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Devika Cheated By Trust Chapter 2

Its been 2 weeks, since that day, which turned out to be the most luckiest day in Vishnu’s life and obviously one of the most embarrassing day for devika. Vishnu seems to be very happy these days. He must be cherishing those precious moments he had spent with devika. And his friends, Rahim and Anand have become increasingly frustrated, as Vishnu achieved little success with Devika.
They were determined to do something, and want to get Devika in vulnerable position, just like Vishnu had. They were very much desperate to find their way. But Vishnu seemed little lazy to make next plans to progress through the ranks. He thought his friends will never have any success with Devika, so he thought he has got enough time to make next move.
Classes were happening as usual, some students were listening, some are engaged with something else. Rahim and Anand, were busy thinking how to get intimate with
Devika, while Vishnu was replaying those private moments with Devika for the umpteenth time.
The bell rang for the first break, bringing everyone back to the reality. Before the students could go outside, their class teacher entered, asking everyone to settle down.
Class teacher – OK ..please settle down and give me a moment please…settle down please everyone and listen
Everyone went back to their seat, despite not wanting and cursing their teacher for spoiling the five minutes break. But the next statement from their teacher, shifted everyones mood and cheered up the students.
Class teacher – OK, the management has decided about your yearly field trip and it will be happening next month.
Students – Oh wow, to which place sir?
Class teacher – Alright, this year we will have different activities and it is going to be very interesting. We are going to Coorg.
Rahim murmured ” oh fuck with this trip..I’m not going anywhere..,”
Class teacher – we will have a lot of activities like trekking, mountain climbing etc and what’s different is we will be staying in tents, to be close with the nature.
Students had a questioning look, when they were told that they will be staying in tents.
Class teacher – You guys don’t have to worry. Its a resort which is offering this accommodation and they have separate toilet areas outside for both boys and girls. And also they have nature experts to take care of the activities being held.
Class teacher – its 4 days trip and its planned for next month 1st week, means only 2 weeks left. Whoever is coming should give names within 3 days. And the amount is 2500rs. OK…that’s it…so if you got any questions, you can ask me on my lecture hour later today. Now you can go for your break
Saying that, he proceeded to leave, but stopped suddenly near the door and turned back. And what he said next, made everyone to make instantaneous desicion to go for the trip, wherever it is, without a second thought.
Class teacher – And one more think as per the desicion by the principal, myself and Devika ma’am would accompanying you.
Rahim – Oh shit, I’m in for this
Anand – Oh yes….
Vishnu – Hahaha….Sir can I pay the money..now itself…?
The whole class burst into laughter.
Chapter – 26
Two weeks passed very quickly and most of the students,
except some girls opted to travel for their last trip in their school life. Everyone was very excited to go for the trip, as Devika was coming for it. Rahim, Vishnu and Anand were in ecstatic mood and were anticipating all possible situation with their teacher. They thought, that this time they could get more opportunities and make their relationship more rigid.
All three of them, haven’t had any specific plans for Devika, but were determined to play by the situation and to utilise all the opportunities that come their way.
Everyone gathered at the school on Friday evening to set out for the journey. They will be reaching at the destination, next day early morning. Devika ma’am was dropped off at the school by her husband.
Actually she never wanted to come for the trip, as she has got little baby to take care. But the principal insisted to go, as she is the new faculty there and it is going to be a new experience for her. Hence she complied.
Devika arrived, wearing a light blue sari and matching blouse and looked fresh and beautiful. Everyone greeted her and got excited to see her coming. She was carrying a bag, stuffed with clothes and other important things for the trip.
Seeing Devika coming, Vishnu went near her and forcefully took the luggage from her and carried it himself to the bus, making everyone envious. Vishnu did this to show everyone else, how close he is with Devika. Actually Devika also felt more comfortable and confident with Vishnu after that drama competition episode.
Both Anand and Rahim also went near to greet Devika and to make friendly talks.
Rahim – Hi ma’am, how are you?
Devika with a big smile replied
Devika – Hi Rahim and Anand..I’m good..how about you..feeling excited for the trip?
Rahim – Yes ma’am …in fact very excited
Anand, seeing his friend carrying her luggage offered a hand to help and thus impress Devika.
Anand – hey Vishnu, it seems you are struggling with that bag. Give it to me…I will carry..you might fall down , as you are not strong as me.
Vishnu didn’t like his friends teasing, became serious and shot back
Vishnu – shut up dude..as if you are very strong…I’m stronger than you. Along with this bag, I can also carry you on my back. You wanna see dude.
Devika interrupted them
Devika – Don’t start a fight over my bag.. Give it to me I can carry myself.
