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Devika & her Adventures from A Rich high class housewife Chapter 2

Devika lied on the sofa and thinking about today’s theraphy session. She started thinking how much loyal and shy housewife, but the way she seduced raju… she cant even imagine, how she turned into. she let a 50yrs old man feeling her body, and allowed him to suck her tongue and lips, as she never experienced.. she allowed raju to strip her saree, and allowed him to fondle her hips, she still feel some pain on her hips, due to constant fondling and pressing… also she feel humilated as she drank most of dirty sailva of raju, and breathed his tobacco mixed foul smell, and even she jerked his full sized dick over his lungi, and imagining how their sailva flowing from her mouth into her cleavage during the last drop of theraphy, thinking all this she slowly brought her hands towrards her crotch area and started rubbing her pussy over her nighty… suddenly she came out of her thoughts and removed her hands…

Devika: “Chee… how i have become like this… this is all medication process, raju wants to get cure.. i should not think about this..”.
Now she felt releaxed and slept calmly.

Raju reached his house, and changed his lungi, while changing his lungi, he realzied that he left his underwear in devika’s home… he didnt think much and started thinking each and every part of devika body… especially her ass, unfoutnately he didnt get a chance to fondle her ass and boobs, but still he got chance to feel her smooth ass with his dick, when she sat on his crotch for seducing, his hands can still feel her sexy milky bare hips, her hips were like butter in his hands, her sweet lips, and the way she poured the medicine in her tongue and extened towrds his mouth for sucking, and finally he sucked her navel… he took his cheap rum bottle and drank few gupls and tried masterbauting, but due his hot session he was not able to do, so he slept sliently.

Next day, Morning devika slept till 10 am, she didnt know when she slept, and she never thought she will wake up late. she was hurry to complete her usual household chores, as her maid also temporarily stopped due to health issues, she has to do by herself. now she went to bathroom to wash her clothes, she have her nighty and saree to be washed, when taking her saree, she found a jetty felt from her saree… she can regonize that jetty as raju’s one, when she saw his jetty, she startes recall how raju removed his jetty infront of her, by inserting his hands inside his lungi, she took his jetty with her hand, and brought closer to her face, she found some white patches at front side, she tried inspected those white patches with her hand, but confused and smelt, as suspected it was raju’s precum stain, without her itention she started smelling his cum stain, somewhere inside devika made devika to like the smell of dry cum, she even tried to lick it, but she controlled, as doctor said as Raju may have spectic cum, so it may impact her, if she had sex with him, so she feared to lick his cum, and placed his underwear inside tub along with her saree and loaded inside washing machine for washing, and started doing other works, after washing machince finished, she dried her clothes including raju underwear, everytime when she see raju underwear, she remember 
the raju dick was standing inside his lungi, and she was holding that over his lungi, she felt shy why she was thinking like that. she felt like she need a dick inside her pussy, she somehow came outside of her thoughts, and the day also went, as doctor advised to give medicine every alternate days, today is no therapy. she didnt think much and slept.

next day, raju was wondering as how devika is going to seduce him, it was 7pm, so as devika instructed, he took his spare lungi, and started to devika’s house, he also took the medicine which delay cumming, on the other end, devika was thinking to perform more seductive than previous session, and also decided not wear saree , as raju might feel bored, also she wants to seduce him, when she was in college, devika was a fashion model for dresssing, she wear dress and ramp walk, she used to wear leggings, jeans during those days, after marriage, she never worn those dress, as her husband never allow her to those kind of dresses, she decided to wear one of her tight yoga pants and white t-shirt, she choose a brown thin material bra, and applied perfume on her neck and armpit, she felt difficult to wear the yoga pant, as it become skin fit tight, but after some struggle she worn it, it appeared as second skin for her, and her structure was clearly visible with yoga pants, raju can easily feel the trace of her panty under pants, if he keep hands on her ass, but in last session he didnt touch her ass, but this she decided to give raju a chance to feel her ass, she worn her t-shirt, it is also very tight, her boobs appeared to tear the t-shirt and jump out anytime, also the t-shirt was little short, so her navel and hip region also visible, she checked infront of mirror by raising her hand, it is very vulnerable, when she raises her hand, her entire hip region is visible, also she check her side view, the view is damn sexy, her boobs and ass, apeared well fit in her yoga pants and t-shirt. She tied her hair in ponytail forma and also she worn her high heels, it added more beauty and sexiness to her ass, and came to hall and sat on sofa, waiting for Raju, and thinking how she become, wating for a low class labour to seduce him.

