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Devika and her husband’s friend

Main characters-
1) Devika Shah
Age: 26
Height: 5’4
Weight: 54kgs
Sexy and curvy figure, big ass and big breasts. Milky white skin with silky waist length hair. Truly a sultry women.

2) Vishal Shah
Age: 32
IT professional
Height: 5’7
Weight: 64kgs
Vishal was a geek, very good with coding and maths. Always got good grades, shy, timid, reserved personality.

3) Aslam Pathan
Age: 35
IT professional
Height: 6’3
Weight: 93 kgs
Aslam was always a great athlete, excelling in many sports at school and college level. Originally from Saudi Arabia, his great grand parents had migrated to india. Bodybuilding was his hobby, took up IT job just to pay the bills.


Devika and Vishal Shah were married for 6 months, they had a arranged marriage. Both were from surat. Devika had always wanted her husband to be caring and career oriented, she didn’t want to work herself. She was looking for a man who could provide her with everything, Vishal fit the bill perfectly. Vishal on the other hand, as soon as he saw Devika he gave the green signal for marriage. Both got married within a span of one month. Both the families were very happy……….
Soon both of them left for their honeymoon in Maldives. Vishal had booked a sea facing villa at a private island. All throughout the flight, Vishal kept oogling at her cleavage. Devika loved teasing him in the flight. Both of them were very happy and in a joyful mood.
Upon reaching the airport, there was a small boat waiting for them to take them to the hotel. Devika was impressed. Both of them reached the private villa and were amazed at the sight……….
Their water villa had a private pool, sundecks with sea facing view and a private help assigned to them 24*7 to take care of all their needs. Devika and Vishal quickly ate their lunch and took some rest……….
In the evening, Vishal got up from his sleep and saw Devika was missing. He started searching for her and found out she was relaxing in the private pool, stripped down to her bikini. Vishal found his jaw hitting the floor looking at her, her wet hair went all the way till her waist, her milky white skin shining in the water. Her big breasts wet and inviting. Her big round ass clearly visible in the water. Vishal stripped out of his clothes and jumped inside the pool. Both started touching each other playfully, the touch turned to kisses quickly. Vishal getting a taste of her rosy lips. Vishal started running his hands on her big ass and was turned on………..
Just then they heard the private help assigned to them enter their villa, he was looking for them to take orders for dinner. What he saw made his dick jerk immediately.
Devika was soaking wet, her nipples hard and poking from her bikini top. Her sexy red lips wet and inviting. He also checked out her big ass and started grinning……….
Devika started feeling uncomfortable, Vishal quickly saw that and shouted at the top of his voice. He was very angry…….
Vishal- What the fuck are you doing here? How dare you enter our villa without knocking. Fuck off from here…….
The man didn’t bulge, he kept on staring at Devika and her assets. She was hiding behind Vishal now. Vishal quickly realised that his aggressive behaviour didn’t work.
The private help assigned to them was a young guy, he was also taller and muscular than vishal. He just said “Sir dinner??”
Vishal got even more angry, “why do you care you idiot, I’ll call you if I need anything. Now get lost”
That man still kept looking at Devika, he just nodded his head and said “Ok sir call me. Bye sir Bye ma’am” he had a wicked smile on his face while saying this………
Vishal had a proud smile on his face, he thought his aggressive behaviour really helped. But he also noticed that man kept on looking at Devika even after Vishal threatened him. He knew he was not much of a physical presence. Guys were not intimidated by him. Devika was happy with how Vishal handled the situation and gave him a kiss. Both came back to the king size bed and started making out. Vishal stripped her completely naked and was amazed at the sight………