Vishnu – No ma’am we were just kidding…I can carry it..
Saying that, Vishnu gave a angry stare, to make Anand smile sheepishly.
Vishnu carefully loaded the baggage to the trunk and everyone started boarding the bus. Devika ma’am occupied a vacant seat in the front with few girls and boys filled the backside seats. They watched a movie and then played some games, in midst they stoped for dinner and later everyone drifted off to sleep.
Our trio didn’t get much opportunity to take advantage of the situation as Devika ma’am spent most of the time with girl students.
Next day early morning by 5:15 am they reached their destination, everyone were sleepy and they slowly got down from the bus. It was cold outside, the moment they stepped outside, they woke up from their sleeplessness.
They walked to the reception area, to escape from the cold. Resort staffs greeted and welcomed them.
After the check in formalities, they were briefed by the resort staffs about their stay and activities they will be doing.
Staff – OK there are 10 tents for the students…8 for the boys and 2 for the girls…and each tent can contain 5 people…
Class teacher – Ok..
Staff – For the teachers, there are 2 separate tents…And we have separate washroom area for both gents and ladies.
Staff – And today’s activity goes like this, you will depart to your tents now, get fresh and relax for sometime. And by 8am the breakfast will be ready. After breakfast we will go for a trekking. We will have lunch on top, there is one temple there..we will visit that and later we will return back…ok
Students – OK…
Staff – Then you can all leave to your tents….
They all took their bags and followed the resort staffs to their respective tents. It is still dark and cold outside.
Rahim – Anand…let’s try to get tent near to Devika maams…you know what I mean..
Anand and Vishnu thought about it and a grin came to their faces.
Anand – but how can we get that…
Rahim – let’s see..first let’s have a look at the room allotment paper
Rahim got the paper from the resort staff and found that the ,first 2 tents are allotted to girls and the 3rd one is for Devika ma’am. And from there the next 8 for boys and last one is for the class teacher. From the list, they came to know they were allotted to the 6th tent with 2 of their other friends.
Vishnu – Ours is 6th one and Devika maams its 3 rd
Rahim – who is on the 4 the one…
Anand – its that book worm Gopal and friends
Rahim – Oh then its easy…we can ask them to swap our
Gopal and gang had already entered into their tent. Devika ma’am and class teacher were still at the reception area talking with the hotel staffs. So Rahim, Vishnu and Anand entered to gopal’s tent and offered them their own accommodation. When they refused, Rahim threatened them and forced them to leave.
Rahim – if you want, 2 of you can stay here, remember in one tent its for 5 guys.
Gopal – No..we will leave and send the other 2 in your tents…we don’t want to stay with you….
Rahim grinned at him
Gopal – But Rahim ..this is not cool at all…why do you want to stay here…
He was not aware that Devika ma’am is gonna stay next door. Rahim playfully mocked, as if he is going to hit him and asked him to leave.
Gopal left and two other guys, who were supposed to share spaces with Rahim, came to the tent and settled down.
Each tent is 20 m away from other and is surrounded by big trees and small bushes to give it a forest appealing.
Anand who was standing outside the tent, saw Devika coming from the reception area talking with the class teacher. And he signalled his friends that Devika is coming. Rahim and Vishnu who were standing inside the tent, asked their 2 tentmates to stay inside and told they will come now after a smoke.
When Rahim and Vishnu joined Anand outside, they saw Devika ma’am going inside her tent and their class teacher, walking towards them. He got the last tent towards extreme end.
Class teacher – Hey..why are you staying outside…you got some time to sleep and get ready by 8 for the breakfast… Its going to be a long day
Rahim – we were just enjoying the cool air..this place is so beautiful…
Class teacher – Be good and don’t make any trouble OK….
Vishnu – No sir..we will be good and taking care
Class teacher – good…ok then c u guys for the breakfast…
Anand – See you sir…
Saying that, the teacher slowly walked towards his tent.
Anand – What we will do now?
Rahim – I thought we will have some talk with Devika ma’am ..but she has gone inside..
Vishnu – Then we will speak with her on morning…its cold outside and I’m also feeling sleepy…
Rahim – Yeah..do you guys want a smoke..after that we will sleep…
Anand – Yeah that will be good
Vishnu – Where will we go…we can’t smoke here..what if someone catches us….
Rahim – hey its dark no one will see
Anand – we can hide inside this little bush here..there is enough space here…
Vishnu – it looks like a forest dude../would there be any snakes there
Rahim- don’t get scared bro…we won’t go far..let’s go towards the side of our tent.
