position and continued.

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