Raju started from his home, his time raju didnt wear his underwear, as last time devika itself asked him to remove his underwear during treatment for masterbation, so he decided not wear underwear. He reached devika house and parked his cycle, and knocked her door, with excitement, Devika hearing door knock,  she knows it was Raju, so she went and opened the door, raju jaw has dropped, seeing devika in jean and t-shirt, he was scanning her from top to bottom, devika blushed inside her, seeing raju scanning her from top to bottom
Raju: “Maam, I thought you wont wear mordern dress. you look like celebrity in this dress, too sexy…”, 
devika didnt expect direct comment from raju calling her as sexy, but she didnt react, and said thanks and asked him to come inside, she decided to play the game of seduction from the begining, so she walked as she walk in ramp, she was walking by crossing her legs with her high heels, raju never experienced any women seducing him in hot yoga pants, he fixed his eyes on her swaying ass, she turned around and smiled at raju, who was watching her ass.
Devika: “Raju, What are you watching at…”
Raju: “Maam … i was watching your… i mean, i am sorry… i mean”, he struggled with his words,
seeing that devika laughed.
Devika: “Wait, sit down at sofa, I will bring juice for you”, she went to kitchen, raju sat on sofa watching devika’s ass as she was wakling to kitchen, raju every cant take eyes from her ass.
Devika came out of kitchen and went near to raju with juice and sat on his lap with her legs crossed, Raju didnt expect sudden attack from Devika, a current shock went inside him when he felt devika ass on his lap. devika also felt uncomfortable sitting in a old man’s lap, but she didnt think about that, raju wrapped his arms around her waist as he support devika to sit on his lap, she took the juice, instead of giving to him, she feed raju with the juice, raju started driking, raju took few gulps, devika stopped feeding him and took the glass from his mouth, and she kept her lips on the place where raju was driking few seconds agao, and she started drinking, to make more erotic devika started playing with her words.
Devika: “We are now couple, Your are my husband and I my your lovely wife, I think we have to share same food.” saying that she returned back the juice glass to him, and raju drank from the place where deivka drank
Raju: “Ah…. now the juice taste is very great… thanks maam”.
Devika worndering why raju didnt call by her name, as she intiated to act her as his wife, but still he didnt call by her name..
Raju drank the juice completely, few drops of juice felt on her center cleavage, which devika and raju noticed, her t-shirt also low neck he can see devika ample amount of cleavage, both were looking each other, raju smiled at her, she judged what raju is thinking, so she closed her eyes, raju bend and came closer to her clevage, she can feel raju’s breath on her cleavage, raju extended his tongue, and licked the juice on her cleavage, and continously licked back and forth over her cleavge and cleaned the juice with his tongue, her cleavage was glistening with his sailva. devika started feeling the hardness of raju in her ass.
Devika: “Lets start the medication, come on we will go to bedroom”.
Raju: “Dont get down from my lap, i will carry you to bedroom”. devika felt this as new, as she had seen women carried by men, raju carried devika on his strong hands, and walked towards bedroom, as he is going to have sex with devika, raju has to keep his hands on her thighs for support, her thighs felt sexy and plumby in his strong hands. devika felt shy as this was the first time she has been carried by a men, she wrapped her arm around raju neck, and buried her face on his shoulder with shyness like a new bride, raju went to bedroom for treatment. In bedroom he dropped her on bed in lying position, devika landed on bed on her stomach, before devika tried to get up, Raju jumbed on her back like a wild animal, devika felt the raju heavy weight on her body, devika felt irritated for raju’s animal like behvaiour but she didnt react hard on him.
devika: ‘what is this Raju, you have to learn to treat your wife with care’.
Raju: ‘He He… i became mad after seeing you in hot yoga pants, and i want to feel your sexy ass with my cock’, devika didnt expect Raju is trying to take control over her, but she liked it, and played along with raju. Raju was already hard, he pressed his hard dick on devika’s ass in that poisition, it felt great for raju lying over devika with his thighs and cock pressed and feeling her thighs and ass in sexy yoga pant. She felt uncomfortable, as she directly feeling a low class old men dick in her ass, also he was not wearing any underwear, she tried to move, but she got stuck under raju weight. She can feel the full length of his cock, her pussy started getting wet, as any woman can control when she feels a hard dick on her ass, she moaned in excitement.
Devika: ‘Shhhh .. Ahhhh… Raju…’. The treatment not even startRaju took advantage of the situation and started pressing his hard dick more into her ass crack, and slowly he started moving his groin area as he is dry fucking her ass over her yoga pants, slowly he pistoned her ass back and forth, her ass also cooperated with his moves, he can feel her sexy ass moving like a jelly, he lied flat on her back, and brought his face near her neck, and smelling her neck area, devika felt tickiling sensation, as she felt his beard and mustache, on her bare neck skin, she closed her eyes with shyness, Raju came near her ears and whispered.