Three of them, without inviting anyone’s attention slowly walked into the tree area.
Rahim- hey there is a big tree there…let’s make that as a cover and quickly have a smoke.
They walked further inside, almost 10 m towards Devika ma’ams tent and hid behind the tree. From where they are sitting, they could clearly see left side of Devikas tent and right side of their own tent. They are halfway between those two tents.
Rahim – I will light one and watch out for anyone coming…I don’t want to get us caught.
Vishnu – Hey fucker…you are only lighting one…light at least 2
Rahim – Fuck you dude..we have only one packet..we got 2 more days…and here we will not be able to buy new.. So we will share it…understand dumbo…
Vishnu – OK
Rahim lighted the cigarette, and sun still hasn’t come outside to push away coldness
Vishnu – Give me one puff…its freezing here..give give..
Rahim – Shut your big mouth dude…you saw.. I just lighted…let me have some smoke..after that will give you…
Vishnu – hey give it dude
Rahim – Fuck you….
Anand – sssshhhhh keep quiet…. Quiet quiet….look there dude…
Anand intrupted his friends quarrelling session, and asked them to look towards Devika ma’ams tent 10 m away from them.
When they looked, they saw light was turned on in her tent and they can clearly see the shadow of Devika standing inside. As it was dark, and tent material is not very thick, when light was turned on, they could clearly see the shadow inside and were able to make out what is happening inside.
They kept quiet and concentrated on Devikas shadow. They could see that she was standing and brushing her hair with a comb.
Anand – Be quiet… What’s she doing inside?
Rahim – I think she is brushing her hair…
Vishnu – even her shadow is so beautiful.
Devika kept the comb aside and picked up her baggage and kept it on her bed. She opened the bag and took out some clothes and kept it on the bed surface.
Rahim – Fuck, I think she is going to change her dress..fuck man
Anand – don’t make any sound
They watched her shadow without blinking their eyes. They could see, Devika raising both her hands towards her left shoulder and unfastening the pin securing the sari on her shoulder. She opened the pin and in one swift motion removed the sari covering her chest. The pallu was dropped to the floor. The dark shadow of her prominent blouse covered breast, came to view for her peeping students.
Anand – Fuck …she removed her sari…
Vishnu – Look at that shape…
Rahim – it is so round..wow…
Anand – its still covered in that blouse… I wonder, how good its going to be when she releases those melons to the open air..
Vishnu – is she going to do that…
Rahim – do you think ..she will remove her bra also…
Anand – I think she will do that…it was a long trip… She might want to relax a little…she might remove the bra to get comfortable…
Rahim – that’s correct…it will be really soothing for her…if she can release and expose those round milking breasts to this cold air….I’m also saying..she will do that.. No woman will prefer to lock their breasts in a bra for a long time…I have heard..its not comfortable to do that..
While they were guessing about the possibility, Devika had already opened her sari knots from her waist and had completely removed her sari from her beautiful body. She kept the sari safely on the bed and proceeded to open the hooks of her blouse slowly.
Rahim – Wow…she has started opening her blouse…oh god….
They carefully watched from outside, Devika opening each hook of her blouse. From the movement of her shadow, they saw Devika opening the blouse wide open and peeled it off from her body.
The shape of her breast became more prominent, when the blouse was removed. Devika had only a small bra to cover her upper body.
Rahim- is she gonna remove bra…would we be able to see the real shape of her breast
Anand – yeah I think she will remove…
When they were saying this, they noticed Devikas both hands going behind her and trying to unclasp the bra. Seeing that, they could not hide their excitement.
Vishnu – yeah yeah yeah…she is opening it…
Anand – Fuck oh yeah…
Rahim- keep quiet dumbo…..
After trying a little, she opened the bra hook and removed the straps through her shoulders. And without delaying,
removed the only piece of cloth from her chest, showcasing, every curves and shape of her lactacting breast. Her breasts jiggled a little, when she removed the bra. The three of the people standing outside the tent were super excited to see the real shape of her lovely teacher’s milk leaking breasts
Rahim – oh fuck did you see that….
Anand – see that shape dude…
Vishnu – its so good…no sagging ..even after nursing a kid
Rahim – I wish I was inside that tent
Even if they can’t see her breasts directly, even if only they could see her shadow, the view was mesmerizing. They could see the whole shape of that beautiful creation of god.
Devika felt so relieved, when she removed her bra. She was wearing it continuously for some long hours, and when that cool breeze of coorg brushed upon her soft
breast, it was so soothing for. The naughty cool breeze started playing with her breast, and it had a sudden effect on her breast.
