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Daydream in the Library

This is a little project to try and combat my “fade to black” urges. Hope you enjoy!

It was a sweltering day in the city. Adriana’s heels clicked on the sidewalk and she silently thanked the breeze that played against her stockinged thighs as she hurried up the steps of the library. She was nearing the top of that mountain of stairs, slightly winded from the stack of books she held tight against her chest when the whistle rang through the summer air. It was enough to set her heart racing and her feet clash against each other. As she threw out her arms to catch herself, she caught sight of where the sound had come from.

Felix. Businessman and public speaker extraordinaire, not to mention part-time bodybuilder, was jogging in place, staring right up her skirt. He was dressed in a pair of shorts that clung to all the right places and a white tank top that contrasted the caramel tan he sported while showing off his impressive pectorals. 

All that and the devilish smile he was shooting her now; any other woman would have melted. But Adriana scoffed, flipped him the bird, and busied herself with gathering the books she had dropped, face burning from something that was not the summer sun. 

She didn’t look at Felix again but heard laughter as he was joined by a group of his cronies in a chorus of complaints that he runs too much. 

The air-conditioned library did nothing to stop the heat that was spreading between Adriana’s legs. She couldn’t stop thinking about that body, those legs, what was between them. She walked past a bookshelf and wondered what it’d be like if he came in right now, demanding her body and not taking no for an answer, pushing her against the stacks, his mouth on hers…his mouth on-


Coming to, Adriana looked around and found the source of the voice. Her coworker and friend Sally. Sally was from Scotland and had the biggest appetite Adriana had ever seen, which was strange because Sally was five foot nothing and as curvy as she was tall. Compared to Adriana’s busty but strong self, Adriana always felt she was talking to a very loud elf.

“What were you daydreaming about?”

“I don’t daydream,” Adriana shot back, dropping the stack of books on a nearby desk and sorting them out again.

“Oh yes you do, you get that goo-goo eyes you do,” Sally laughed. “Oh guess what!” She jumped up and down. “Look who’s giving a talk today! In OUR library!” 

“It’s not OUR library-” Adriana started, interrupted by a flyer under her nose. Peering through her glasses, she read out the name “Felix Alexander.” 

“Oh no…” she groaned.

“Oh YES! He’s so dreamy. And HOT. and rich oh my god it’s not fair,” Sally whined, practically drooling over the picture in the center of the flyer. 

It wasn’t fair, Adriana thought a few hours later when she was hanging banners, Felix’s handsome (smug, daddy’s money rich boy) face stared back at her. “I wonder if this is the portrait he’d use to stay young forever. Our own Dorian Grey,” Sally mused behind her. Andriana tilted her head. It wasn’t hard to imagine him as a victorian Lord with his dark eyes that seemed to watch her like they knew the dirty things she thought about him OFF the canvas.

 “He wouldn’t keep it. He’d probably sell it to one of his many groupies. Make another million or two.” She gestured to the young women who had gathered in their large hall; all dressed in business attire, their hair in high ponytails. Giggles echoed around the crowd every few minutes as they anxiously waited at the door for Felix to arrive. Adriana rolled her eyes and Sally poked her in the ribs. “Aw don’t be such a priss. You were probably just like them when you were younger.” Adriana ignored her and stalked off to the stacks where a cart of books was waiting to be shelved.

“Wake me when this is all over.” 

Standing in the far end of the library, methodically sorting books on their shelves, thinking about Felix, and consequently pulling said books back from the shelves when she realized they were in the wrong place, Adriana was all out of sorts. 

She could hear him speaking. His voice was charming and assured, though she was too far away to hear what he was saying specifically. She wondered if he was saying anything useful. 

She didn’t know why she was so drawn to Felix, or why he irritated her so much. But there was something about him that made her feel…differently from other people. 

Felix had always been around when she started at the library, but she was seeing her ex-fiance at the time. She and Felix had been friendly, then flirty…then…but they never…

It was a long story. 

But now it was different. Now she was available, and her late-night, slightly buzzed, online stalking told her that as far as the gossip rags and Facebook were concerned, he was too. 

Adriana wondered what she would say to him. What would catch his attention? Surely he’d heard it all before…did she just walk up and grab him by the collar? Whisper all the things she’d always wanted to do with, to, and for him? She lost herself in that moment, where he would stare into her eyes and realize right in front of him was a strong, smart, capable woman, ready to give herself to him if only he said the word….”Adriana.” 

