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Devika & her Adventures from A Rich high class housewife Chapter 3

ramlal become normal.

devika: ‘oh my god, i thought you had died… phew’. she was still sitting in the sofa armrest near him,  still she can feel ramlal body was shivering in cold.
ramlal: ‘yeah maam, you have saved me with your timely help.’, devika smiled in acknoledgement.
devika: ‘you are still shivering, you have to change your clothes fast as possible, or else you will get cold, here take this dress’, saying that she gave her husband costly night dress to him
devika: ‘here is the bathroom, go and change the dress fast’, she showed him the way to bathroom, 
ramlal get up from sofa and went inside the bathroom, inside the bathroom, he removed his wet phants and underware and dried his naked body with towel, he wrapped the towel and covered his lower body, he dont have any dry underwear to wear, so he decided to ask devika for her husband underwear, so he opened the door, and called devika.
ramlal: ‘maam, maam…’.
devika sounded from the hall, ‘what ramlal ?’.
ramlal: ‘please come here maam, once’, devika wondered why ramlal is calling her, so she went to attend him, she found ramlal peeking from behind the bathroom door, devika felt shy as she can understand ramlal is standing behind the door naked, but actually ramlal was wearing the towel.
devika from a distance looking down, and asked, ‘what ramlal, why you called me ?’
ramlal: ‘I dont know how to ask this to a woman…’.
devika: ‘it is ok, you can ask me’
ramlal: ‘maam, my underwear is wet, i need a underwear to wear, if you have any of your husband jetty, please give it to me, i will wear it’.
devika bursted into laughter, ‘so for this only you called me… ha ha… you need a jetty, thats all right, why you are hestitating to ask ?’.
ramlal suprised by her open and bold talk,
devika: ‘wait, i will see, if there is any underwear of my husband’, saying that she went to her bedroom and searched for her husband’s jetty, but unfoturnaltley she cant find anyone of her husband underwear, she wondered, where all the underwear gone, so with confused state she went to ramlal,
ramlal: ‘what maam, did you find any underwear ?’
devika: ‘Sorry Ramlal, i searched everywhere in my husband wardrobe, but coudnt find one, i dont know where he kept all his underwear’.
ramlal: ‘that is ok maam, i can adjust without underwear, but to feel little warm, i thought i can wear a undewear’, saying that he felt sad. devika got an idea,
devika: ‘ramlal, if you dont mind, can your one of my underwear’.
ramlal cant believe his ears what devika said.
ramlal: ‘what ? your underwear ?’.
devika: ‘yes my panty.’.
ramlal: ‘but maam, it is wrong men wearing women underwear’.
devika: ‘yeah usually men wont wear women innerwear, but now we dont have choice, also you said you want to keep yourself warm, so wearing panty is not wrong’, she said and looked down with shyness.
ramlal: ‘ok maam, as you said’.
devika again went to her bedroom and took one of her hispter type panty, and came back to ramlal.
devika: ‘here take my panty’, saying that she handover her panty to him.
ramlal with eager got her panty and closed the bathroom door, inisde the bathroom, he closely looked at her panty, it feels more expensive and silky, he moved the panty closed to his nose and smelt it, also he rubbed her panty all over his face, and smelt it, eagerly he unwrapped his towel and put her panty, as ramlal is quite fat, his ass fit her panty, his cock felt instanly hard, when he felt the smoothness of devika panty in his dick, he controlled that and worn her husband night dress, and came out of bedroom, and came to hall where devika sitting in sofa and watching tv. seeing ramlal in her husband’s dress, she blushed, also she knows he was wearing her panty, she felt shy thinking that ,she smiled at ramlal, he also smiled in return, he came near to devika, and felt nervous standing near hear.

devika: ‘how are you feeling now ramlal ?’.
ramlal: ‘feeling better, it is all your effort, now i am feeling ok.’
devika: ‘why are standing, come on sit on sofa, and watch Tv’.
ramlal: ‘maam… how can i seat in sofa near your, your are rich beatiful women, i am a poor old gurka, i feel uncomfortable sitting near you.’
devika: ‘dont feel inferior ramlal, there is no such difference with rich and poor, all are human, everyone has to repect all, also think me as your friend’, saying that she grabbed his hands and made him to sit near her. devika was careful not touching him, she made him to sat with a small gap between them, he saw devika’s bare arm in her sleveless blouse, devika saw ramlal ogling at her body, you can watch tv not me, ramlal got fear and watched tv, devika felt proud of her beauty, even a 60 year old man having eyes on her body
in tv it was movie, where hero and heroine got married and read for first night scene, they both sat on bed and chatted for sometime and hero kissed heroine on her neck, both lied on bed and light goes off, next a song came, and they had a baby, just like that movie went.