Her sleeping small nipples, started waking up and got erect in no time. As she was lactating, her nipples had become little bigger and it has become erect and hard.
Rahim – dude dude…see her nipple see her nipple…
Vishnu – oh yeah, I can see that…wow..
Anand – it was become hard…I can easily notice its shape…
Rahim – its not very long..but definitely it has become very erect
Vishnu – its because of the air….
They were very excited and had big hard ons. Anand even started stroking his erection over the pants. Devika stood there for a moment, enjoying the cold air on her breasts. After some time, bent down to take her nighty from the
baggage. When she was searching the dress, her breast hung down and jiggled at her every movement.
Anand – Fuck , see her breast hanging down…its cute and big man
Rahim – I want to go there and hold those hanging breasts
Vishnu – I want to go inside and milk her, while her breasts are hanging like this..I will milk every drop from….
Rahim- imagine if I’m able to suck those breast like this…while she bending down…I will position myself below her breasts….latch to those erect nipples and squeese the milk into my mouth…wooow…ohhhh fuck…
Devika took out the nighty, opened it and started to wear it.
Rahim – the show is over dude
Anand – if I can get turned on..just seeing her shadow… What if I could see her really naked
Rahim – we will wait for that moment..
Devika wore the nighty, and the light inside the tent went off.
Rahim- ohh…that was a treat to watch….
Anand – let’s go back..
Vishnu – what’s the time…
Anand – its going to be 6 now
Rahim – ouch ouch..ouch …fuck….fuck
Anand – what happened bro….
Rahim – its the cigarette…. The light touched my finger…it has burnt full
Anand – haha we didnt smoke…hehe
Rahim – yeah…hehe
Vishnu – we came to smoke to get rid of the chillness… But see even without smoking …I’m sweating hard in this cold weather.//
Anand – Haha…that’s our lovely Devika effect…haha
Rahim – come let’s go and sleep for some time…
Vishnu – yeah…have to get ready for breakfast…..

Devika freshened up and got ready by 7:45 for the breakfast. She chose to wear a yellow churidar and dupatta with some embroidery works. She thought churidar would be fine, as they are going for trekking.
By 8:00, everyone gathered for breakfast and students were seeing her for the first time in a churidar. Its a simple churidar, but still she looked really beautiful in it. Her womanly curves were still prominent though. She started receiving compliments from students on her churidar and looks.
Vishnu – hey watch this..Devika ma’am is wearing a churidar
Rahim – oh yeah, she looks beautiful
Anand – come let’s have a closer of this beauty
They walked near to her and started appreciating her assets
Rahim- hmm..she looks equally good in churidar as well
Vishnu – shape of legs can be seen from side
Anand – good..look at the curve of her soft ass..
Rahim – I want to go and grab those buns…
Vishnu – wait bro..you will have your own chances
Anand – fuck u…u shut up….you had your moments..now we should have
Vishnu – haha
They went near devika and greeted her
Rahim – hello…good morning madam
Devika – hi dear…good morning…how are you all
Vishnu – we are good… Our sister looks beautiful in churidar…isn’t it guys?
Devika gave a blushed smile
Rahim – yeah gorgeous actually
Devika – hey now stop pulling my leg and go have breakfast…
By 8:30 everyone finished breakfast and got ready for trekking. Its 3 hours trekking and they are planned to have lunch on top. Resort experts guided them upfront. Rahim, Vishnu and Anand staid close to devika talking with her.
Initial part of trekking was easy, but later it was becoming hard as there was couple of steep paths. Devika stopped in front of one those rocks, which is little difficult to climb.
Devika – oh I don’t think..I could climb this..
Rahim – what happened ma’am?
Devika – Its a sharp slope…I might slip..
Rahim – OK don’t worry I will help you
Saying that he easily climbed top and extended his hand, so devika could climb with his support
Rahim – Now ma’am, hold my hand for support and try to climb
Devika – oh..u did that so easily..OK now hold my hand strongly ok..
Rahim – yeah ..I will not make my sister fall..be careful
Devika held rahims hand strongly, and climbed up by bending forward, gripping the rock with her other hand.
The moment devika bent forward, rahims eyes widened and for the first time he saw her soft breasts in front of his eyes. Her beautiful cleavage, was open for everyone to feast upon. Rahim could see her white two lactating breasts stuffed together, creating a beautiful valley in between. Certain portion of white bra is also visible, with her mangalsutra exploiting the warmth of those soft breasts. Rahim had an instant hard on at this unexpected exposure.
Anand and vishnu , who was standing down behind devika understood, what rahim is seeing from his expression. At last devika with the help of rahim climbed to the top and rearranged her duppatta over her delicate breasts ending the show.
