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Debbie's Amazing Breasts

People don’t understand when you are a beautiful teen.  They are constantly staring at you and whistling when you walk anywhere.  Debbie Luna was lovely, and her best attribute was her breasts.  Everywhere she went, people stared at her bosom.  She was very petite with these huge breasts.  It almost made her feel self-conscience because of all the staring and smiling at the teen.

Debbie tried to cover up her breasts, but you could still tell that she had a large chest. So then, she would become depressed and asked her mother several times to have a breast reduction.  Her mother said she should be proud of her breasts and show them off to the world.  Her mother was an attention seeker and loved the attention men threw her way.  She, too, had large breasts, but she would never shy away from showing them off.


“Mom, can I please have a breast reduction?”

“Baby, you are an incredibly gorgeous girl.  Your breasts are amazing.  Just make sure you put lots of cream on them.  Keep them nice and soft.”

“Everybody stares at me.  At work, my boss is always drooling at them.”

“Baby, you are a beautiful girl.  Maybe we should go shopping and buy you some clothes that show them off.”

“No.  I don’t want to.  I hate my boobs!  I wish you would let me have surgery.  They are so heavy, and I hate them.”

“You won’t hate them when some cute boy gives you a breast massage and sucks your nipples.  You will love it.  Why don’t you invite your friends over and enjoy yourself?  We could buy you a new bikini?”

“Mama, I hate them.  They make me feel depressed.”

“Baby, you are a beautiful girl, and you should just let nature take its course.  When I was young, I was flat-chested, and one day I woke up and was blessed with my breasts.  You will get used to it.  Why don’t you invite a friend over tonight?  Have some fun.”

“David is going to come over and swim in the pool.”

“You guys are still together?  I’m having lunch with friends.  Have a great time.”

“Okay.  See you later, mama.”

Debbie went up to her room and stood in front of her mirror.  She looked at herself in the mirror.  Debbie couldn’t believe how large her breasts were.  She smoothed some cream onto her breasts and continued staring at herself.  Her door was semi-opened when she noticed her brother staring at her with his mouth opened wide.

“Bobby!  Stop staring at me.”

“Wow, you have an amazing body.  Shit, your titties are gigantic.”

“I know. I hate my breasts.”

“I would love to touch them.  Could I?”

“No.  You are my brother.”

“So!  Let me give you a massage.  I saw you putting cream on your titties.  I could give you a nice massage.  Mom isn’t here; it’s just you and me.”

“I don’t know. Don’t you think that would be weird?”

“You are naked and talking to me.  I want to give you a massage.  Let me feel your breasts.  I could make you feel so good.  You are so gorgeous.  Looking at your body makes me hard.”

“Eww.  That would be wrong.  We can’t have sex, Bobby.  You are my brother.”

“Baby, I could make you feel so good.  Let me play with your tits.  I look at them every day, and I would love to hold them.  I could make you so happy.  Just go with it.  I am attracted to you.”

“Okay.  Lock the door.  I wouldn’t want mom seeing us together.”

Bobby was excited.  His sister said yes.  Debbie lay on her bed on her back, and her incredible breasts looked very inviting.  He kept his clothes on for now, but he would have her begging to be fucked.

He went to the bathroom and got some oil, and went back to her room.  He poured the oil onto her breasts and began holding and caressing her smooth, soft breasts.  They were pretty significant, and all the touching was turning him on.  He rolled his fingers between her nipples which made her body twitch.  She was enjoying him holding her breasts. He wanted to kiss her and put his soft lips on her mouth.

Debbie was enjoying the kisses and the touches to her body.  Bobby wanted more of her and moved his hand over her pussy.  He felt how wet her pussy was and pushed his finger up inside of her.  Her pussy was extremely wet while he fingered his sister.  He continued playing with her tits and fucked her with two fingers. Finally, her pussy was ready for more teasing and playing.

“Debbie, you are ready for more. I’m going to take my clothes off now. I’m hungry for your hot box.  Just relax and play with your breasts while I lick you dry.”

Debbie giggled and watched her brother undress.  He was her older brother.  She had a crush on her brother but never thought of having sex with him.  Now he stood naked in front of her.  Debbie couldn’t believe how big his cock was.  He opened her legs and got to work on her pussy.

He licked her pussy all over every crevice and sucked on her hard button.  The more he played with her clit she moaned and squirmed on the bed.  Her pussy juices were squirting all over the bed.  Bobby continued to drain his sister of her tasty cunt juices.

“Bobby, it feels so good.  Please fuck me now!  Fuck my pussy!”

“Sure, baby.  I would love to fuck you.  I want you to ride me.  Show me how you fuck.  I want to play with your huge titties.”

Debbie and Bobby changed places.  Bobbie was now on his back, and his cock stood to attention.  Debbie climbed on top of her brother and pushed his cock up inside of her pussy.  His big cock went right inside of her.  Debbie bounced up and down on his cock.  Her huge tits shook while she fucked her brother.  She liked having sex and was enjoying his big cock.