ramlal: ‘wow.. that guy kissed that woman neck and she gave birth to a baby, that is great maam’.
devika laughed at his innocent talk.
devika: ‘ha ha ha ha’.
ramlal: ‘why maam you are lauhing, i said correct only na’.
devika: ‘it is not like that ramlal, they have to do more than that to get a baby’
ramlal: ‘maam, you are lying to me, i had seen many movies, like hero kisses heroine on her neck, and new baby will come, he acted like dont know anything’.
devika: ‘dont act ramlal, you are not married ? you talk you didnt have any sex ?’
ramlal: ‘yes maam, i am not married, my parents died when i was kid, after that noone cares me, and so i didnt marry one’.
devika: ‘sorry ramlal, i feel pitty for you… that is you dont know anything about how ….’, she stopped .. as she dont want to talk intimate things with ramlal
ramlal: ‘how ?’, but ramlal didnt leave her
devika: ‘i mean, how a baby will born’.
ramlal: ‘if i dont know means you can teach me na, so i will also marry and give bith to a woman’.
devika: ‘what ? no… i cant… ‘
ramlal: ‘why, you said you are my friend, why cant you teach me then ?’
devika: ‘you can get the knowledge from your wife only’
ramlal: ‘but i dont have wife, i can ask my beatiful friend only’, he continued
ramlal: ‘also maam, if i too kiss your neck, you will give bith to my baby, and mother of that baby ?’
devika: ‘no stop talking like, how can you talk to me like this, i am married, and i have my husband, also kissing alone wont give a baby’
ramlal: ‘no i wont believe you, you are lying to me’.
devika: ‘no i am telling truth only, i am no lying’.
ramlal: ‘also you mentioned sex, and what is that ? where i can buy that ?’
devika: ‘hha ha ha… it is not a thing to buy, it is feeling between a woman and men’.
ramlal: ‘can i get the feeling from you, will you give sex to me’
devika: ‘stop this, you really dont know how to talk to a woman, dont talk like to anyother woman, or else you will be in trouble’.
ramlal: ‘why maam, if you are not telling i will ask smitha madam, or any women in this are, they will teach me how to give a baby’.
devika: ‘dont do that, you will be thrown out of this area.’
ramlal: ‘you are also teaching me, and not allowing to ask others too, then how i will learn give baby. then i will kiss a woman on her neck and make that women to bear my child’.
devika: ‘ramlal kissing is just express love, not to make baby’.
ramlal: ‘no i wont belive you’.
devika acted like she got irritated.
devika: ‘aree baba…how can i prove this to you ?(asked within herself) … ok kiss me, on my neck nothing will happen, i think after that you willl believe me’, saying that she pointed her neck. ramlal cant believe devika asking him to kiss her neck. but he acted like he is feared
ramlal: ‘no maam, if i kiss you will get pregnant, and give birth to my baby’.
devika: ‘no nothing will happen, i gave permission right, so just kiss me on my neck’.
ramlal: ‘but mamm’, devika pulled him near her
devika: ‘kiss me on my neck and i will show you that you are wrong’. saying that she raised her head and show her neck
ramlal leaned on her and went near her neck, “wow, what a sexy bomb she is and her smell ,it is great” ,he said with himself and gave a peck on her neck, but he is not yet finished, he opened his dirty mouth and placed on her neck and applied some pressure and take her neck flesh inside his lips and smooched her neck, devika felt current shock passing inside her body when she felt his lips eating her neck, she thought he was innocennt, but his kiss said he is more experienced, ramlal left her neck after a strong kiss.
devika felt wet on her neck with his saliva.
devika: ‘see nothing happens, i am not pregnant’.
ramlal: ‘how can you get pregnant instantly, it will take time’.
devika: ‘eventhough we wait for 100 years nothing will happen’.
ramlal: ‘ok i agree your point, that kissing on woman neck wont give baby, then tell how to make a woman pregnant’.
devika: ‘ok fine i will explain you’, she took a deep breath
devika: ‘to make a woman pregnant you need to have sex with her.’
ramlal with confused look, ‘so if i have sex with you, you will pregnant’,
devika: ‘no no you cant have sex with me, i am already married, may be you can marry a girl and make her as your wife, and have sex with her and make her pregnant’.
ramlal: ‘you said you can have to sex with woman, not with wife, i dont understand, now you are telling only with wife i can have sex’.
devika: ‘it is not like that ramlal, any men have sex with a woman, and make her pregnant, but there are certain norms, and culture, that we need to follow’.
ramlal: ‘but this sex, what is exactly i dont understand’.