She could hear his voice….smooth and calm. Always in control.

Behind her.

In the library. 

Adriana jumped as she felt a hand on her waist. 

“Sorry to scare you,” Felix said, sliding past her. His fingers caught the hem of her skirt. He held it between his fingers and rubbed his thumb over the silky fabric.  Adriana watched, hypnotized. 

 “I was looking for the restroom and thought I might peruse your aisles…” He slowly eyed her body, all the way down to her kitten heels, then bringing his eyes back to meet her’s.

 Adriana’s breath was caught in her throat. She thought she might be sick.

 She wanted nothing more than to say something cool and sexy in response. 

 “Well, what are you looking for?”  was all she could manage. 

Tugging on her skirt, Felix brought her closer to him, his other hand cupping her ass cheek. They were so close the only sound Adriana could hear was their breathing.

“You, Adriana,” his voice was husky.  

She could almost taste him. His hand squeezed, pulling her closer to him. She could feel his erection poking up under her skirt. She was in such a daze she didn’t even think of resisting. Her daydream had come to life and was desperate for her to take him right here right now. 

What was she going to say, no? 

“Adriana?” she loved the way her name rolled off his tongue.

“Hmm?” she asked, focusing on his shoulder, his neck, anything but those eyes. The pressure between her legs was becoming too much. 

“Look at me.” 

Shivers ran down her spine and gathered in her pussy. 

Looking up at him, his dark eyes refusing to release her gaze, she knew she was under his complete control.

“What is it that you are looking for?” 

“I… I want…” 

But she didn’t need to finish.

 His mouth covered hers and every clear thought in her mind vanished. His lips were soft, his kisses gentle. He held her against the shelf and ground against her with a deep groan against her mouth.  Adriana wrapped her arms around his neck, her leg around his waist, anything to keep herself upright. To bring him closer to her. 

She had wanted him for so long, questioning whether all that had happened between them was real or if he just liked the chase, that she didn’t dare believe that anything beyond this moment was possible. That he would still want her tomorrow. 

She had to just enjoy the moment for what it was; Delicious. 

She opened her mouth to his tongue, he sucked her lip in between his teeth. His hands wrapped themselves in her hair and she felt safe against this near stranger. 

They seemed to kiss for hours, panting and never fully pulling away. Her hands found their way under his shirt and over his abs. His roaming hands had bunched her skirt over her hips. Her panties held back an ocean. She whispered breathlessly against his mouth, her voice full of need and want.  “We could go to the back… we could-” He laughed, nuzzling into her neck, leaving a trail of kisses down her collar.

“Someone’s eager…” He nipped her collar bone as he started to unbutton her silk blouse, his fingers tracing the top of her breasts at a painfully slow pace.

“Please…” She whispered, not knowing what she was asking for but knowing if she didn’t get it soon she might dissolve into nothing. 

Then Adriana heard something.

 Someone was walking down the aisle. 

They froze and listened as the footsteps got closer. Felix’s hand left her breast and slid under her skirt. “Shhh…don’t let her hear you.”  

“Adriana? Have you done all the stacking? Boss lady wants me to ‘do something useful’…Adriana?” 

Felix’s hand was pressed against her box, rubbing against her stockings in slow, hard circles. “Oh shit,” she whispered, halfheartedly pushing him away.

. “Do you want me to stop?” he smirked, pressing harder

She looked him in the face, her’s full of desperate pleading. 

 “Please don’t.” 

“Don’t what?” He raised his eyebrow and slowed the pace of his hand, pulling ever so slightly away. 

“Don’t stop that! Don’t stop touching me.” 

Adriana felt a blush slide up her face at the words but refused to look away. 


He shook his head and she stopped. A hard look had come over his face.

 He pulled away from her, putting too much space between them. 

 He pulled her skirt back over her ass and adjusted her blouse before bending down to pick up her glasses that had fallen on the floor during their make-out session.

 Gentle but unfeeling. 

“I’m afraid I have to leave.”  

“Why? What did I do?” Adriana was starting to feel withdrawals from him and desperation took over. 

“Nothing. I hope our paths cross again.” 

And then he was gone. 

Like a daydream.

“Adriana are you okay? You look like you’ve seen a ghost! What happened to your hair?” Sally came down the aisle and looked where Adriana was staring. “Whatchu looking at?” 

Adriana sighed, her head and heart desperate to figure out what she should feel. 

“Nothing. There’s nothing there.”  

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