Raju: ‘Devika, dont feel shy, just enjoy my dry fucking, also make me more hard by using bad words, during the session.’
Devika felt hot inside hearing the word ‘fucking’ from raju, she never used bad words during her sex with her actual husband, he never use bad words, also never allow devika to use bad words, but she like to use bad words during her sex session, due to her husband she never got chance to use bad words, but now she got that chance and was excited to use bad words, also she had watched some porn movies, but she dont Raju to know she is confortable to use bad words. so she acted like she is not comfortable to use bad words. devika with her closed eyes.
Devika: ‘No Raju, I cant use bad words, i never used bad words before.’
Raju: ‘Poor Girl, you are missing real excitement in your life, You will feel real excitement only when you use bad words’
Devika: ‘But raju, I dont know any bad words’, she acted like she dont know any bad words, as she dont want Raju to think as bad, eventhouhg she know few.
Raju: ‘Dont worry devika, I will teach you bad words, and by end of this treatment process, you will be expert in using bad words.’
Devika: ‘But Raju, I cant even think of talking in bad words’.
Raju: ‘You can Devika’, saying that again her pressed his hard dick into her ass cheeks
Devika: ‘Ahhh… Raju’
Raju: ‘Tell me, what you feel on your ass’, saying that again he pressed his dick more into her ass.
Devika: ‘Raju…. Your Penis….’.
Raju: ‘He He, what penis, No, call it as lund or dick, now tell me what you feel on your ass’.
Devika: ‘Your dick…’.
Raju: ‘Tell fully devika’
Devika: ‘No I cant’.
Hearing that Raju again raised his butt and hitted back her ass with his cock. Devika with her closed eyes, she jerked with his pressure
Devika: ‘Ahhh…. Ok… I feel your lund Raju… I feel your lund on my ass…’, hearing devika speaking bad words, raju become excited.
Raju: ‘He He… Thats good, finally my wife started speaking bad words’.
Now raju slowly started to pumping her ass over her yoga pants with his lund like he was fucking her. Again he whispered in her ears
Raju: ‘Now Devika Tell me, How my lund is ? Is it Big’
Devika: ‘No…. Ahh…. It feels great, I mean your lund, it is big and hard, i never felt like this before’
Raju: ‘So you liked it ?’
Devika: ‘Yes Raju,  I liked your lund, I liked your big lund…. Ah…’
Raju: ‘Great, Now Devika Imagine I am fucking your pussy from behind you…. Encourage your husband’, saying that he increased his pumping speed.
Devika: ‘Yeah…. Fuck…. Fuck me…. Dont Stop, Fuck my pussy harder….Ahhhh …. yeaaahhh Raju, Fuck me Raju….’.
Devika started feeling wetness in her pussy, she want to stop this and start treatment, but Raju was not in mood to stop punping her, as her ass felt sexy and smooth for him, he never thought in his life Devika agree to feel his lund on her ass, also he got  chance to pump her ass in yoga pants, her yoga pannts acted as second skin for her, he felt his lund going deeper into her ass crack on every stroke.
Devika: ‘Now Stop Raju, we need to start your treatment, it is already late.’.
Raju:’Please Devika, give me some more time, Please please..’ saying he kissed her on her side of her neck
Devika understood how much Raju was excited to feel her ass, she understood his feelings, but she wants to stop him and start the treatment process, as she also can feel he is already hard, and it is correct time to start the theraphy. She want to convey this Raju in seductive way without spoiling his mood.
Devika: ‘Please Raju, understand, your wife is not going anywhere, We will start the treatment, during treatment, you can feel my ass, my ass is all yours Raju. I am going to sit on your lap, you can feel my sexy ass with your lund, during whole treatment, believe your wife, now get off from me, and start focusing on treatment’.
Raju was happy seeing Devika was also playing her role, to make him excited, he got up from her, but still he was sitting on her thighs.
Devika was wondering why Raju didnt get off, Devika with her head sidewards resting on bed, “Now what, why are not getting up?”.
Raju: ‘He he… I am looking at your ass… wow what sexy ass you have, i never seen a women with a ass like this’, saying that he placed his both hands on her ass, and started roaming on her ass cheeks.
Raju: ‘Ahhhh …. so smooth… sexy ass’. Devika was irritated by his action, but she allowed him.
Devika: ‘Hmmm …. please raju, we need to start treatment, i told you right you can feel my ass during treatment, not get up from me it is already getting late’.
Raju: ‘Please devika… give me 2 min, i want to feel your ass with my hands in this positon’
Devika have no chance, and have no energy to beg him again.
Devika: ‘Ok only 2 min’.
Raju: ‘Thanks Devika…. ‘, he dont want to waste his time by further talking, so without waiting he again continued roaming his hands on her ass cheeks. devika closed her eyes, and enjoyed his rough hands and touch in her ass over yoga pants, so far he is not removing her pants no problem for devika.