devika: ‘aree baba, ramlal you are asking everything, that you are not supposed to ask’.
ramlal: ‘then whom i will ask, i dont know anyone other than you’. devika felt pitty for him.
devika: ‘ok fine i will explain’. ramlal acted like he is very eager to listen her lecture
devika: ‘sex, is some sort of physical activity in which men and women touch each other’s bodies, kiss each other, etc’
ramlal: ‘but i kissed you now, that means i had sex with you ?’
devika: ‘no, not only kissing, as i said earlier. sex is where both women and men get aroused seeing each other’.
ramlal: ‘aroused ?’
devika dont know how to explian him about sex with using words like fuck, dick, pussy.
devika: ‘yeah, when a men see a woman, he will be aroused and a men toches a women and she arosue, and they both will have sex’
ramlal: ‘what you mean by aroused? how i can get aroused’.
devika: ‘it is feeling.. i mean how to explain… ‘, she decided to be more open, as she had no choice other than to be open to explain him
devika: ‘not just by seeing a woman, you have to think about her in a sexier way, you have to think, about her attire, like’
devika: ‘like you can think, ‘what a sexy structure she got’, ‘her curves are very hot’, ‘what a chest she had’, ‘her lips are so cute to kiss’, thinking such things, make a men arouse’.
ramlal: ‘what happen if a men arouse ?’
devika: ‘if a men got arouse, i meann..’ she struggled
devika: ‘if a men got arouse, his penis will become hard, and excited’, ramlal is excited to hear from a richclass ssexy housewife.
ramlal: ‘penis ?’.
devika: ‘you dont know penis ?, the one between your legs, the one hangs between your legs’, now she become hotter with this conversation, also she decided to seduce him with her words. ramlal tiouched between his legs
ramlal: ‘you mean, dick ?’
devika: ‘yes correct.’
ramlal: ‘we call this dick, lund, cock, now only i am hearing penis.’
ramlal: ‘if i think a woman in the way as you said, my dick also will become hard ? i thought dick is only for pee, i never felt my dick getting harder, by seeing a woman, only sometimes while sleeping i feel my dick getting harder, i thought it may be a disease’.
devika: ‘no ramlal, it is not disease, and not only for urinating, and also with that part only you can have sex with a woman’.
ramlal: ‘but dick is dirty, whether women accepts that’
devika: ‘yeah every woman like dick’.
ramlal: ‘you too ?’
devika: ‘yeah, but only my husband’s one’.
ramlal: ‘oh that is why we need to marry?’
devika: ‘yes correct ramlal, after that your wife also likes your penis’.
ramlal: ‘so what i have to do to make my dick harder, yes yes, i remember i need to think about a woman’, saying he closed his eyes.
devika: ‘what are you doing ?’
ramlal: ‘i am just thinking about actress, i saw in movie, but my dick is not raising’
devika: ‘may be for your age, you need to do more than thinking’
ramlal: ‘tell mamm, what i have to do’.
devika: ‘you need to see a woman lively like i said, instead of thinking’, after that devika releasied her mistake that she said him to see a woman lively, she know what next ramlal will ask her.
ramlal: ‘you mean a live woman, mamm can i think about you like how you said, i want to see my dick raise’
devika: ‘no no you cant think about me, i told you right i am married and you cant, you can try later with some other woman’
ramlal: ‘but maam, i dont know anyother woman other than you, also i want to see whether my dick raising now.’
devika: ‘ok, but ramlal dont tell this to anyone, or else i will die’.
ramlal: ‘no mamm, i promise i dont tell anything to anyone’.
devika: ‘ok thanks, go ahead, look at me, and think me in a sexy way’, saying that she turned to him in seating posture in sofa and gave a sexy smile.
ramlal sititng near her also turned towards her, and scaned her body from top to bottom, he can see her side hips in that position, she is looking like a sexy bomb tightly wrapped dark purple color saree, her structure in saree is more hot, also her sleveless blosue wiht more exposed arms are irrestiable to handle. ramlal saw her, as he is going to eat her, devika was uncomfortable allowing a men to watch her body with her permission.
ramlal: ‘i feel nothing man, my dick is not getting harder, i think i never get arrousal’.
devika: ‘may be, i think you are thinking me as your friend, that is why you are not getting aroused of seeing me, may be this time think me as your wife, imagine we both are married, and i am your wife, and you are my husband’, ramlal cant belive the luck, as devika gave permisson to think her as his wife. devika also thought he need some seduction to get arroused, so instead satying like statue, she decide to get active.
ramlal again saw her face into her eye, devika felt shy, but she too look into his eyes, she licked her lips seductively and puckered her lips and gave a kiss from distance.