Devika – Thank you rahim..
Rahim – oh its alright..I can help you anytime..
Anand came from behind and nudged rahim with his shoulder and whispered in his ear
Anand – you enjoyed it ..huh..fucker
Rahim gave cheeky smile to him
They finished their trekking within half an hour reached top and relaxed there for some time. After that, they visited a temple there on top and had their lunch there.
Suddenly, when they were about to return, the sky became dark and soon rain started pouring down heavily. They waited for some time for the rain to subside, but it was like no stopping for rain. At last they decided, that there is no point in waiting and they have to leave now, otherwise it will get darker soon. The group got out into the rain and started their descending towards their camp.
It was raining heavily, and within seconds everyone got all wet. Again devika started getting attention, as her churidar got wet and transparent. The cloth was clinging to her body, making her assets more prominent.
Anand, Rahim, Vishnu was walking behind her, and they didn’t miss this show from their lovely teacher. Her back was completely transparent, they could see the shades of her white bra. But more sexy was, her curvaceous ass became more prominent. The cloth was sticking to her body all wet, so the shape of her entire bottom was visible for them. For the first time, they noticed, how curvy and juicy was her soft ass. The cloth climbed to her ass, making the outline of her panty and crevice visible to everyone.
Rahim – Fuck, look at her man..
Vishnu – I’m watching…
Anand – she is wearing a white bra…
Rahim – yeah , but look at her ass man..
Vishnu – seriously its not that big…but its shape is making me cum
Anand – ass crack is visible dude..
Rahim – I want to go and cup those ass globes forever
Anand – I want to put my cock in her ass crack..wow..
Rahim – ooh..
Devika was completely unaware of the show, she was giving. But she managed to keep her dupatta intact, so no one was able to see her boobs from front. The churidar bottom also became transparent, and soon her legs became visible from side. Everyone was able to see her legs till her upper thighs. It seemed, she was not wearing the leggings, as it became so transparent and skin colour became visible. The shape of her thighs made everyone go mad and they tried to peek, to see her panties. But they were unfortunate in that.
Vishnu – OK I’m going to dissapoint you guys..
Rahim – what you mean?
Vishnu – I have got an idea…but it will dissapoint you guys..
Anand – What idea?
Vishnu – Watch and see?
Saying that, he ran to devika leaving his friends behind. Rahim and Anand watched him without knowing what’s happening. They so their friend, whispering something to devika and she started looking to her body and started blushing. Devika gave slight push to Vishnu and said something laughingly. Then he took off the jacket, he was wearing and gave it to devika. They found them talking a little and devika was smiling and wore that jacket and made herself look decent, ending the show for everyone.
Vishnu returned back, smiling at their friends.
Anand – Fucker why did you do that , we were enjoying the rare chance to see her body..now spoiled that.
Vishnu – I know..even I was enjoying the view…but now see…just with that gesture, I became more close with her and she trusts me..for anything haha
Rahim – u clever bastard
Vishnu – haha…see now I’m few steps ahead of you guys in our little competition..haha
Rahim and Anand looked at each other and shakes their head.
Rahim – hm..we will see..who will be the winner at last..
Anand – but what did you tell her..before giving your jacket.
Vishnu – I told her that.. everyone can see her white bra…
Anand – you actually told her that….oh fuck
Vishnu – that’s what..you guys don’t know women psychology… When I say that.. She will consider me as frank, truthfully person and will trust me..and when I give the jacket, she will think…I really care for her…winning trust is very important.. You guys don’t have a chance against me
Rahim – what did she say, when you said that you can see her bra.
Vishnu – she looked at herself, adjusted her duppatta to make sure , she is covered properly and started blushing looking at me…lol that was cute. She then pushed me playfully and told ” Vishnu stop looking at me that way.. Remember I’m your sister.understand”…
Rahim – then?
Vishnu – that’s why I came to save my sister
And I gave my jacket to her and again tried pull her leg. I told her ” anyways this not a big deal for me…anyways I have seen more of yours..so seeing a bra is not big deal..because I have seen you without it” then I gave a cheeky smile at her.
She got embarrassed and blushed a lot and said ” oh god Vishnu..don’t make me remember that..it was so embarrassing and..u also my dear little brother…delete those from your memory…stop being naughty” saying that she pushed me again and wore my jacket and thanked me.
Rahim – fucker..bastard…
Anand – why we are not lucky as him…
Rahim – wait dude .//we will be and make him jealous of us.
By evening they reached back to their tent got refreshed and rain also stopped by that time.

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