Now Raju got boldness, and moved her hands to her bottom of her ass cheecks, and cupped her ass cheecks slowy, and massged her ass.
Devika moaned in pressure, ‘Ahhh …. please no…. ‘
he agian released her ass, and again cupped it again, but all time he was doing slowly, he also can feel her trace of her panty, he left he ass, and started tracing her panty outline over her yoga pants, he pulled her panty along with her pants and left, due to the elastic, it hit devika ass harder. devika was not comfortable allowing a dirty old sitting on her back of thighs and feeling her ass and touching her panty, she conrtolled her, didnt react, again he cupped her ass cheeks, but this he cupped her ass tighly and pressed harder, and squeezed her blood out of her ass… devika shouted with his sudden assault….
Devika: ‘Nooo …. it is hurting… please raju….’
Raju: ‘He he… sorry devika, next time i will press slowly’, saying that he realeased his grip on her ass, and patted on the place where he pressed harder. after that devika felt raju took his hands from her ass, but again he placed his left hand on her ass, and brought his right hand and placed between her ass checks and felt her ass crack, slowly he used his finger and moved on her ass crack from top to bottom, it was great sensational feeling for devika, again he applied more pressure with his hand and tried to move his entire right hand into her ass checks, realizing the danger in raju hand position, devika quickly closed her thighs togther, due to her action raju hand got stucked between her ass cheeks, he felt the warmth of her ass with his hands stucked between her ass..
Raj: ‘devika keep your thighs together like this, my hands feel great between your ass cheeks’.
devika: ‘no Raju, take your hands’, but she also didnt release her thighs, raju started jerking his hands between her ass cheeks, as he is fingering her ass hole, devika was moaning with raju action.
devika: ‘ahhh ahhhh no no… please raju’ devika was squeezing raju hands between her ass cheeks, aftersome time of jerking he took his hands from her ass cheeks.
devika: ‘now raju, lets start the treatment’.
raju: ‘ok devika’, saying that he got up from devika, devika too got up from raju and sat on bed near him.
devika: ‘ok lets start the treatment’, she saw huge tent formed on raju groin area, as he didnt wear underwear, it is standing like pole inside his lungi, devika felt shy as an old man sitting near her with lund standing straight. raju tried to control his pole, be he failed, devika smiled herself thinking raju trying to hide his erection.
devika took the bottle, ‘Raju you are ready for treatment, make sure your keep your…. i mean your lund erect during the treatment’, devika felt shy telling raju directly about his lund.
raju: ‘he he … ‘.
devika was about to open the medicine bottle.
raju: ‘devika, come and sit here.’, saying that he patted his thighs.
devika thought for a moment, ‘but raju you need to jerk your lund, if i sat on your thighs, how you will jerk, it will be uncomfortable for you.’
raju: ‘he he.. dont worry devika, if i feel your sexy ass with my lund, it will be erect all the time, no need for jerking’
devika had no choice other than to sit on his thighs and feed the medicine, devika got up from bed and went opposite to raju and sit on his thighs with her legs crossed, but to her unbeleif, raju pulled her bare arms and made her to sit on his thighs front and pushed her thighs around his thighs, and made her to sit in riding position, devika was shocked, she cant a believe a matured housewife sitting on 50 years old man thigh with her plumby ass on his cock, both were looking into each other eyes, due to closeness raju can feel devika stiff boobs brushing his broad chest, devika avioded his close eye contact with raju and opened the bottle. raju dick was trying to push her ass with its stiffness, devika can feel his rod on her ass, raju wrapped his arm around her hips over her t-shirt and pulled her little closer, devika with a jerk hitted his broad chest with her soft boobs.
raju: ‘yes devika, with this posture feed me the medicine, i will be always hard’
devika: ‘you are too naughty’,
devika extened her toungue and poured a litte medicine into her tongue, and leaned her face near raju, raju also extened his tongue and touched her sexy sharp tongue, it was sexy feeling for raju, as a high class married houswife sitting on his tighs with her boobs brushing his chest and her ass feeling his lund, and allowing her tongue to lick in the name of treatment, raju started licking her tongue. instead devika keeping her tongue, she also moved her tongue along with him and licked his tongue, both were fighting with tongue, raju instered his hands beneath her back of her tshirt and felt her bare hips, also he raised his hands along with tshirt and raised her tshirt, he was feeling the smoothness of her bare back and her hip flesh. raju brought his lips licking all way her toungue and licked her sexy lips for sometime, devika dont know waht to do, as the medicne was in her tongue, but he is licking her lips, but she didnt think much and ignored as thinking as the part of seduction. raju completed licking the medicine from her tongue and seperated. both looked into each other eyes with lust… raju wants to kiss her glitsening lips.

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