Her perfectly trimmed pussy, her sexy long legs and her thick ass drove him mad. He stepped out of his underwear and looked at his cock. It was semi erect. His cock was small and measured 4′ inches at max. Devika looked at his cock and saw the panick on his face, she quickly put her lips to his cock and started kissing it. The kissing turned into a blowjob soon. Vishal also started fingering her pussy. He realised she was incredibly tight. Both kept on doing it for some time, Vishal couldn’t take it anymore, he shot his load on her face. Drawing a laugh from both of them. He took out his dick from her mouth and saw it was still not erect. Devika saw the disappointed look on his face and changed the topic……
Devika- Baby let’s have dinner, I’m starving
Vishal- OK babe. Let me change quickly
Saying this he went towards the bedroom. Devika was thinking, “Even after giving him a blowjob his dick was not erect, maybe it’s just fatigue. Kaafi traveling karna pada”
She quickly got up and started getting ready.
Both Vishal and Devika went to the restaurant on the private island, they chose a separate table with candle light dinner. The private help assigned to them was also there, he looked at them and started grinning…….
Both of them just ignored him and continued their dinner. The man just kept on staring at Devika non stop making her uncomfortable. Vishal saw that and got angry. He got up from his seat and went towards the man…..
Vishal- “Kya hai? Kya dekh rahe ho”
The helper kept on grinning……..
Vishal in a fit of rage pushed him with all his strength, the helper going back a bit. The restaurant manager saw that and quickly rushed towards Vishal………
Manager- Sir….sir relax…..What is the issue?
Vishal- This guys just keeps on looking at us, I want you to take strict action
Manager- OK sir we will handle it
Saying this, Vishal went towards Devika.
Devika had seen everything, she was shocked by Vishal’s behaviour. She was surprised by how angry he got. How possessive he is about her. Soon both of them finished dinner and went back to the villa.
Back in the bedroom, Vishal and Devika started their make out session again. Vishal got an erection and he immediately brought his dick to her cunt. Both Devika and Vishal were virgins. Vishal quickly pushed his dick inside her cunt and started moaning. Devika was surprised by the size of his dick. It was hardly 4 inches she thought. She also started moaning as this was her first time too. Vishal was done in just 3 minutes. He couldn’t last long looking at the sex bomb in front of him. Devika was surprised at how quickly he was done, but she didn’t want to express it. She quickly went forward and started giving him a blowjob…………
This was their daily routine on their honeymoon, Vishal stroking her for 2-3 minutes and finishing with a blowjob from Devika. Vishal was totally satisfied and had a spring in his steps. It was their last day at the resort. They had to leave at 11 AM. Vishal got up early and saw Devika was still sleeping.
He went out towards the private beach to take a walk. The morning breeze hitting his face and rejuvenating him. He thought his life was perfect……high paying job, a sex bomb wife and a happy family. It couldn’t get any better…………..
Vishal’s thoughts were broken by a tap on his shoulder, Vishal looked back and SLAP………
It was the private help assigned to them.
“Saale bhadve, teri wajeh se mujhe naukri se nikal diya. Aisa kya kiya tha maine? Sirf teri chikni maal ko dekh hi toh raha tha”……..
Vishal got angry and tried to hit back…..
The man quickly grabbed his hand and twisted it, Vishal was getting hurt…..
Vishal- “ahhh… please leave….dard ho raha hai, I am sorry”
The man kept on twisting his hand, he had to teach him a lesson. “Kaisa ro raha hai ladkiyo ki tarah, tujhe itni kadak item kaha se mili. Kabhi humko bhi mauka do, ghodi bana k chodenge teri biwi ko…ha ha ha ha”
Vishal had tears in his eyes, he was feeling helpless. He tried to wriggle free from his grip but couldn’t. Just then Vishal heard laughter coming from the back, there was a big group heading towards the beach. The man quickly released his grip and started running towards the restaurant. Vishal got up and looked at the big group looking at him. He was crying and felt humiliated. Vishal didn’t make eye contact and left……….
Vishal quickly reached his villa and saw his wife was still asleep. He went to the bathroom and started crying. He was deeply hurt and very scared. He was treated so roughly in his entire life. He started the shower and got ready to leave……….
Devika woke up and saw Vishal had already done the packing. Vishal told her to get ready quickly as they had to leave. She noticed he was acting in a weird way, he even had red eyes and had marks on his hand. Like someone twisted it. She asked him….
Devika- “Aankhein kyu laal hai? Haath pe kya hua?”
Vishal just brushed it off, “Kuch nahi aise hi, raat ko theek se soya nahi. Haath pe kuch nahi hua, wo bathroom ka door laga”
Devika gave him a little shrug and started getting ready. Both of them left the place with fond memories for Devika and nightmares for Vishal……….