devika: ‘what are you looking at your wife’
devika: ‘dont you think i am sexy’, she slowly raised her hands and adjusted her hairs exposing her armpits. ramlal become excited to see her clean shaven armpit, also he can see her exposed bare boobs on side of her blouse, he cant belive the luck he had today, he brought his hands near her and tried touching her armpits, devika snapped his hands
devika: ‘ahh ahh.. only seeing, not touching, i know you can get aroused by just seeing’. sayign that she kept her hands on her blosue sleave and pulled and adjusted, in that process ramlal saw her boobs was jiglling inside her blouse.
devika agian looked at him: ‘you naughty, dont look at me like this i feel shy’.
devika slowly slide her pallu near her chest area, stretched hersefl front, and showed her cleavage, ‘look at my cleaveage, dont you like those mangoes’, ramlal was slienet and licked his lips seeing her cleavage.
ramlal: ‘yes you are sexy, i never seen a beautiful women like you, everything in you is beautiful, your eyes, lips, neck,… wow your boobs… so nice’. devika wondering whether he is making roleplay or really he is prasing her, but she ignored that continued her act.
devika: ‘ah ah ha…’, saying that she hide her cleavage with her pallu, and then she brought her hands slowly down rubbing her boobs over saree, and slide her pallu at her midriff region, and showed her hips, due to sitting her midriff, her bare hips are folded at front region.
ramlal: ‘your hips are flat and fleshy’, saying that he brought his hands on his coutch area and pressed his dick over his night pants.
devika: ‘now you feel your dick raising ?’.
ramlal: ‘no maam, but i feeling different after seeing you in sexier way, and my dick is itching’, saying that he scratched his couch area, devika felt shy seeing a men scrathing his couch area, looking at her. she ignored that and concentrate on making ramlal hard.
devika: ‘yeah keep the phase ramlal, look at me, look at my sexy eyes, my lips’, saying that stood from sofa and stood infront of ramlal, she raised her arms and showed her clean shaved armpit, and head and looked upwards, she turned facing away from ramlal, showing her ass to ramlal, ramlal was few inches away from her ass, her well shaped ass looking hot in tightly wrapped saree, ramlal felt like her want to grap her fleshy ass and give a hard press, but he controlled.
devika was slowly moving her ass in circular phasion seductively.
devika: ‘look at my ass, dont you think my ass is sexy’, devika started using the word ‘ass’, as she dont know how to describe her assests and make him excited, ramlal also excited heraing the word ‘ass’ from a conservative housewife like devika.
ramlal: ‘yes maam, your ass is hot and sexy, i never seen a woman ass sexier as yours’.
devika: ‘oh is it, how about my curves, look at my hips’, her hip side folds are created while she was moving her ass.
ramlal: ‘so nice, and cute folds on your hips are temptaing all men’.
devika: ‘so you are very experience in prasing a women beauty ?’. continued swaying her ass .
ramlal: ‘no maam … no maam… only you, by seeing you words are coming automatically, i never seen a beautiful women like you’.
devika: ‘now can you get aroused ? your dick is raising ?’
ramlal: ‘yes maam i am getting arroused, after thinkig you as my wife and in sexier way, but my dick is got getting raised’, saying that he was jerking his dick over his night pants, devika thought for a moment and she understood, that his dick is not getting raised because of his age, also she understood he needs more sexual simulation other than just seeing and thinking her in sexual way, she thought of giving a chance to feel her body, and see whether is dick is raising, but she was was thinking hiw she can allow a low class gurka to touch her volptorous body, she didnt think much and decided to give a try.
devika: ‘oh… i think you need more simulation, seeing me or thinking me alone wont work, you need to touch and feel a woman, then only i think your dick will get raised’, now she used to words like dick, ass, as she has no choice to explain him without using these words.
ramlal: ‘so i have to touch and feel a woman, but whom i will touch now ?, which women will agree me to touch her, i am a low class gurka, no women will allow me to touch her, what i will do now’, devika felt irritated hearing this, as he knows very well that she is going to allow him to touch her, but he is acting like as he wont know anything.
devika: ‘i am already seducing you, allowing you to think me as your wife, then why other women to touch and feel, you can touch me and use me for sexual simiulation’.
ramlal licked his lips with excitement thinking devika gave permission to touch her.
devika came near to ramlal, ramlal was sitting in sofa and watching devika, she gave her hands to him indicating him to stand by holding her hand, ramlal understood that and grabbed her hands and stood near, both were looking into each other eyes, devika acted like showing fake lust on ramlal, but inside her, she also simulated with lust, after she gave breath to ramlal, and all these dirty direct talks with old gurka, ramlal smiled at devika showing his yellowish teeth.

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