Bobby sat up and held her tits in his hands while his sister continued fucking him.  Her pussy was making sloshing noises while she moved her hips back and forth.  Bobby held her jugs in his hands and squeezed them hard while she fucked him.  Bobby could tell his sister liked to fuck!  She was good at it, and they were both in a great rhythm.

“Debbie, get on your hands and knees.  I want to take you from behind.”


Debbie climbed off his cock and went to her hands and knees.  Bobby pushed himself back into her pussy and began to thrust in and out of her pussy.  He liked watching her huge tits hang down while he nailed her.  She screamed in ecstasy and had her first orgasm.  Bobby continued fucking her but wanted to cum in her butt. So he pushed his fingers into her butt.

“Bobby!  Not my butt!  I have never done that.”

“I figured. It’s time to lose your anal virginity.  I will go so slow, baby.  Just relax.  Play with your pussy.”

Debbie rubbed her pussy while Bobby pulled apart her butt cheeks.  He spat on her butt and tongue her rosebud.  He grabbed the oil and wiped it over her butt.  He continued to play with her butt while she fingered her pussy. Then, he slowly began to push himself into her butt.  She was extremely tight and nervous.

“Relax.  Let me get some lube.  I will be right back.  Keep playing with your pussy.  You look so good, baby.”

Bobby went into his room and grabbed some lube. Then, he went back to his sister’s room and locked the door, and wiped the lube onto her butthole.  He pushed his fingers up into her butt and then slowly pushed his dick up inside of her.  She grunted and made little moans.  It was exciting to fuck her virginal butt. Finally, Bobby couldn’t stand it and just jammed his cock up inside.

“Oh, God!”

“It feels so good, doesn’t it, baby.  Your butt feels so tight.  I love your butt.  You are quite a lay baby.”

“Fuck my ass!  Oh, yea!  Ride me, Bobby!”

Bobby continued to fuck his sister’s butt.  He was enjoying fuck her there.  Her fingers were deep inside of her pussy while he drilled her butt.  As good as it felt, he needed to cum.  He held Debbie’s tits and released his cum into her butt. Finally, he felt exhausted and fell onto her. 

“Debbie, you are a hot piece.  Thanks for making my dreams come true.  You are a sexy girl.”

“It was fun.  Mom would kill us!”

“Nah!  Our mother is a slut.  I have fucked her before.”

“What?  You have fucked mama?”

“Yea.  She likes to fuck.  She loves to suck my cock.”

“No way.  She sucks your dick?”

“Yea and dad, he will watch us sometimes.”

“Our father is okay with you fucking our mama?”

“Yea.  He likes to watch. I’m surprised he hasn’t approached you yet.  I know he likes your breasts.  Mom likes your titties too.  I bet she would love to make you cum too.”

“That is just weird. Isn’t that incest?”

“Yea. So.  It is not like they are forcing us. I’m over eighteen, and you are eighteen.  You can fuck anybody you want, baby.  Mom loves oral sex.  You should let her lick your pussy.  She will make you cum, baby.”

“That’s too weird.  I am not going to have sex with my parents.”

“That’s cool.  We can have sex.  I love fucking my sister.  I have wanted to fuck you since you turned eighteen.  Your fucking tits drive me crazy.”

“Please don’t tell anybody.  It would be weird if people knew.  I have to get ready. David is coming over.”

“You are a hot piece of ass.  I bet David will want you too.  Better shower good, or he will taste my cum.  Oh, wonder how you would get out of that mess?”

“We are just going in the pool.  I don’t want any more sex today.”

“He will want your pretty body.  No man could not have sex with you.  Your tits are incredible.  I know I have wanted to fuck you forever.  See you later.”

Debbie needed to wash the cum from her body.  While taking her shower, she thought about what Bobby told her about her family.  She never suspected anything and now would have to pay better attention when they were all together.  After her shower, she changed into a bikini.  She knew she looked terrific and was sure her boyfriend would be pleased.  She waited until David rang the bell and hurried to answer the door.  She opened the door and smiled at her boyfriend.

“Hey.  You look so hot.  Wow, is that a new bathing suit?”

“No. It’s old.”

David embraced his girlfriend and kissed her passionately on the lips. Then, he put his hands on her bottom and rubbed her through her suit.

“Can we hang in your room?”

“I thought we were swimming.”

“You look so hot in your bathing suit.  I want to fuck my girl.”

“Right now?”

“You look incredible.  Come on; I am so hard for you.”

Debbie had just had sex with her brother.  She couldn’t believe her boyfriend wanted sex now too.  She wanted to go into the pool but just went along with whatever he said.

“Sure.  We can go upstairs.”

David was anxious to have sex with his girlfriend.  He loved her body and liked how she loved sex.  He probably wanted it more than her, but she was pretty submissive and did whatever he asked her to do.  David took Debbie’s bathing suit off and helped her to the bed.  He enjoyed looking at her naked body while he took off his clothes. Debbie’s tits were

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