Back to Mumbai-
Both got back to their normal routine, Vishal was working in a leading IT firm. Devika used to take care of things at home. Their sex life was also normal. Vishal fingering her for some time and then done in 2-3 minutes. Devika always finished it with a blowjob. This routine continued for 6 months……….
Devika was getting frustrated with this routine, she was never satisfied in bed. But for the sake of his happiness, she didn’t say anything to him. She even tried wearing skimpy outfits, teasing him in the bedroom. But nothing worked on Vishal. He was always busy with work………
On day Vishal got a job interview for lead developer role, he checked the HR’s name.
“Aslam Pathan” he said. Vishal applied for the role and quickly got a reply. His interview was scheduled next week. Vishal told Devika about it and she was happy. Vishal went to the interview and breezed past all the rounds. He was always an intelligent student. He was very happy with how things went. Vishal was waiting for his HR round…….
In walked Aslam Pathan…….
Vishal was intimidated as soon as he saw Aslam, broad shoulders, buff physique, he was also very tall and had a dense beard. Vishal got up and went for a handshake…..
His tiny hand disappeared in his big hands. Both started negotiating his salary………
Vishal was uncomfortable in his presence, he started getting flashbacks of Maldives. How that man had twisted his hand, the pain he felt after that…..
Finally the salary was settled at 45 LPA. Vishal was very happy with the offer and went ahead with it. A salary of 45 lakhs was a big deal for anyone. He quickly went home and informed Devika about it. She was estatic hearing that. She was very happy for Vishal and his hard work. She thought 45 lakhs were more than enough for the couple.
Soon the couple stared hunting for a new house, they finally settled for a big 3 BHK with a servant room. The servant room had a separate entrance. Devika was very happy with the decision.
Vishal joined his new company and met aslam. Aslam being his HR, introduced Vishal to everyone. He got to know Vishal was recently married and his wife was a housewife. He also got to know they had recently moved into a new home, aslam quickly realised that his house was only 5mins from Vishal’s new house. Aslam made a mental note of that. Vishal asked him about his personal life and came to know that he was unmarried. Soon Vishal left and joined his team. Aslam resumed his work. One week went quickly and Vishal was already a star in his new team. He was very intelligent and good with his work. Aslam saw that, he also realised Vishal started to ignore him. Aslam tried to talk to him but Vishal always gave an excuse and walked off. Aslam also observed Vishal always hung out with the people who were working on the same salary as his. Aslam being an HR, was working on a salary of only 8 lakh rupees. He used to live on his own in a 1 BHK. Aslam also saw Vishal was very rude with the cleaners and helpers in the office. Aslam being a proud Pathan, decided to ignore Vishal.
One day in office, a party was organized for all the new joiners by the company. Family was also invited to the party. Aslam tried to send a message to Vishal but saw his status was ‘away’. He went to his desk and saw Vishal was busy with his phone, he stood behind his chair and saw Vishal looking at the pictures of his wife. Vishal realised that and quickly locked his phone……..
Aslam got a aneek peek of his wife’s face. He was mesmerized looking at her cute face, red rosy lips and sweet smile. That was the most beautiful smile he had ever seen. Aslam just stood there dumbstruck…….
Vishal (Rudely)- Kya hai?
Aslam- Wo office ki party k liye invite karna tha, family bhi invited hai (smiled)
Vishal- Ha theek hai ab jao….
Aslam walked off, very angry with his rude behaviour. He wanted to teach him a lesson.
Aslam was very angry. But he knew Vishal was also a star, his bosses won’t help him much. As there was a party in the evening, everyone left early…………

Office party-
The party was organized at the Taj Mahal Hotel. It was a grand party with different cuisines and alcohol present. Aslam arrived at the party early on his bike, he greeted some of his friends and went and sat at a corner. He started eating the chicken starters. Aslam was a big foodie, a true non vegetarian who loved to eat beef and chicken. He was also a religious guy who prayed daily. He also worked out regularly keeping his body in top shape. He also never touched alcohol. It made men weak was his thoughts. Soon the party started, there was a fashion show too. Some girls from office had participated in it and Aslam liked the show. He was getting turned on. The show went on for some time………
Aslam soon heard clapping and cheering sounds, he looked back at the door and saw Vishal and his wife enter the room. His mouth remained open for a minute………
Aslam saw a goddess standing in front of him, perfect silky waist length hair, she was wearing a tight white shirt and a black leather skirt. She looked like a sex goddess. Aslam felt his dick jerk immediately in his pants.
But his horny feeling soon turned into jealousy, he knew Vishal was earning almost 6 times more than him, he knew Vishal lived in a big house, he knew Vishal drove a big car. N now he saw Vishal had a sex bomb wife. Aslam started feeling incredible jealousy watching the sight……..soon the DJ started and everyone started dancing. Vishal and Devika was drinking beer and dancing. Both were enjoying themselves. Vishal knew all eyes were on his wife, he wanted to make everyone jealous. He was incredibly proud of his salary and his sexy wife. Aslam kept on staring at Devika like a hungry wolf. He was very jealous of Vishal and also at the same time, incredibly turned on looking at his wife. He saw how her big breasts were swinging wildly as Devika was dancing, he also saw her big curvy ass twerking to the beats of the DJ. Aslam checked out her long legs, milky white legs ending and his eyes went towards her sexy, tight, black leather skirt.

Aslam felt his dick was hard as a rock, he went to the bathroom and started jerking off to Devika. He couldn’t take it anymore and shot his load right at the bathroom door. Aslam just quickly pulled his pants up and went outside. By now, the dancing had stopped and people were waiting in line for the buffet. Aslam also went to have dinner, he saw both Vishal and Devika were waiting in the vegetation section. He was at the non vegetarian section. Aslam took a dish full of chicken and mutton and started eating………
Devika and Vishal were drinking heavily, Vishal was already feeling tipsy. Soon Devika got up and went to the veg section, Aslam saw her standing there and went to the veg section to get some dal. He stood behind Devika and immediately his cock was hard. He looked at her big, sexy round ass and was horny. He imagined how ahe looked naked
He wanted to make small talk-
Aslam- Hi I am Aslam
Devika looked back, yeah hi
Aslam- Main Vishal ka bohot accha dost hu (he lied to her)
Devika- Ohh nice to meet you. She was impressed by his physique. Tall and built like a hunk.
Just then the veg section started getting crowded and there was not enough space to stand. The buffet line got cramped………
Aslam took this opportunity and went in closer towards Devika, he slightly rubbed his dick on her leather skirt and started moving.
Devika was shocked, it sent shockwaves in her body. She felt like an iron pipe was rubbing her back. It was so hard and so big. She looked back with worried eyes………
Aslam just kept on grinning at her and moved out of the line. He went back to his seat and started eating. Both of them continued eating and aslam kept on stealing glances at her. He had felt her big fleshy ass on his dick, he wanted more…….A lot more……..
Vishal had kept on drinking non stop. Soon it was time to leave. Vishal was totally drunk by that time. The director of the company thought of booking a cab for them, just then aslam spoke…..
Aslam- “Sir main drop karta hu Vishal ko, main inki car mein inko drop kar dunga and waha se chala jata hu. Main bass 5min k doori pe rehta hu Vishal k ghar se”
Everyone agreed…….
Aslam took the keys of his car and quickly went to fetch it. By that time Devika and Vishal were waiting for him near the hotel’s main gate, Aslam bought the car near them and got out. Vishal was in a bad state……
Aslam held him in both his hands like a baby, opened the back door of his car and slowly kept him inside. Devika was impressed by how easily he had picked up her husband and dumped him inside. She went and sat at the front seat. Aslam started driving with an erection, all throughout the journey he kept on looking at Devika, smiling at her and stealing quick glances at her big boobs. He knew she was a total knockout. A complete package. He was very horny with Devika sitting right next to him.
Soon they reached Vishal’s home and aslam parked his car and went to help Devika carry Vishal upstairs. Aslam held him from one side and Devika held him from the other side. Aslam touched her hand on purpose, soon they reached his flat and Devika bent down to open the lock……her skirt went up and Aslam saw that big ass of hers, he wanted to slap that ass right there in front of her husband but he resisted the urge. They carried Vishal inside and put him on the bed, in the bedroom. Aslam was impressed by the luxury in their house. Soon he and Devika were in the living room. Aslam saw Devika was sweating a lot, he felt that sight was erotic. Aslam turned to leave, soon he was interrupted by Devika…….
Devika- Thank you Aslam for your help. You are too sweet.
Aslam- Arey no problem. Vishal mera jigri dost hai
Saying this he went forward and hugged her, he felt her big breasts pressed against massive chest. His dick throbbed in his pants. Devika felt his huge dick on her waist. Aslam was a tall man. She started getting wet…….
Aslam turned around and left. He left with devika’s incredible smell and a rock hard dick
Devika went inside and joined her hubby on bed, she tried to get Vishal to fuck her but he was already passed out. She was still feeling aslam’s big dick on her waist. God it was so big she thought.
Next day in office, Vishal was embarrassed by his behaviour. He even apologized to everyone. He came to Aslam and thanked him for dropping them home. He even invited him for coffee…..
Aslam gladly accepted. Soon Vishal and aslam became good friends and started hanging out more. Aslam asked him about Devika and found out she was a housewife. His dick throbbed at the thought.
That evening, Vishal invited him to his house for some coffee. Aslam immediately said yes. He reached Vishal’s place on time and saw Devika was wearing a sexy black shalwar kameez. He was turned on. Aslam insisted on making the coffee………
Aslam- You guys relax, coffe main banaunga
Devika tried to convince him but he didn’t listen. Soon Devika and Vishal sat in the living room as aslam prepared the coffee…..
Vishal- “Hmmm yaar the coffee is good”
Devika- “Too good aslam, too good. Mujhe bhi recipe batao na”
Aslam had a big grin on his face, sure he said. He gave his number to Devika. He was smiling all the time. Soon aslam left……….
Later that night, Aslam got a message

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